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1906 Graduation Photograph of Chester Ingals Conn; Woburn, Massachusetts High School

Graduation photograph
of Chester Ingals Conn, Class of 1906 at Woburn High School, Woburn, Massachusetts.

From online research, hopefully correct - corrections requested:

Chester Ingalls Conn (1890-1954) was born 24 May 1890 at Woburn, Massachusetts, the son of Horace Nichols Conn and Marion I. (Smith) Conn.  

Chester graduated from Tufts University and at some point after 1910 and before 1920, moved to Portland, Oregon.  He's mentioned in a 1916 Tufts catalog as being principal at a school in Hobart, Washington.  Perhaps his stint at Washington  allowed him to meet Winogene Blanche Jones, whom he married at Pierce, Washington in 1914

Winogene Blanche (Jones) Conn (1889-1971) was born in North Dakota, the daughter of John Foulkes Jones and Mary Jane (Williams) Jones.  Her family subsequently moved to Washington state.  

The 1920 Census found Chester and Winogene at Portland, Oregon, with two children and Chester's sister Ethel living in the household.  Chester was working as an accountant.  He had apparently found his calling, as he was still working as an accountant in the 1930 and 1940 Censuses of Portland, Oregon.

Chester died in 1954.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

1918 postcard of Moose Pond from Ida Knight at Bridgton, Maine, to Frank Owen Cole at his Military Post

Postcard of Moose Pond at Bridgton, Maine, sent by Ida Knight of Bridgton, Maine, to Frank O. Cole at his military post, Camp Jackson in South Carolina.

Ida and Frank were about the same age and were likely schoolmates at Bridgton, before Frank left for military service.

Well, Owen - how are you enjoying army life?  We miss seeing you in B. but suppose you really are seeing lots of sights & can tell the rest of us a few things when you come back.  Best wishes from Ida K.

Ida B. Knight was born at Bridgton, Maine, about November 1889, the daughter of George H. and Emma M. (Trumble) Knight, who were born at Brighton [unless the clerk meant to write Bridgton], Maine, and Denmark, Maine, respectively, according to information on Ida's marriage record.

On 4 September 1919 at Westbrook, Maine, Ida B. Knight married Roland Richardson, son of Alphonse and Mary (Brown) Richardson, who were both born at Brownfield, Maine.  Roland was born at Chatham, New Hampshire on 28 July 1886.

The couple were at Bridgton, Maine, through the time of the 1940 Census.  They had at least one child.  Ida died in 1979.  Roland had predeceased her in 1965.

The recipient of Ida's postcard, Frank Owen Cole, was born 8 April 1891 at Sebago, Maine, son of Benjamin Franklin Cole and Alma Louisa (McKenney) Cole, Sebago, Maine natives who moved at some point to Bridgton, Maine.  

I'm not sure that Frank ever married.  He was living in the household of his brother Arthur as late as the 1940 Census of Bridgton, where he was working as a weaver in a mill.  He died at Bridgton in 1969.

If you have corrections to the information above or additional information, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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Early 1900s postcard of Cottages on Squirrel Island, Maine, near Boothbay

Early 1900s [I think] postcard showing a photograph of the "cottages" at Squirrel Island, off Boothbay, Maine.  Some of the cottages are  draped with bunting, so the photograph may have been taken on the Fourth of July.

Squirrel Island is part of the town of Southport, Maine.  You'll find more information about Southport and Squirrel Island at the websites of the Hendricks Hill Museum and the Boothbay Region Historical Society.

Squirrel Island, Maine, in Lincoln County [Zoom out one or two clicks to see Southport Island and the Boothbay Region.

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Vintage Snapshot of Downtown Mars Hill, Maine

Vintage snapshot of downtown Mars Hill, Maine, with text on the reverse: Busy day in Mars Hill.  

I'm assuming this was a facetious description of an early morning scene, as Mars Hill has always seemed full of traffic, vehicular at least, when I've passed through, owing in part to its location at the intersection of Routes 1 and 1A.

