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Cartes de Visite/CDVs of David Babcock (1805-1891) and Daughter Lydia Gates (Babcock) Evans (1829-1886) of Worcester County, Massachusetts

 David Babcock (1805-1891)

Cartes de Visite/CDVs, both taken by the Lewis studio of Hudson, Massachusetts, of David Babcock (1805-1891) and his daughter Lydia Gates (Babcock) Evans (1805-1891) of Worcester County, Massachusetts.

David lived mainly in Bolton, Massachusetts. Lydia and her husband Amos Evans, Jr., lived in Bolton, Massachusetts, and Clinton, Massachusetts.

 Lydia Gates (Babcock) Evans (1829-1886)

David Babcock (1805-1891) was born 13 February 1805 at Bolton, Massachusetts, the son of Josiah Babcock and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Babcock. David married - on 24 October 1827 at Bolton, Massachusetts - Elizabeth Wetherbee Walcutt (1808-1888), possibly the daughter of Ephraim Walcutt and Elizabeth (Wetherbee) Walcutt.

Lydia Gates (Babcock) Evans (1829-1886), presumably the first child of David Babcock and Elizabeth Wetherbee (Walcutt) Babcock, was born 16 July 1829 at Bolton, Massachusetts. Lydia married - on 1 May 1860 at Bolton, Massachusetts - Amos Evans, Jr. (1816-1902), son of Amos Evans and Catherine (Richardson) Evans.

David Babcock, his wife and other relatives are buried in Bolton, Massachusetts. Lydia and Amos Evans are buried in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

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