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1757 Somersworth, New Hampshire Document: Thomas Wallingford, Esq.; Daniel Emery, Jr.

1757-1764 document where Daniel Emery, Jr., promises to pay Thomas Wallingford, Esq., the sum of four pounds and ten shillings. The note was satisfied in March 1764. 

The document was found with others that pertain to nearby towns in Maine, and I suspect Thomas and Daniel had family and business on both sides of the border.
Summersworth February 13 1757 - For Value recd. I promise to pay to Thomas Wallingford Esq or his order, Four Pounds Ten Shillings Old Tenor upon Demand as Witness my hand - 
Daniel Emery, Junior
This note was Satisfied by a note of hand with Interest from the 13 Day of March 1764

Somersworth, New Hampshire

Thomas Wallingford, Esq. - perhaps Thomas Wallingford, Esq. (1697-1771) 

Daniel Emery, Jr. - perhaps Daniel Emery (1697-abt 1778) or Daniel Emery (1723-1774) or another Daniel Emery, Jr., as there were multiple men named Daniel Emery in that era and area.

If you have alternate identities for Thomas Wallingford, Esq. or Daniel Emery, Jr., please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

1777 Document, Kittery, Maine; John Gowan, Constable; Edw. Cutts, Treasurer

March 5, 1777, Kittery, Maine, document, with names of John Gowen, Constable, and Edw. Cutts, Town Treasurer.

Recd of Constable John Gowen the Sum of Seventy One Pound Six Shillings and Eight pence Lw money in full of the town's money he was to pay me for the year 1774. 
Edw. Cutts, Town Treasurer
L 71-6-8
Kittery, March 5, 1777

  • Edw. Cutts, Treasurer of Kittery, Maine - perhaps Edward Cutts (1728-1818)

If you have alternate identities for John Gowen and Edw. Cutts, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

Note: Kittery was much larger when this 1777 document was created; what is now Eliot, Maine, was set off in 1810.

March 1775 Notice to Assemble at Meeting House in Northerly Parish of Kittery, Maine - now Eliot, Maine

March 4, 1775, Kittery, Maine - where Constable John Gowen gives Notice to Assemble to "all Freeholders and other Inhabitants in the Northerly Parrish in Kittery Qualified by Law to Vote in Parrish Affairs".

In 1810, the North Parish of Kittery was set off to become the new town of Eliot.

Transcription at the end of this post.

Those assembled will take up:
  • choice of a Parrish Clerk, Treasurer and other Officers
  • the sum of money to be raised for a Minister 
  • examination of the Treasurer's account
  • sums the assessors and committee shall have for the services in the past year
  • what sum the Treasurer shall have for his receiving paying out the Parrish's money
  • any other matters brought up
  • inset lines appear to refer to a Rev. Rogers' death
John Gowen, Constable - perhaps John Gowen (1740-1809)

Rev. Rogers - perhaps Rev. John Rogers (1692-1773)

If you have information to share on a Constable John Gowen or a Rev. Rogers, or if you have corrections/additions to the transcription below, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.


York fs/ To the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Northerly Parrish in Kittery Qualified by Law to vote in Parrish Affairs.
Pursuant to a Warrant from the Committee for Calling Parrish Meetings in said Parrish, to me Directed You are hereby Notified and Required to Assemble Together & meet at the Meeting House in Said Parrish on Tuesday, the Twenty Eighth Day of March, Instant at Two of the clock afternoon then and there to make Choice of a Parrish Clerk and Treasurer and all other Parrish Officers as the Law Directs and To receive and Examine [?] the Parrish Treasurers Account and Vote what Sum of Money Shall be raised on ye Polls & Estates in sd Parrish for the Support of the Minister and other Necessary as Charges arising in said Parrish. Also to Vote what Sum the Assessors and Committee of Said Parrish shall have for their Service the year past. [an inset about the money drawn by Rev. Rogers before his death] Also what Sum the Treasurer Shall have for his receiving and paying out the Parrish's money. The Year ___ And to receive the Account of any Person and Persons which they have against Said Parrish. And to also any Vote on Voters residing to the Premises as You Shall then and there think fit.
___March 4, 1775, John Gowen, Constable

Friday, October 21, 2022

1854 letter from Judge Stephen Emery (1790-1863) in Paris, Maine, to his cousin Moses Emery (1794-1881), Esq., in Saco, Maine; Family News

1854 letter from Judge Stephen Emery (1790-1863) in Paris, Maine, to his paternal cousin Moses Emery (1794-1881), Esq. in Saco, Maine

In addition to asking Moses to look for a suspect named Bowker, suspected of  "lurking" in Saco, Stephen Emery talks about the health of his family.

