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1894 to 1898 Booklets Detailing Road Repair Taxes for Townships in Aroostook County, Maine

1894 to 1898 booklets detailing the road repair taxes due from residents and non residents of townships in Aroostook County, Maine. 

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Some townships disappeared from the list in 1896 or later, perhaps as the State took over road repair. Some townships first appeared with the 1896 or later booklet, presumably as roads in more remote places were being created.

Townships included: (in progress: click on a township/name to see more detail)
  • Range 2 WELS
    • Township 3, Range 2, Forkstown; 1894-1898
    • Letter A, Range 2; 1894-1898
    • Letter B Range 2, Hammond Plantation; 1896-1898
    • Westfield, Range 2; 1894-1896
  • Range 3 WELS
    • Township 1, Range 3, Reed; 1894-1896
    • Township 2, Range 3, Glenwood; 1894-1898
    • Township 16, Range 3; 1894-1898
  • Range 4 WELS
    • Township 1, Range 4; 1894-1898
    • Township 11 Range 4; 1896-1898
    • Township 13, Range 4, Wade; 1894-1896
    • Township 16, Range 4; 1894-1898
    • Township 17, Range 4; 1894-1898
  • Range 5 WELS
    • Township A, Range 5, Molunkus; 1894-1898
    • Township 1, Range 5; 1894-1898
    • Township 7, Range 5; 1894-1898
    • Township 8, Range 5; 1894-1898
    • Township 9, Range 5; 1894-1898
    • Township 12, Range 5, Sheridan; 1894-1898
    • Township 17, Range 5; 1894-1898
  • Range 6 WELS
    • Township 9 Range 6, Oxbow; 1894-1898
    • Township 11 Range 6, Garfield; 1894-1898
    • Township 12 Range 6, Nashville; 1894-1898
    • Township 13 Range 6, Portage Lake; 1894-1898
    • Township 14 Range 6; 1894-1898
    • Township 15 Range 6; 1894-1898
  • Range 7 WELS
    • Township 15, Range 7, Winterville; 1894-1898
    • Township 16, Range 7, Eagle Lake; 1894-1896; 1896 (bridge)
  • Range 8
    • Township 17 Range 8, St. John; 1894-1896
  • Range 10
    • Township 16 Range 10, Allagash Plantation; 1894-1898
    • Township 17 Range 10, Allagash Plantation; 1894-1898
  • Range 11
    • Township 16 Range 11, Allagash Plantation; 1894-1898
    • Township 17 Range 11, Allagash Plantation; 1894-1898

1894, first and last pages

1895, first and last pages

1896, first and last pages

1897, first and last pages

1898, first and last pages

Portage Lake, Maine, T13 R6 WELS: Road Repair Taxes from 1894 to 1898

Road repair taxes for Portage Lake, Maine, as shown in 1894 to 1898 booklets detailing the road repair taxes due from residents and non residents of townships in Aroostook County, Maine.

See a spreadsheet of names by year at the end of this post.

Portage Lake, Maine:  road repair taxes in 1894

Portage Lake, bottom of right page - 1894

Portage Lake, continued, top of left page - 1894

Portage Lake, Maine: road repair taxes in 1895

Portage Lake, bottom of right page - 1895

Portage Lake continued at top of left page - 1895

Portage Lake, Maine: road repair taxes in 1896

Portage Lake, right page - 1896

Portage Lake, Maine: road repair taxes in 1897

Portage Lake, bottom of right page - 1897

Portage Lake continued, top of left page

Portage Lake, Maine: road repair taxes for 1898

Portage Lake, right page

Portage Lake, top of left page, just the description of where the taxes were to be spent

Names of residents and non residents taxes from 1894 to 1898 - please advise of corrections

