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1873 Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of Maine Medical Association - Members' Names up to 1873

31 page booklet: Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Medical Ethics of the Maine Medical Association, printed in 1873 by printer Stephen Berry of Portland, Maine.

The booklet measures approximately 9-1/4" by 6" and contains 31 pages of text, including the names of members up to the year 1873, with deceased members marked by an asterisk.  The booklet lists the members in alphabetical order by county; there are 7 nonresidents.

Most of the names consist of a surname and initials for given and middle names.  I've done my best to tease out the full name - if you find any that I've identified in error, please contact me.

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There are also eight pages listing officers and committee members.  See the entire booklet at the end of this post.

Alphabetical list of the members  [Note: by surname, not by county]

ACharles Abbott [misspelled Abott] of Winterport, Maine
Enoch Adams of North Litchfield, Maine
C. G. Adams of Island Pond, Vermont
William Augustus Albee of Union, Maine
BJames Crockett Boynton of Richmond, Maine
John Larrabee Allen of Saco, Maine
Alvan Bacon of Biddeford, Maine
Daniel R. Bailey* of East Winthrop, Maine
John Baker of East Machias, Maine
William Ayer Banks of Rockland, Maine
B. Fordyce Barker of New York
Charles Hubbell Barker of Wayne, Maine
Thomas Flint Barton* of Old Town, Maine
James Bates (Honorary) of Yarmouth, Maine
James M. Bates of Yarmouth, Maine
J. T. Bates* of Winthrop, Maine; perhaps John T. Bates, who died in the Civil War.
Joseph Louville Bennett of North Fryeburg, Maine
John Benson of Newport, Maine
Randall Doyle Bibber of Bath, Maine
Adoniram Judson Billings of Freedom, Maine
John H. Blake of North Auburn, Maine
Calvin Blake of Hartland, Maine
Samuel W. Blanchard* of Yarmouth, Maine
Nathan F. Blunt* of Bingham, Maine
Wallace Bolan of New Sharon, Maine
David Porter Bolster of Weeks' Mills, China, Maine
Nathaniel R. Boutelle of Waterville, Maine
C. C. Bowker* of Auburn, Maine
James Cochrane Boynton of Richmond, Maine
Cyrus Fogg Brackett of Brunswick, Maine
Nathan A. Bradbury of Sweden, Maine
Samuel Bradbury of Old Town, Maine
James Crockett Bradbury* of Old Town, Maine
Osgood Nathan Bradbury of Springfield, Maine
Edmund Bragdon, Jr. of Bryant Pond, Woodstock, Maine
A. Brawn of Lisbon, Maine
Thomas Henry Breslin* of Portland, Maine
George Edmund Brickett of Augusta, Maine
Charles Burr Bridgham of Livermore Falls, Maine
Frederick William Bridgham of Sullivan, Maine
Cyrus Briggs* of Augusta, Maine
Eugene W. Brooks of Portland, Maine
John G. Brooks of Belfast, Maine
Thomas Huntington Brown of Paris, Maine
William H. Brown of Bangor, Maine
William Buck of Foxcroft, Maine
Alcander Burbank of Lewiston, Maine
Augustus Hannibal Burbank of Yarmouth, Maine
Benjamin Flint Buxton of Warren, Maine
John Buzzell of Portland, Maine
CJoseph Caldwell of Buckfield, Maine
Henry H. Campbell of Waterville, Maine
Nelson H. Carey of Saccarappa, Westbrook, Maine
Josiah Carr of Mechanic Falls, Maine
B. F. Carter of Jefferson, Maine; possibly Briggs T. Carter
Frank Watts Chadbourne of Old Town, Maine
George H. Chadwick of Portland, Maine
DeWitt Clinton Chamberlain* of Richmond, Maine
Charles P. Chandler of Addison, Maine
Freeman Hersey Chase of Orland, Maine
Charles T. Chase of Thomaston, Maine
Thomas Child* of Bath, Maine
Samuel Otis Clark of Limerick, Maine
Albion Cobb of Webb's Mills, Casco, Maine
William Bangs Cobb of Standish, Maine
Thomas Upham Coe of Bangor, Maine
George Washington Colby of Waldoboro, Maine
Lorenzo S. Cole of Hallowell, Maine
N. B. Coleman of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
