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1880s/1890s Autograph Album of Frances Deborah Ogier of Camden, Maine

Blue velvet covered autograph album of Frances Deborah Ogier of Camden, Maine.  Her nickname was Fanny.

Frances Deborah Ogier was born or christened 12 May 1866 at Rockport, Maine, the daughter of Samuel Emery Ogier and wife Martha Ann (Heal) Ogier.

Her paternal grandparents were Robert and Mary (Trussell) Ogier of Camden, Maine.  Her maternal grandparents were John D. Heal and wife Deborah (Heal) Heal.

From what I could find in online sources, Frances Deborah Ogier never married.  She worked as a felt closer at a woolen mill and lived at Camden, Maine, either alone or with her older sister Orianna, who married Eli Tibbetts.  Frances Deborah Ogier died in 1964.

If you have any corrections, addtions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, including any misreadings of handwriting on the autograph pages, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Her sister, Vanetta E. Ogier ("Vannie") signed a page in the autograph album, under the name of Mrs. J. H. Heal.  Vannie married James H. Heal, her cousin.  He may also have signed a page in the album under the name Jamie H. Heal.

Other people with the surname Heal:

Grace Nina Heal of Camden, Maine:

Helen Annie Heal of Camden, Maine:

Silas A. Heal (or Heel) of Lincolnville, Maine:

Complete list of signers in alphabetical order:

Cora E. Cammett of Camden, Maine
J. A. Cammett of Camden, Maine
Alfred L. Coates of Wollaston, Massachusetts
F. L. Colley of Belfast, Maine [See a previous post about Fred L. Colley]
Frank H. Colley of Belfast, Maine
Flora E. Cookson of Camden, Maine
Herbert E. Coombs of Atlantic, Massachusetts
M. J. C. of New York City, Fannie's cousin
Lizzie G. Crockett of Rockland, Maine
May Cummings of New York City
H. F. Dearborn of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Lizzie J. Eastman of Camden, Maine
Mabel F. Eastman of Camden, Maine
Marietta Eastman of Camden, Maine
Marion H. Follansbee of Camden, Maine
W. H. Hanes of Belfast, Maine
Grace Nina Heal of Camden, Maine
Helen Annie Heal of Camden, Maine
Mrs. J. H. Heal of Camden, Maine (Vanetta E. Ogier)
Jamie H. Heal of Lincolnville, Maine
Silas A. Heal of Lincolnville, Maine (or Heel)
Lottie M. Keller of Chelsea, Massachusetts
James Kemp, (possibly) of Calais, Maine
Evie L. Kenniston of Camden, Maine
S. M. Kenniston of Camden, Maine
Augusta M. Lord of Detroit, Maine
C. E. Megquier of Camden, Maine (2)
F. Megquier
Harry A. Moody of Camden, Maine
Fanny Ogier of Camden, Maine (2)
Aurelius A. Packard of Belfast, Maine
W. H. Pascal of Camden, Maine
Sadie Pendleton of Lincolnville, Maine
Mattie Plummer
Minnie Plummer of Camden, Maine
A. P. Richmond of Camden, Maine
Mamie Richmond of Camden, Maine
Henry G. Smith of Boston, Massachusetts
Annie B. Thorndike of Camden, Maine
George B. Tibbetts of Camden, Maine
Mabel Tibbetts (Miss) of Camden, Maine
A. A. Waldron of Chelsea, Massachusetts

Click here to see scans of all of the pages of Fannie's autograph book, at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of Camden, Maine:

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November & December 1901 entries in diary of farmer James Moore of the Lakewood District of Ellsworth, Maine

Diary of farmer James Moore of the Lakewood area of Ellsworth, Maine.  He kept his diary very intermittently until 1901 when he became more conscientious about keeping it up.  If you look closely at the above image of the front cover, you will see  his name, twice.

This post contains the entries James Moore made for November and December 1901.   

Other entries:

From online research, hopefully correct:

James Moore was born 30 May 1837 in Maine, the son of Gary Townsend Moore and wife Miriam (Garland) Moore. His paternal grandparents were John, Jr. and Polly (Townsend) Moore. His maternal grandparents were Josiah and Sarah "Sally" (Swett) Garland.