To be expended upon the Fort Kent and Ashland road in said township; and Henry A. Hayward of Portage Lake, is appointed agent therefor.
1894Henry A. HaywardLydia Bragdon300$400.00$6.44
1894of Portage LakeEverett Bragdon150$100.00$1.61
1894Ai Bragdon121$120.00$1.93
1894Summer Bragdon115$75.00$1.20
1894Lizzie Brown110$100.00$1.61
1894Fred Bolstridge100$125.00$2.01
1894William Brown100$200.00$3.22
1894Willard B. Brown1$75.00$1.20
1894Charles Clark112$125.00$2.01
1894Warren Fox220$300.00$4.83
1894C. S. Goss115$175.00$2.81
1894Joseph J. Goodblood48$100.00$1.61
1894Marshall Goodblood48$75.00$1.20
1894Henry A. Hayward190$1,000.00$16.10
1894James Lonardon210$300.00$4.83
1894Jere McGowan90$150.00$2.41
1894John McGowan88$100.00$1.61
1894Henry Morrow89$35.00$0.56
1894William Ross2?0$200.00$3.22
1894David Ross100$400.00$6.44
1894Charles O. Ross100$400.00$6.44
1894Orrin L. Stevens100$200.00$3.22
1894Samuel C. Stevens230$500.00$8.05
1894William Segee103$475.00$7.64
1894George A. Sutherland100$200.00$3.22
1894Charles Sutherland150$500.00$8.05
1894G. L. Sutherland103$400.00$6.44
1894G. G. Sutherland300$400.00$6.44
1894E. G. Dunn3600$1,800.00$25.98
1894Abner Coburn, heirs of3000$1,500.00$24.15
1894Madigan, Donworth & Pierce3000$1,500.00$24.15
1894Jarvis Hayward estate1600$400.00$6.44
1894G. B. Hayward1500$750.00$12.07
1894William Nellis100$50.00$0.80
1894Woodford Brown100$50.00$0.80
1894D. O. Orcutt75$38.00$0.61
1894Emily Nowland100$50.00$0.80
1894James McCormack100$50.00$0.80
1894Martin Nowland100$50.00$0.80
1894Fogler & Minot1044$520.00$8.37
To be expended upon the Fort Kent and Ashland road in said township; and Charles O. Ross of Portage Lake, is appointed agent therefor.
1895Charles O. RossAlbert Bolstridge200$400.00$4.80
1895of Portage LakeLydia Bragdon300$600.00$7.20
1895Ai Bragdon119$250.00$3.00
1895Sumner Bragdon115$125.00$1.50
1895G. S. Bragdon115$107.00$1.28
1895Fred Bolstridge100$160.00$1.92
1895Lizzie Brown96$100.00$1.20
1895M. D. Brown1$300.00$3.60
1895Charles Clark100$100.00$1.20
1895Warren Fox220$450.00$5.40
1895C. S. Goss115$250.00$3.00
1895Marshall Goodblood48$50.00$0.60
1895Joseph Goodblood, Jr.48$300.00$3.60
1895Henry A. Hayward, estate of190$1,800.00$21.60
1895James Lonergan210$450.00$5.40
1895Henry Moreau44$50.00$0.60
1895Jere McGowan80$650.00$7.80
1895Robert Merrill1$100.00$1.20
1895D. B. Orcutt100$300.00$3.60
1895D. D. Ross100$225.00$2.70
1895William Ross, Sr.220$300.00$3.60
1895C. O. Ross100$550.00$6.60
1895D. O. Ross100$650.00$7.80
1895G. A. Sutherland100$300.00$3.60
1895O. L. Stevens200$350.00$4.20
1895W. H. Sutherland100$650.00$7.80
1895S. C. Stevens264$650.00$7.80
1895G. L. Sutherland128$500.00$6.00
1895Charles Sutherland150$750.00$9.00
