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c. 1905 photo of teacher Ethel Matthieu & IDed students, Farmington, Maine

Photograph of teacher Ethel Matthieu and students from a Farmington, Maine school.  I've found Ethel's surname spelled variously as Mathieu, Matthew and Mathew.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Teacher Ethel Matilda Matthieu (1880-1962) was born in April of 1880 at Farmington, Maine, the daughter of Joseph W. Mathieu and Emma Mary Mathieu, born in St. Francois, Beauce, Quebec, and St. Claire, Dorchester, Quebec respectively.  Her parents married at Farmington, Maine on 16 May 1872.

Ethel married Wilfred J. Caron (1876-1959) at Farmington, Maine, on 6 September 1910.  

Wilfred was born about 1878 in Canada, the son of Auguste and Celina (Laurendeau) Caron.

Ethel and Wilfred lived at Rumford, Maine, where Wilfred was a barber and later a manufacturer.  By the time of the 1930 Census,  Ethel, after raising at least one child, was again teaching.

Ethel's older brother Albert A. Mathieu graduated from Holy Cross at Worcester, Massachusetts, and became an attorney and judge at Waterville, Maine.

It would be interesting to know how closely Ethel and Alfred were related to Jean-Baptiste Mathieu, the first French Canadian settler at Waterville, Maine.  Jean-Baptiste had migrated from Quebec down the "Indian Trail", later called the Kennebec Road or the Canada Road.  He would stay at a place as long as there was work for him and then move farther south.  In the early 1820s, he had worked his way to Shirley, Maine, where he started a business of supplying logging camps with provisions.  In 1827 he moved his operation to Waterville.

Clyde Luce; Adella Luce; Eva Luce; Almon Luce

These four were siblings, the offspring of Francis Eugene Luce and wife Lucy (Furbush) Luce, born in New Portland, Maine, and Farmington, Maine, respectively.  There were six older siblings not in the photograph: Simon, Mary, Emily, Frank Carville, Elizabeth and George.

Clyde Eugene Luce, who was born 17 June 1883 at Farmington, Maine, would marry Cora E. Oliver on 22 August 1909.  Cora was born in June of 1885 in South Dakota, the daughter of George and Emma M. (Smith) Oliver, who were born in Industry, Maine, and New Vineyard, Maine, respectively.  

It appears that Clyde helped his father in the operation of the family farm, as his parents and his own family were living in the same household at the time of the 1920 Census of Farmington.  By 1930, they were living adjacent to each other but in separate households.  Clyde died in 1957 at Farmington, Maine.

Adella Luce, Clyde's sister, was born 27 February 1885 at Farmington, Maine.  She married Robert Earl McCleery on 23 November 1910 at Farmington.  He was born 24 September 1878 at Farmington, Maine, son of Robert and Susan E. (Stanley) McCleery.  Robert and Adella farmed at Farmington, Maine, and had at least one child, a son.  Adella died in 1963 at Farmington, Maine.

Eva C. Luce, sister of Clyde and Adella, was born 2 June 1887 at Farmington, Maine.  On 1 September 1906, at Farmington, Maine, Eva married Albert Ward.  He was born about 1887 at Bondsville, Massachusetts, the son of David and Lydia (Paine) Ward, each born at Bondsville.  Albert gave his occupation on the marriage record as railroad brakeman.

By the time of the 1910 Census, the couple was living with their young son in Fairfield, Maine.  Albert's occupation was listed as brass finisher in a car shop.   By the time of the 1920 Census, Eva (Luce) Ward was a widow, and she and her son were back at Farmington, Maine.  

On 12 October 1920, Eva married John E. Stevens of Farmington.  He was born about 1884 at Stow, Maine, the son of John A. and Mary E. (Kneeland) Stevens, born in Fryeburg, Maine, and Sweden, Maine, respectively.   

The 1930 Census found John and Eva and her son living at Augusta, Maine, where John was a mechanic at the State Garage.  Eva died in 1977 at Farmington, Maine.

