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c1870s Reward of Merit to Walter S. Blandin from his Sister, Teacher Lizett Blandin - Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Reward of Merit given to Walter S. Blandin by his sister, teacher Lizett Blandin.  Walter and Lizett were the children of Charles Kinsman Blandin and Roseanna (Qimby) Blandin of Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

According to the Greenwood genealogies, 1154-1914 : the ancestry and descendants of Thomas Greenwood of Newton, Mass:

Teacher Lizett Maria Blandin was born October 21, 1853 and died January 6, 1882.  She had married Harley Hoit on October 12, 1877, so the Reward of Merit was given before then.  Lizett had at least one child, George Hoit, who died in the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918.  Lizett and family are buried in the Maple Street Cemetery at Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

Student Walter Sylvanus Blandin was born December 25, 1858.  He married twice:
  1. Sarah L. Smith on August 4, 1883; Sarah died January 15, 1895
  2. Mary McKenney of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, on July 16, 1896 - though the New Hampshire record gives a marriage date of August 5, 1896; perhaps the earlier date was the date of their intention.
Walter, a farmer and a teamster, had several children with his second wife, Mary (McKenney) Blandin.  I'm not sure if any children resulted from his first marriage.  Walter died February 26, 1927 at Littleton, New Hampshire.  See his death record on here.  

If you have information to share on Lizett Maria Blandin or Walter Sylvanus Blandin, please leave a comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

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1871 Grand Meeting of the Howe Family, held at Harmony Grove, South Framingham, Massachusetts

Large brochure announcing the Grand Meeting of the Howe Family to be held at Meadow Grove, South Framingham, Massachusetts, on August 31, 1871.

The brochure is comprised of a single sheet folded into four panes, measuring 8-1/2" by 11" each.

"To this beautiful 'Harmony Grove', every person bearing the name of Howe or How, as well as every one connected by ties of marriage with this family, or descended from this family, is most cordially invited, for the purpose of spending the day above-mentioned 'in union sweet and dear esteem; of calling to mind the days of 'Auld Lang Syne' and of telling one another how we love the good old family name of Howe.  Should any one possess any ancient records, portraits, or relics pertaining to the family, let him not fail to bring them for the 'Howe Cabinet', to be exhibited on the occasion."

Read an account of the meeting written after the fact by Elias Howe in 1871 here.