1895G. G. Sutherland250$550.00$6.60
1895Rosa West25$30.00$0.36
1895E. G. Dunn3600$1,800.00$21.60
1895Abner Coburn, heirs of3000$1,500.00$18.00
1895Madigan, Donworth & Pierce3000$1,500.00$18.00
1895Jarvis Hayward estate1600$800.00$9.60
1895G. B. Hayward1500$750.00$9.00
1895George Pishon100$50.00$0.60
1895Woodford Brown100$50.00$0.60
1895D. O. Orcutt75$38.00$0.46
1895Emily Nowland100$50.00$0.60
1895Martin Nowland100$50.00$0.60
1895Fogler & Minot1044$520.00$6.24
To be expended upon the Fort Kent and Ashland road in said township; and Charles O. Ross of Portage Lake, is appointed agent therefor.
1896Charles O. RossAlbert Bolstridge200$400.00$4.80
1896of Portage LakeLydia Bragdon300$600.00$7.20
1896Ai Bragdon119$250.00$3.00
1896Sumner Bragdon115$125.00$1.50
1896G. E. Bragdon115$107.00$1.28
1896Fred Bolstridge100$160.00$1.92
1896Lizzie Brown96$100.00$1.20
1896M. D. Brown1$300.00$3.60
1896Charles Clark100$100.00$1.20
1896Warren Fox220$450.00$5.40
1896C. S. Goss115$250.00$3.00
1896Marshall Goodblood48$50.00$0.60
1896Joseph Goodblood, Jr.48$300.00$3.60
1896Henry Hayward, estate of190$1,800.00$21.60
1896James Lonergan210$450.00$5.40
1896Henry Moreau44$50.00$0.60
1896Jere McGowan80$650.00$7.80
1896Robert Merrill1$100.00$1.20
1896D. B. Orcutt100$300.00$3.60
1896D. D. Ross100$225.00$2.70
1896William Ross, Sr.220$300.00$3.60
1896C. O. Ross100$550.00$6.60
1896D. O. Ross100$650.00$7.80
1896G. A. Sutherland100$300.00$3.60
1896O. L. Stevens200$350.00$4.20
1896W. H. Sutherland100$650.00$7.80
1896S. C. Stevens264$650.00$7.80
1896G. L. Sutherland128$500.00$6.00
1896Charles Sutherland150$750.00$9.00
1896G. G. Sutherland250$550.00$6.60
1896Rosa West25$30.00$0.36
1896E. G. Dunn3600$1,800.00$21.60
1896Abner Coburn, heirs of3000$1,500.00$18.00
1896Madigan, Donworth & Pierce3000$1,500.00$18.00
1896Jarvis Hayward estate1600$800.00$9.60
1896G. B. Hayward1500$750.00$9.00
1896George Pishon100$50.00$0.60
1896Woodford Brown100$50.00$0.60
1896D. O. Orcutt75$38.00$0.46
1896Emily Nowland100$50.00$0.60
1896Martin Nowland100$50.00$0.60
1896Fogler & Minot1044$520.00$6.24
To be expended upon the Fort Kent and Ashland road in said township; and Charles O. Ross of Portage Lake, is appointed agent therefor.
1897Charles O. RossAlbert Bolstridge200$400.00$4.80
1897of Portage LakeLydia Bragdon300$600.00$7.20
1897Ai Bragdon119$250.00$3.00
1897Sumner Bragdon115$125.00$1.50
1897G. E. Bragdon115$107.00$1.28
1897Fred Bolstridge100$160.00$1.92
1897Lizzie Brown96$100.00$1.20
1897M. D. Brown1$300.00$3.60
1897Charles Clark100$100.00$1.20
1897Warren Fox220$450.00$5.40
1897C. S. Goss115$250.00$3.00
1897Marshall Goodblood48$50.00$0.60
1897Joseph Goodblood, Jr.48$300.00$3.60
1897Henry Hayward, estate of190$1,800.00$21.60