Almon J. Luce, brother of Clyde, Adella and Eva above, was born 15 July 1890 at Farmington, Maine.  On 17 August 1918 at Waterville, Maine, Almon married schoolteacher Persis Wentworth.  She was born 14 May 1895 at Freedom, Maine, the daughter of Charles Danford Wentworth and wife Maud Edna (Fuller) Wentworth, born in Waldo, Maine, and Freedom, Maine, respectively.  

I found mention of a collection of papers belonging to Maud and her father Edmund Allen Fuller.  The collection includes the autograph book of a young Maud, family photos, Edmund's ledgers and other items preserved and donated by the daughter of Almon and Persis (Wentworth) Luce.

Almon and Persis ran the family farm at Farmington, Maine.  Almon died at Farmington in 1979.

John Titcomb; Mabel Titcomb; and possibly Harriet "Hattie" Mary Titcomb   

I found siblings John S. and Mabel Ruth Titcomb, the children of Manning Ellis Titcomb and Ella Mary (Jones) Titcomb.    

They had a sister Harriet who was born in September of 1889, but she is either not in the photograph or perhaps she is the "Addie Titcomb" in the middle row.  

John S. Titcomb was born 22 January 1886 in Maine.  He married Addie H. Leeman of New Sharon on 19 November 1911.  Addie was born in March of 1893 in New Sharon, Maine, the daughter of Thomas William Leeman and wife Marie Elizabeth (Cookson) Leeman.

John and Addie raised a family of at least four children at Farmington, Maine.  In the 1930 Census of Farmington, John's occupation was listed as general farming.  His father Manning, by then a widower, was living with them, for some reason listed as a servant.  John died in 1974.

Mabel Ruth Titcomb was born 28 June 1892 at Farmington, Maine.  She married Joseph Leslie Jannell on 16 June 1918 at Farmington, Maine.  He was born at Lisbon Falls, Maine, on 4 February 1896, the son of Leslie David Jannell and wife Belle Jennie (Dingley) Jannell.   Joseph and his parents were living at Mexico, Maine at the time of the 1910 Census; his father was a machinist at a paper mill.

After their marriage, Mabel and Joseph moved to Massachusetts.  They were living at Weymouth, Massachusetts at the time of the 1920 Census, where Joseph was working as a mechanic at a garage.

In 1921, Joseph started his own garage, Jannell Motors.  His reputation grew to the point where Ford offered him a franchise in 1933.  Jannell Motors is still in operation today, at locations in Weymouth and Hanover, Massachusetts.  One of the oldest Ford dealerships in the U. S, it's run by two grandsons of Joseph and Mabel.

Just in case Addie Titcomb is Harriet Titcomb:

Harriet ("Hattie") Mary Titcomb was born 26 October 1889 at Farmington, Maine.  Hattie became a teacher and moved to Massachusetts, in the general area of where her sister Mabel and husband Joseph Leslie Jannell were living.   Hattie died at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1984.

Carroll Luce; Lora Luce

Carroll Luce and Lora Luce were siblings, the offspring of Nathaniel and Lida E. (Mosher) Luce. Nathaniel was born in Freeman, Maine; Lida was born in Farmington, Maine.  In addition to Carroll and Lora, there were two other daughters in the family.

Carroll Luce was born 28 June 1892 at Farmington, Maine; his birth record shows a name of Jessie, as well as Carroll, making me wonder if he had a twin who didn't survive, of if his parents hadn't yet made a final choice of names for him.    Someone wrote [apparently later on] the name Carroll and a date of 1907, so it appears they were linking the birth and death records.

Carroll's 1907 death record is even more confusing, as his father is listed as Nathaniel Luce, but his mother is listed as Jane Carville, who was in fact Nathaniel's mother.  His birth record shows his mother as Lida E. (Mosher) Luce.  Sadly, Carroll died from complications of appendicitis on 26 July 1907. 