  • Information about the upcoming meeting - time, place, music; lodging, etc.
  • Names of those planning the meeting
    • Col. Frank E. Howe of New York, Chairman
    • Hon. S. H. Howe, of Bolton, Massachusetts
    • Mr. Willard Howe, S. Framingham, Massachusetts
    • Mr. Elias Howe, 103 Court Street, Boston, Massachusetts, Secretary and Treasurer
    • Mr. Benjamin L. Howe, Ayer, Massachusetts
    • Mr. Elbridge Howe, Marlborough, Massachusetts
    • Mr. A. L. Howe, Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Mr. William G. Howe, Boston, Massachusetts
    • Dr. George M. Howe, Framingham, Massachusetts
    • Rev. S. Storrs Howe, Iowa City, Iowa
    • Willard Howe, P.M., South Framingham; in charge of the Dinner
  • Oration and Speeches by many, including:
    • Hon. Joseph Howe, Secretary of State of the Dominion of Canada; to deliver the oration
    • Hon. William Wirt Howe, Judge of the Supreme Court of Louisiana; to deliver a speech
    • Hon. Timothy O. Howe, U.S. Senator, of Wisconsin; to deliver a speech
    • Dr. Samuel G. Howe of the San Domingo Commission; to deliver a speech
    • Hon. Henry Wilson, U.S. Senator of Massachusetts; to deliver a speech
  • Mrs. Julia Ward Howe to furnish an original poem for the occasion
  • Time table for trains to and from South Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Page featuring the earliest members of the Howe family in Massachusetts, including:
    • John Howe; was at Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1638; served as selectman; petitioned in 1656 for the grant of Marlborough, became first white settler in the town in 1657; umpire in disputes with Indians; twelve children, nine of whom married.  John died in 1687.
    • Abraham Howe; settled at Roxbury, Massachusetts; admitted freeman in 1638; seven children.  Abraham died in 1676.
    • Abraham Howe; settled at Watertown, Massachusetts; married Hannah Ward in 1657; moved to Marlborough in 1660 and established "Howe Tavern", what is now the "Way-side Inn at Sudbury, Massachusetts [at least it was in Sudbury in 1871, the date of the brochure];  eleven children, nine of whom married.  This Abraham died June 30, 1695.
    • James Howe; lived at Roxbury, Massachusetts; admitted freeman in 1637; married Elizabeth Dane of Ipswich and spent most of his life at Ipswich.  James died May 17, 1702.
    • Daniel Howe; was at Lynn, Massachusetts in 1630; admitted freeman 1634; ; 1st Lieutenant in the Artillery Company; representative for three years; settled on Long Island at Southampton "where he was one of the earliest settlers and purchasers under the Earl of Sterling".
    • Edward Howe; one of the largest original proprietors of Watertown, Massachusetts; admitted freeman 1634; ; church elder, selectman in 1637, 1639, 1641-43; representative 1642-43.  Edward died June 24, 1644.
    • Edward Howe of Lynn, Massachusetts; came in the Truelove in 1635; freeman in 1636; representative in 1637; six children, several of whom removed to New Haven, Connecticut.  This Edward died April 1639.
    • Joseph Howe; was at Boston, Massachusetts in 1652; admitted freeman in 1657; three sons and five daughters.
  • Footnotes:
    • "These brief notices of some of the American ancestors of the different stocks or branches or the Howe Family are given to awaken the interest and direct the inquiries of their descendants.  Other branches are omitted for want of space."
    • "Most of the families probably originated in the central counties of England, where they bear an honorable record, - two branches at least having received Earldoms, and several having been Knighted for meritorious services rendered their sovereign."
    • "A Genealogical Register of all the families bearing the name in this country is in course of preparation, to be embellished with likenesses and autographs."
    • "Every one of Howe descent is requested to bring to the family gathering, or forward by mail to Elias Howe, 103 Court Street, Boston, or to Rev. J. H. Temple, Framingham, Mass., his own complete Family Record, and that of his immediate ancestors."

Since the brochure mentions that Harmony Grove was near a train junction and a lake, it may have been located along the shore of Waushakum Pond or one of the other bodies of water within Framingham.

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1884 Calling Card of the Misses Clara Messer & Myrtie Messer, possibly of New London, New Hampshire

Calling card of "Miss Clara and Myrtie Messer, Compliments for Friday Evening, March 7, 1884.  They may have been Clara Messer and her sister Myrtie Messer, the daughters of William Alonzo Messer and Mary Hannah (Nichols) Messer of New London, New Hampshire.

The calling card was found tucked in an 1877-1891 autograph album with inscriptions mostly from people in the Brownfield, Maine, and Bridgton, Maine, area, with a few from Massachusetts and one from New York.

According to her Find a Grave memorial, Clara Belle Messer was born June 10, 1866 at New London, New Hampshire, and would marry George Thurston.  Clara is buried in the Elkins Cemetery at Elkins, New Hampshire.

According to her Find a Gravel memorial, Myrtie Kate Messer was born October 22, 1869 at New London, Connecticut, and would marry Harry Leroy Cochran. I believe they had at least two children. Myrtie is buried in the Blossom Hill Cemetery at Concord, New Hampshire.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or if you feel that Clara Messer and Myrtie Messer are not the sisters of New London, New Hampshire, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Calling Card of Leon McG. Wallace, presumably Leon McGregor Wallace (1866-1919) of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont

Calling card of Leon McG. Wallace, presumably Leon McGregor Wallace, a New Hampshire native, who later worked as a clerk and manager at Boston, Massachusetts, and as an auditor in Vermont.