George E. Collins* of Bethel, Maine
John Cook* of Auburn, Maine
John Wesley Cook of Foxcroft, Maine
Edward B. Cowles of Boston, Massachusetts
Atwood Crosby of Waterville, Maine
Henry Thornton Cummings of Portland, Maine
Rufus King Cushing of Bangor, Maine
John Samuel Cushing of Skowhegan, Maine
DIsrael Thorndike Dana of Portland, Maine
Gilman Daveis* of Portland, Maine; perhaps John T. Gilman Daveis
Roscoe Gilpatrick Dennett of Saco, Maine
Joshua Prentiss Dickenson* of Bangor, Maine
Robert Dixon of Damariscotta, Maine
Daniel Hasty Dole of Knightville, South Portland, Maine
John A. Donovan of Lewiston, Maine
Bertrand Francis Dunn of Windham, Maine
John E. Dunnells* of Harrison, Maine
Obadiah E. Durgin (Honorary) of Portland, Maine
EJohn Rowell Eaton of Wilton, Maine
Eli Edgecomb of Lewiston, Maine
Nathaniel Augustus Eels* of Lincolnville, Maine
Asher Ellis of Brunswick, Maine
Daniel Fulton Ellis of Brunswick, Maine
Joseph Willard Ellis* of Augusta, Maine
Joseph Hubbard Estabrook (Honorary) of Rockland, Maine
Theodore Lindley Estabrook of Rockland, Maine
Calvin Eastman Evans of Norway, Maine
David Evans of Garland, Maine
John Marshall Eveleth of Mechanic Falls, Maine
Francis Marion Eveleth of Waldoboro, Maine
FNehemiah Davis Faunce of North Waterford, Maine
Franklin Beckwith Ferguson of Deer Isle, Maine
Charles Stewart Davies Fessenden of Portland, Maine
Joseph Palmer Fessenden of Portland, Maine
Hewitt Chandler Fessenden of Eastport, Maine
Edward Mann Field of Bangor, Maine
Charles O. Files of Portland, Maine
Paul M. Fisher of Orono, Maine
Thomas Simon Fitch of Sherman, Maine
Simon Fitch of Portland, Maine
John Murray Fletcher of Camden, Maine
Benjamin F. Fogg of Portland, Maine
Jonathan Fogg of Holden, Maine
Elbridge Gerry Fogg of Kendall's Mills, Fairfield, Maine
David Folsom* of Augusta, Maine
Thomas Albert Foster of Portland, Maine
Barzilla Bean Foster of Portland, Maine
George Winslow Foster of Bangor, Maine
George F. French of Portland, Maine
Moses Frost* of Sidney, Maine
Albert Smith Frye of Lewiston, Maine
Thomas Frye of Rockland, Maine
Jared Fuller of East Corinth, Maine
Andrew Jackson Fuller of Bath, Maine
GAlonzo Garcelon of Lewiston, Maine
Frank Garcelon of East Livermore, Livermore Falls, Maine
Granville W. Gay* of Bath, Maine
Frederick Henry Gerrish of Portland, Maine
Stillman Perry Getchell of Portland, Maine
John Taylor Gilman of Portland, Maine
Luther Clinton Gilson of Portland, Maine
George Lincoln Goodale of Brunswick, Maine
James S. Goodwin (Honorary) of Portland, Maine
Seth C. Gordon of Portland, Maine
Joseph P. Grant of Saco, Maine
Rotheus Augustus Gray of Saccarappa, Westbrook, Maine
Joseph Bernice Gray of Denmark, Maine
William Warren Greene of Portland, Maine
Charles William Gross of Acton, Maine
HWilliam C. Hall of Auburn, Maine
Frank Stevens Hall* of Cumberland Center, Maine
Augustus Choate Hamlin of Bangor, Maine
Philander Harrison Harding of Ellsworth, Maine
Roscoe Lincoln Harlow of Auburn, Maine
Nathan Coy Harris of Auburn, Maine
Henry M. Harlow of Augusta, Maine
Andrew Jackson Harlow* of Waldoboro, Maine
John Hartwell* of Winthrop, Maine
Peleg Sprague Haskell of Stockton, Maine
John Quincy Adams Hawes of Hallowell, Maine
Charles Frederick Haynes of Skowhegan, Maine
W. F. Heald of Newport, Maine
Artemas Lendall Hersey of Oxford, Maine
Nahum Alvah Hersom of Portland, Maine
L. G. Hill of Dover, New Hampshire
Edward Henry Hill of Lewiston, Maine
Hiram Hovey Hill of Augusta, Maine
Luke Hill* of Biddeford, Maine
Francis Eastman Hitchcock of Rockland, Maine
Freeland Salmon Holmes* of Foxcroft, Maine
Arthur Almond Holmes of Skowhegan, Maine
George Holmes* of Belmont, Maine
Job Holmes* of Calais, Maine
Charles Leon Holt of Gray, Maine
Elisha Hopkins, Jr., of Searsport, Maine