Lora Luce Carroll's sister, was born 13 November 1897 at Farmington, Maine.  I think that's her birth date, as there is a birth record for that date with no name listed, which was true for at least one of their other children.  

Lora's first name is shown as Laura A. Luce in the Maine Marriages Database, but Lora Dyer in the Social Security Death Index.  According to the Maine Marriages Database, she married Leslie A. Dyer on 12 June 1915, when both were living at New Portland, Maine.  

Leslie A. Dyer was Leslie Linn Dyer, who was born 8 September 1893 at New Portland, Maine, the son of Fred W. and Minnie (Heald) Dyer, who were born at New Portland, Maine, and Anson, Maine, respectively.  

Lora and her husband lived at New Portland, Maine, where he worked in farming and was a laborer.  Lora named a son after her brother Carroll.  Lora died in 1995 at Farmington, Maine.

Lila Mosher was born 23 March 1897 at Farmington, Maine, the daughter of James Herbert Mosher and wife Nettie Caroline (Luce) Mosher.  Lila married Linwood James York, who was born 10 May 1896 in Brighton, Maine, the son of James W. and Mary Esther (Cooley) York.  

Lila and Linwood were farmers and raised their family at Farmington, Maine.  Lila died at Farmington in 1979.

As for Addie Titcomb, so far I've been unsuccessful in further identifying her.  I can find several instances of a married Addie Titcomb in the Farmington area,  but not an unmarried Addie Titcomb.  

Spreading out into Maine a bit, I find a couple possibilities, but I have no way of knowing if I have the right Addie.  Hopefully a reader will come forward.  

I'm leaning toward the possibility that she was actually Harriet "Hattie" Mary Titcomb, sister of John Titcomb and Mabel Titcomb, as discussed above.

If you have any corrections and/or information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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1908 Photo of Elwood George Bessey, b. Parkman, Maine 1892

1908 Photograph of Elwood George Bessey; taken by the Call Studio of Dexter, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Elwood George Bessey was born 20 May 1892 at Parkman, Maine, the son of Seth and Mary Susan (Brown) Bessey, who married at Parkman, Maine on 4 June 1881.

Elwood's paternal grandparents were Anthony and Mercy Carsley (Dearth) Bessey.  Before Anthony, I believe the family spelled the name Besse.

Elwood's maternal grandparents were William Henry Brown and wife Helen Augusta (Smart) Brown.

A graduate of Bates College, Elwood was mentioned in a Bates publication as having been a principal at North Berwick, Maine in 1913.  

He retired from Scarborough, Maine, High School as principal in 1948.  A junior high school at Scarborough was named for him.  

He was a member of Hadattah Lodge of Odd Fellows and the Masons, at Portland, Maine.  After moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, he became a deacon of the First Congregational Church there.

He died in St. Petersburg in 1971.  I don't believe he married.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding Elwood George Bessey or his family, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

A map of Parkman, Maine:

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1876 GAR program for Major How Encampment, Post 47, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Sheet approx. 8-3/4" x 11", folded, in rough shape.

To the Memory of
Our Country's Defenders
These Services are Dedicated

Maj. How Encampment, Post 47
Grand Army of the Republic
Haverhill, Massachusetts, May 30, 1876

Names on the page above:

East Parish
Stephen C. Adams
J. Ingersoll Jaques
Henry A. Hoyt
Robert Evans
C. K. Knowles
Charles Ramsay
John F. Fowler
Willard K. George
Andrew F. Chaples
Augustus S. Chase

West Parish
Warren Haseltine
James W. Morse
Isaac H. Roberts
George I. Webster
William F. Webster
Thomas H. Simington
John C. Chapman