If you can date this photo based on any buildings that might have been demolished, the type of gas pump shown, the electric pole, etc., please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Mars Hill, in Aroostook County, Maine

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Photograph of Basilice (Renaud) Vanier & Zephirin Vanier of Newport, Vermont

Note: This post is amended from the original, thanks to the research of reader Ed, who has a knack for ferreting out much-needed information.

Photograph of a middle-aged couple taken by the A. W. Perkins studio at Newport, Vermont.   The husband was a very handsome man who apparently took great pride in his mustache and sideburns.

Text on the reverse, which I accidentally defaced, but thankfully not before having written it down: "Bozalis Vanier, 2nd Husband.  First husband was Allaire, who was Father of Melina Allaire."

From online research, and with Ed's help: [corrections and additional information welcome]

Bozalis was likely Marie Basilice [variant spellings] Renaud, daughter of Levi and Marie Ann (Lague) Renaud of Quebec.  She was born in July 1847 at Waterloo, Quebec.

Her first husband, whom she married in 1866, was Denys Joseph Goyette Allaire, son of Joseph and Sophie (Goyette) Allaire.   As noted on the reverse of the photograph, one of their children was Melina M. Allaire, born 19 May 1872 at Stukely, Quebec.  

About 1895 Melina married Jerry D. Hill, son of John and Louise (Duchesne) Hill.  Jerry was born 9 March 1867 at Vermont.  I believe Melina and Jerry had seven children, whom they raised in Orleans County, Vermont.

Denys and Basilice (Renaud) Allaire had at least one other child, son Napoleon Denis Renaud Allaire, born about August 1867/68.  Denis Joseph Goyette Allaire died before 1875.  

About 1875, Denis' widow Marie Basilice (Renaud) Allaire married Zepherin Vanier.  His first name appears in many forms: Zephyr, Zephyr, Zepherin, Zephrin, etc..  He was born 22 September 1837 at Montreal, Quebec, the son of Basil and Marie Josephte (Leonard) Varnier.

Zepherin's first wife was Marie Odile Miron, born or baptised 18 June 1844 at Montreal, Quebec, daughter of Zephrin and Leocadie (Desrosiers) Miron.  Marie Odile and Zepherin Vanier married in 12 September 1864 at Montreal at the Basilica Notre-Dame.  I don't have Marie Odile's date of death, but I assume she died before 1875.

Zepherin and Marie Basilice had children from their previous marriages and went on to have children of their own.

Zepherin died in 1918.  I lost track of Marie Basilice (Renaud) Allaire Vanier after the 1920 Census of Newport, Vermont.

If you have corrections to the information above and/or clarifying information, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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Memorial Card in Memory of Mary Russell who Died 10 February 1890 at age 67

Memorial card printed upon the death of Mary Russell, who died 10 February 1890 at the age of 67 years, 1 month and 21 days.  She would have been born about 20 December 1822.

The reverse is blank, except for contemporary pricing data in pencil.  The card was purchased in Maine, which may be a clue - or, then again, a red herring.

If you recognize Mary based on her birth and death dates, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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1911 Photograph of baby Alta Leah Lucas of Oklahoma

1911 photograph of a baby identified on the reverse as "Alta Leah Lucas born 25 October 1911 near Minco, Okla.; photo taken Sept. 21, 1912 at Tuttle, Okla."  

It was a shock to learn from a Find-a-Grave listing that this  adorable baby died before she was two years old.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Alta Leah Lucas was born near Minco, Oklahoma, on 25 October 1911, the daughter of Thomas Ellsworth Lucas and Estella Anna (Sivils) Lucas, who were born in Ohio and Missouri, respectively.

Alta's paternal grandparents were John and Catherine (Wolf) Lucas.  Her maternal grandparents were George Thomas Sivils and Mary Selma (Carlton) Sivils.

Alta had four sisters: Mary; Edna Lucille; Virginia; and Myrtle May.

Alta died 7 June 1913.

Minco, Oklahoma

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1879 CDV of Baby Harry Warner, taken by a North Adams, Massachusetts, studio

1879 carte de visite of a baby identified on the reverse as Harry Warner. The CDV was produced by the Ward studio of North Adams, Massachusetts.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Harry Orville Warner was born 31 May 1879 at North Adams,  Massachusetts, the son of Staples J. and Alice E. (Brusie) Warner, who were born at Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and Alford, Massachusetts, respectively.