On 21 August 1858 he married Laura Ann Garland, who was born 5 February 1838, at Ellsworth, Maine, the daughter of Leonard Jarvis Garland and wife Azuba A. "Zuby" (Moore) Garland. Her paternal grandparents were Josiah and Sarah "Sally" (Swett) Garland. Her maternal grandparents were Edward and Elizabeth B. "Betsey" (Maddocks) Moore.
James and Laura A. (Garland) Moore had four children that I could find, perhaps more. They and their children were:
  • John R. Moore, born 29 May 1959; m. Lois Anna Boynton; children: Lettie B. Moore; Howard G. Moore; Cecil E. Moore; Wesley Moore; Philip Moore
  • Winfield Scott Moore, born 12 May 1862; m. Vesta Estella Garland; children: Nora Nettie Moore; Gary Townsend Moore
  • Ellen Elvira Moore, born 11 March 1866; m. Francis Jeremiah Boynton; children: Leon; Lillian; Minnie; Laura; Rosamund
  • Lorenda Ann Moore, born 23 September 1872; m. George Whitmore "Whit" Garland; children: Ambrose Winfield Garland; Viola May Garland; Mansell Rowe Garland; Delmar Alton Garland; Fannie Irene Garland; Mercy Beryl Garland; David Philander Garland; Betsey Garland
James Moore died 27 March 1903, an event that a reader of the diary knows, sadly, is coming. His wife Laura Ann (Garland) Moore died 22 May 1921.
The diary described above was found with four other diaries that were kept by James' daughter-in-law Vesta Estella (Garland) Moore.
For more information on the Moore and Garland families, see the page for James and Laura A. (Garland) Moore at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.
If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information provided here, please leave a comment or contact me directly. Thanks!

November 1, 1901.  Mr. Steward, the Supervisor of School and Miss Laura McCarthy, the teacher of the grammar school, got dinner to our house.  They had a flag raising in District Po1.

Nov. 22.  Scott Moore been down to the Falls with the horse and sleds and hauled down almost 18 bushels potatoes, 75 cents bushel.

Ellsworth, Me., November 7, 1901.  Scott Moore finished hauling wood to the school houses today.  The wood we hauled come to one hundred and ninety eight dollars.

Nov. 18, 1901.  Scott Moore carried Nora Moore down town to have a tooth pulled.

Nov. 19.  I been down to Fred Frazier to see Dr. Bigelow.  Gave him ten dollars for medicine for the piles.  I finished pulling turnips.  They was covered with snow and frozen bad.  Scott Moore hauled boughs to bank the house this afternoon.

Ellsworth, Me., November 20.  Scott Moore been hauling firewood today on the sleds of from the pasture he had of Whitmore Garland.  I have been putting it in the shed.

Nov. 22.  I finished the wood shed today.  Scott was yarding firewood on a [?] yesterday afternoon and little while this morning.

Nov. 23.  I cleared up in the wood shed and made me a filing bench.  Scott been down town.  We have sold about 110 bushels of potatoes at 75 cts per bu. $82.50 cts.

Sunday, No. 24, 1901.  Mary A. Garland wanted Nora Moore to come down to the Chapel to [recite verses?] for a concert the 28th & she has gone down.

Nov. 28.  I have kept house today, haven’t feeling well.  Scott Moore is hauling up firewood.  Finished up.  Whitmore Garland and family was down to his father to dinner today.  Alfred Garland & Josey Garland come up here after Nora Moore to go down to the Chapel.  There is to be a Sabbath School Concert there this evening.

Ellsworth, Dec. 2, 1901.  I commenced cutting cordwood.  Scott Moore has been down to the Falls to see about having his wood measured.  It fell short from Frederick Frazier measure.  Sarah Moore was to our house and got dinner with us.  Lorenda Garland & two of her children was down to our house a little while this afternoon.  

Dec. 3.  Whitmore Garland helped Scott Moore kill his hog.  He weighed 430 pounds.  Lorenda & two of her children has been down here today.  Alfred Garland was here to diner today.  I been cutting wood in the woods.

Dec. 4, 1901.  Whitmore Garland came down and bought the colt that Scott Moore had of George Johnson and is to give Scott 15 dollars.  The colt was one year old in May 1901.  Mary Garland, the school teacher, come up to our house after school and her father came up after her.  Nora Moore was all the scholar she had today.  Snow and blustering day.

Dec. 5. I been cutting wood.  Scott churned two and half hours before the butter came.  Simon Garland got his heifers home today from pasture. The bull he can’t find him.  George Garland has been on the old road with his horse & sleds to break out the road.  Salmon Garland was with him.  

Ellsworth, Sunday, Dec. 8, 1901.  Sott Moore helped Simon Garland find his bull calf.  He hasn’t been housed this fall.  He was all right.  Bertha Hopkins came up from Sunday School with Nora Moore and got dinner & supper with her & they have gone down to the Chapel to meeting tonight.  John R. Moore came up to our house this afternoon.  Lots of snow on the ground.

