Friday, August 28, 2020

7 Cabinet Photographs Connected to the Kelly/Kelley Family of Boston, Massachusetts

Daniel Kelley in 1890

7 cabinet photographs connected to the Kelly or Kelley family of Boston, Massachusetts.

The photograph above shows Daniel Kelley in 1890. It was taken at one of the Walter E. Chickering studios at 476 and 627 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Other photographs in the collection:
  • photograph of a young woman identified as Sally Kelly; taken by the Hastings studio of 146 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts
  • photograph of a young man identified as Lewis Kelley; no studio imprint
  • photograph of a middle-aged woman identified as Mary A. Kelley; taken by the Latto studio of 202 Broadway, South Boston, Massachusetts; an older identification is crossed out: Mrs. T. A. Kelley, 1890
  • Two photographs of a young woman identified as Martha Kelley
    • 1890 photograph; taken by the George H. Hastings studio at 147 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts
    • 1885 photograph of "Martha Russell (Kelley)"; taken by the Worden studio of 48 Winter Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  Same handwriting as the identification on the photograph of Mr. Frank Blanchard
  • photograph of a man identified as Mr. Frank Blanchard; taken by the L. A. Hirtle studio of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Same handwriting as the identifications on the photographs of Martha Kelley.

The photograph below of Mary A. Kelley has what appears to be an earlier identification of "Mrs. T. A. Kelley, 1890", but crossed out. Perhaps the woman was misidentified, or the photograph was meant to be given to Mrs. T. A. Kelley or the studio was to return it to her.

 Mary A. Kelley [possibly Mrs. T. A. Kelley, in 1890]

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