Harry's paternal grandparents were Erastus and Sarah F. (Staples) Warner.  His maternal grandparents were Orville J. and Catherine (Post) Brusie.

On 1 May 1907 at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Harry married Luella Catherine Middleton, daughter of James F. and Angelina Augusta (Garland) Middleton.  Luella was born in New Jersey about May 1884 (as indicated on the 1900 Census of Chicago, Illinois where she and her family were then living - her birth year could be off a year or so in either direction).

By the time of the 1920 Census, Harry and Luella had moved to New York City.  The 1930 Census has them listed at Buffalo, New York.  Harry was involved in the paper industry, as a salesman and manager.  I didn't see children living with them at the time of the Censuses I found, but they may have had children.

If you have corrections to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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c1903 Photograph of child Harold Green of Brockton, Massachusetts

c1903 candid photograph of a young child identified on the reverse as Harold Green of Brockton, Massachusetts.    

The photograph with its mat is approximately 5-1/4" x 4-1/4".  The photograph alone is approximately 3-1/4" x 2-1/4", as shown in the image below.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

I found a Harold Green who was born May 11, 1900, the son of Charles F. and Edna M. (Pelkey/Pelkie/Pelletier) Green, who were born at Northborough, Massachusetts, and St. Georges-de-Clarenceville, Quebec, respectively.

And there was a Harold Cecil Allen Green who was born November 28, 1906 at Brockton, Massachusetts, the son of Lorenzo D. Green and Gertrude M. (Allen) Green.

If you have a theory as to the identity of the Harold Green in the photograph, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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1908 RPPC of a Sister of Matilda Young, at Camden, Maine

Real photo postcard mailed in 1908 from Nebraska [or possibly New Brunswick, though there's a US stamp on it] to "Sis" Tillie Young at Arequipa Cottage at Camden, Maine, and forwarded to Bangor, Maine, in care of E. F. Dillingham.

Tillie may have had up to eight siblings, some of them sisters.  Because the photograph shows a woman, I'm assuming that the card was sent by one of her sisters, but I suppose it could have been sent by a brother.

The 1910 Census of Bangor, Maine, shows a Matilda Young living as a servant in the household of Edwin F. and Julia Dillingham.  The Census indicates that Matilda was born in Canada and that her parents were born there as well.  

Incidentally, Arequipa Cottage was built for the Dillinghams on their property at Dillingham's Point (originally known as Ogier's Point) at Camden, Maine.

Perhaps Tillie was Alfreda Matilda Young, daughter of George Daniel Young and third wife Elizabeth Ann (Harnish) Young of Nova Scotia.   Alfreda Matilda Young married Horace Sawyer Leadbetter, son of Isaac and Jennie (Sawyer) Leadbetter of North Haven, Maine, on 26 December 1910 at Bangor, Maine.

They were enumerated on the US Censuses of Camden, Maine, from 1920-1940.  Horace was a fisherman and marine engineer.

As an alternative, there was a Matilda C. Young at Camden, Maine, the daughter of Linneus and Catherine Young.  Census records indicate she was born in Maine of parents born in Maine and Ohio.

If you can clarify the identity of Tillie Young, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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1903 Photograph of Lena Alice Davis of Auburn, Maine

1903 photograph of Lena A. Davis, taken by the Harry L. Plummer studio of Lewiston, Maine.

The image above was enhanced to highlight the handwriting, although the initials at the extreme left are still obscure.  My leaning, and that of a reader, is that they are E. L., representing Edward Little High School at Auburn, Maine. 

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Lena Alice Davis was born 6 March 1886 at Auburn, Maine, the daughter of Freeman George Davis and Mary A. (Stanchfield) Davis.  

Freeman George Davis, who became a successful businessman in Auburn, Maine, was born 17 July 1865 at Sangerville, Maine, in Piscataquis County, son of George W. and Philena (Carle) Davis.

Mary A. Stanchfield was born in October 1859, the daughter of Walter Frank Stanchfield and Eliza F. (Rice) Stanchfield.  Her parents also had ties to Piscataquis County, Maine, and Auburn, Maine.