1897James Lonergan210$450.00$5.40
1897Henry Moreau44$50.00$0.60
1897Jere McGowan80$650.00$7.80
1897Robert Merrill1$100.00$1.20
1897D. B. Orcutt100$300.00$3.60
1897D. D. Ross100$225.00$2.70
1897William Ross, Sr.220$300.00$3.60
1897C. O. Ross100$550.00$6.60
1897D. O. Ross100$650.00$7.80
1897G. A. Sutherland100$300.00$3.60
1897O. L. Stevens200$350.00$4.20
1897W. H. Sutherland100$650.00$7.80
1897S. C. Stevens264$650.00$7.80
1897G. L. Sutherland128$500.00$6.00
1897Charles Sutherland150$750.00$9.00
1897G. G. Sutherland250$550.00$6.60
1897Rosa West25$30.00$0.36
1897E. G. Dunn3600$1,800.00$21.60
1897Abner Coburn, heirs of3000$1,500.00$18.00
1897Madigan, Donworth & Pierce3000$1,500.00$18.00
1897Jarvis Hayward estate1600$800.00$9.60
1897G. B. Hayward1500$750.00$9.00
1897George Pishon100$50.00$0.60
1897Woodford Brown100$50.00$0.60
1897D. O. Orcutt75$38.00$0.46
1897Emily Nowland100$50.00$0.60
1897Martin Nowland100$50.00$0.60
1897Fogler & Minot1044$520.00$6.24
To be expended upon the Fort Kent and Ashland road in said township; and Charles O. Ross of Portage Lake, is appointed agent therefor.
1898Charles O. RossAlbert Bolstridge200$400.00$4.80
1898of Portage LakeFred Bolstridge100$160.00$1.92
1898Lydia Bragdon300$600.00$7.20
1898Ai Bragdon119$250.00$3.00
1898G. E. Bragdon115$100.00$1.20
1898Sumner Bragdon115$125.00$1.50
1898M. D. Brown1$300.00$3.60
1898W. A. Brown$300.00$3.60
1898Charles Clark100$100.00$1.20
1898C. W. Fox220$350.00$4.20
1898C. S. Goss115$250.00$3.00
1898Joseph Goodblood, Jr.48$300.00$3.60
1898Marshall Goodblood48$50.00$0.60
1898H. A. Hayward, estate of190$1,800.00$21.60
1898James Lonergan210$450.00$5.40
1898Jere McGowan80$650.00$7.80
1898Henry Morrow44$75.00$0.90
1898Robert Merrill1$125.00$1.50
1898William Ross220$300.00$3.60
1898D. D. Ross100$225.00$2.70
1898William Ross, Sr.220$300.00$3.60
1898David D. Ross100$225.00$2.70
1898C. O. Ross200$1,200.00$14.40
1898O. L. Stevens200$300.00$3.60
1898S. C. Stevens264$650.00$7.80
1898N. W. Stevens$500.00$6.00
1898Charles Sutherland$1,200.00$14.40
1898C. W. Sutherland$100.00$1.20
1898G. A. Sutherland100$250.00$3.00
1898G. L. Sutherland128$500.00$6.00
1898W. H. Sutherland100$650.00$7.80
1898Rosa West25$30.00$0.36
1898Clifford Wiggin$500.00$6.00
1898Oscar Iverson$500.00$6.00
1898E. G. Dunn3600$1,800.00$21.60
1898Abner Coburn, heirs of3000$1,500.00$18.00
1898Madigan, Donworth & Pierce2907$1,454.00$17.64
1898Jarvis Hayward estate1553$827.00$9.92
1898G. B. Hayward1454$727.00$8.72
1898Fogler & Minot1044$522.00$6.26
1898Dr. Bean68$34.00$0.40
1898Woodford Brown139$69.00$0.82
1898D. O. Orcutt60$30.00$0.36
1898Emily Nowland134$67.00$0.80
1898Thomas Henry100$50.00$0.60
1898Martin Nowland126$63.00$0.75