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Autograph book of the Lewis Franklin Woodman family of South Hampton, New Hampshire

Small autograph book that apparently belonged to the Lewis Franklin Woodman family of South Hampton, New Hampshire.

It includes pages signed by the parents, Lewis Franklin Woodman and Emma Seymour (Austin) Franklin, children Ralph, Isalena ("Lena") and Lewis, and two others, Harold C. Wingate and Charles Harlow.

From online research, hopefully correct, Lewis Franklin Woodman was born 12 October 1850 at Salisbury, Massachusetts, the son of John Collins Woodman and wife Judith Sawyer (Lang) Woodman, each born in South Hampton, Massachusetts.  Lewis' paternal grandparents were Samuel and Rhoda (Collins) Woodman. His maternal grandparents were Thomas and Rebecca (Bateman) Lang.

On 22 December 1882, Lewis Franklin Woodman married Emma Seymour Austin, who was born in March of 1862 at South Hampton, New Hampshire, the daughter of John F. and Anna Aurilla (Whittier) Austin.  Her paternal grandparents were Timothy and Permelia (Ball) Austin.  Her maternal grandparents were Timothy and Polly (Gale) Whittier.

Lewis Franklin and Emma Seymour (Austin) Woodman had three children:
  • Lewis, born 7 November 1883 at South Hampton, New Hampshire

  • Isalena "Lena", born in August of 1885 in New Hampshire

  • Ralph Douglas Woodman, born 25 June 1887 at South Hampton, New Hampshire

The only other two signature pages in the book are signed by Harold C. Wingate and Charles Harlow.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

A map of South Hampton, New Hampshire:

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1900s Advertisement Card for Winnegarnock House at head of Moosehead Lake, Maine

Note: Don't miss a comment left 4 February 2013 from a reader interested in North East Carry memorabilia.

Advertisement card for the Winnegarnock House at North East Carry, Maine, at the head of Maine's largest lake, Moosehead Lake, in Piscataquis County.  


Head of Moosehead Lake                     North East Carry, Me.
This house occupies a commanding position at the upper end of the lake affording from its verandas an unobsctructed view of more than twenty miles down the lake.  It is located in the center of the best fishing and hunting country in the United States.  A two mile drive across the famous North East Carry brings one to the west branch of the Penobscot river, the very confines of civilization, beyond which for hundreds of miles are stretches of unbroken wilderness.

now full equipped to furnish parties with the very best of camp supplies for the North woods at New York and Boston prices.  All goods delivered free at the point of embarkation.  Lists sent upon application  Covered Buckboards and Carriages always in readiness to convey parties across the Carry.  Daily mail service.  Guides and canoes furnished.
      S. S. HIBBARD, Manager
Rates $2.00 Per day                       [over]

The reverse of the card shows distances to various sites in the area, by canoe, by road or by steamer.


Showing a few of the many of the delightful trips to be taken in the immediate neighborhood of the Winnegarnock House.

Pebble Beach.......................................................1/8              Miles
Little W. Island, by canoe.......................................2                "
West Branch Penobscot, by road...........................2                "
Scannon Point, by canoe........................................2               "
Norcross Brook, by canoe......................................2               "
Norcross Point, by canoe.......................................2-1/2         "
Duck Cove, by canoe.............................................4                "
Center Island, by canoe..........................................3               "
Green Island, by canoe...........................................2-1/2         "
Lobster Lake, by road and canoe...........................5               "
Williams Stream, by canoe.....................................5               "
Russell Pond, by road and canoe...........................7               "
Rag Muff Brook, by road and canoe.....................10              " 
Farm Island, by canoe..........................................16               "
Chesuncook Lake, by road and canoe..................22              "
Moose Brook, by canoe..........................................6               "
Kineo House, by steamer......................................20               "
Socatean Stream, by canoe..................................16               "
Sebooomook Falls, by road and canoe..................4               "
Bigney's Cove, by canoe.........................................3               "

I found some other views of Winnegarnock House on vintage postcards.

And I found several references to Winnegarnock House online, including here at the Moosehead Historical Society.