On 2 June 1906, Lena Alice Davis married John Harry Dailey, son of Thomas Jefferson Dailey and Martha Savage (Leavitt) Dailey.  He was born 1 January 1872 in Maine.

The couple had at least one child.  They were living at Lewiston, Maine, as late as 1930.

If you have corrections to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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Baby Photograph of Glenys Sybil Kenney of Maine

Photograph of a baby identified on the reverse as Glenys Sybil Kenney.  I can't quite make out the imprint of the photographer, other than the state, Maine.

The image of the reverse, above, was tweaked to make the identification stand out.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Glenys Sybil Kenney was born 1 October 1912 at Hallowell, Maine, the daughter of Charles M. and Lucy Jane (Dunaver) Kenney, who were born at Frankfort, Maine, and Prospect, Maine, respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were Rufus W. and Susan M. (Lane) Kenney.  Her maternal grandparents were Daniel E. and Flora Jane (George) Dunaver.

Growing up, she lived at Stockton Springs, Maine, and Farmington, Maine.

She was married twice, I believe, and had at least two children.  Her husbands were Kenneth J. Howard, born at East Wilton, Maine, and Harold Noah Dunaver, born at Stockton Springs, Maine.

If you have corrections to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Please be careful when leaving a comment about a living person.

Hallowell, Maine

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Stockton Springs, Maine

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Farmington, Maine

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1922 Graduation Program of Frye Grammar School, Lewiston, Maine

Graduating Exercises of the Class of 1922 
Frye Grammar School, Lewiston, Maine
Lewiston City Hall
Wednesday, June 14, 1922
2:00 P.M.

Chorus - "Let Our Voices Be Glad", Lecocq
"Jimmy White", Mildred A. Fogg
"The Rugglesses Going to a Party", Blanche I. Berube
"Lincoln's Plea", Arthur R. Rowe
"A Case of Fits", Grace Barrett
Chorus - "The Old Guard, Rodney
"The Death Bed of Benedict Arnold", Paul A. Roy
"The Only Child", Emma Meservey
"Don't Die on Third", Lloyd A. Heldman
Chorus - "Over the Waves", Rosas
Presentation of Diplomas

Honor Pupils Class of 1922

1.  Emma Meservey
(2. Louise Cronin
(2. Mildred Fogg
3.  Isabelle Fuller
4.  Arthur Rowe
5.  Paul Roy
6.  Lloyd Heldman
7.  Edith Thayer
8.  Grace Barrett
(9. Blanche Berube
(9. Eugene Syphers

At the close of the exercises the audience will kindly remain seated until the class marches through the hall.

William Mortimer Cullen, Principal
Miss Hinkley
Miss Quimby
Miss Shaw
Miss Pettengill