Stephen Emery's wife [second wife] is feebleJennette (Loring) Emery (1800-1855)

Stephen Emery's daughter "Sarah Jane (Mrs. Hamlin")", with first wife Sarah (Stowell) Emery (1792-1822) Sarah Jane (Emery) Hamlin (1815-1855) is not well and he fears for her, especially if she follows her husband to Washington, D.C.  Sarah Jane was the first wife of Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891), Abraham Lincoln's first Vice President. After Sarah Jane's death, Hannibal married her younger half sister Ellen Vesta Emery (1835-1925)

Stephen Emery's children Ellen and Steph, with second wife Jennette (Loring) Emery (1800-1855), are wellEllen Vesta Emery (1835-1925) and Stephen Albert Emery (1841-1891)

Stephen Emery's daughter Jennette, with second wife Jennette (Loring) Emery (1800-1855), and family are well in Eastport, Maine, where her husband is presumably pastoring.  Jennette Loring (Emery) Butler (1828-1902), wife of Rev. Nathaniel Butler (1824-1894)

Moses Emery's son Addison Emery - George Addison Emery (1839-aft 1927), lawyer, historian, author, philanthropist.

I'll leave Bowker and Charles Robbins their privacy.
Transcription - if you have corrections and/or can fill in the blanks, please leave a comment so the transcription can be updated.

Paris, Nov. 8, 1854
Moses Emery, Esq.
My dear Friend:
I want to trouble you so much as to hand the inclosed writ to a Deputy Shf. in Saco & have Bowker arrested, if he can be found. Bowker has a sister there, married, but to whom I don't know. He has also an uncle of his wife living there, Charles Robbins by name. This is all I can say. Bowker left here some days since & is supposed to be lurking with his friends at Saco, intending to get away in a few days for Wisconsin, probably waiting there for his family. Please attend to it immediately. I do not know he is at Saco, but suspect it.

My family are about as usual, that is, a sort of half _____. Mrs. E, always feeble, is about house - Ellen & Steph are very well. I am busy in preparing for cold Winter, which I dread. My eyes are still bad & I use them as little as possible in reading or writing. Jennette & family are well (at Eastport). Sarah Jane (Mrs. Hamlin) is not well - has a bad cough & I have fears for her. She talks of going to Washington with her husband but I hope she will give it up.
We should be truly glad to see you, Mrs. Emery & Addison at Paris - give them much love from all of us & accept much yourself.
___very affectionately,
Stephen Emery

If you have information to share on the Emery family, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

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1768-1769 Record of Plowing, Timbering, Hoeing, Haying, Fencing, Harvesting; Noah Emery of Southern Maine and Southeastern New Hampshire

1768 and 1769 account of the days spent by a hired hand doing plowing, cutting timber, hoeing, haying, fencing and harvesting

The worker may have been Noah Emery or the hired hand may have worked for Noah Emery.

Noah Emery may have been Captain Noah Emery (1699-1761) or his son Noah Emery (1725-1788) or another Noah Emery. They lived in the Kittery, Maine,  and/or the Rockingham County, New Hampshire, area.

It's possible that the top line indicates a Caleb Emery; if so, he may have been the hired hand.

If you have a theory as to the people connected to this document, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

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Samuel D. Hanson High School 50th Anniversary, 1888-1938 - Buxton, Maine

Samuel D. Hanson High School 50th Anniversary, 1888-1938 - Buxton, Maine.

In 1917, the school's name changed from Buxton High School to Samuel D. Hanson High School, in honor of Samuel Dunnell Hanson (1817-1888), older brother of major donor Dr. Zenas Payne Hanson (1833-1921).

