Sunday, November 24, 2019

Two Old Photographs of Dwellings at Robbinston, Maine; Johnson family & Sherman Hill Road

Early 1900s

Two large, old photographs of what appear to be dwellings in Robbinston, Maine, one of them belonging to the Johnson family and another on Sherman Hill Road.

A paper scrap taped to the reverse of the photograph, at top, of the Johnson farm:

Lelia Johnson (Tremble) in door Johnson Farm.  Delilah Johnson right (Robbinston)  Route 1 by store/jewelry maker on left - Machias.

Lelia had a younger sister named Delilah, but there's no one younger than the girl in the doorway.  Either the woman at right is an aunt Delilah or other relative or the person making the identifications got the sisters mixed up.

The second photograph may be older than the first one shown.  From the paper scrap taped to the reverse: "house on Sherman Hill Rd 3/4 way on right (recently burned) (8/02).

Possibly late 19th century

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Lelia J. Johnson (1897-1990) was born at Robbinston, Maine, on 28 January 1897, daughter of Malcolm Johnson and Margaret A. (Jollotta) Johnson.  As noted in the identification on the top photograph, Lelia would marry Herman Henry Trimble (1895-1979) [not Tremble].

Lelia's younger sister  Delilah Margaret Johnson [shown as Deliah on her birth record] was born at Robbinston, Maine, on 29 November 1906.

If you have information to share on the Johnson and Trimble families or who lived at the dwelling on Sherman Hill Road, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The map below shows Robbinston, which is located on Route 1, and its Sherman Hill Road.

Friday, November 22, 2019

1884+ Scrapbook of the Johonnett Sisters of Palmyra, Maine

1884+ scrapbook with mementos of the children of Horace Gould Johonnett and Sarah (Lord) Johonnett.  I believe the scrapbook was the work mainly of their youngest child, Mabel F. Johonnett, with help from older sister Ellen J. Johonnett, "Ellie".

The scrapbook was made from a late 1870s publication of the Maine Board of Agriculture, measuring approximately 9" by 6", with 384 pages.

Inside Front Cover

Mabel wrote an intriguing address in the book: Box 2, Madawaska, Pa.  There's a Madawaska Marsh and a Madawaska Road in Palmyra, which presumably further pinpoint where the Johonnett family lived.  See the map at the end of this post.

The children of Herman Gould Johonnett and Sarah (Lord) Johonnett:

Nearly every page of the book has pasted items, such as rewards of merit, trading cards, calling cards, newspaper clippings, etc.  Some of the items appear to predate the construction of the scrapbook.

 The scrapbook contains personal items such as:

If you have information to share on the Johonnett, Lord, Brown, Pollard, Smart, Mahoney, Homstead, or Parkhurst, and/or Pollard families of Palmyra, Maine, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

1840s Account Book Kept by Joseph Bassett, Jr. & Henry Miller - Mostly Lovell, Maine, some Garland, Maine, and Passadumkeag, Maine

1840s account book that has two names on the end papers - that of Joseph Bassett, Jr. and that of Henry Miller, although I believe most of the book is the work of Joseph Bassett, Jr.

The account book starts out in Garland, Maine, then on to Passadumkeag, Maine, and then on to Lovell, Maine, for the majority of the book.

The names written in the book, shown farther below, may appear in several variations, as the name owner and the account book owner conveyed them.  If you notice errors or have knowledge of a particular family, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

First end paper

The book measures approximately 7-1/2" by 6-1/4" and is filled except for a very few pages.  The writer's time in Garland and Passadumkeag was spent working for others.  The majority of the book, spent at Lovell, reflects the amount of staples sold to others.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Joseph Bassett, Jr., was presumably the Joseph Bassett, Jr., who was born 26 August 1816 at Greenborough, Vermont, and died at Lovell, Maine, on 18 September 1905.  He was the son of Joseph Bassett and Sally (Smith) Bassett.