If a reader has information on the origin of the name Winnegarnock or the family history of S. S. Hibbard, I ask that you leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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May 1907 photograph of Horace S. Stewart of Corinth, Maine; Year before he Drowned at Milo, Maine

May 1907 photograph, presumably a graduation photograph, of a young man identified on reverse as Horace Stewart, a student at East Corinth Academy, judging from initials in the upper right corner. The photograph was taken by the Ramsdell Studio in Bangor, Maine.

Also indicated on the reverse is that Horace drowned on April 26, 1908.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Horace S. Stewart was born March 28, 1890 in Maine, the son of Willis J. Stewart and Hattie E. (Jillson) Stewart.  The family was living at Corinth, Maine, at the time of enumeration of the 1900 Federal Census.

Horace drowned on April 26, 1908 at Milo, Maine.   His death record with the State of Maine gave his occupation as car repairman, I assume at the railroad yards in the area of Milo and Brownville.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly. 

1821 receipt showing that Nathan W. Adams paid his taxes; signed by Hopley Demeritt, Madbury, New Hampshire

February 16, 1821 receipt signed by Hopley Demeritt, Collector, for the forty cents tax paid by Nathan W. Adams for his property in Madbury, New Hampshire. [On the receipt, his name is spelled "Nathen", but I couldn't find anyone in New Hampshire with that spelling.]


Received of Nathen W. Adams forty cents in full for his tax in my list in Madbury for 1820.
Feb. 16th 1821     Hopley Demeritt, Collector

I wasn't able to find a Nathan W. Adams of Madbury, but I found a Nathan Webb Adams in Newington, New Hampshire, in nearby Rockingham County, and several other men named Nathan Adams in other towns in New Hampshire.   

Nathan Webb Adams appears to be a good candidate for the property owner described here, as he was a prominent citizen of New Hampshire and no doubt had business interests across the state.

Assuming the receipt was intended for Nathan Webb Adams of Newington, New Hampshire, here is what I found from online research, hopefully correct:

Nathan Webb Adams, Esquire, was born 16 May 1756 at Newington, New Hampshire, in Rockingham County, the son of Benjamin, Esq., and Abigail (Pickering) Adams, both of whom were born and raised at Newington, New Hampshire.  His paternal grandparents were Joseph and Elizabeth (Knight) Adams.  His maternal grandparents were James and Mary (Nutter) Pickering.

On 12 February 1783, Nathan Webb Adams married Elizabeth Cole, the daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (Wallingford) Cole.  They raised a family of eleven children in Newington, New Hampshire.  

  • James Adams (1784-1821)
  • Polly Cole or Coleman Adams (1785-1858)
  • Winthrop Adams (1787-1842)
  • John Adams (1788-1881)
  • Josiah Adams (1790-1871)
  • Abigail Adams (1792-1866)
  • Betsey Adams (1798-1864)
  • Nathan Adams (1801-1821)
  • George Adams (1803-1875)
  • Ruth Adams (1805-1825)
  • William Adams (1807-1850)

Their children all survived childhood, although a son and a daughter died at about age twenty.

Nathan Webb Adams died on 23 April 1831; his widow Elizabeth died 29 October 1848.

Madbury, New Hampshire Tax Collector Hopley Demeritt was born 9 November 1792, the son of John and Deborah (Meserve) Demeritt.  His paternal grandparents were John and Elizabeth (Cate) Demeritt.  His maternal grandparents were Ebenezer and Eunice (Torr) Meserve.

On 9 November 1820, not long before writing the above receipt, Hopley Demeritt married Abigail Snell, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Caldwell) Snell.  Abigail was born 22 November 1794 at Durham, New Hampshire.  Her paternal grandparents were Thomas and Joanna (Pinkham) Snell.  Her maternal grandfather was William Caldwell; I don't have the name of her maternal grandmother.

I found three daughters and a son for Hopley and Abigail Demeritt, but the son died very young.  

  • Elizabeth Ann Demeritt (1824-1911)
  • Louisa Maria Demeritt (1826-1910)
  • John Washington Demeritt (1827-1830)
  • Abigail Jane Demeritt (1831-1904)

Hopley Demeritt died 24 December 1834, on what must have been a crushing Christmas eve for the family, already mourning a son who had died several years previously.  Hopley's widow Abigail died  3 August 1885.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the people described above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

A map of Madbury, New Hampshire:

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A map of Newington, New Hampshire:

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Henry Robert Taylor, b. 1830 Vermont, prominent citizen of Machias, Maine

Engraving of Henry Robert Taylor, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Maine in 1891 and 1892, from A Portrait Gallery, with Biographical Sketches of Prominent Freemasons Throughout the United States.