Music Under the Direction of George W. Horne

List of Graduates, Frye Grammar School, 1922
John J. Baniulis
Ralph Carlton Banks
Harold Barbour
Philip L. Baribeau
Carl Edmund Barnes
Grace Mae Barrett
Elaine Elizabeth Knowles Bechard
Ernestine Dorothy Bechard
John S. Bell
Bertha F. Bernier
Blanche Irene Berube
Jane E. Bilodeau
Rebecca C. Bourget
Martha Rackley Briggs
George J. Buckley
Norma Mae Butterfield
Elizabeth Millett Chase
Helen Margaret Clark
Marguerite Elizabeth Coffey
Mary Margaret Costello
Alice L. Cote
Florence Fedora Cote
Faust Joseph Couture
Louise Margaret Cronin
James P. Cullen
James Colby Cutler
Hazen D. Dailey
Doris Elizabeth Deojay
Josephine Antoinette Drigotos
Rosario A. Dube
Margaret Louise Duncan
James Andrew Elliott
Henry Leo Faucher
Leonora A. Ferguson
Russell Andrew Fitz
Frances Avies Flynn
William Joseph Flynn
Evelyn L. Fogg
Mildred Anna Fogg
Bertrand E. Fournier
William Manley Fraser
Isabelle A. Fuller
Irene Theodoras Gagne
Dora Gagner
Annabelle M. Gillis
Bertha Giroux
Abel E. Grenier
Idella Bernice Haenssler
Frederick A. Hall
J. Fred Ham
Lauretta J. Hamel
Yvonne J. Hamel
Harold C. Hamilton
Mellen Hammond
Edward J. Harris
Dorothy M. Harrison
Orville Edward Hartford
Lloyd August Heldman
Catherine Louise Higgins
Alice May Horton
Christina M. Hoxie
Laureate J. Huard
Charles Edward Hurley
Pearl Manley Hyer
Laura C. Johnson
Fred Oscar Jumper
Terence J. Kelley
Henry W. Kingston
Beatrice Knowles
Raymond A. Knowlton
Rose Kushelevitz
Cyrille L. Labranche
Electa M. Labrecque
Laura M. Lachance
William M. Lambert
Fred Carl Lautenschlager
Lucien J. B. Lavoie
Lawrence Lebel
George Allen Leger
William Lepage
Elsie Louise Lessard
Germaine L. Leveque
Wilfred A. Leveque
Elizabeth K. Maloney
Oswald Stephen Maloney
Harry W. Maxim
Emma Meservey
Ralph N. Miles
Gordon Emmons Mills
John F. McConaghy
Donald McMinn
Rejane Nadeau
William A. Nelson, Jr.
Leo Francis O'Neil
Dorothy Frances Osgood
Adrien D. Ouellette
Marion C. Ouellette
George Victor Packard
Camile J. Patry
Earl Wilbur Peasley
Lucien E. Pelletier
Martin R. Petkus
Chester William Sewell Phillips
Romeo J. Poirier
Margaret S. Ramsay
Leon J. Rancour
Vivian Gertrude Redman
Dorothy A. Rich
Harold Chesley Ricker
Fernande A. Rivard
Louis A. Rivard
Leah Roberts
Margaret Hall Roberts
Ivan Taylor Robinson
Mary Elizabeth Roche
Elwood Franklin Ross
Mary Elizabeth Rowbotham
Arthur Raymond Rowe
Norman Eadon Rowe
Paul Arthur Roy
Mildred Elizabeth Russell
Emilien O. Saindon
Jerome A. Sansoucy
Fanny E. Saunders
Blanche Marinda Savage
Oscar F. Sawyer
Ethel Meredith Scott
Anthony Scronkus
Mae Elizabeth Shoppe
Keith Elbridge Small
Harold Everett Smith
Samuel Sprince
Victor St. Denis
Stanton Frederick Steele
Ruth Frances Stewart
Maurice J. St. Hilaire
Robert Bailey Stone
Rebecca E. Supovitz
Eugene E. Syphers
Isabella Blackmore Testa
Almie Blanche Tardiff
Edith Evelyn Thayer
Richard S. Trask
Florence M. Vaughn
Regina Angelique Vermette
Milton George Wheeler

I'm guessing that Frye Grammar School was named for distinguished Lewiston, Maine, native William Pierce Frye (1830-1911), who served in the US House of Representatives and then the Senate, with a stint as President Pro Tem of the Senate.  Frye, one of the founders of Bates College, was mayor of Lewiston from 1866-1867.

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Photograph of Geneva May Teague, by Lewiston, Maine studio

[This post now contains amendments from the original to include clarifying information supplied by reader Ed.]

c1904 photograph of a young woman identified on the reverse as Geneva M. Teague.  The photograph was taken by the Harry L. Plummer studio of Lewiston, Maine and appears to be a graduation photograph from H. A., which reader Ed discovered was Hebron Academy, at Hebron, Maine.  

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Geneva May Teague was born 23 Jun 1885 at Turner, Maine, the daughter of Herbert M. and Annie Lydia (Farrar) Teague, who were born at Turner, Maine, and, possibly, Paris, Maine, respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were, I think, Richard and Betsey (Campbell) Teague, although Betsey would have been in her mid 40s when Herbert was born, so I worry that I missed an intervening generation.  

As far as I know, Betsey, or Vesta, was Richard's second wife.  His first wife was Lydia Lombard, with whom he had a son Judah Dana Teague, born 1821.  Judah was named after Richard's father.

