Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Two Photographs of a November 1925 Parade for Renowned Fiddler, Mellie Dunham of Norway, Maine

Two photographs, both 3-1/4" by 2-1/4",  of a November 1925 parade in Norway, Maine to welcome home Mellie Dunham (1853-1931), a local fiddler who had achieved great renown and who was returning to Maine after performing with Henry Ford's Orchestra.

The photographs are part of a collection of 16 similar photographs, all presumably from the same camera, taken in the same era, and all presumably showing people and scenes from the Oxford County, Maine, area:

Mellie, whose full name was Alanson Mellen Dunham, was the son of Alanson Mellen Dunham and Mary A. (Denison) Dunham.  Mellie was also an expert snowshoe maker; 60 pairs of his shoes went with Robert Peary on his Arctic expeditions.

The other photograph of the parade is a bit out of focus. It shows several men on a balcony or roof, looking down upon the parade.

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  1. Hello Pam,
    A friend shared this post with me. My name is Caroleen "Mac" Dudley. Mellie and Gram Dunham was my great, great Uncle and Aunt. Mellie was related to my grandfather Alva Richardson. My grandfathers family lived near Mellie on Crocker Ridge Road. I have just published a book of my grandparents work and family life living in the White Mountain National Forest from 1926 to 1937 which includes photos of Mellie and his trip to Detroit as well as him in his shop, making snow shoes. I am interested in where you got these photo's and especially the 8 additional photographs showing mountains, bridges, cliffs, farm scenes and buildings, with no identification. I may be able to help with identifying some of them. My contact e-mail is macdudley@core.com You can check out my FB Business page @wherethewildriverflows to look as some of the photo that are part of the book. This book is my grandmothers memoirs of there 11 years in the Whites

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