Orin Alonzo Horr of Lewiston, Maine
Lewis Willard Houghton* of Casco, Maine
William Small Howe of Pittsfield, Maine
Jason Huckins of East Corinth, Maine
Seth Chellis Hunkins* of Portland, Maine
Charles Oliver Hunt of Portland, Maine
Henry Hastings Hunt of Gorham, Maine
Ebenezer E. Hurd of Lyman, Maine
Charles Hutchinson of Portland, Maine
ILucien Ingalls of Falmouth, Maine
Henry D. Irish*, Turner
John C. Irish of Buckfield, Maine
JTheodore Herman Jewett of South Berwick, Maine
Ralph Kneeland Jones of Bangor, Maine
Henry Irving Jordan* of Portland, Maine
KAlden Thomas Keen of Gorham, Maine
Cyrus Kendrick, Jr. of Litchfield Corner, Litchfield, Maine
Abiel Wood Kennedy* of Warren, Maine
William Kilbourne* of Auburn, Maine
J. E. S. Kimball of Saco, Maine; actually John Eli Leland Kimball
LDaniel Lowell Lamson of Fryeburg, Maine
Sumner Laughton of Bangor, Maine
William Bradbury Leavitt of Athens, Maine
Edward Philippe LeProhon of Portland, Maine
Alvan Libbey of Wells, Maine
Abial Libby of Richmond, Maine
Isaac Lincoln* (Honorary) of Brunswick, Maine
John Dunlap Lincoln of Brunswick, Maine
J. I. Linscott of Farmington, Maine; presumably John Jacob Linscott
John Lord of Limington, Maine
James Warren Lowell of Ferry Village, South Portland, Maine
Gardiner Ludwig of Portland, Maine
Moses R. Ludwig* (Honorary) of Thomaston, Maine
MJohn Colby Manson of Pittsfield, Maine
William Marrett* of Saccarappa, Westbrook, Maine
Albert Quincy Marshall of New Gloucester, Maine
Daniel Edward Marston of Monmouth, Maine
Leonard Howard Maxim of Hartford, Maine
E. N. Mayo of Orono, Maine
Asa McAllister* of Ellsworth, Maine
T. C. McClellan* of Searsport, Maine
James McKeen of Topsham, Maine
Daniel McRuer* of Bangor, Maine
Albert Leonard Merrill* of Auburn, Maine
Thomas H. Merrill* of Portland, Maine
Henry Putnam Merrill of Portland, Maine
Paul Merrill* of Augusta, Maine
Albion Keith Parris Meserve of Buxton, Maine
Charles Millett* of Lewiston, Maine
Charles J. Milliken of Cherryfield, Maine
Alfred Mitchell of Brunswick, Maine
Nahum Parker Monroe of Belfast, Maine
Hollis Monroe* of Belfast, Maine
Samuel B. Morison of Bangor, Maine
John Addison Morton of Livermore, Maine
Boothe Cullen Mulvey* of Saco, Maine
R. D. Munsey of Cincinnati, Ohio
Jabez Woodman Murray of Machias, Maine
NLewis Edwin Norris of Hampden, Maine
James William North of Jefferson, Maine
Amos Nourse (Honorary) of Bath, Maine
James Deering Nutting of Hallowell, Maine
OOwen St. Clare O'Brien of Bristol, Maine
Sylvester Oakes of Auburn, Maine
William Osgood of North Yarmouth, Maine
PCharles K. Packard of West Auburn, Maine
Alpheus Felch Page of Bucksport, Maine
Rotheus Emery Paine of Camden, Maine
Nathaniel Tobey Palmer of Brunswick, Maine
George Parcher of Ellsworth, Maine
Frederick Grafton Parker of Presque Isle, Maine
Alexander McIntosh Parker of Stevens' Plains, Portland, Maine
Charles A. Parsons of Caribou, Maine
Joseph Addison Parsons of Windham, Maine
Edwin Parsons* of Portland, Maine
David Elkins Parsons of Norridgewock, Maine
Sumner Augustus Patten of Monson, Maine
Edmund R. Peaslee of New York
Lewis Warrington Pendleton of Belfast, Maine
Daniel O. Perry of Portland, Maine
Albert Franklin Plimpton of Gardiner, Maine
Byron Porter* of Waterville, Maine
Byron Porter 2nd of Newport, Maine
John Hart Prentiss* of Augusta, Maine
Harris Pushor of Hartland, Maine
Israel Putnam of Bath, Maine
RGeorge LeBarron Randall* of Vassalboro, Maine
Charles Henry Reynolds of Gorham, Maine
John Almond Richards of Farmington, Maine
Hosea Rich* of Bangor, Maine
Richard Russell Ricker of Lewiston, Maine
Charles Augustus Ring of Portland, Maine
John Robbins of South Norridgewock, Maine
William C. Robinson* of Portland, Maine
William Rogers of Hampden, Maine
Daniel Rose* of Thomaston, Maine