The calling card was found tucked in an 1877-1891 autograph album with inscriptions mostly from people in the Brownfield, Maine, and Bridgton, Maine, area, with a few from Massachusetts and one from New York.

According to marriage, death and burial records, Leon was born June 10, 1866 at Grantham, New Hampshire, the son of William W. Wallace and Diane M. (Marsh) Wallace.  Leon's Massachusetts marriage record shows that he was living at Boston, Massachusetts, and working as a clerk, when he married Elizabeth Simmons Blasland of Washington, D.C., on  November 29, 1895 at Boston.  Elizabeth, who was born about 1870 at Washington, D.C., was the daughter of Massachusetts natives William and Ruth Blasland.

Leon was living at Windsor, Vermont, when he died May 3, 1919; on his Vermont death record, his occupation was given as auditor, and he was listed as single.   He's buried in the Hill Dale Cemetery at East Grantham, New Hampshire.  What happened to his marriage, I don't know, but they may have been apart for some years, as the 1910 Census shows that Leon and Elizabeth were both living in Boston, but not in the same household.

If you have information to share on Leon McGregor Wallace or if you feel that the card belonged to another Leon McG. Wallace, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

1837 Booklet of Taxpayers in Burnham, Maine; Prepared by Assessors Dennis L. Milliken and Samuel Barrows

1837 period copy of tax bill information for the town of Burnham, Maine; prepared by assessors D. L. Milliken and Samuel Barrows.

D. L. Milliken was presumably Dennis L. Milliken, who was postmaster at Burnham Village and later a banker, member of the state legislature and supporter of educational institutions, including Colby College and Maine Central Institute.  Samuel Barrows was postmaster at East Burnham and also had a farm at nearby Troy, Maine - perhaps the farm straddled the town line.

Many names appear in the booklet, most twice and some multiple times; as expected for the time, the vast majority of those mentioned are male.  Some of the names are hard to interpret, and in some cases, the assessors gave different spellings of the same person's name.  Hopefully, readers will provide clarifications as necessary.

Below are examples of the types of pages, an individual page listing names; and two facing pages with more detailed information on the owners of certain properties.  Click on an image to enlarge it.

Alphabetical Surname List.  The number in the bracket indicates different people or entities with that same surname.

BAtkinsonDavis [2]LLambertSimons
BagleyDickersonLassel or Lassell [3]Southwick [2]
BarrowsDodge [12]LearnedSpofford
Baxter Doe [3]LuceSpring [2]
BennettDouglasMManrins TThompson
Berry [3]EEdmonds [2]McAlister or McAllisterTwitchel or Twitchell
Boulton [2]FFarrington [2]Michel or MichaelsWWatts [2]
BowenFly [2]Milliken [2]Webb
BowmanGGilmanMyrick [5]Weed
Braley [2]HHaines NNewcombWelch
BrownHamilton [3]NewcombWentworth
CBuzzellHamlinNichols [3]Weymouth
CarrHarden or HardingOO'Brien or ObrineWhitaker
ChadbournHawsPPalmerWhitten [2]
Chandler [3]Hunter [2]ParkerWhittier
ChildsJJacobsPerkinsWilliams [4]
CoffinJohnsonPerryWinthrop [2]
Cole [3]JonesPhilbrookWorth
Reynolds [12]