Small booklet of 22 pages, with lists of staff and graduates and a history of the 3 buildings used as the school, from 1888 to 1938, when the booklet was printed.

See images of all of the pages at the end of this post.

The original school, a building in Buxton Center, was remodeled in 1888 and used until 1913. 

In 1913 a new building was constructed; sadly, it was lost to fire in March of 1930.

A replacement building, on the same site, opened at the end of 1930, with classes in the interim held in the Town Hall and Church.

  • The lists of graduates are not in alphabetical order 
  • Women are shown with both birth and married surnames, if known. 
  • Names marked with an asterisk were deceased at the time the booklet was printed.
Staff, 1888-1913
1888-89T. V. SmithGeorge H. LarrabeeRuth Benson Brooks
1889-90T. V. SmithGeorge H. LarrabeeCarrie Piper Bickford *
1890-91T. V. SmithGeorge H. LarrabeeCarrie Piper Bickford
Herman H. Locke
1891-92T. V. SmithCharles R. Smith *Gertrude Graffam Nash *
1892-94T. V. SmithCharles R. SmithMargaret Eaton Eastman
1894-95T. V. SmithCharles R. SmithNo Assistant
1895-96T. V. SmithVirgil C. TotmanMrs. D. M. Hutchinson *
1896-97Herman H. LockeVirgil C. TotmanMrs. Hutchinson
1897-98Herman H. LockeW. E. KenneyMrs. Hutchinson
J. M. Hill *
1898-99Everett P. Elwell *J. M. HillMrs. Hutchinson
1899-01Lucius HutchersonJ. M. HillMrs. Hutchinson
1901-02J. M. HillJ. M. HillMrs. Hutchinson
1902-03Richard J. LibbyJ. M. HillMrs. Hutchinson
Lorin M. Harmon
1903-04R. J. LibbyL. M. HarmonMrs. Hutchinson
J. M. HillEliza S. Libby
1904-05R. J. LibbyJ. M. HillMiss Libby
1905-06Frank L. TarboxFrank W. JacksonMiss Libby
Percy H. Blake
Harold I. Frost
George Merrill
Albert W. Boston
1906-07F. L. TarboxHerbert W. Hall *Miss Libby
Amasa Bowles
1907-09J. M. HillAmasa BowlesMiss Libby
1909-11Charles L. ClementErnest L. Bartlet *Miss Libby
1911-13C. L. ClementStacy C. LanpherMiss Libby
Mrs. Bessie L. Lanpher
Graduates, 1888-1913
1890Alton Everett Harmon *
William Henry Cressey
1891Wallace John Cole *
Bertha Berry Davis
Susie Babb Morton *
Nellie Florence Hill *
Albert Theodore Elwell
Lubelle Blanche Patrick
Mildred Hill Nash
Minnie Tyler MacGillivray
Eliza Sands Libby
Emma Martin Hutcherson *
George Percy Adams
Susie Abbott Cotton *
Frank Harlan Patridge
Mary Milliken Meserve *
Lela Burnham Miles *
1892Horace Nelson Bradbury
Grace Carville Carville
Lucius Hutcherson
Harry Leon Warren
Gertrude Dunnell Twombly
John Furber Cotton
Mary Owen Sanborn
Harry Morton
Annie Hill Locke
1893Norman Clyde Shordon
Sumner Tyler
Mabel Emery Mills
Edwin D. Cotton
Eugene I. Smith
Annie Harmon Elwell
Milton S. Harmon *
Effie Boothby Rand *
1894Ernest H. Emery
Walter E. Edgerly
Myra Moody Soule
Helen Hill Cogswell
1895Nellie Sands Woods *
Harry L. Cotton
Eva Patridge Smith
Addie Berry Jose *
Florence A. Hazeltine
Sadie Mayo Roat
Callie M. Flanders *
1896Nellie Clay Martin
Margaret Harmon Ward
Harry Merritt Towne
Arthur S. Redlon *
Herbert F. Dunnell *
Frank M. Adams
Ethel Parker Lane *
Almira Edgerly Townsend
Lucina Haynes Lombard
Ora Davis Jose
Grace Sherman Harmon
Edith Locke Clarke
John Preston Mayo
Willie Bacon Blake
1897Grace Warren
Harriet Davis Soule