North Parish
Hiram Carleton
Warren Clough
Joseph Williams

Patrick Ryan
John Shea
Patrick Dignan
Patrick Follen
Thomas Smith
Thomas Prindable
Patrick Connors
Dennis Murphy
Hugh Mulhern
Richard Neagle
David Neagle
James Tate
Peter Snea [Peter Shea?]
___ Noonan
James Powers
John Campbell
Barney Smith

Rev. Mr. Drew
Rev. Mr. Williams

Hilldale Cemetery
Graves to be Decorated:

Isaac Foster
Charles W. Hammons
John M. Pierce
D. S. Palmer
John W. Stewart
George A. Young
Willie C. Hoyt
Thomas Walton
Thomas P. Rich
John G. Priest
Lyman P. Bromley
William O. Davidson
Henry O. George
W. H. Hurd
Benjamin Page
George F. Palmer
John Silver
Joseph T. Hoyt
August W. Dresser
George W. Bickford
Horsefall Dewhirst
George W. Ellis
Andrew . Harward
Henry B. Livingston
Edgar B. Page
E. H. Richardson
Thomas B. Simonds
Charles P. Goss
V. L. Towle
Israel Foster
John Frye
George W. Eaton
Charles G. Bowles
William Downing
Robert Frink
John L. Hoyt
W. H. Noyes
Thomas Dias
P. Laurence Hoyt
____ Colby
____ Whittier
Arthur West
William Church
Aaron Emery
John Chein
Joseph E. Smith
Charles H. Hill
Isaac A. Boynton
Henry Palmer
John D. Runnells
John M. Stevens
Henry W. Jaques
George H. Brown
____  Adams
Oliver Haddock
F. J. Brown

Names on the page above:

Bradford Cemetery
Decoration of graves

Edward M. Walton
Daniel F. Webster
James J. Eaton
Samuel H. Jenkins
Joseph Myers
Noah C. Hodge
David Heckman
Charles H. Stewart
William Parker
Charles W. Bickum
Lieut. John Mills
Lieut. William Z. Walker
Lieut. J. Warren Day
Sergt. Charles S. Pearsons
Sergt. L. W. Phillips
Corp. John S. Kimball
Granville R. Kimball
Frederick W. Poor
James G. West
James Buswell
Frank H. Jenkins
Thomas W. Colby
Moses Dresser
James F. Hodgdon
Albert M. Brown
Nathaniel Ordway
John Fletcher
Charles H. Kimball
Francis Holt
George Heath [cannot read his middle initial due to pinhole]
Joseph H. Walton

Mayor Jenness
Rev. Mr. Burns

Linwood Cemetery
Decoration of the Graves:

Patrick McCoy
Charles Johnson
E. H. Spinney
A. S. Parmalee
George A. Steele
Charles G. Canney
Charles P. Stewart
William Dodge
F. P. Woodcock
Noah Morrison
George A. Chapman
George C. Leonard
Willie Gordon
Benjamin Greeley
Josiah Keeley
Joseph Chase
W. Morrill
A. O. Gibson
Arthur Drew
N. F. Smith
A. L. Gage
W. Frank Holt
H. Philbrick
Joseph S. Welch
Daniel W. Barture
Silas Butters
William Foss
Joseph A. Caswell
Samuel E. Kelley
Thomas Powell
A. B. Glines
Henry Gale
E. H. Emerson
James Cole
L. W. George
Clarence Woodman
James LeBosquet
Walter Hayden West
J. R. Emerson
Wesley Heath
William W. Colby
William Chase
Abbott L. Holt
Ancil Hanson
T. P. Barrows
Wyman Burnham
Herbert M. Drew
Howard M. Merrill
Edmond N. Merrill
Benjamin Fernald
George Davis
John Pecker
George Brickett
William H. H. Adams
Charles Leonards
H. H. Johnson
H. H. Parmalee
Harry Sargent
George Sargent
W. J. M. Steele

Names on the page above:

Rev. Mr. Millen
Adjt. Alden
Rev. Mr. Rand
Gen. A. B. Underwood

Map of Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Undated RPPC of Maggie Cumberland Mont or Mount

I'm hoping that a reader can pin an identity on the woman pictured in the Real Photo Postcard above.  Unfortunately there is no studio imprint or date to help in the identification.