Images of the two pages of the article are below, after the genealogy section.

Henry Robert Taylor was born 31 May 1830 at Newfane, Vermont, the son of Denzil and Ann Dorothy (Morse) Taylor, both born and raised in Newfane, Vermont.  His paternal grandparents were Hezekiah and Sarah (Frost) Taylor.  His maternal grandparents were Ebenezer and Henrietta (Sieverley) Morse.

Henry, after trips throughout the United States and South America, settled in Machias, Maine.  In 1862, he married his first wife, Amelia Longfellow, with whom he had four children:

  • Annie E. Taylor, born about 1863
  • Henrietta L. born about 1865
  • Carrie F., born about 1866
  • Arthur H., born about 1872

Amelia died between 1872 and 1874.  

In 1874, Henry married second wife Laura Ella Smith, with whom he had another six children:

  • Edith H. Taylor, born about December 1878; she married Henry W. Thaxter
  • Henry Kingman Taylor, born 27 November 1881 in Machias, Maine; died 1962 in California; married Marion Clyde Gile
  • Amy Josephine Taylor, born 15 October 1883; m. Roy Edwin McKenzie
  • Alfred O. Taylor, born 15 October 1885; married Beatrice Robbins
  • Willard S. Taylor, born 25 February 1891; died 7 June 1891
  • Mary Taylor, born 9 June 1899; died 7 August 1899

I don't have information on the parents of either wife, or if Longfellow and Smith were actually their maiden names.

Henry held many important positions in Machias, Maine, as the biography in the images below will show.   Click on the images to enlarge them.

I found another article about Henry Robert Taylor's freemasonry, with another photo.

See also the page for Henry Robert Taylor at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of Newfane, Vermont:

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A map of Machias, Maine:

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1841 Student Sum book of William M. Parsons, future Physician at Manchester, New Hampshire

1841 student sum book of William Moody Parsons of Gilmanton, New Hampshire.  

Dr. Parsons was born 30 December 1826 at Gilmanton, New Hampshire, the son of Josiah and Judith (Badger) Parsons.  See a collections of Parsons papers held by the New Hampshire Historical Society.

The handmade workbook is 20 pages long and contains math problems in blue ink and grocery lists in dark ink, along with some doodling.  See more scans and a map of Manchester, New Hampshire, below.

William M. Parsons went on to receive his medical education at Dartmouth and Vermont Medical College, from which he graduated in 1851.  He practiced medicine at Bennington and then at Antrim, New Hampshire.  In 1873, he moved his practice to Manchester, New Hampshire.

In November of 1882, Dr. William M. Parsons married Marian Josephine Hosley.  She was born in April of 1855, the daughter of Manchester, New Hampshire mayor John Hosley and his wife Dorothea H. (Jones) Hosley.  

Dr. and Mrs. Parsons had one child, a daughter Martha Sophia Parsons, born 30 April 1884 [though I found one source out of several that gave 30 April 1883].  

Because Dr. William M. Parsons and his father-in-law John Hosley were prominent men in New Hampshire history, I found several short biographies of them, for instance, in Willey's Semi-centennial Book of Manchester, 1846-1896.

If you have information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

More scans from the workbook:

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Marriages & Deaths in Connecticut Courant of August 2, 1814

While searching through early 1800s newspapers for articles about the capture of Eastport, Maine, during the War of 1812, I came across this listing of Marriages and Deaths that I thought might interest readers.


MARRIED-- At Colchester, Mr. Erastus Chapman, of East Haddam, to Miss Prudence R. Loomis.--At North London, Mr. Thomas Bradlee, 2nd, of Boston, to Miss Mehitabel Fulton.

