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1880s Autograph Album of Mamie Libby of Biddeford, Maine

1880s autograph album owned by Mamie Libby.  Since most of the signers were from Biddeford and some of them identified themselves as Mamie's schoolmates, I assume that Mamie lived at Biddeford, Maine.

I haven't been able to find a Mamie Libby in Biddeford, so I'm assuming that Mamie was a nickname.

One of the singers was Edith E. Libby, Class of 91, of Biddeford, Maine, who happened to have a sister named Mary Louisa Libby.  Could Mary have been our "Mamie"?

Mary Louisa Libby was born 25 November 1874 at Biddeford, Maine, the daughter of Joseph Ralph Libby and Louisa Helen (Larrabee) Libby.

Joseph Ralph Libby, son of Ivory and Eliza Ann (Davis) Libby, was born at Buxton, Maine, and worked his way up in the mercantile world in Bonny Eagle and Biddeford, Maine and eventually founded the J. L. Libby Company at Portland, Maine, which his sons and son-in-law managed.  He was a philanthropist and was active in the prohibition movement.  One of the three missionaries that he supported in China was killed in the Boxer uprising.

Mary Louisa Libby married Arthur Hale Chamberlain, who became Secretary-Treasurer of the American Iron, Steel and Heavy Hardware Association at the headquarters in New York City.  They lived at Mount Vernon, New York and raised a family of at least three.

The aforementioned Edith Emma Libby married William Russell Cutter, the son-in-law referenced above as a manager at the J. L. Libby Company.  He may be the Willie R. Cutter who signed a page in Mamie's book.

Mary Louise Libby's other siblings were:
  • Royal Sumner Libby, who died at six months
  • Annie Belle Libby, who died at 4-1/2 months
  • Alice Helena Libby, who married Merle Sedgwick Brown
  • Ralph Garfield Libby, who married Hattie Payson Brazier
  • Harold Thaxter Libby
However, Edith E. Libby may have been a Mamie's cousin or other relative, as there were other Libby families in Biddeford and the surrounding area.

Another signer in the autograph album was H. W. Libby of Biddeford, Maine.  In the 1880 Census of Biddeford, Maine is a Harry W. Libby, about age nine, son of William and Nancy Libby.  He had an older brother Fred and younger sisters Gracie and Sarah.

Another signer was Hadyn Libby of Biddeford.  He was born about 1872 at Biddeford, Maine, the son of Alphonso and Victoria (Hill) Libby, born in Buxton, Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts, respectively.

There were two signers with the surname Davis, which was the surname of Mary Louisa Libby's paternal grandmother, in case that is a clue.

If you have any theories as to the identity of the Mamie Libby who owned the autograph album, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

One of the signers was S. Augusta Burbank, who identified herself as Mamie's teacher and friend.

Another signer who identified herself as a teacher was Emma S. Bickford of Biddeford, Maine.

Another signer who identified himself as a teacher was Harry H. Burnham of Biddeford, Maine.

Complete list of signers:

Edwin Andrews, Biddeford, Maine
Jennie Beaumont, Biddeford, Maine
Emma S. Bickford, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Harry Clifton Boardman, Biddeford, Maine
Mildred Boynton, Biddeford, Maine
Gertrude Bridges, Biddeford, Maine
S. Augusta Burbank, teacher
Harry H. Burnham, teacher
Willie W. Burnham, Biddeford, Maine
Ina M. Chapman, Biddeford, Maine
Hattie A. Cobb, Biddeford, Maine
Annie T. Cullinan, Biddeford, Maine
Willie R. Cutter, Biddeford, Maine
Davies, Ray or Peter
Lizzie Davis, Bonny Eagle, Maine
Mary E. Davis, Biddeford, Maine
Edward Deering, Biddeford, Maine
Alice C. Eldridge, Biddeford, Maine
Lizzie Etchells, Biddeford, Maine
Hattie Evans, Biddeford, Maine
E. Payson Gibbs, Biddeford, Maine
Gertie M. Gonyer, Biddeford, Maine
Lillian Gouch, Biddeford, Maine
Densie Haines, Biddeford, Maine
May F. Hanson, Biddeford, Maine
Carlos Clayton Heard, Biddeford, Maine
Grace H. Hooper, Biddeford, Maine
Myrtle B. Hopping, Biddeford, Maine
Alice M. Hyde, Biddeford, Maine
Annie L. Ingersoll, Biddeford, Maine
John W. Lane, Bonny Eagle, Maine
Edith E. Libby, Biddeford, Maine
H. W. Libby, Biddeford, Maine
Haydn Libby, Biddeford, Maine
Mamie Libby
Clara A. Lunt
Gertrude F. Lunt, Biddeford, Maine
Gertrude MacNulty
Ora McDonald, Biddeford, Maine
Jennie W. McIntire, Biddeford, Maine
Frank M. Means, Biddeford, Maine
Josiah B. Morford, Tennessee
Ida G. Morrill, Biddeford, Maine
Della F. Morse, Biddeford, Maine
Charlotte M. Morton, Biddeford, Maine
Mamie F. O'Connor, Biddeford, Maine
Harold Parcher
J. Fannie Phippen, Biddeford, Maine
Grace M. Pillsbury, Biddeford, Maine
Annie Knowlton Pilsbury, Biddeford, Maine
Mary Rennick, Biddeford, Maine
Fred H. Saincire, Biddeford, Maine
Walter Shute, Biddeford, Maine
Maude E. Smith, Biddeford, Maine
Carrie Spencer, Biddeford, Maine
Cora Staples, Biddeford, Maine
Everett M. Staples, Biddeford, Maine
Kittie C. Tarr, Biddeford, Maine
Bessie B. Townsend, Biddeford, Maine
Gracie Townsend, Biddeford, Maine
Lizzie M. Ward, Biddeford, Maine
Josephine Weymouth, Saco, Maine
Abbie Whitehead, Biddeford, Maine