C. H. Rowell* of Kendall's Mills, Fairfield, Maine
Edmund Russell of Lewiston, Maine
SWilliam Safford* of Litchfield, Maine
Bigelow Thatcher Sanborn of Augusta, Maine
Eugene Francis Sanger of Bangor, Maine
Ira Cole Sawyer of Naples, Maine
David Blethen Sawyer of South Paris, Maine
Calvin Seavey of Bangor, Maine
Henry Hill Seavey* of Bangor, Maine
James Blake Severy of Farmington, Maine
Nathaniel Shannon of Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Abner Ormiel Shaw of Portland, Maine
Putnam Simonton* of Searsport, Maine
John Megquier Small of Lewiston, Maine
J. W. Small of Lisbon, Maine
Horatio Nelson Small of Portland, Maine
Reuben Dunn Small of North Pownal, Maine
William Rice Smart of Camden, Maine
Roscoe Smith of Turner, Maine
Andrew Robinson Gidding Smith of Whitefield, Maine
Henry Sutton Burgess Smith of Bowdoinham, Maine
Joshua Vincent Smith of Richmond, Maine
Dryden Smith* of Biddeford, Maine
Charles Snell of Bangor, Maine
Albion Parris Snow of Winthrop, Maine
Edwin Payson Snow of Atkinson, Maine
Charles Wesley Snow of Skowhegan, Maine
Joseph B. Soto of Brunswick, Maine
Joseph Payson Spaulding of Bingham, Maine
David Dana Spear of Kennebunk, Maine
Seth Billington Sprague of Milo, Maine
Frank A. Stanley of Portland, Maine
Albert Fisk Stanley* (Honorary) of Winthrop, Maine
George D. Staples of South Berwick, Maine
Horace Stevens of Skowhegan, Maine
William H. Stevens of North New Portland, Maine
Elbridge Gerry Stevens of Biddeford, Maine
Tristram Gilman Stockbridge* of Bath, Maine
Charles W. Stockman of Portland, Maine
Ebenezer Stone of Stevens' Plains, Portland, Maine
Benjamin Franklin Sturgis of Auburn, Maine
James G. Sturgis of Standish, Maine
John I. Sturgis of Gray, Maine
Joseph Sturvevant of Oak Hill, Scarborough, Maine
Charles Edward Swan of Calais, Maine
Frederick Rice Swazey of Bucksport, Maine
William Swazey of Limerick, Maine
William Brooks Swazey of Cornish, Maine
Charles Sweat* of Bangor, Maine
William Sweat of Hollis, Maine
Moses Erastus Sweat of North Parsonsfield, Maine
William Sweetsir of New York
Atwell William Swett of Winterport, Maine
Silas Edward Sylvester of Saccarappa, Westbrook, Maine
TWilliam Edward Tarbell of Palermo, Maine
Benjamin Frank Tasker of Kendall's Mills, Fairfield, Maine
Samuel Henry Tewksbury of Portland, Maine
E. N. Tewksbury* of Falmouth, Maine; presumably Ervin Noyes Tukesbury
Augustus Spaulding Thayer of Portland, Maine
Frederick Charles Thayer of Waterville, Maine
Charles W. Thomas* of Portland, Maine
Elbridge Augustus Thompson of Dover, Maine
Benjamin Lamper Tibbetts of South China, Maine
Albion Pease Topliff of Gorham, Maine
John Wilson Toward of Augusta, Maine
F. L. Town
Clark Cornish Trafton* of Kennebunkport, Maine
VEdwin Howard Vose of Calais, Maine
WJason Walker of Minot Corner, Maine
John Bayley Walker of Thomaston, Maine
Alfred Walton of Bangor, Maine
Francis Greenleaf Warren of Biddeford, Maine
James Paine Webb of Bridgton, Maine
Charles Edwin Webster of Portland, Maine
Milton Curtis Wedgewood of Lewiston, Maine
Newton J. Wedgewood of Lisbon, Maine
John T. Wedgewood of Cornish, Maine
Stephen Holmes Weeks of Portland, Maine
Eben Wells (Honorary) of Freeport, Maine
Stephen Edward Wentworth of Brownfield, Maine
William Wescott of Gorham, Maine
James C. Weston of Bangor, Maine
Horace Carr White of Lisbon Falls, Maine
Chadbourne Warren Whitmore of Gardiner, Maine
Stephen Whitmore of Gardiner, Maine
Henry Love Keay Wiggin of Auburn, Maine
Greenleaf Augustus Wilbur of Skowhegan, Maine
Philantheus Cleaveland Wiley of Bethel, Maine
Benjamin Williams of Freedom, Maine
George Hamlin Wilson of Albion, Maine
John Butler Wilson of Exeter, Maine
William Wood of Portland, Maine
YAshbel Woodward of Franklin, Connecticut

Octavus King Yates of West Paris, Maine

*  Deceased