Sunday, August 16, 2020

4 Photographs of the Dearth Family of Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Ann M. (Dearth) Parker Howe (1829-1907)

Four photographs of the Dearth family of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including:
  1. Ann M. (Dearth) Parker Howe (1829-1907), shown above, daughter of Asa Dearth and Elizabeth (Carr) Dearth; married Amos Parker, who died in 1863, and David M. Howe
  2. Ann's second husband David M. Howe
  3. Ann's sister Persis Sophia (Dearth) Mansfield (1841-1925), who married Horace O. Mansfield on 1 June 1865 at either Lyman, New Hampshire, or Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Persis died 8 November 1925 at Malden, Massachusetts, and is buried in Bath, New Hampshire.
  4. Ann's nephew Albert H. Dearth (1858-1924), son of Samuel Edson Dearth and Jane (Willey) Dearth; married Katie B. Weeks on 21 March 1891, at either Bath, New Hampshire, or Stoneham, Massachusetts; Albert died in 1924 at Bath, New Hampshire

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 Reverse of photograph of Ann M. (Dearth) Parker Howe (1829-1907

 David M. Howe, second husband of Ann M. (Dearth) Parker Howe (1829-1907)

 Reverse of photograph of David M. Howe, second husband of Ann M. (Dearth) Parker Howe (1829-1907)

 Persis Sophia (Dearth) Mansfield (1841-1925)

 Reverse of photograph of Persis Sophia (Dearth) Mansfield (1841-1925)

 Albert H. Dearth (1858-1924)

Reverse of photograph of Albert H. Dearth (1858-1924)

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