Dec. 12.  I went down to Fred Frazier to see Dr. Bigelow.  He did not come over.  Lorenda Moore & Reuben’s wife was down to [no end to the sentence]

Dec. 21, 1901.  Scott Moore bought him a rifle.  He gave 11 dollars for it.

Dec. 22.  Delmer Garland, Whitmore’s boy, fell on the ice and hurt him bad, hit over his eye.

Dec. 23.  Scott Moore helped Whitmore Garland kill his hog and bull today.

Dec. 24.  Rainy day.  Whitmore Garland went after the Doctor to come and see his boy Delmar.  He is real sick from the fall he got on the ice.

Dec. 25.  Delmar Garland is better today.  Nora Moore has gone down to Chapel to help fix the Christmas tree.  John R. Moore come up to see how Delmar Garland is.  I am sitting in the house.  We have quite a lot of Christmas presents.  Nora had a fiddle and I had a gimlet  bit that Lorenda A. Garland gave me.  John Moore, my brother, sent me his picture, the best Christmas present I ever had.

Dec. 26.  Mary A. Garland went up to see how Delmar Garland was and called to our house just as we finished supper and we got her to eat and Laura took the pie and put it in the stove to warm and forgot to give it to her and she went home without.

Ellsworth Dec. Saturday 28, 1901.  I had to give up work today on account of the bladder trouble.
A map of the Lakewood District of Ellsworth, Maine:

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1880s Autograph Album of Mrs. C. A. Peterson of Minnesota

1880s autograph album of Mrs. C. A. Peterson, with a few signed pages scattered throughout.  Sadly, some pages were removed at some point.

Mrs. Peterson may have lived in the Minneapolis or Excelsior, Minnesota area.

If you have any insights into the identity of Mrs. and Mrs. C. A. Peterson, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Mr. Peterson signed at least two other pages.

Page signed by Charles Peterson of Minneapolis, who may or may not have been our C. A. Peterson:

Page signed by Mrs. C. H. Asham of Minneapolis:

Page signed by Annie Asham of Minneapolis:

Page signed by William Erickson of Excelsior, Minnesota:

Page signed by Oliver Erickson:

Page signed by F. S. Goodspeed of Excelsior, Minnesota (possibly the Frank S. Goodspeed, also below):

Page signed by Frank S. Goodspeed:

Page signed by Y. A. Johnson (I may have misread the name and invite your alternatives - the message is in Swedish):

Page signed by E. S. L. and Alta:

The title page, back cover and spine:

A map of Excelsior, Minnesota on Lake Minnetonka: (zoom out to see Minneapolis, not far to the east)

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1870s Maine Autograph Album signed by Oak Grove Seminary & Dirigo Business College students

1870s autograph album that belonged to "George", who was likely a student at Oak Grove Seminary or School at Vassalboro, Maine, or at Dirigo Business College at Augusta, Maine.  

Clues to George's identity include two pages signed by people who called themselves his cousin: Anna L. Leslie, residence unknown, and Charles W. Sawtelle of Sidney Maine.  

There was an Anna L. Jackson, born at Sidney, Maine, on 27 February 1861, daughter of Wilson Perez Jackson and wife Harriet (Ward) Jackson.  Anna married Selwyn Goodhue Leslie in 1880.  Most of the signatures in the album were dated in the 1870s, but it's possible that Anna, if she is our Annie L. Leslie, signed her page after she was married.  

There was a George Samuel Church, born 2 November 1859, son of Daniel Hewins Church and Mary Helen (Sawtelle) Church of Augusta, Maine.  He might be our George, cousin of Charles W. Sawtelle.

If you have an idea of the identity of George, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order:  

Note: Although some of the signers may have given Augusta or Vassalboro as their address, be aware that they may have been students at Dirigo Business College in Augusta or Oak Grove Seminary/School in Vassalboro.