Alphabetical list of the people mentioned in the booklet

  • F. Allen or unknown
  • Cyrus Atkinson
  • Jacob Bagley
  • Samuel Barrows, Assessor of Burnham, Maine
  • John Baxter 
  • S. Bennett Heirs
  • Eben Berry
  • John Berry
  • Joseph S. Berry
  • George Boulton
  • John Boulton
  • Amos Bowen
  • Benjamin Bowman
  • Amaziah Braley
  • James Brayley
  • David Brown
  • Joseph Buzzell
  • Joseph Carr
  • John Chadbourn
  • Elias Chandler
  • John Chandler & Son
  • Joseph Chandler
  • Isaac Childs
  • Eben M. Coffin
  • Abner Cole
  • Jane Cole
  • William Cole
  • Joseph Crofford  [ Joseph Crawford ?]
  • Samuel Crofford [ Samuel Crawford ?]
  • James Darigan
  • Elijah Davis
  • James Davis
  • Winthrop and Dickerson
  • Arie Dodge, or Erie Dodge [not sure of given name]
  • Caleb Dodge
  • Daniel Dodge
  • Edward Dodge
  • Elisha Dodge
  • Elizabeth Dodge
  • George Dodge
  • Israel W. Dodge
  • J. Dodge Farm
  • Nathan P. Dodge
  • Urias Dodge
  • William Dodge
  • Eliza Doe
  • James Doe, Jr.
  • Watson Doe
  • Elisha Douglas
  • Amos Edmonds
  • Walter Edmonds
  • Isaac Farrington
  • Rufus Farrington
  • B. Fly
  • B. Fly - Lassell Farm
  • ? Gilman
  • James H. Haines
  • ?  [ Garvin ?] Hamilton
  • Alonzo Hamilton
  • William F. Hamilton
  • Enoch Hamlin
  • Stephen Harden; possibly  Harding
  • Joseph Haws
  • David Hunter
  • J. Hunter
  • Daniel Jacobs
  • Hiram Johnson
  • Daniel Jones
  • Samuel L. Kimball
  • David Lambert
  • Asa Lassell
  • John S. Lassel
  • Lassell Farm
  • Joel Learned
  • Freeman Luce
  • John Manrins 
  • Arch McAlister
  • Madison Michel or Michaels
  • D. L. Milliken, presumably Dennis L. Milliken, Assessor of Burnham, Maine
  • D. L. Milliken Co.
  • Alfred Myrick
  • George Myrick
  • James Myrick
  • Joshua B. Myrick
  • William Myrick
  • John Newcomb
  • William Newcomb
  • Amos B. Nichols
  • Henry W. Nichols
  • Joseph Nichols
  • ? Obrine [ O'Brien ?]
  • John Palmer
  • Samuel Parker
  • Ward Perkins
  • Thomas Perry
  • H. Philbrook's Heirs Sawmill and privilege
  • Barak Reynolds
  • Daniel Reynolds
  • Eben Reynolds
  • Elijah Reynolds
  • John Reynolds
  • John Reynolds 2nd
  • Moses Reynolds
  • Moses Reynolds Farm
  • Russell Reynolds
  • Thankful Reynolds
  • William Reynolds
  • Ambrose Sayward
  • John Simons
  • Jacob Southwick
  • Southwick, Wentworth and Bowen
  • Josiah Spofford
  • Thomas Spring
  • William D. Spring
  • Robert Thompson or unknown
  • Josiah Twitchell
  • George J. Watts
  • Samuel Watts
  • Farwell Webb, or Farewell Webb
  • Samuel Weed
  • John Welch
  • S. Wentworth & Bowman
  • John Weymouth
  • John F. Weymouth
  • Joseph Whittaker
  • John Whitten
  • O. J. Whitten
  • Oliver S. Whittier
  • Benjamin Williams
  • David O. Williams, or David A. Williams
  • O. & E. D. Williams
  • R. Williams
  • T. L. Winthrop
  • Winthrop and Dickerson
  • Samuel Worth

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Bible of Mount Desert, Maine, Native Rev. Hosea Kittredge and Wives Nancy (Fisher) and Mary Blake (Daggett) & Descendants

Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible that belonged to Rev. Hosea Kittredge, a native of Mount Desert, Maine, and his wives Nancy (Fisher) Kittredge and Mary Blake (Daggett) Kittredge and their descendants.  The Bible contains three pages of Family Records in the back.

