Friday, August 21, 2020

CDV of a Man IDed as C. A. Chadwell; by the Phillips Studio of Lynn, Massachusetts

CDV of a man identified in his own handwriting as C. A. Chadwell. The photograph was taken at the Phillips studio of 27-1/2 Market Street, Lynn, Massachusetts.

There's what looks like the abbreviation "Capt." or possibly "Corpl", above the name.  However, the only C. A. Chadwell I found who seems to fit the age and area of the man in the photograph is Cyrus Alvin Chadwell (1845-1932), who served from 1862-1864 as a private in Company E of the 38th Massachusetts 38th Infantry.

I looked to see if Cyrus' father Cyrus Alvin Chadwell (1814-1893) had a military record and might have been a captain or corporal and didn't find one, and, also, he would seem to be too old to be the man pictured.

Cyrus, Jr., was born 17 September 1845 at Lynn, Massachusetts, son of Cyrus Alvin Chadwell and Hannah (Putnam) Chadwell.  On 3 October 1876 at Lynn, Massachusetts, Cyrus Jr. married Charlotte Pratt Rogers, "Lottie", daughter of Joseph and Laura Rogers. I believe they had at least three children.

Lottie died in 1927 and Cyrus in 1936; they're buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery at Lynn, Massachusetts, with many other relatives.

If you have a theory as to the identify of C. A. Chadwell, especially if not Cyrus Alvin Chadwell, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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