Sunday, August 30, 2020

Cabinet Photograph, possibly Post Mortem, of Alice Vinnie Parker (1889-1889), born in Boston, Massachusetts

Cabinet photograph, possibly a post mortem, of Alice Vinnie Parker,"Age 4-1/2 months, Height 16 in, Weight 2 lbs."

Photograph by the Elmer Chickering studio of 21 West Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

She was Alice V. Parker (1889-1889) who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in May 1889, the daughter of Charles Warren Parker (1861-1922) and Eva Lunette (Wheeler) Parker (1861-1930) of Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Alice's parents' address, at the time of her birth and death, was shown as the Dime Museum at 4 Tremont Row, an entertainment emporium and freak show started by William Austin and Frank Stone.

Sadly, Alice died of marasmus on 16 October 1889 and is buried with relatives in the Maplewood Cemetery at Marlborough.

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