Thursday, May 28, 2015

Late 19th Century-Early 20th Century Ledger of the Alpha Council of Hallowell, Maine

Ledger of the Alpha Council of Hallowell, Maine, comprising entries of the 1890s and early 1900s.

The ledger is approximately 8-1/2" x 7" x nearly 1" thick.  Nearly every page is full.  The first few pages marked with letters list the members with surnames corresponding to that letter, and the majority of the pages are devoted to a listing of the dues and other activities of one or two members.  Fortunately, some of the names on the first pages that consist of initials and a surname are expanded on the individual pages to a given name, initial and surname.

An alphabetical list of the names of the 367 members  appears at the end of this post.   Click on a page to enlarge it.   See the entire album in a video at the end of this post.

If you can decode initials or provide more information on any of the names in the alphabetical list below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  I'll update the text with the added information.

AJohn G. AdamsHJ. B. HallPRev. F. Palladino
Edgar G. Adams; died March 7, 1892Everett S. HallGeorge C. Parker
Charles B. AdamsE. D. Hamilton; died May 1881; presumably Erastus D. HamiltonC. E. Parlin
E. C. Allen; died July 28, 1891Fred HamlinA. Parsons
Leroy A. AmesBriney H. HansonJ. Parsons
Albert G. AndrewsMoses H. Harlow; honorary member November 17, 1880Allen Partridge
E. W. AreyA. C. HarringtonStephen S. Patten
James Atkins, Jr.; died 1901William A. HarveyRoy C. Pearce
John E. Avery; died 1900G. P. HaskellAlfred B. Perkins
BJ. D. BaileyGeorge D. HaskellG. A. Philbrook; diedf January 1904
George H. BangsW. P. HatchJ. F. Pierce
Arthur BarberW. F. HatchManley H. Pike
Herbert C. BarrellB. T. HathawayH. D. Pinkham
W. E. BarrowsJ. Q. A. Hawes; died March 17, 1889F. W. Plaisted
Norman L. BassettH. O. Hawes; died Nov 1902Levi M. Poor
George W. BatesLemuel D. HazelwoodW. E. Potter; died August 1887
D. F. BeanAlden A. Heath; died August 4, 1899Charles A. Price; died August 22, 1897
Edward H. Beane, TogusH. A. HeathC. E. Purrinton
Seth Ela BeedyHerbert M. HeathRCharles D. Record
A. M. BennettElwin M. HendersonWilliam H. Reid
L. H. BishopCharles S. HichbornC. T. Rice
R. W. Black; died March 25, 1897W. Scott Hill, M.D.Edward J. Roberts
Ezekiel Blake; died August 6, 1891H. B. HillM. G. Robinson
H. F. BlanchardJ. W. Hinds; honorary member Novemer 17, 1880John M. Robinson
James E. BlanchardW. L. HollandJ. M. Rockwood
Thomas H. BodgeMelvin S. HolwayB. A. Roundy
George F. BodwellEben Horn; honorary member November 17, 1880; died March 25, 1882J. W. Rowe; died September 28, 1896
Joseph F. BodwellWilliam C. HornG. D. Rowe
F. T. Boothby, or F. E. BoothbyH. L. HorsmanDaniel Russell
W. G. BoothbyH. L. HorsmanA. D. Russell
Michael BowdenWilliam HoskenSG. A. Safford
Fred O. BoyntonIsaiah B. HoskenB. T. Sanborn
L. E. BradstreetFred D. Hoyt; died November 26, 1886E. A. Sanborn; died May 28, 1894
Charles E. BrannW. B. HuntJ. M. Sanborn; died 1881
J. E. BrannHerbert L. HuntW. Sandieson
C. E. BrawnJ. P. HuntJ. C. Sanford
Charles H. Brick; deceasedT. S. Hutchins; not sure of first initialN. H. Sawtelle
J. W. Brock; died 1900IRolon C. Irish; died September 5, 1892J. B. Shaw; died 1901
W. H. BrooksJJ. W. JaquethE. P. Shaw
Albert W. BrooksE. H. JenkinsCharles W. Shaw
F. I. BrownJ. S. JohnsonE. P. Smart
Lewis A. BurleighDavid H. JohnsonL. H. Smith
CManing S. CampbellTreby JohnsonA. L. Smith
David CargillWellington Johnson, M.D.E. H. W. Smith; died May 14, 1884
Reuel W. CarltonJames J. JonesA. R. G. Smith, Whitefield
A. C. Carr; died March 3, 1894C. A. Jones, TogusFred R. Smith
L. D. CarverL. E. JonesJohn E. Snell
Henry A. CaseWilliam T. JonesP. H. Snell; died February 10, 1902
Ira Cass; honorary member November 17, 1880; died July 2, 1886Charles W. JonesReul W. Soule
Alonzo H. ChadbornLinwood B. Jones, WinthropArthur H. Soule
G. H. ChadwickKGeorge B. KeeneE. Soule; middle initial either S or L
C. E. ChandlerCarter B. KeeneE. L. Soule
James L. ChildsVoranous KimballF. E. Southard
W. S. Choate; died 1903James E. KingsleyAlbert M. Spear
George F. ChurchF. W. KinsmanSimon H. Sprague