Albert Frank Warren *
Everett H. Phinney
Frank Clifford Eaton
Fred Tristram Eaton
Blanche Patridge Dean
Statira Amanda Boothby
Herbert William Redlon
1898Clara Libby Littlefield
Mabel Wood Boothby
Joseph Leatherbarrow
Richard Jose Libby
George Melville Emery
Samuel Allison Hill
1899Melvena Anderson Tyler
Milton Jack
Grace Berry Meserve
James Garfield Hutchinson
Ethel Hill Brooks
1900Galen W. Hill
Philip S. Brooks
Chester W. Roberts
Harriet Fogg Gerrish
George E. Leatherbarrow
Delma Edgecomb Moulton
Arthur W. Davis
Mildred Fogg Hill
Linnette Parker Martin
1901Blanche Sands Hill *
Edythe Blake Ridlon
Lulie Pease Wallace
1902Mabel Johnson Strout *
Ina Ford Fogg
Elmer Goodwin Redlon
Ida Libby Marshall
William Henry Harmon
Charlotte Redlon Haley
Annette Chadbourne Symmes (See inside back cover, below
Sylence Lowell Otis
Bernice Norton Shackford *
1903Sarah Graham Crother
Lizzie May Foss
Susie Towle Chaney
Frank Morton Elwell
Ina Hall Harmon
1904Letitia Sawyer Hartford
Bessie Dennett Hill
Harry Lee Heighe *
Bertha Davis Barbour *
Elizabeth Dennett Hood
Deering S. Roberts
George Alton Rounds
Fay Eaton Roberts
Annie Wood Flanders
1905Merrill Christie Hill
Eunice Sands Fallon
Arthur Fulton Elwell
Sara Fogg Hutchinson
Ernest Albert Elwell
Lizzie Martin Parker
Helen Blake Leach
Grace Redlon Sands
J. Elliott Swift *
Mollie Rose Parker *
1906No Graduation
1907Geneva Eaton Boulter
Winnie Anderson McCubbins
Samuel Dunnell Palmer
Ellen Harmon Blackwell
Harold F. Hutchinson *
Luena Chase Redlon
Mary Spencer Dyer
Ina Fogg Woolcock
1908Alice Elwell Maddox
Clara Rand Hall
Gladys Anderson Ridley
Agnes Hill Emery
Leola Blake Sawyer
Earl L. Milliken *(See memories page, below)
Harold J. Davis
1909Mae Skillings Stowell
Lena R. Jose
1910Ralph B. Hutchinson
Helen Eaton Dow
Albert Cushman Parker
Estella V. Eaton *
Pearl V. Harris
1911Beatrice Townsend Mains
Carrie Palmer Phillips
Ernest L. Anderson
Jennie Emery Bangs
Laura Etta Pennell
Nellie Gowen Thomas
Carrie Pease Thomson
1912Harold Deering Sawyer
Clara Littlefield Lombard
Mildred Smith Brown
Ardelle Marean Cheney
Ralph E. Sawyer
1913Vena Anderson Burquest
Lillie Alter Bennett
Vera Small Olson
Gordon E. Tufts *
Melvina Waterman Johnson
William C. Webster
Minnie Flood Fields
Lawrence H. Hutchinson
Staff, 1913-1930
1913-14C. L. ClementStacy C. LanpherMiss Libby
Mrs. Bessie L. Lanpher
1914-15Fred BensonL. Whitney ElkinsMiss Libby
Mrs. Mary Elkins
1915-16Fred BensonEldin H. AustinMiss Libby
May H. Sargent
1916-17Fred BensonE. H. AustinMiss Libby
Miss Sargent
1917-18Fred BensonDonald HightMiss Libby
Archie B. Hartford *Ruth Morgan
Mrs. Orrie Worth Hartford
1918-19Fred BensonMiss LibbyMax C. Harmon
Mildred Tinker *
1919-20Fred BensonMiss LibbyFlorence Harvey Smith
Ernestine Wright
1920-21George E. JackJosef A. GreenMiss Libby
