Saturday, August 8, 2020

Photograph of a Young Woman by a Waltham, Massachusetts Studio; possibly Maine Native Eva M. Warren, wife or future wife of Arthur Francis Wisner

Photograph of a young woman in an elegant dress; by a studio in Waltham, Massachusetts. The photograph has the name Authur [sic] Francis Wisner on the reverse.

It's possible that the woman in the photograph is the then wife or future wife of Arthur Francis Wisner (1874-1955).  She was Maine native Eva M. Warren (1872-1957), born in the White Rock section of Gorham, Maine, daughter of James E. Warren and Martha Jane (Godfrey) Warren.

Arthur was born at Natick, Massachusetts, the son of Charles F. Wisner and Anna R. (Hickox) Wisner.

Eva and Arthur married in 1898 in Los Angeles, California.  After their marriage, they lived in Waltham, Massachusetts; Flint, Michigan; Rockland, Maine; Natick, Massachusetts; and back to Rockland, Maine. Eva died in 1951, and Arthur in 1955; they're buried in the Achorn Cemetery at Rockland, Maine.

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