To see scans of all of the pages in the autograph album, see 1880s Autograph Album of Mamie Libby of Biddeford, Maine at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy Network.

The album contained nine pages with preprinted scenery, such as this:

and this:

Map of Biddeford, Maine:

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1920s Autograph Album of Alice Pell of New Bedford, Massachusetts

This 1920s era autograph album belonged to Alice Pell of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Many of the over 100 signers were her classmates at New Bedford High School.

Alice Pell was born 16 June 1905 at New Bedford, Massachusetts, the daughter of English immigrants John and Sarah E. (Goldthorpe) Pell.

Alice's mother signed a page in her autograph album.

Alice's maternal grandparents were Alexander and Elizabeth Goldthorpe.

Alice had a brother, Alexander Pell, born 23 November 1906.  He also signed a page in her album.

In the 1930 Census of New Bedford, Alice Pell is shown as living with her parents and working as a stenographer at the telephone company.  Her father was a barber, and her brother Alexander was a plumber.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Pell signed pages.  William Pell was born 7 June 1889 at New Bedford, Massachusetts, the son of William and Lena (McDermott) Pell.

Perhaps William P. Bell was a brother or nephew of Alice's father John Pell.

Several of the signers spent time and talent on their pages.  Below, Davina B. Smith:

Jeanette Coggeshall:

W. Jackson drew on several pages:

Gladys Shorrock:

Gladys Mosher:

Complete list of signers:

N. Abbott
R. Abbott
Margaret Arnett
Emma Ashley
? Avelar
Louise Avelar
Fred Belliveau
Leonie E. Best
Estelle Bochman
C. T. Bonney
William J. Brien
Helen C.
Edna Campbell
Al. Cassidy
Esther Cassidy
Ethel Cassidy
Henry Cassidy
Ada Charnley
Charles Charnley
Mrs. and Mrs. Charnley
Mary D. Chase
Herbert Coggeshall
Jeanette Coggeshall
Theresa F. Coulombe
Rose Craburn
W. E. Davies
Eva Devine
Frances Edger
Elizabeth Ennis
George H. Frederick
Mother of Alice Pell (Sarah E. (Goldthorpe) Pell
R. Gindea
Gertrude Goldstein
Laura Gomes
James H. Grant
Grace G. Green
Mrs. H. L. Green
George Washington Griswold
Marion Hamer
Richard Hawes
Eveline Hill
Joe Irwin
W. Jackson (possibly William Jackson)
Gertrude E. Jones
Melvin C. Jones
Kathryn Justley
Parker E. Kane
Sarah King
Beatrice LaRochelle
Blanche Ledoux
Lucy Lipsett
Elizabeth Ruth Lowe
Fannie Lucardi
Lois Mason
Jennie Matthews
Thomas Mattews
Evelyn Maynard
E. P. McCann
Pauline Morgan
Gladys Mosher
Lillian Mosher
Elsie C. Munro
Florence Norlander
Margaret Norwood
Sophia L. Norwood
Rose Catherine Pallatroni
Alexander Pell
Mrs. W. P. Pell
William P. Pell
Yvonne Pelletier
Ruth L. Peters
Helen Quinlan
Joe Quinn
C. Roberts
D. Roberts
J. Arline Rogers
Ethel M. Ross
Elizabeth N. Rowe
Gladys Shorrock
Davina B. Smith
Gertrude Smith
Evelyn Snailham
Evelyn Spooner
Flora M. Stewart
N. B. Stewart
Helen Stowell
Louise Stubbs
Annie M. Suchnicke
Philomena Sylvia
Doris E. Taber
Sadye Teper
Harold Thomas
Anne Thursby
Tripoli Entertainers
Tess Vanni
Edith Walker
Charles Whalen
Mary Wilkinson
Mildred Winterson
Edwin F. Wood
Emily Wroughton (3 pages)
Helen Yagelska
Mrs. Marie Yerzik