Charles S. Bates
1921-22George E. JackJ. A. GreenMiss Libby
Mr. Bates
1922-23G. E. JackMax C. HarmonMiss Libby
Mildred Bickmore Woodworth
1923-24G. E. JackMax C. HarmonMiss Libby
Miss Bickmore
1924-25G. E. JackCarl B. SwantonMiss Libby
Melville H. JohnsonAlberta Hutchinson Burrill
1925-26G. E. JackM. H. JohnsonMiss Libby
Miss Hutchinson
1926-27G. E. JackM. H. JohnsonMiss Libby
M. Alpha Crosby Brown
1927-28G. E. JackDonald WightMiss Libby
Amanda Poore
1928-29G. E. JackElmer R. VerrillMiss Libby
Miss Poore
1929-1930G. E. JackE. R. VerrillMiss Libby
Helen Goodwin
Graduates, 1914-1930
1914Ella Clifford Chase
Carl S. Davis
Blanche Whittaker Blue
Norman L. Owen
Max C. Harmon
1915Clarence A. Elwell
Ralph C. Goff
Gordon S. Hargraves
Laura Hill Tufts
Alta Paine Whipple
Annie Hutchinson Elliot
1916Ruth Sawyer Pierce
Edna A. Soule
Arthur S. Lowell
Lunette Soule Waterman
Elmer J. Davis
William P. Eaton
Merle G. Harmon
1917Ralph E. Dunnell
Carrie May Harmon
Hazel Flood Lax
Doris Soule Muzzey
Margaret Warren Soule
Evelyn West Palmer
Dorothy Whittaker Ohl
1918Margery Cressey Lowell
Mildred Garland Woodman
Lawrence C. Higgins
Ila Wilson Russell
Cecil B. Smith *
1919Delma Adams Hurd
Margaret Cole Goding
Carl M. Harmon
Harriet Paine Matson
Louise Smith Leavitt
1920Roxy Andrews Corson
Lester V. Goff
Annie Holt Allie
Eaton P. Hutchinson
Florence Hulit Stevens
Lawrence H. Jose
Margaret Helen Jose
Doris Katon Emery
Lena Libby Owen
Celia L. Soule
Helen Soule Murphy
Ruby G. Smith
Nettie Tapley Young *
1921Lawrence R. Brackett
Carl B. Eastman
Marie Elwell Degan
Chester R. Emery
Ethel R. Goff
Sylvia Hulit Dixon
Elmer G. Kelso
Catherine Lord Whittaker
Helen Smith Dean
Maurice A. Warren
Marcia Waterman Hagenon
1922Eliza Waterman Davis
Leona Edwards Durgin
Alice Carl Cousens
F. Elmer Boothby *
Gwelma Hill Pederson
Austin G. Gorham
Justin S. Merrill
1923Lawrence A. Fogg
Madeline Morton Green
Joseph W. Warren
Arthur C. Haley
Max F. Davis
Earl C. Paine
Arthur L. Towle
Dorothy E. Holt
George A. Elwell
Philip F. Rowe
Jennie A. Waterman
1924Hazel Harmon Gallant
Wilbur H. Dunn
Mildred Harmon Weeks
Norman J. Fogg
Florence Davis Marshall
1925Winona Atkinson Bean
Abbie Andrews Record
Freda Berry Huff
Roy S. Dixon
Irene Haley Tarbox
Velma Holt Harmon
Mary A. Merrill
Lillian Peck Fogg
Cora M. Soule
1926Leona Haley Knight
Robert M. Hill
Edna M. Hulit
Reginald B. Gerrish
Bessie Rankin Merrill
Elton L. Stevens
Mildred Towle Tilson
Louise Waterman Wells
1927Yola Turner Scruton
Olive Warren Libby *
Leona Parker Waterman
Guila A. Turner
Elva Hutchins
H. Kenneth Smith
Elsie Fogg Dyke
Mabel G. Harmon
1928Adelbert O. Townsend
Bernice Rowe Harmon
Harry E. Dean
John H. Waterman
Maud Parker Smith
Charles P. Cole
1929Harry R. Tyler
Lois Townsend Willis
Philip B. Atkinson
Viola Rounds Wells
Ernestine Parker Redlon