The images shown below are not true to color; the pages have more of a light peach tone.

On the first non-marbleized end paper, below:

The Bible measures approximately 10-3/4" by 7-1/4" by 2-1/2" and was published by Brattleboro Typographic Company of Brattleboro, Vermont, in 1837.  Tucked in the Bible:
  • invoice dated May 21, 1856 at Red Creek, New York, with religious notes on the reverse
  • legal sized paper with a listing of what appears to be towns or surnames and more religious notes
  • paper scrap that looks as though it might have served as an address pane, addressed to Rev. Hosea Kittredge, Mason, Michigan.
If you have corrections to the information below or information to share on the Kittredge, Fisher, Daggett and Clark families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Marriages page, which also contains births

William Kittredge of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Begat
Nehemiah Kittredge of Billerica [as spelled today; in Massachusetts] who begat [expressed by ditto marks]
Kendall Kittredge of Mount Desert, Maine, who begat [expressed by ditto marks], of
Sarah Whiting, his wife [the year 1779 appears before her name, presumably her birth year]

[Children of Kendall Kittredge and Sarah (Whiting) Kittredge]
  • Benjamin W. Kittredge, born in 1779
  • Calvin Kittredge, born in 1801
  • Hosea Kittredge, born March 25, 1803
  • Elmenia Kittredge, born in 1805; became Mrs. William Thompson
  • Martha Kittredge, born in 1807; became Mrs. John Haynes
  • Nehemiah Kittredge, born in 1809
  • Mary Ann Kittredge, born in 1811; became Mrs. Micah Strickland
  • Edwin Kittredge, born in 1813
  • William Kittredge, born in 1815
  • John Kittredge, born in 1817
Nancy Fisher of Blue Hill, Maine, born August 18, 1804; future wife of Rev. Hosea Kittredge

Marriage on November 18, 1830 of Hosea Kittredge, son of Kendall  & Sarah K., Married Nancy Fisher, daughter of Jonathan & Dorothea F.

Marriage of February 18, 1846 of Hosea Kittredge and Mary Blake, Daughter of Levi & Lydia Daggett

Births Page

Children of Hosea Kittredge and first wife Nancy (Fisher) Kittredge
  • Ellen Kittredge, born January 30, 1832 at Blue Hill, Maine
  • Tyler Kittredge, born October 3, 1834; died in Michigan in January 1885
  • Pascal Kittredge, born July 13, 1838 at Rushville, New York
  • Kendall Kittredge, born January 12, 1845 at Sodus, New York
Children of Hosea Kittredge and second wife Mary Blake (Daggett) Kittredge
  • Sarah Whiting Kittredge, born September 24, 1849 at Sodus, New York
  • Harriet Winslow Kittredge, born December 12, 1851 at Red Creek, New York
  • Calvin Kittredge, born March 15, 1854 at Red Creek, New York
Lewis H. Clark [his middle initial looks like Heny, but could be Henry or Hervey], born September 11, 1827 at Sodus, New York; husband of E. Kittredge [Ellen (Kittredge) Clark]

Children of Ellen (Kittredge) Thompson and husband Lewis H. Clark 
  • Mary Asenath Clark, born November 4, 1856
  • Nancy Fisher Clark, born September 24, 1858
  • Ellen Kittredge Clark, born June 19, 1862
  • Lewis Hosea Clark, born July 4, 1868
Children of Tyler Kittredge and wife Emily (Hinkle) Kittredge
  • Edward William Kittredge, born May 26, 1861 [could also be 1862 but other records favor 1861]
  • George Henry Kittredge, born March 28, 1864
  • Mary Rebecca Kittredge, born November 17, 1865 at Kenosha, Wisconsin