Map of New Bedford, Massachusetts

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1880s Autograph Album of Alwilda Gertrude Warren of Denmark, Maine

1880s autograph album of Alwilda Gertrude Warren of Denmark, Maine.

Alwilda was born about 1869 at Denmark, Maine, the daughter of Gilbert and Elvira Ann (Messer) Warren, born in Denmark, Maine, and Dracut, Massachusetts respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were Isaac and Betsey (Quimby) Warren.  

I don't have the names of Elvira Ann Messer's parents, but I believe she had a brother named John A. Messer, who enlisted from Dracut to serve in the Civil War.  

John A. Messer had a son Herbert Warren Messer.  One of the pages in the album is signed by a Herbert W. Messer of Winchester, Massachusetts, who described himself as Alwilda's cousin.

Several of Alwilda's sisters and a brother signed pages.

Oldest sister Josephine Warren was born about 1851; she married George L. Small:

Two of Josephine's children signed pages: Sammie and Jennie:

Alwilda's sister Madelia "Dellie" Warren was born about 1855; she married Alvah Gilman Eldridge:

Alwilda's brother Lester Harry Warren was born about 1864; he married Carrie Mae Chadbourne. She also signed a page in Alwilda's book:

Alwilda's sister Hattie was born about 1871. She may be the Heneretta J. Warren of Denmark who married Henry F. Wheelock of Owls Head, Maine, on 6 September 1893.  Hattie signed two pages:

Alwilda's sister Nettie L. was born about 1878; she married J. L. Nealley.  Nettie also signed two pages:

Alwilda had two others sisters: Virginia A., born about 1867; and Mary M. born about 1878.   

I wonder if Virginia's middle initial was Amanda; if so, there is a page, below, signed by an Amanda Warren, who indicates she was Alwilda's sister.  I can't quite make out her middle initial, but it's possibly a "V".

Perhaps they are the sisters mentioned in the pages below, as Mrs. Frank True of Denmark and Mrs. L. E. Pierce, late of Oconto Falls, Wisconsin:

Or perhaps one of Alwilda's other sisters was married more than once.

Other people named Warren who signed:

Complete list of the signers:

Eliza A. Alexander of Denmark, Maine
Freddie C. Alexander of Denmark, Maine
Charles Bean of Brownfield, Maine
Nellie Bennett of Denmark, Maine
Chauncey R. Berry of Denmark, Maine
Flora M. Bradbury of Denmark, Maine
Minna Bradbury of Denmark, Maine
Alton H. Bradeen of Brownfield, Maine
Clara M. Bragdon
Carrie E. Chadbourne of East Fryeburg, Maine
Belle C. Cobb of West Bridgton, Maine
Jennie A. B. Colby of Denmark, Maine
R. A. Crosse of Denmark, Maine
Hattie Dresser
Susie L. Evans of Fryeburg, Maine
Charles H. Faulkner of Saccarappa, Maine
Charles Florentine of Boston, Massachusetts
Carrie M. Gilman of Denmark, Maine
S. Ernest Gilman of Denmark, Maine
Emma Ham of Albany, New Hampshire
Philena Ham of Albany, New Hampshire
Elmer A. Harnden of Denmark, Maine
Mrs. A. M. Harnden of Denmark, Maine
Anna E. Harnden of Denmark, Maine
Walter Harriman of Conway, New Hampshire
Claribell Hill of Denmark, Maine
Benjamin M. Howard of Denmark, Maine
George W. Howard of Denmark, Maine
Lillie M. Howard of Denmark, Maine
Sarah Howard
M. Etta Hurley of Albany, New Hampshire
Cassie Johnson
May E. Keith of Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Mrs. Burgess S. Kent of Albany, New Hampshire
Ella S. Littlefield
Leona M. Lord of Denmark, Maine
A. S. Mackey of East Fryeburg, Maine
Herbert W. Messer of Winchester, Massachusetts
Mrs. L. E. Pierce of Oconto Falls, Wisconsin (sister)
Maggie Potter of Denmark, Maine
Nellie M. Purington of Albany, New Hampshire
Arthur Richardson of Fryeburg, Maine
George L. Small of Denmark, Maine
Jennie Small of Westbrook, Maine (niece)
Josie Small (sister)
Sammie Small of Westbrook, Maine (nephew)
Anna F. Smith of Denmark, Maine
L. H. Smith
Mary E. Smith
Minnie Smith of Denmark, Maine
Nellie E. Smith of Denmark, Maine
Myron F. Smith of Albany, New Hampshire
Leroy Sotherby of Boston, Massachusetts
Mrs. Frank True of Denmark, Maine (sister)
Hattie H. Warren of Denmark, Maine
Dellie M. Warren of Denmark, Maine (sister)
Hattie Warren (sister)
Lester Warren of Denmark, Maine (brother)
Maud B. Warren of Denmark Maine
Nettie L. Warren of Denmark, Maine (sister) - signed two pages
Eli Witham

