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1892 Wedding Photograph of Louis Howe Perley (1871-1931) and Flora G. (Doolittle) Perley (1872-1897) and Gem Photo of their Son Norman Henry Perley (1895-1954)

 Flora G. (Doolittle) Perley and Louis Howe Perley

Wedding photograph, shown above, bearing a date of August 30, 1892, of Louis Howe Perley (1871-1931) and Flora G. (Doolittle) Perley (1872-1897), natives of Massachusetts and New Hampshire respectively; taken by the Towne and Whitney studio of Central Street, West Gardner, Massachusetts.

This photograph was accompanied by a gem photograph of their son Norman Henry Perley (1895-1954).

An official record notes that the Perley's wedding took place on 24 August 1892.  Sadly, Flora died in 1897 at the birth of her daughter Lena Flora Perley (1897-1968).

 Reverse of photograph of Flora G. (Doolittle) Perley and Louis Howe Perley

Below, a photograph of the Perleys' son Norman Henry Perley (1895-1954), born 5 February 1895 at Holden, Massachusetts.  Norman was living in Athol, Massachusetts, at the time of the 1910-1930 Censuses. He married Marion in 1922. I haven't found information on Marion; she may have been the Marion Perley who died in 1984 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Norman Henry Perley (1895-1954)

By 1940, Norman was living in Portland, Maine; Marion was not listed in the household. By 1952, it appears Norman was back in Massachusetts, living at Fitchburg.  He died in 1954 and is buried in the Silver Lake Cemetery at Athol, Massachusetts. Interestingly, there's a Lois Perley buried in that cemetery, born and died in 1922 - Lois Loretta Perley.  If Lois was Norman's daughter, that was another tragedy in his life.

Reverse of photograph of Norman Henry Perley (1895-1954)

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