Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Photograph of Bertha Elizabeth Harvey or Mary Cecilia Harvey, Twins; by a Roxbury, Massachusetts Studio

Photograph of one of a set of twins, Bertha Elizabeth Harvey (1902-1990) and Mary Cecilia Harvey (1902-1912) [year of birth incorrect on Mary's FindaGrave memorial].  The photograph was taken at the Cottage Studio on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Both girls' names are written on the back, along with the date March 21, 1912, which is the date of Mary's death from acute meningitis and pneumococcus.

The girls were born 28 July 1902 at Boston, Massachusetts, daughters of musicians Frederick J. W. T. Harvey and Bertha (Meagher) Harvey.  The parents were born in England and Nova Scotia, respectively.  Bertha and Mary had a younger brother Frederick T. J. Harvey (1903-1987); his birth record shows his name as Frederick Lowell Harvey.

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