As the photograph indicates, Geneva May Teague graduated from Hebron Academy in 1904.  Reader Ed found an online image of a lengthy article in the Lewiston [Maine] Evening Journal about the  commencement, which indicates that  Geneva had the honor of giving the address to the undergraduates. 

An earlier blog post concerned one of Geneva's fellow graduates, the valedictorian Roscoe Henderson Hupper of Martinsville, a village in St. George, Maine.  Roscoe went on to Bowdoin and George Washington Law School and became one of the foremost admiralty lawyers of his day.

On 15 April 1908 at Madison, Maine, Geneva May Teague married Harry Clifford Dunbar, son of Charles F. and Olive (Durrell) Dunbar.  Harry was born 20 March 1881 at Embden, Maine.

At the time of their marriage, Geneva was working as a stenographer at Madison, Maine, and Harry was an attorney at Boston, Massachusetts.

The couple raised at least one child, a daughter, in Massachusetts.  

If you have corrections and/or clarifications to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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1906 Graduation Photograph of Grace Mae McKeen from Woburn, Massachusetts High School

1906 Graduation Photograph of Grace Mae McKeen from Woburn High School, at Woburn, Massachusetts, taken by the Purdy studio of Boston, Massachusetts.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Grace Mae McKeen (1887-1977) was born at Swanville, Maine, the daughter of Isaac Edwin McKeen and Flora Emma (Morrill) McKeen, who were both Swanville natives.

Grace, her brothers and widowed father were living at Woburn, Massachusetts, at the time of the enumeration of the 1900 and 1910 Censuses.  Her mother had died at Woburn on 6 October 1899.

On 5 February 1913 at Swanville, Maine, Grace married Rufus James Mayo (1886-1939), son of Joseph Eldorus Mayo and Cora Eva (Hassell) Mayo.  Rufus was born 2 May 1886 at Belfast, Maine.

Rufus died in 1939.  Grace and her daughter were still at Belfast, Maine, at the time of the 1940 Census, but at some point, perhaps due to the daughter's marriage, they made their way to Pennsylvania, where Grace died in 1977.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers. 


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Cabinet Photos of Alma P. Widdoes of Bridgton, Maine, as a Baby, Girl and Young Woman

Photograph of a young woman identified on the reverse as Alma when in high school.  The photograph was found with two others of Alma, one when she was a baby and other when she was a young girl.  The other two photographs give her last name as Widdoes.

The photograph was taken by the Murphy Studio of Bridgton, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Alma P. Widdoes was born 21 May 1891 at Welchville, a village in the town of Oxford, Maine.  Her parents were Seymour or Seymore J. Widdoes, born at Newark, Delaware, and Grace M. (Blake) Widdoes, born at Welchville.

Alma's middle initial stood for Perice, Peirce or Pierce.  I found references to all three variations.

The photograph above of Alma as a baby has no photographer's imprint.

The photograph below was taken by the C. A. Smith studio of Waterville, Maine.  

I wonder if the family was visiting relatives or if they lived in the Waterville area for a time.

On 20 June 1913 at Auburn, Maine, Alma married Jesse Clayton Sanborn, son of Enoch Augustus Sanborn and Annie Elizabeth (Noble) Sanborn, who were natives of Biddeford, Maine.  Jesse Clayton Sanborn was born 28 February 1889 at Steep Falls, Maine.

I didn't notice any children living with Jesse Clayton Sanborn and Alma P. (Widdoes) Sanborn in the 1920 and 1930 Census enumerations.   They worked for a telephone company.  Jesse Clayton Sanborn lived until 1972.  Alma died at some point between the 1930 and 1940.

If you have information on the Widdoes, Blake, Sanborn and/or Noble families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Bridgton, Maine [Oxford, Maine, is to the northeast.  I believe the Welchville section of Oxford is near the intersection of Routes 26 and 121.]


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1902 Photograph of Helen Marion Sears, by Drew Studio of Dover, New Hampshire

Photograph dated 1902 of a young woman identified on the reverse as Helen Marion Sears, taken by the Drew Studio of Dover, New Hampshire.

It's possible that Helen Marion Sears was Helen Marion (Folsom) Sears, married to Lewis Howes Sears.  Perhaps a reader will recognize her from family albums or research.