The Lovell Historical Society's website indicates that Joseph Bassett, Jr., a harness maker and owner of a store in Lovell Village, married Lucy W. McAllaster and had six children, at least two of whom died young.  Their marriage date and place: 2 January 1847 at Lovell, Maine.

Names in the Book, in alphabetical order - many appear multiple times and sometimes in different spellings

Check the list of people with information at the Lovell Historical Society website - some of the names below are on their list.

Solomon ?, possibly Nash
Ephram ?, possibly Neenal or Veenal or ?
Daniel Gower or Towne or ?
Charles Abbott
George Abbott, also shown as George Abbot and George Abot
Thomas Abot
Joseph Adams
William Adams
Albert Andrews
Benjamin Andrews
Herman Andrews
Jacob Andrews
Moses Andrews
Stephen Andrews
William Andrews
Jacob Arlen
? W. Barker
A. A. Barker
Freeman Barker
J. W. Barker, possibly Joseph W. Barker
John Barker
Joseph W. Barker
Richard Barker
Barot of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
R. Barrows
Samuel P. Bary, possibly the same person identified as just Bary or as Samuel Bary
H. C. Bassett
James Bassett - mentioned in the Lovell section
James Bassett of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
John Bassett
John W. Bassett
Joseph Bassett
Joseph Bassett, Jr.
L. W. Bassett - not sure of first initial
T. S. Bassett or F. S. Bassett
Thomas Bassett
Thomas S. Bassett
Samuel Berry, possibly the Samuel P. Bary mentioned multiple times
Mr. Bickford
John Bradley
Walter L. Briant, possibly the same person as W. L. Bryent
Joseph Brown
Mr. Butters
Joseph Chandler
David Chandler or Davis Chandler, or two separate people
Doct. Chandler - presumably Dr. Isaac Chandler (1817-1889)
John C. Chandler
Jacob Chase, possibly the Jacob E. Chase mentioned elsewhere
Doct. Coburn
David Cob
Osbon Coffin of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Mr. Cole
William Crocker
Doct. Cushman
Ammi Cutter - not sure of given name
Benjamin Day
Enos Day
Stephen Day
Thomas Day
Mr. Derbern; possibly Dearborn
Levi Dergin
James Downing
Benjamin L. Dresser
F. Dresser
Levi Dresser
Lorenso Dresser
Nathan Dresser
Peter Dresser
Thomas Dresser
Uriah Dresser
Zenas Dresser - not sure of given name
Daniel Eastman
Hosea Eastman
Hoza Eastman - presumably Hosea Eastman
James Eastman
Phineas Eastman - mentioned in the Lovell section
Phineas Eastman of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Sylvenus Eastman
Albert Eavens
Galan Eavens
James Eavens
John Emery
Mr. Emery
Samuel Emery
Ira Emery
James Evans
Samuel Evens
Thomas Evens
A. B. Farington
J. S. Farington
Jacob Farington
Rois Farington
S. A. B. Farington
Samuel Farington
Stephen Farington
William Farington
Jonathan S. Farrington
Caleb Fessenden
Mr. Fickat
John Flint
William Ford or William Lord
Joseph Frye
Richard Frye
J. Gamage
Joshua Gamage
W. Gamman
Solomon Goodell of Passadumkeag, Maine, area - not sure of surname
Beniah Goodwin
John Gordon
William Gordon
Daniel Gower - not sure of surname
Daniel Gower or Towne or ?
Simeon Gray
Joseph Haistens
Joseph Haistings
Benjamin Hald - not sure of surname, possibly Heald
E. Hamblin
Ebin Hamblin
Mr. Hammon
David Hammon
David Hammons
Thomas Hammons
Aaron Hanes of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
John Haraman
Benjamin Hartford
Joseph Harting
Joseph Hasting
Joseph Hastings
Thomas Hatch
J. Hawton of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Elbridg Haynes of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
J. P. Haynes of Passadumkeag, Maine, area - Joseph Bassett, Jr.'s employer
