Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Photograph of "The Copperthorn Girls", by a Boston, Massachusetts Studio; Copithorn Sisters with Married Names Patterson, Marsters & Donovan

Photograph of 3 sisters identified on the reverse as "The Copperthorn Girls".

Their surname was Copithorn, although some records show Copperthorn. They were the daughters of Richard Copithorn and Rebecca (Sweetman) Copithorn.
  • Eliza Copithorn, "Lizzie", born in 1867 at Somerville, Massachusetts; married James Pattison [not Patterson] at Burlington, Massachusetts, in 1898
  • Margaret Copithorn, "Maggie", born in 1871 at Charlestown, Massachusetts; married Frank Knowlton Marsters at Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1906
  • Jane, "Jennie", Copithorn, born in 1872 at Charlestown, Massachusetts; married William Wilton Donovan at Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1909

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