Deaths Page

  • Mrs. Nancy, Wife of Hosea Kittredge, died February 1, 1845, 40 years, 5 months
  • Sarah Whiting Kittredge, daughter of Hosea Kittredge and Mary Blake (Daggett) Kittredge, died of Croup & gangrene on May 15, 1850; 7 months, 22 days
  • Dr. Kendall Kittredge, father of Rev. Hosea Kittredge, died of old age in 1857; 84 years
  • Calvin Kittredge, son of Dr. Kendall Kittredge and Sarah (Whiting) Kittredge, died in 1856 of hard treatment & fever, age 55
  • Pascal Kittredge, son of Hosea Kittredge and Mary Blake (Daggett) Kittredge, died on February 16, 1862 of Diphtheria & exhaustion; age 23 years; 7 months; 3 days
  • Calvin Kittredge, son of Hosea Kittredge and Mary Blake (Daggett) Kittredge, died of Diphtheria on February 25, 1862; aged 7 years; 11 months; 15 days
  • Mrs. Sarah (Whiting) Kittredge, wife of Dr. Kendall Kittredge and mother of Rev. Hosea Kittredge, died on May 8, 1871 at West Trenton; 94 years; 4 months
  • Rev. Hosea Kittredge died March 30, 1873 of old age, age 70 years, 5 days
The items tucked in the Bible:

Item 1, Front

Item 1,  Reverse 

Item 2, Front

Item 2, Reverse

 Item 3, Front

Item 3, Reverse

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1877-1891 Autograph Album from the Brownfield, Maine; and Bridgton, Maine, Area; 11 Calling/Business Cards Tucked In

Autograph album with inscriptions from 1877 to 1891 of people mostly from Brownfield, Maine; it contains ten calling cards, one business card and 3 book plates.

The owner isn't identified, though two inscribers, A. C. Morrison and his wife Mary L. Morrison of Brownfield, Maine, described themselves as the owner's step parents.  The only inscriptions beyond 1879 were inscribed in 1881 by L. A. Cole and in 1891 by Wessie Cole, who were, I believe, Llewellyn A. Cole and his son Eugene Weston Cole.  I'm wondering if the owner might have been related to Llewellyn.

Inscriptions from:
  • Massachusetts:  Boston; Charlestown; West Roxbury; Winchester
  • Cohoes, New York
  • Bridgton, Maine
  • Brownfield, Maine
  • Denmark, Maine
  • Rumford, Maine

The album measures approximately 4" by 2-3/4" and contains 29 inscriptions and 11 calling cards, as well as the notice, shown below, of the death from scarlet fever of Frankie C. Dresser, son of Clayton D. and Miranda F. Dresser, at the age of 2 years and 8 months.

An alphabetical list of the inscribers appears at the end of this post.

1884 calling card of Misses Clara and Myrtie Messer

Surnames of Inscribers

CColbyJJewett [2]Stickney [2]
Cole [4]MMcCrillisStorer [2]
Dresser [3]MighelsWarner
EE ?Morrison [4]Wells
Eaton [2]Wilder

Valeria D. Morrison of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed August 29, 1877

Left:  Mrs. Eliza A. Day of West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Right:  Mrs. Villie A. Greenlaw of Winchester, Massachusetts, inscribed on March 16, 1877

