Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Four c. 1905 Gem Size Photographs of Residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts: Hager, Denehy, Otley

Four circa 1905 gem size photographs, all in the same presentation and presumably from the same studio, of people from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The people in the photographs:
  • Sarah Hager - shown above, with reverse below
  • Sarah's son Ernest Hager
  • Anne Denehy
  • Connie Otley 

Sarah Anne (Stott) Hager (1873-1960) of Plymouth, Massachusetts; born in Mystic, Connecticut, daughter of John Stott [also seen as James and Joseph in other records] and Isabelle (Medowell) Stott, who came to the U.S. from England and Ireland respectively. Sarah married Gustave Adolph Hager (1865-1946).

Ernest Adolph Hager (1896-1961), son of Gustav Adolph Hager and Sarah Anne (Stott) Hager. Ernest married Esther Louise Krueger in 1925.

Anne Denehy - possibly the Anne Denehy shown as having married at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1919. Several families with variant spellings of Denehy lived in the Plymouth area.

Connie Otley - perhaps Constance Elizabeth (Otley) Britton Phoenix (1894-1956).  Daughter of Edwin - or Edward - J. Otley and Elizabeth (Watson) Otley. Constance married Frederick Hiram Britton in 1915. Later married Mr. Phoenix.

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