I believe her name was Maggie Cumberland Mont or Maggie Cumberland Mount, but I can't find a person with all three names by searching my usual places. 

I found several Maggie C. Mounts and several Maggie Cumberlands.  

And I found a married Margaret C. Mont, born in Nova Scotia about 1868 and living in Rhode Island at the time of the 1925 Rhode Island Census.

The RPPC was enclosed in an outer folding frame.

If you have an idea who Maggie might be, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks.

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Vintage photo of Salvation Army officers: Capt. Metz and Lt. Bennett; Galesburg, Illinois studio

Undated photograph, possibly c. 1900, of two Salvation Army officers: Captain Metz and Lieutenant Bennett; taken by the Brownie Studio of Galesburg, Illinois.

If you have an idea of the identity of either or both of these women, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Read a brief history of the The Salvation Army on their website.

Galesburg, Illinois:

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1887 tax assessor's book of Andrew Jackson Berry of Smyrna, Maine

7" x 4-1/4" leatherbound notebook owned apparently by Andrew Jackson Berry of Smyrna, Maine.   He dated his report as June 4, 1887.   There may be some pages missing.  Scans of all the pages, except the blanks, appear below.

Smyrna is a town in Aroostook County, not far from the shiretown of Houlton, a bit to the east.

Andrew Jackson Berry was born 25 February 1834 in either Paris, Maine, or Wilton, Maine, the son of Levi Berry, Jr., and wife Mary Polly Hammond.  His paternal grandparents were Levi and Lusannah (Bryant) Berry.  His maternal grandparents were Joseph and Lydia (Parsons) Hammond.

On 30 October 1855 at Lincoln, Maine, Andrew married Julia Elizabeth Estes, who was born 25 March 1836 at China, Maine, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Kennedy) Estes.  Her paternal grandparents were Caleb Estes, Jr. and wife Charlotte (Day) Estes.  Her maternal grandfather was William Kennedy of Ireland.  Andrew and Julia eventually moved to Pennsylvania to take advantage of the booming oil business.

For more information on Andrew and Julia and their four children, see the page for Andrew J. Berry and Julia Elizabeth (Estes) Berry at the Maine and Maritime Canada Network.

Front cover:

Inside front cover and first page, below.  The book has a stamp revealing that it was purchased at the George A. Gorham Books, Stationery and Fancy Goods store, at Houlton, Maine.

Names on the pages above: [duplicated at top]
Fletcher M. Cottle
Isaac Chambers
J. W. Chambers
Moses P. Clark
W. C. Corliss
A. P. Daggett
Henry C. Douley
Moses Drew
L. E. Estabrook
W. F. Estabrook
Edward Eames
Henry Fisher
Stanley Fenlason
David Good
Oscar C. Grant
Alfred Grant

Names on the pages above:

S. B. Haskell
A. H. Haskell
Albert H. Hamm
Albion B. Hamm
Ivory A. Hovey
James P. Hovey
A. H. Harper
D. D. Hemore
William N. Holden
James H. Holden
A. M. Leavitt
Thomas Laughton
Charles E. Lilley
Samuel Lilley
H. C. McLean

Names on the pages above:

Jonathan Kennedy
S. R. Lilley
O. A. Miller
Jane Stewart
C. W. Sherman
John Watson
F. W. Stimpson

Names on the pages above:

Stetson [Geo.?]
F. W. Titcomb  [This is likely lumberman Frank William Titcomb, born 3 November 1837 at Exeter, Maine, son of Elias and Sarah (Dow) Titcomb.  He was a a Civil War veteran and GAR member, and owner of timberland, mills and a store at Houlton, Maine.  His photograph can be seen at the Maine Memory Network.

