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Photographs of Roscoe W. Ames (1858-1923) and Baby Son Percy Patterson Ames (1893-1961) of Lowell, Massachusetts, and Pittsfield, Maine

Roscoe W. Ames (1858-1912) 

Carte de Visite/CDV of Roscoe W. Ames (1858-1923) and a cabinet photograph of his newborn son Percy Patterson Ames (1893-1961), then living at Lowell, Massachusetts.

Roscoe was born 5 April 1858 at Canaan, Maine, son of Lafayette Ames and Sarah Ann (Rolf) Ames. Roscoe married his first wife, Nellie M. (Taylor) Ames (1865-1889), daughter of Gideon Taylor and Sarepta (Thomas) Taylor, on 28 August 1884 in Pittsfield, Maine. Nellie died in 1889.

Roscoe married his second wife, Percy's mother, Annie B. (Patterson) Ames (1973-1965) in Lowell, Massachusetts, on 8 November 1892.  Annie, a Nova Scotia native, was the daughter of Charles A. Patterson and Lavinia A. (Bowlby) Patterson.

By 1900, Roscoe had moved his family back to Maine, where he farmed until his death in 1923.

Percy P. Ames (1893-1961)

On 10 December 1913 at Pittsfield, Maine, Percy Patterson Ames married Hazel Brooks, daughter of Fred Brooks and Emma (White) Brooks of Palmyra, Maine, and Pittsfield, Maine. Percy and Hazel farmed at Pittsfield; they had, I believe, two children.

Roscoe, his two wives, and Percy and his wife are all buried in the Pittsfield Village Cemetery at Pittsfield, Maine.

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