For more information on Alwilda Gertrude Warren and to see scans of all the pages in her autograph album, see its page in the Artifacts/Heirlooms area of the Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy Network.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the Alwilda Gertrude Warren and her family, or regarding any of the other signers in the autograph album, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

A map of Denmark, Maine:

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1880s Autograph Album of Mary A. Proctor of Harrison, Maine

The 1880s autograph album of Mary A. Proctor of Harrison, Maine, presented to her by her grandmother.

Both of Mary's grandmothers were alive in the 1880s: Lavina (Thompson) Proctor and Mary Hill (Lane) Hitchings.

Additionally, Mary Hill (Lane) Hitchings may have been a step grandmother, since I found conflicting birth records for Mary.

Mary A. Proctor was born 15 April 1874 at Salem, New Hampshire, the daughter of Horace Fernando Proctor and Theresa Albina (Hitchings) Proctor, born in Bridgton, Maine, and Malden, Massachusetts respectively.  

A monkey wrench is that I found a New Hampshire birth record for Mary A. Proctor with parents Horace and Flora Proctor.  However, Horace and Theresa were married in 1873, just about a year before Mary's birth. Is it possible that Theresa also called herself Flora?  Or was there a mistake on the birth record?

Theresa refers to herself as Mary's mother in the page below, but it's possible that they had a close relationship even though step mother and step daughter.

Horace Fernando Proctor was the son of Samuel C. Proctor, born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick on 30 August 1823, and Lavina (Thompson) Proctor, born in Maine 5 March 1828.

Theresa Albina Hitchings was born 30 July 1848 at Malden, Massachusetts, the daughter of William Hitchings, born at Malden, Massachusetts on 30 May 1808, and Mary Hill (Lane) Hitchings, born at Baring, Maine on 27 January 1822.

Mary A. Proctor's twin sister, Minnie S. Proctor, signed a page:

Mary's brother, John H. Proctor, also signed:

There's a page with the name of Miss Mamie Proctor.  I think this is Mary A. Proctor herself, as a subsequent page is inscribed to "Mamie" and signed by Aunt May L. Mills.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the family of Mary A. Proctor, please leave a comment or contact directly.

See the page of Mary A. Proctor at the Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy network, where you can also see scans of Mary's 1880s Autograph Album.

List of signers, in alphabetical order:

E. M. Briggs, Harrison, Maine
Alice L. Chute, North Bridgton, Maine
Florence L. Chute, North Bridgton, Maine
Lizzie A. Doughty, Harrison, Maine
Cora B. Fogg, Harrison, Maine
Caddie M. Harmon, Harrison, Maine
Etta Harmon, Harrison, Maine
Gertrude Kneeland, Harrison, Maine
May L. Mills, Harrison, Maine
John H. Proctor, Harrison, Maine [Mary's brother]
Mamie Proctor, Harrison, Maine  [this may be a nickname for Mary herself]
Minnie S. Proctor, Harrison, Maine [Mary's twin sister]
Theresa A. Proctor [Mary's mother]
E. H. Purington, Harrison, Maine
Edith Roes, Bridgton, Maine
Lillian G. Segon, Bridgton, Maine
Nellie G. Trumble, Brighton, Maine [she spelled it Brighton, and there is a Brighton, Maine, but I also found Trumbles in Bridgton]
Evie Winn, Bridgton, Maine

A map of Harrison, Maine:

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