Obed Haynes of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
James Haywood of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Enos Heald
Solomon Heald
Caleb Heseltine
Joseph Heseltine - spelled in other entries as Helentine and Helestine
John Hill
James Hobbs
Stephen Hobbs
Joseph Hodgkins of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Otis Hodgkins of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
S. P. Hodgkins of Passadumkeag, Maine, area - not sure of iddle initial
Smith & Hodgkins, or Smith ? Hodgkins, of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Thomas Holt
How & Leavitt
John Howard
Asa Howe
Burnham Howe
Lewis Howe
Zenas Howe
Moses Hutchens
James E. Hutchins
Ira Jewet
Aaron Jones
Howard Jones
Stephen Jones
Joseph Jordan of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
T. F. Jordan of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Calvin Kilgore
Joseph Kilgore
Moses Kilgore
Isac Kimbal
John Kimbal
Stephen Kimbal
Joseph Kimball
Isaac Kimbel
Daniel Knight
Eliphet Knight
Henry Knight
John Knight
Moses Knight
Truston Knight
William Labarron
How & Leavitt
Amos A. Libby
A. Libby
Simon Lord
William Lord or William Ford
Charles Loverance or Severance
John Loverance or John Severance or ?
Mr. Lovet
Captain F. Lyford of Garland, Maine area - Joseph Bassett, Jr.'s employer
Isac Mackentire
David Mansfield
George Maxwell
? P. McAlaster
? W. McAlaster - first initial possibly Z or J or I
Eastman McAlaster
Giles McAlaster or Gibs McAlaster
Mr. McAlaster
Peatre McAlaster
William McAlaster
Zacherias McAlaster
Z. McAllister
Mr. McDanils
David McKeen
Joel McKeen
Joseph McKeen - not sure of surname
Robert McKeen
John Meeder
Alford Merrel
John Merrel
Henry Miller
David Moltan, presumably Moulton
Mr. More
Denis More - not sure of given name, could be Aenas or Zenas
Dexter More
Dr. Murch of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Solomon ?, possibly Nash
John Nevers
Orange Page
Richard Paine
Joseph Pall; perhaps variant of Paul
John Palmer
Horace Parker
Thomas Parker
Nathaniel Parmer; presumably Palmer
Patten of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Joseph Peevy of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
William Piper
Pirce of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
John C. Poland
David Potter
Luther Powers
William Powers
Charles Pray
Timothy Pray
Zelman Pray - not sure of given name
Mr. Prescott
Samuel Prescott
Josiah Pride
W. J. Remick - not sure of surname
? W. Remick - first initial I or J
Mr. Rounds
David Saley or Daniel Saley - not sure of surname either
James Sanders of Passdumkeag, Maine, area
Mr. Sanderson
Abel Sawyer
Daniel Sawyer
David Sawyer
Davis Sawyer
Daniel Scribner
Thomas Seavey
Charles Severance or Loverance
John Severance or John Lawrence or ?
Daniel Smart
Ira Smart
Noah Smart
Smith & Hodgkins, or Smith ? Hodgkins, of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
John Smith
Elijah Stanton
Stephen Stearns
Sterns of Passadumkeag, Maine, area
Joseph Stevens
Mr. Stiles
Samuel Stiles
David Stone - could be Stover
David Stover
Asa Stowe
Ira Swett - not sure of surname, could be Pruett
Joseph Tibits
Daniel Gower or Towne or ?
Mr. Trew of Passadumkeag, Maine, area - in another entry: H. Trew or A. Trew or ?
Thomas Trull
Charles Walker
James Walker
John Walker
Samuel Walker
William Walker
Daniel Warren
David Webster
Nathan Whiting
Enoch Wiley
George Wiley
William Wiley
S. Willard
Mr. Wiman
Charles Wood
Josiah Wood
Andrew Woodbry

Sample pages:

If you have information on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.