Business card of Dr. John H. Meyer, Dentist, 141 West 87th Street

List of inscribers, together with any personal information they offered

  • Jennie H. Bean of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on August 30, 1877
  • Calling card of Annie Bristol
  • Sammy D. Butterfield of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on December 18, 1878
  • H. Colby, or C. Colby, or ? Colby, of Denmark, Maine
  • Bradford Cole of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on March 18, 1877
  • Miss Jennie Cole of East Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on January 23, 1877
  • Mr. L. A. Cole of Boston, Massachusetts, inscribed in September of 1881.  One of the only inscriptions made after the 1870s.  Presumably Llewellyn A. Cole of Brownfield, Maine.
  • Wessie Cole of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on both facing pages, with the page on the right bearing the date of December 25, 1891.  Presumably Eugene Weston Cole, whose father Llewellyn A. Cole was likely the inscriber L. A. Cole.
  • Mrs. Eliza A. Day of West Roxbury, Massachusetts
  • Calling card of Cora B. Dodge
  • C. D. Dresser of Bridgton, Maine; inscribed on January 29, 1877.  Clayton D. Dresser, husband of inscriber Marianda or Miranda F. (Smith) Dresser and father of Frankie C. Dresser.
  • Death notice pasted on the inside back cover:  Bridgton - April 24th, of scarlet fever, Frankie C., only son of Clayton D. and Miranda F. Dresser, aged 2 years, 8 months.
  • M. F. Dresser of Bridgton, Maine; inscribed on January 29, 1877.   Marianda or Miranda F. (Smith) Dresser, wife of inscriber Clayton D. Dresser and mother of Frankie C. Dresser
  • M. E. E. of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed at B.H.S., presumably Brownfield High School
  • C. F. Eaton of Boston, Massachusetts, inscribed on April 22, 1879
  • William Eaton of Brownfield, Maine
  • Mrs. Villie A. Greenlaw of Winchester, Massachusetts, inscribed on March 16, 1877
  • Calling card of James F. Hayes
  • E. H. Hewins, inscribed on September 2, 1878
  • Carrie A. Jewett of Bridgton, Maine; inscribed in 1877
  • F. C. Jewett, inscribed on February 4, 1877
  • C. N. McCrillis of Rumford, Maine
  • Calling card of Miss Clara and Myrtie Messer, dated March 7, 1884
  • Dr. John H. Meyer, Dentist, 141 West 87th Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam Aves.  "All West Side Cars Pass Within One Block"
  • Sarah C. Mighels of West Brownfield [Maine]
  • A. C. Morrison, inscribed on September 1, 1877.  "Your Step Father".  Alvin C. Morrison, husband of inscriber Mary (Lord) Morrison
  • Elma A. Morrison of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on August 30, 1877
  • Mary L. Morrison of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on August 30, 1877.  "Your Step Mother".  Mary (Lord) Morrison, wife of inscriber Alvin C. Morrison
  • Valeria D. Morrison of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on August 29, 1877
  • Calling card of C. C. Partridge
  • Calling card of Alfred H. Putney
  • Calling card of Mr. Willis Sargent, dated March 19, 1884.  Middle initial might be D or ?
  • Mrs. E. A. G. Stickney of East Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on October 30, 1877
  • William H. Stickney of East Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on October 30, 1877
  • John E. Storer of Charlestown, Massachusetts; inscribed on April 22, 1877
  • Nellie E. Storer of Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Calling card of J. Madison Stowe
  • Calling card of Leon McG. Wallace
  • Webster Warner of Brownfield, Maine; inscribed on January 27, 1877
  • Calling card of Mrs. John Wells, 52 East 25th Street
  • E. R. Wilder, Telegraph Operator, Cohoes, Albany County, New York

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Bible of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and wives Almira (Heath); Jessey (Graham) and Clara J. (Moulton) of Tremont, Maine

Bible that belonged to the family of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and wives Almira (Heath) Benson; Jessey (Graham) Benson [or Jessie, Jessy]; and Clara J. (Moulton) Benson of Tremont, Maine.

The Bible, published in 1844 by Jesper Harding of 57 South Third Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, measures approximately 11-1/4" by 8-1/2" by 2-1/4" and contains two pages of Family Records, including Marriages, Births and Deaths.   From a quick riffle, it appears that there are no mementos inside, other than three obituaries pasted on the inside front cover.

The inside cover features three obituaries, shown below.

Obituary of Mrs. Almira (Heath) Benson, first wife of Benjamin Benson, Jr.

Obituary of Capt. Benjamin Benson, Jr.

Obituary of Mrs. Jessey (Graham) Benson, second wife of Benjamin Benson, Jr.

