Sunday, October 24, 2021

1893-1895 Diary of a Student in Hancock County, Maine - possibly Penobscot, Blue Hill or vicinity

1893-1895 diary of a school aged person near Blue Hill, Maine, if not in Blue Hill, then a surrounding town, perhaps Penobscot, Maine.

Sample pages:

The diary mentions the diarist's school days, teachers, friends, entertainment doings, weather, several deaths and a marriage.


Both parents were still alive in 1895, and the father occasionally went to Boston. I was told that the diarist was Lottie Leach of Penobscot, Maine, but her father, Francis Connor Leach, died in 1888.

Wilma Bowden, teacher
Ed Harriman got hurt Sep 30, 1893; is all right
Dosia [perhaps Theodosia Robinson Leach ( 1766-1963), who would marry Charles Wecott Gray; see below*
John Gray
Husking bee at George’s
Georgia, teacher in November 1893
Richard, Fred
Fred H., Fred S., Ed H.
Father home from Boston on Nov 22, 1893
Diarist’s birthday on December 18

Alton Perkins sick, Jan 1, 1894
Lou or Lon Cox, teacher, May 1894
Ida & Guy hung May baskets
*Dosie and Charlie married June 5, 1894
Allie - a male
Fred Soper
Henry (spelled Henery)
Lucy Quin - Quinn
Effie died 4 years ago today, Sept 19, 1894
Hat and Abbie & George went to Blue Hill Fair
Aunt Ruth
George Bowden
Will Dunham to speak [perhaps a speaker from outside the area]
Nora and I
Eugene Marks
George Leach
Ned and Foss
Hat is home to N. ? , maybe North Haven

Lou [or Lon] is keeping school, staring April 29Emma C? was at school
Horse trot at Mountain Park
Mrs. Blodgett
Georgia, teacher, starting Sept 2 - got home from the island [Deer Isle ?]
Chester ? is going to school
Frank Herrick and Herman Gray boarding at our house
Ross Patten is home
Herman has gone to Bar Harbor
Mr. Milliken is at the Bay
Sydney Gray
Mother was sick
Ned & Hat
Perk went away today
Ned sent deer hunting
Dick came home with the team
Ed, Dick & Ned went to the Bay
Lyn got into the muck hole
Ned and Mr. Herrick went deer hunting
Ned’s sloop sunk
Abbie went to the Cove
Leon wrote to Herman - presumably Leon Lanson Leach (1885-1950)
Sadie B. is going to have a baby

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Cabinet Photo of baby Agnes Etta Ritchie (1889-1938) of Amherst, Maine; by an Ellsworth, Maine studio

c1889 cabinet photograph of a baby identified on the reverse as Agnes Ritchie; by the B. F. Joy studio of Ellsworth, Maine.

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Friday, October 22, 2021

1900 Photograph of House of George F. Tyler at Maple Grove in Fort Fairfield, Maine

1900 photograph of the home owned by George F. Tyler (1845-1930) in Maple Grove, Fort Fairfield, Maine, presumably in the midst of potato fields.

The photograph has the following handwriting on the reverse:

House of Linwood's uncle George Tyler, Maple Grove, Maine, July 1900
Marion Tyler - Dunning
Mabel LeBoeuf - Clark
From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections requested:

George F. Tyler (1845-1930) and wife Almira B. (Dunning) Tyler (1848-1918) are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor, Maine. Their daughter Marian Augusta (Tyler) Dunning (1874-1961), mentioned above, and her husband James Alexander Dunning (1864-1925) are also buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.

Mabel Lenora (LeBoeuf) Clark (1877-1965) and husband Linwood Lincoln Clark (1867-1965), George's nephew, are buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California. Lincoln's mother, Lucinda (Tyler) Clark and George F. Tyler were siblings, natives of Bangor, Maine.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

1842 Document Appointing Haven A. Butler of Berwick, Maine, Musician of the Regimental Band in Maine Militia

Document dated 10 September 1842 at South Berwick, Maine, certifying the appointment of Haven A. Butler of Berwick, Maine, as Musician of the Regimental Band in the 2nd Regiment of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the Maine Militia.  Signed by Colonel John Cobbey.

Col. John Cobbey  - possibly Col. John Cobbey (1816-1873), whose gravestone shows his surname as Cobby.

From the 31 July 1841 issue of The Farmer's Monthly Visitor:

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