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1895 Wedding Photograph of Frank M. Forristall and Mary Cater of Alstead, New Hampshire; taken by a studio at Keene, New Hampshire

Photograph taken on the occasion of the 2 September 1895 marriage of Frank M. Forristall and his second wife Mary Cater at Alstead, New Hampshire; photograph by the White studio of Keene, New Hampshire.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Frank M. Forristall was born in April 1857 at Alstead, New Hampshire, son of Joseph P. Forristall and Mary A. (Flint) Forristall, both natives of Winchendon, Massachusetts.  Frank married Julia May Clapp, a native of Huntington, Massachusetts, in 1878; they had three children.  Julia died in 1895.

See another post that features a photograph of students in the school in District 6 of Alstead, New Hampshire, two of whom were Frank M. Forristall's children with Julia:
  • Florence M. Forristall
  • Leslie P. Forristall
Yet another post features a photograph of Ralph Wayne Forristall (1888-1964), youngest child of Frank and Julia, in the summer before Ralph's third birthday.

Frank's second wife, Mary Stella (Cater) Forristall, was born in Alstead, New Hampshire, on 2 August 1874, the daughter of George E. Cater and Rhoena Aurelia (French) Cater, born in Alstead, New Hampshire, and Montgomery, Vermont, respectively.  [erroneously reported as a male].  Frank and Mary had at least one child.

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