The two pages of Family Records have entries for Benjamin Benson, Jr., his first two wives Almira (Heath) Benson and Jessey (Graham) Benson and children of those two wives, as well as a marriage record for Benjamin's third wife Clara J. (Moulton) Benson.  

Marriages, listed on the left side of the page:
  • Benjamin Benson Jr - Miss Almira Health - September 19, 1822
  • Benjamin Benson Jr - Miss Jessy Graham September 19, 1855
  • Benjamin Benson to Miss Clara J. Moulton - April 19, 1871
  • Son of Benjamin and Jessy: James B. Benson To Eva M. Lawson in Rockland, Maine, October 20, 1880

Births, listed on the right side of the page [additional births on another page, farther below]
  • Benjamin Benson Jr., July 18, 1801
  • Almira (Heath) Benson, September 6, 1801
Children of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and Almira (Heath) Benson, shown on the first page of Births in two enlargements
  • Harriet M [Maria ?] N. Benson, January 21, 1823  [N. for Norwood ?]
  • Eliza Ann Benson, September 15, 1824
  • Benjamin B. Benson, April 13, 1826
  • William H. Benson, December 17, 1828
  • John Q. A. Benson [supposedly John Quincy Adams Benson], July 19, 1830
  • Henry C. Benson, October 27, 1832 [though his first name looks like "Honey", he was Henry Clay Benson]

Continued, Children of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and Almira (Heath) Benson
  • Hannah H. Benson, May 15, 1836
  • Julia A. Benson, October 27, 1837
  • Samuel P. Benson, October 10, 1839
  • Mary E. Benson, August 16, 1845  [given name looks like "Money"]
Children of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and Jessey (Graham) Benson
  • James B. Benson, February 26, 1856
  • Lyman N. Benson, October 11, 1857
  • Daniel G. Benson, December 14, 1859

 Second Family Records Page listing Births in the left column and Deaths in the right column:


Jessy (Graham) Benson, second wife of Benjamin Benson, Jr., June 24, 1822

More Children of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and Jessey (Graham) Benson
  • Eliza A. Benson, January 28, 1862
  • Jessy Benson, Adopted, April 14, 1865 - this might be the adoption date rather than a birth date, but Jessie is a 5 year old in the 1870 Census, so a birth year of about 1865 would fit. I wonder if Jessy was the J. L. H. Benson born May 7, 1864 at Tremont, Maine.  Interestingly, Benjamin Benson, Jr.'s obituary, farther above, notes ..."and the fatherless, were never turned from his door". Whether a coincidence or not, Albert Jefferson Carver, son of Wills Carver and Sally (Hopkins) Carver was born at Tremont, Maine, on May 7, 1864.
Clara J. (Moulton) Benson, third wife of Benjamin Benson, Jr., July 28, 1843

Deaths on the upper half of the page:
  • Almira Benson, March 12, 1850
  • Eliza Ann (Benson) Thurston [wife of James Thurston], October 10, 1857
  • Eliza A. Benson, May 1, 1865
  • Jessy Benson, September 18, 1870 "at 11 oclock night"
  • Samuel P. Benson [middle initial doesn't look much like a P, but P. is on his gravestone], September 8, 1875
  • Benjamin Benson, Jr., September 23, 1875
  • William H. Benson, October 14, 1877

Deaths on the lower half of the page
  • Henry C. Benson, August 30, 1879
  • Lyman N. Benson, August 22, 1887  [third digit hard to read; might not be 8]
  • Julia A. Benson, June 10, 1910
  • Hannah H. Benson, July 30, 1912
  • Mary E. Benson, November 2, 1915
  • John Q. A. Benson, March 5, 1917
  • James B. Benson, January 20, 1926
  • Daniel G. Benson, May 6, 1931

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  I'd especially like to learn more about Jessy Benson, the adopted daughter of Benjamin Benson, Jr., and Jessey (Graham) Benson.