Name on the pages above:

F. W. Titcomb

Name on the pages above:

F. W. Titcomb

Name on the pages above:

F. W. Titcomb

Name on the pages above:

F. W. Titcomb

Names on the pages above:

F. W. Titcomb
C. P. Webber
A. D. Weeks
Andrew J. Berry, Assessors of Smyrna

There are some blank pages and then:

The last page and inside back cover, indicating a later use of this book, with a date of 1899.

Back cover:

If you have information to share on Andrew Jackson Berry or Frank W. Titcomb or any of the other people mentioned in this book, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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1886 Commencement program of Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, Sixteenth Annual Commencement, Thursday, July 1, 1886.   

This Institute, founded in 1865 at Worcester, Massachusetts and one of the first engineering and technology universities in the United States, is now known as Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Examining Committee:
Walter U. Barnes, B. S., Littleton
James C. Bayles, C. E., New York City
Prof. A. S. Hardy, Ph.D., Hanover, New Hampshire
Prof. E. P. Harris, Ph.D., Amherst
Stephen Holman, Esq., Worcester
John F. Kyes, B. S., Worcester
Edward F. Tolman, B. S., Worcester

Department of Chemistry
African Iron, Thomas F. Mitchell
The Analysis of Worcester Water, Frank B. Rice

Department of Civil Engineering
The New Croton Aqueduct, Walter F. Brooks
Design for a High Masonry Dam, Hamilton J. Chapman
The Disposal of Worcester Sewage, H. Clifford Hawks
Design of a Roof Truss, Charles F. Hunt
Rapid Transit and Elevated Railroads, Norman Marshall
The Flow of Water Over Weirs, John C. Miller
Induction Telegraphy, Walter E. Newbert
The Characteristic Curve of a Dynamo, Arthur F. Walker

Department of Mechanical Engineering
A Test of a Compound Engine, Clinton Alvord
Efficiency of the Royal Steam Heater, Charles A. Bennett
Investigation of a Roof Truss, Henry W. Carter
The Woolen Card, Clarence E. Cleveland
Residual Phenomena in Electrical Measurements, William E. Drake
Friction of the Straight Line Engine, Arthur B. Fairbanks
Redressed Electrical Currents, Frank Fay
The Efficiency of Lubricating Oils, Albert A. Gordon, Jr.
The Otto Gas Engine, Harry S. Green
Comparison of Alloys for Journal Bearings, Frank A. Higgins
The Weston Dynamo, Charles W. Higley
Air Compressors, William S. Morehouse
Hydraulic Elevators, William H. Oakes
The Potash Battery, Amzi T. Rogers
Triple Expansion Engines, Harry B. Sawyer
Design and Construction of a Transmission       Dynamometer, N. Austin Smithwick
Efficiency Test of a Dynamo, Edward G. Watkins
Electric Hammer, Walter G. Wesson
Triple Expansion Pumping Engine, Leon A. Whitney

Rev. Calvin Stebbins, Prayer
Birdsey G. Northrop, LL.D., Address
Arthur F. Walker, Valedictory Address

Class of 1886
Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Department of Chemistry
William O. Emery, Manchester, New Hampshire
Thomas F. Mitchell, Worcester
Frank B. Rice, Worcester
Robert C. Sweetser, Worcester

Department of Civil Engineering
Walter F. Brooks, Rutland
Hamilton J. Chapman, Franklin
H. Clifford Hawks, Deerfield
Charles F. Hunt, Granby
Norman Marshall, Still River
John C. Miller, Gardner
Walter E. Newbert, Fitchburg
Arthur F. Walker, Hopedale