Collumbus Churchill; deceasedFrank W. Kinsman, Jr.Frank L. Staples
J. W. ClappH. F. KittredgeWilber F. Stevens
Fillmore R. ClaryW. S. KittredgeOberon O. Stetson
Henry P. ClearwaterFrank Kittredge; died February 1904E. W. Stetson
L. O. CobbA. D. KnightJames M. Stevens
C. A. CochranCharles KnowltonE. C. Stevens
G. P. Cochran; died September 18, 1882; presumaby Granville Park CochranLTownsend M. LaflinDaniel Steward; died April 26, 1896
Rev. J. E. CochranS. W. LaneWill H. Stilkey
John H. CoganGeorge E. LaneHarry H. Stinson
N. W. ColeW. P. LaphamEverett Stone
W. J. A. CollinsJ. B. LawrenceM. M. Stone
James T. CollinsThomas Leigh, Jr.Samuel P. Strickland
George E. ColmanW. E. LeightonTW. L. Thompson; died September 30, 1894
G. A. Coney; died 1901J. Eugene LewisAugustus Thompson
Charles F. CookWeston LewisW. S. Thompson
Leroy A. CoonsJames E. LibbyF. S. Thorne
L. L. CooperFremont J. C. LittleLeon O. Tibbetts
James S. CooperRev. William F. LivingstonC. H. Tilden
John E. CottleA. G. LongfellowCharles H. Tompkins
F. D. CrissmanStephen Lord; died March 30, 1882J. W. Toward
L. Crooker; middle initial I or J or G; if J, could be Dr. Leander J. CrookerLeverett Lord; honorary member November 17, 1880; died December 28, 1889William B. Trask
Charles W. CrosbyJohn H. LordAvery O. Trouant
G. H. Cross; died March 1888V. R. LuceO. G. Turner; honorary member October 13, 1897
C. H. CunninghamJames E. LuntEdgar S. Turner
Orlando CurrierFred D. LynnVP. H. S. Vaughan
DS. F. DavenportRobert I. LynnP. O. Vickery
S. A. DavisMEverett W. MacomberWElkanah H. Walker
Walter H. DavisJ. H. ManleyDavid Walton
F. J. Day; honorary Member November 17, 1880M. W. ManterB. F. Warner
C. E. DinsmoreAlexander MarrG. E. Warren; died
Edmund H. DoeG. W. Martin; died 1896D. W. Webber
J. H. DolliverC. C. Mason; died March 22, 1882E. W. Webber
Lewis L. DolliverJames G. Maxfield; died in 1888Sereno C. Webster
Frank A. DoweI. F. McClench; died September 17, 1883George E. Weeks; died 1895
Charles E. DowningJohn McClintock; died September 8, 1886Lyman B. Weever
Edwin C. DudleyJames A. McDavidL. L. Wellman
Rev. H. E. DunnackW. L. McFaddenAlfred Wessman
J. Frank DyerRonald C. McIlroyNathan Weston
EC. B. Eaton; died in Auburn, January 1881James E. McIlroyE. W. Whitcomb; died March 22, 1897
Hiram EllisJohn H. McIlroyNathaniel W. White
J. W. EmeryEdward McMurdie; deceasedO. C. Whitehouse; died
E. R. EmmersonL. D. MerchantDaniel Whitehouse
Stephen R. EstesEugene L. MerrillC. E. Whitman
J. A. EugleyWill C. MillerH. L. Whitman
J. M. Eveleth, M.D.; died October 26, 1894; Dr. John Marshall EvelethJ. Clair MinotG. W. Whitney; died May 26, 1881
FAlfred P. FifieldThomas MitchellA. W. Whitney
J. L. FishD. Frank MooerCharles B. Whitten
George H. FisherGeorge H. MooersF. D. Wight
Fish Fitz MorrisRobert C. Mooers, LibertyCharles A. Wight
W. H. FitzsimmonsHenry L. MorrillW. H. Williams
Fred L. FoggHenry T. MorseLevi T. Williams
L. D. FrenchC. B. MortonJoseph Williamson, Jr.
Hiram Fuller; Honorary Member November 17, 1880; died January 14, 1896Moses S. Moulton; died July 7, 1890Eri Wills; honorary member November 17, 1880; died May 27, 1882
Charles E. Fuller; died February 3, 1888A. G. Munro [?]Emerson Wilson
Rev. Caleb Fuller; honorary member November 1880; diedJohn M. MunroArthur G. Wing
GW. E. GageA. T. MurphyFrank S. Wingate
Irving O. GageNMarshal A. NashJ. T. Woodward
W. H. GannettD. T. Neal; died February 6, 1896Elliott Wood
H. R. Gatchell - according to a commenter: "Harvey Rice Gatchell (1844-1930) of Hallowell, Maine. A Civil war veteran and railroad man who owned the Lucky Strike fish camp."John D. NewmanGeorge L. Woodworth
Bernard E. GetchellJohn M. NicholsE. F. Wyman; deceased
Charles R. GetchellWarren E. NoyesS. W. Wyman; died
Pope GibbsJ. Edwin NyeYJ. G. Yeaton
John Gilbert; honorary member 1900; died 1901OWinslow S. OakmanWilliam Young
Joseph Gilman; died 1889 [not sure of last digit]Joseph F. Young
H. W. Golder
Harry E. Goodrich
John R. Gould
John W. Graffam
J. S. Grant
Charles W. Grant
John Grigg; died February 19, 1901
H. L. Grindell
A. M. Grindell
Rev. Francis Grovenor
Charles H. Guppey; died March 22, 1892