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The Heirlooms Reunited blog is a way for me to bring life to the heirlooms I've collected over a lifetime.  Many of these items are for sale.

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Heirlooms include:
  • autograph albums
  • family Bibles 
  • correspondence 
  • documents 
  • identified photographs and albums 
  • inscribed books
  • family registers
  • samplers
  • municipal annual reports
  • and other treasures

1850s Autograph Album of A. Elizabeth Withers, "Lizzie", of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Many of the items relate to Maine, but others come from all over the United States and Canada via online sites and collections being dispersed at antique shops by people who have retired to Maine.   

One cherished album - sample page below - of photographs, clippings, letters, documents, locks of hair, umbilical cords and a booklet detailing the genealogy of the Dorr, Goldthwait and related families, was purchased online from Argentina - the patriarch was Addison Dorr of Massachusetts, who settled in Argentina in the early 1800s.

Below,  CDVs of J. Graham Rodgers; taken by the Bradley & Rulofson studio at San Francisco, California, corner of Montgomery and Sacramento Streets. 

Below, Hazel Keyes; photo by a Belfast, Maine studio

Surnames I'm researching in Maine and the Maritimes:
  • Turner, back to Richard and Eleanor (Cowell) Turner of Lancashire, England
  • Hanson, back to John Hanson of Nock's Marsh, or Knox Marsh, of Dover, New Hampshire
  • Young/Jung of Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; back to Johann-Jacob Jung of the Strasbourg, France area (Germany in the mid 1700s) who came to the Broadbay settlement at Waldoboro, Maine
  • Jewers, O'Neill, Hawbolt (many variant spellings), Baker, Crofts families of Nova Scotia - can someone unravel them for me?
  • Umlah, Umlach, Umloch, Hemlow of Nova Scotia, back to John Umlach of Scotland and Philadelphia, who received land grant in Nova Scotia as a result of service in French and Indian War
  • John Watt and Elizabeth Cunningham, who married in 1855 at Saint John, New Brunswick - brick wall; John possibly son of Catherine McLaren
  • Cottrell of Maine and New Brunswick
  • Digory Sparks of New Brunswick
  • Libby of New Hampshire, Maine, and New Brunswick
  • Pendleton of Rhode Island; Islesboro, Maine; Charlotte County, New Brunswick

Littleton, New Hampshire

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  1. I love what you do! I am always scanning for my Eastport relatives!

  2. Thanks for your kind words!

    If you're not already a member, consider joining the Border Historical Society (Eastport and Passamaquoddy area) or Washington County Historical and Genealogical Society. There are newsletters from each and opportunities for networking. $10 each.
    Border Historical Society: http://borderhistoricalsociety.com/ and on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Border-Historical-Society/303752736358162
    Washington County Historical & Genealogical Society: http://www.washingtoncountymaine.com/wchgs/

  3. I noticed that you have a lot of information on my family. My great grandfather, levi mosher was a sister to lida mosher who married Nathaniel Luce. Levi married Nathaniel's sister Emily. I remember Aunt Eva Luce, Aunt Persis and Uncle Almon from my childhood. The Mosher's and the Luce's were neighbors on Mosher Hill in Farmington. The Norton's were also related to both the Mosher's and the Luce's including Lillian Norton aka Nordica. I would be interested to have family documents. Many were stolen from my father in the seventies and never recovered so much has been lost, diaries, photographs, journals etc. theresammosher@yahoo.com

  4. Hi, most of my Maine things have come from antique malls, bookshops and local auctions, while some have come through eBay. Sure hope I don't have any stolen items!

    Though once I had to return some things purchased through a local country auction. It was discovered a couple weeks later that they'd been stolen from a library. The auctioneer gave all the bidders their money back, which is not always the case, but he's a peach.

    It would kill me, too, to know that one-of-a-kind diaries and journals from my ancestors had been stolen! You could set up Google and eBay alerts for those names. I found my great grandmother's Bible on eBay by making alerts out of surnames I'm researching.

    Thanks for your comment.

    1. Pam- I had no idea you could follow searches and get alerts like that! I read your amazing comment about finding your great-grandmother's bible that way, and I immediately went to eBay and set up alerts to be sent for my searches. Thank you!

  5. I found an old photograph while cleaning out a barn in northern Vermont of people climbing mount Katahdin, the stamp on the back says "The Call Studio, Dexter Me. Does that studio still exist? jmstinehour@yahoo.com

    1. Sorry, did not see your comment until today. I don't know if it still exists - would have to have been passed along to family members, as I have some photographs by this studio that were taken in the early 1900s. Would love to see your photograph!

  6. Have you found out anything about Digory Sparks of New Brunswick? He is my 5th great-grandfather but I can't find any information on him ... would love to hear from you. thanks.

  7. Is the Berlin Ont. autograph album for sale? You can reach me at hurst97@yahoo.com Thanks.

    1. Sorry to have missed your comment but I've now contacted you.

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  12. Hi Pam,
    Your work is remarkable! I, too, am a collector of heirlooms and treasures.(and a Pam)
    I am interested in the journal of Joseph Grindell that you mentioned in your blog post of December 2013. My mom is the granddaughter of Joseph Grindell and Evelyn Cousens. She is 97 years old and lives with me. She still talks about her Grandpa Joe--We would love to read the contents of the journal. The link to the full contents on the blog post is not working. Is there any way that you could send the contents to me via email? Is the journal for sale? I would be interested in purchasing it as a gift for my mother. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Pam Miele mielep@comcast.net

  13. Greetings, Interested in the 1837 tax book for Burnham. Is there a digital version of it? Just wanting to see the taxation for William and John Newcomb. William was my 4 times great grandfather. My email has changed since I listed it previously. It is now fiberdetails@yahoo.com.

  14. How exciting to find this page and all of the heirlooms you have collected. I am a teacher at the CK Burns School in Saco, ME, researching our namesake, Clementine Kendrick Burns. She lived in Saco and was married to Henry Burns. Her obit also says she was a speaker about women's suffrage. I would love to find out if you have any materials or information regarding Clementine, her family the Kendricks, her attendance at Gorham Normal School, or her involvement in the Women's Industrial and Educational Union. Thank you! Carey

    1. Try the search box in the right margin near the top. That said,there are many things in my collection I haven't gotten to yet, and most of those are Maine. How wonderful that your school was named after an early suffragette - hope your students have fun fleshing out her life!

  15. Is the Samuel Mills IOU for sale? Please advise.