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Clinton Alvord, Northampton
Charles A. Bennett, Holden
Henry W. Carter, Chicago
Clarence E. Cleveland, Worcester
William E. Drake, Worcester
Arthur B. Fairbanks Fitchburg
Frank Fay, Chester
Albert A. Gordon, Jr., Worcester
Henry S. Green, Spencer
Frank A. Higgins, Manchester, New Hampshire
Charles W. Higley, Becket
William S. Morehouse, Fairfield, Connecticut
William H. Oakes, Fitchburg
Amzi T. Rogers, Danbury, Connecticut
Harry B. Sawyer, Bath, Maine
N. Austin Smithwick, New Castle, Maine
Edward G. Watkins, Gardner
Walter G. Wesson, Worcester
Leon A. Whitney, Westminster  [See blog post on Leon Augustine Whitney]

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1845 document certifying Marcia Barton as qualified teacher, Brownville, Maine

1845 document certifying Marcia Barton as a qualified teacher, in the opinion of the Superintending School Committee members, William S. Sewall and Isaac E. Wilkins of Brownville, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct: [please leave a comment if you have corrections]:

I believe Marcia Barton was Marcia Polina Barton (1820-1889), born in either Clinton, Maine or Bangor, Maine [I saw references for both].

Marcia Polina Barton's parents were Amos and Martha (Hinds) Barton of Clinton, Maine.  Amos died 7 February 1826, leaving his wife with six children, one of whom, Amos, died a year later at about age two.  Judging from the name she used on the Census forms, his widow Martha never remarried.  She died in 1881.

Intentions of marriage for Marcia P. Barton and Thomas Howard Coombs (1821-1891) filed at Bradford, Maine, were published in the 5 February 1848 issue of the Piscataquis Herald/Piscataquis Observer .  Maria gave her address as Sebasticook (now Pittsfield) and Thomas gave his as Bradford.   

They married on 16 February 1848 at Benton, Maine, downriver of Clinton on the Sebasticook River.  Thomas was the son of William Lincoln Coombs and wife Sophia (Howard) Coombs.

Marcia and Thomas raised six daughters on their Bradford farm, the last daughter that I found born in 1861.  Thomas served in the Civil War in Company F of the Maine 31st Infantry, from March 1864 to June 1965.   So far I haven't found them in the 1870 Census.

By 1880, according to the Census, they were living at Bangor, Maine; Thomas' occupation was listed as "dealing in fancy goods".   Both would die at Bangor, Maine, Marcia in 1889 and Thomas in 1891.  I found a pension record for him, dated 1889, submitted on the basis of his being an invalid.

As for the two members of the Superintending School Committee of Brownville, Maine, William S. Sewall and Isaac E. Wilkins:

Rev. William Stinson Sewall (1807-1884), son of Rev. Henry and Esther Minot (Moody) Sewall, was born 19 June 1807 at Bath, Maine.  He graduated from Bowdoin College and became minister at the Congregational Church in Brownville, Maine in September of 1839.   His father was a minister at Sangerville, Maine, also in Piscataquis County.

Sometime after the enumeration of the 1860 Census, Rev. William S. Sewall and family moved to St. Albans, Maine, where he took over a pastorate there.  He and his wife Miriam had several children.  He died in 1884 at St. Albans, Maine.

Rev. Isaac Edwards Wilkins (1798-1848) was also a minister at Brownville, Maine.  He was born 1 April 1798 at Billerica, Massacusetts, the son of Dr. Isaac E. Wilkins and wife Sally (Edwards) Wilkins, who moved their family to Brownville, Maine in 1808.   

After a successful practice as a physician, having studied with his father, Rev. Wilkins graduated from Bangor Theological Seminary and was minister for a time at Garland, Fairfield and Albion, Maine, in addition to Brownville. 

He married Mary Jane Brown at Newburyport, Massachusetts, daughter of Francis and Hannah Dustin (Chase) Brown.  Rev. Isaac Edwards Wilkins and family of ten children resided at Brownville, Maine.  One son was killed in 1863 at Rappahannock Station, Virginia.

Rev. Isaac Edwards Wilkins died at Brownville, Maine, on 14 November 1848, a few years after signing this document.

If you have any corrections and/or information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.