Lenora E. Berry
Leah Bradeen Wescott
Charles Everett Dixon
Mabel Holt Towle
Annie Parker Cousens
Nellie M. Parker
1930Elmer O. Dean
Lincoln S. Harmon
Beulah M. Waterman
Edith Waterman Smith
Imogene McLeese Wallace
Staff, 1930-1938
1930-31George E. JackF. H. JewettMiss Libby
Aurie Balch Hudson
1931-34G. E. JackF. H. JewettMiss Libby
Gertrude Sykes Elwell
1934-35G. E. JackF. H. JewettMiss Libby
Geraldine Foster
1935-37G. E. JackF. H. JewettMiss Libby
Miss Foster
Harry R. Tyler
1937-38G. E. JackF. H. JewettMiss Libby
H. R. Tyler
Mrs. Susan M. Leonard
Graduates, 1931-1938
1931Arlene Anderson Dean
Hildreth Atkinson Baade
S. Roger Carll
Daniel Cressey, Jr.
Beatrice A. Gardner
Erwin G. Cressey
Clayton E. Hartford
Hilda E. Harmon
Ronelda Sands Berry
Milton H. Smith
Ruby J. Tarbox
Elsie Thompson Seavey
1932Frances E. Boulter
Helen A. Boulter
Kendrick A. Davis
Robert A. Dixon
Iva Gardner Peaco
Bernard C. Garland
Norman S. Hill
C. Linwood Marsh
Warren D. Roberts
Alice M. Waterman
Lettie I. Waterman
Agnes Woods Lathrop
1933Maurice C. Cressey
Guy L. Dixon
Glennis M. Flint
Jane E. Frothingham
James R. Gerrish
William B. Hague
Beatrice Hebert Hutchins
Clifford R. Leavitt
Carrie E. McAllister
Eldora McLeese Blaisdell
Viola Redmond Dodge
Leander Sands
Lester H. Smith
Laurence R. Townsend
1934Clyde R. Anderson
D. Emerson Elwell
C. Otis Gerrish
Grace Haley MacDougall
Mildred E. Haley
Dorothy P. Marston
Charles E. Noyes
Eleanor E. Parker
Erland P. Parker
Donald I. Plummer
C. Jack Reynolds
Helen Sharpe Hague
Woodrow B. Thompson
Alva E. Wilson
Byron Woodward
1935Carl E. Boulter
Freelington Elwell
Elmer G. Elwell
Robert H. Hill
Warren G. Hill
Albert B. Hague
Aldana I. Hague
Marian E. Hague
Frank H. Jewett II
L. Charline Parker
Velma A. Parker
Elsie Pennell Perkins
Gracie I. Rankin
Ida L. Smith
William E. Thomas
Ira G. York
1936Berle F. Anderson
Kathryn M. Boothby
Margaret E. Boulter
Helen M. Brackett
Bernice Cousins Gibbs
Milton E. Dunnell
Ernest C. Eaton
Loraine Emmons York
Clarence E. Gerrish
Lois T. Garland
Kenneth E. Knight
Dean F. Jewett
Evelyn B. McKenney
Lesley P. Moulton
Dorothy L. Peavey
Guy W. Plummer
Geraldine Reynolds Hayes
Nellie M. Stowell
Frederick O. Verney
1937C. Christine Atkinson
Wilena Flint Rankin
William H. Gerrish
Dorothy L. Jose
Pauline F. Leavitt
Margaret A. MacEachern
Myrtle D. Parker
Arlene Pease Huston
Violet M. Pennell
Elaine M. Sawyer
H. Ambrose Snell
1938Ruth A. Brown
A. Elizabeth Dixon
Margaret G. Elwell
Hazel V. Emery
Celia G. Gardner
Eunice H. Hefler
Owen F. Hill
Bernice C. Knight
M. Eileen Letzler
Helen A. McKenney
Maurice F. Moulton
Herman W. Peavey
Rebecca W. Rounds
June L. Sawyer
Daniel T. Snell
Alice E. Walker
Evelyn A. Waterman
P. Sumner Woodman
Marcella A. Woodward

* Deceased

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