DIED--At Lebanon, Captain Chauncey Dutton, aged 34.--At Windham, Mr. Vine Starr, aged 52, of Middletown.--At Albany, on the 21st ult., Mr. Joseph Bigelow, aged 20, son of Mr. John Bigelow, of this city.--At Killingworth, on the 20th June, of the prevailing fever, Rev. Achilles Mansfield, aged 63.  On the Sabbath before his death, he attended the house of God and discharged the duties of his pastoral office.--At New York, on the 23rd ult., Mr. Samuel Goodrich, aged 70, formerly of Middletown.--At Southington, on the 13th ult., Mr. Fabius Dunham.--At Ellington, Mr. David Stone, aged 50.--At Wethersfield, Franklin W. Griswold, aged 13, son of Mr. Thomas Griswold.

                                    Nashville (Ten.) July 5
Dreadful Death!!!  Charles Baker, in perfect health, on trace creek in Williamson County, died on Sunday last.  He was a profane, wicked man, of turbulent passions, and much given to Blasphemy.  On the morning of his death, he attempted to make a calf stick a cow, that was not willing to do it -- in scuffling to do it the calf escaped, and he as usual with him pursued the calf with the most blasphemous language, and all at once fell down dead -- as he fell he exclaimed "Lord have mercy on me" and died as soon as if shot through the heart.    In a short time the corpse was as black as a hat.

A map of Connecticut:

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Marriages & Deaths in Columbian Centinal, Boston, Massachusetts, August 3, 1814

While reading the August 23, 1814 issue of the Columbian Centinel newspaper for news of the Invasion of Maine, I came across a listing of New England Marriages and Deaths that I want to share with you.  

Hopefully readers will recognize some ancestors in the listings.  If so, please leave a comment.

Transcript of the above:

MARRIED.] - In Abington, Mr. GRIDLEY THAXTER, Jr. to Miss SUSANNA D. BROWN. -- In Scituate, on Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Dean, Mr. BENJAMIN MERRITT to Miss SALLY COLE, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Cole, of Scituate. -- In Natick, by the Rev. Mr. Kellogg, the Rev. MARTIN MOORE to Miss SARAH FISKE.
In this town -- By the Rev. Mr. Gardiner, Mr. THOMAS BACON, of Gloucester, to Miss SOPHIA-ANN WIGHTMAN, of Boston. -- On Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Dean, Mr. JOSEPH FORBES, to Miss MARY WOODWARD.

DIED.] -- In England, the Earl of Sandwich -- In New York, Mrs. ELLEN A. RINDGE, wife of Captain William Rindge, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. -- In Dedham, Deacon JAMES KINGSBURY, age 76. -- In Cambridge, suddenly, Mrs. ABIGAIL, wife of Mr. John Hayden, age 38. -- In Charlestown, 11th ul. JOSEPH MILLER, age 1 month, and on Sunday last, ABIGAIL JONES, age 4 years, son and daughter of Mr. Timothy Thompson, Jr. -- In Fitchburg, on Monday morning, Miss ZABIAH MAY CUNNINGHAM, age 15, eldest daughter of William Cunningham, Jr., Esq.  In intellectual endowments, in enlargement of heart, and in purity of life, MISS CUNNINGHAM has left behind no superior among her coevals. -- In Cohasset, Mrs. MARIA T. NICHOLS, age 24, wife of Mr. John Nichols of this town, and daughter of Maj. Joseph Barton, of Chester, Vermont, after a long and painful sickness, which she bore with becoming fortitude.  She anxiously awaited the approaching moment to resign her soul to the Being who gave it; in her last moments bidding farewell to her relatives around her bed side, and observing that they ought not to mourn for her, as she considered her situation far preferable to theirs.  The funeral will be to-morrow afternoon, 4 o'clock, from Mr. John Nichols', Cohasset -- friends and relations are requested to attend without further invitation. -- In Haverhill, on Friday last, Mr. J. HAZELTINE, of Salem, who was on a visit to H. and was instantly killed by the fall of a house, blown down by a tornado that day.
In this town -- Capt. JOSEPH CLARKE, age 59, a revolutionary officer, and a member of the Cincinnati.
Drowned -- On Monday afternoon, Master JOHN W. STOWELL, son of Mr. John Stowell, age 6 years -- Funeral this afternoon, from his father's house in Nassau-street, at 4 o'clock.

If you have any insights into any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

A map of the Boston, Massachusetts area:

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