Helen Marion Folsom was born 11 August 1879 at Dover, New Hampshire, the daughter of George Leavitt Folsom and Nellie (Otis) Folsom.

On 1 November 1899 at Dover, New Hampshire, Helen Marion Folsom married Lewis Howes Sears, son of Paul and Eunice Sears.  Lewis was born 11 July 1851 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The couple lived at Dover, New Hampshire and raised at least two children.  Lewis died in 1926, and Helen in 1946.

If you have corrections to the information above or if you feel that the woman in the photograph is not Helen Marion (Folsom) Sears, but someone else entirely, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Dover, New Hampshire

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c1900 Photograph of Logging Camp of C. A. Trafton at the South Branch of Big Machias River, Maine

c1900 photograph of a logging camp owned by C. A. Trafton and located at the South Branch of the Big Machias River, near Ashland, Maine.  The Big Machias River flows into the Aroostook River at Ashland.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Assuming I have the correct C. A. Trafton and the correct brother, Charles Alpheus Trafton was born 7 February 1858 at Masardis, Maine, son of Eben Place Trafton and Lucinda (Ellis) Trafton.   

My hesitation is that the 1860 Census of Masardis, Maine, lists in the household of Eben and Lucinda Trafton a Charles born about 1852 and an Alpheus born about 1858.   Hopefully a reader will clear up the mystery.

About 1880 Charles Alpheus Trafton married Mary Louise Rowe, daughter of William Henry Rowe and Mary Jane (Fitzgerald) Rowe.  Mary Louise was born 16 July 1860 at Masardis, Maine.

They made their home at Ashland, Maine, and had at least two children, both daughters.  Charles Alpheus Trafton died in 1914.  Louise lived until 1947.

Zoom in one click and you'll see the Big Machias River entering the Aroostook River, just south of Station Street.

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1913 Wedding Book of Pearl Margaret Simpson and Ellwyn L. Brock at St. Johnsbury, Vermont

1913 wedding book from the wedding of Ellwyn L. Brock and Pearl Margaret Simpson at St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

The two photographs below may be baby photos of the bride and groom.

A photograph of Rev. Peter Black, who performed the wedding ceremony.

The wedding information:

Two photographs that might be of the immediate families of the bride and groom.

A list of the wedding gifts:

A page with two more gifts and a photograph taken at Littleton, New Hampshire on 18 April 1915.

The guest list:
  • Mr. Edward Samuelson, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Mrs. Cora Poland, Mr. Brock's mother
  • F. J. Simpson, Jr. [Frank John Simpson, Jr., Ellwyn L. Brock's brother
  • Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Simpson, parents of Mrs. Brock
  • & only relatives

A photograph of three women:

Our Wedding Journey, from St. Johnsbury, Vermont, to Littleton, New Hampshire, and a photograph of three women:

A sonnet:

5 newspaper clippings of the wedding:

The "At Home" page has three addresses in Littleton, New Hampshire: [See the loose photograph, shown below, that may be a house represented by one of these addresses.]

A sad newspaper clipping of the death of Franklin Ellwyn Brock, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Brock of Littleton, New Hampshire, and a photograph of three men and two women.  

A loose photo was found inside the album, perhaps of the house that either the bride or groom had lived in before marriage or one of their homes at Littleton, New Hampshire after their marriage.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Ellwyn Lionel Brock was born 8 September 1894 at Ryegate, Vermont, the son of Ellwyn and Cora H. (Somers) Brock.  

Pearl Margaret [Adele] Simpson was born 11 October 1891 at St. Johnsbury, Vermont, daughter of Franklin John Simpson and Christine (Graham) Simpson.

The 1920 Census shows them living at St. Johnsbury, Vermont with their two daughters and Ellwyn's twice widowed mother, Cora H. (Somers) Brock Poland, recent widow of James E. Poland.

In the 1930 census, Ellwyn was married to his second wife, Olive J. and living at Springfield, Massachusetts.  Pearl and their two daughters were living in the household of Walter and Katherine Farr at Lowell, Massachusetts.

If you have corrections to the information above or more information on the Brock and Simpson families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!