Frank Abbott of Sidney, Maine
Eliza Aldrich of Vassalboro, Maine
Louis A. Aldrich of Lynn, Massachusetts
Frank A. Appleton of Vassalboro, Maine
Henry F. Arnold of West Waterville, Maine
A. R. Avery of Augusta, Maine
S. S. Avery of Augusta, Maine
Ewing C. Bailey of Winthrop, Maine
Stacy Blish of Vassalboro, Maine
W. A. Clark of Vassalboro, Maine
Nancie Ford Cousens of Kennebunk, Maine
O. M. Cousins
Fannie A. Davis of Hallowell, Maine
Emma Dockum of East Vassalboro, Maine
Lincoln A. Dow of Vassalboro, Maine
Herschel A. Dunton of Whitefield, Maine
J. Stanley Estes of Vassalborough, Maine
James M. Estes of Vassalboro
James Fairbanks of Augusta, Maine
Samuel H. Ford of Augusta, Maine
H. C. Gifford of Vassalboro, Maine
Ella E. Graves of Vassalboro, Maine
S. C. Ham of Cambridge, Maine
Hammond of West Sidney, Maine
Annie S. Keene of Lewiston, Maine
Phineas Kimball of North Boothbay, Maine
J. Frank Knowlton of South Montville, Maine
Annie L. Leslie
Emma H. Lovell of Malden, Massachusetts
Willie O. Lovell of Malden, Massachusetts
George G. Low of Vassalboro, Maine
Thomas John Lynch of Augusta, Maine
W. H. Marsh of Exeter, Maine
Fred B. Merrill, student at Dirigo Business College in Augusta, Maine
Silas S. W. Merrill of Sidney, Maine
A. E. Moore of Gardiner, Maine
Frank Emery Richards of Vassalboro, Maine
G. H. Richards of Vassalborough, Maine
H. W. Robinson of Augusta, Maine
W. J. Rockwood
Warren Runnels of Pittsfield, Maine
Charles W. Sawtelle of Sidney, Maine
Florence Sawtelle of Nantucket, Massachusetts
Vesta H. Sawtelle of Malden, Massachusetts
S. Maria Simons, student at Dirigo Business College in Augusta, Maine
Howard A. Starkey of Vassalboro, Maine
Sadie C. Starkey of Vassalboro, Maine
T. F. Sullivan of Augusta, Maine
George W. Sylvester of Augusta, Maine
Alice R. Taber of East Vassalboro, Maine
Arthur H. Taber of Vassalboro, Maine
John Taylor of Hallowell, Maine
Herbert Turner of Montville, Maine
D. M. Waitt, (David M. Waitt), founder of Dirigo Business College in Augusta, Maine
Emmie S. Weeks of Vassalboro, Maine
F. G. Winter of Kingfield, Maine
Emma L. Woodbury of North Sidney, Maine
A. R. Yates of Round Pond, Maine
Sam Yates of Round Pond, Maine
Will Yates of Round Pond, Maine
Will E. Youland of Lewiston, Maine

See scans of all of the pages of the autograph album at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

Map of Vassalboro and Sidney (which are separated by the Kennebec River):

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1880s Autograph Album of Nettie A. Parmenter of China, Maine

1880s autograph album of Nettie A. Parmenter (1869-1889) of China, Maine.  The album is nearly full of sentiments of relatives and friends, mostly in the China, Maine, area. 
An alphabetical list of the inscribers appears at the end of this post.

Note: I found this branch of the Parmenter family also spelled as Parmeter.

Nettie A. Parmenter was born about 1869 in Maine, the daughter of Joseph Shepard Parmenter and Ada A. (Porter) Parmenter.  

Nettie died on 16 September 1889 and is buried at Branch Mills, Maine.  Strangely, a couple of the pages in the autograph album are dated 1897.  One of these was signed by "friend", and possibly cousin, Mildred Parmenter of Branch Mills.  Apparently someone took over the album after Nettie's death.

The autograph album was presented to Nettie by her father, Joseph Shepard Parmenter, as a Christmas gift in 1882.  

Nettie's brother, Shepherd George Parmenter, also inscribed a page in her album.  I found later records giving his name as Shepard George Parmenter.

Other Parmenters who inscribed pages in the album include Mattie, who called herself Nettie's cousin, and Carrie and Mildred, who called themselves her friend, though they could have been cousins as well.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

List of Inscribers in alphabetical, not page, order:
  • Lizzie Ames of Unity, Maine
  • Rosa Ames of Unity, Maine
  • Seth G. Ames of Unity, Maine
  • Annie Banton of Palermo, Maine
  • J. A. Beale of Augusta, Maine
  • Annie W. Bean of China, Maine
  • Mina L. Bean of China, Maine
  • Tommy Britt
  • Mrs. Robert Cleave of Hallowell, Maine
  • Joseph Cony of Augusta, Maine
  • Harry Coughlin of Fargo, Dakota
  • Myrtie Crummett of China, Maine
  • Herbert E. Davis of Windsor, Maine
  • Carrie A. Dodge of China, Maine
  • Ella A. Dow of China, Maine
  • Eva C. Dow of China, Maine
  • F. B. Dow of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jesse C. Dow of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Mary R. Dow of China, Maine
  • Villa G. Dow of China, Maine
  • Alston M. Dowe of China, Maine
  • Charles E. Dowe of Branch Mills, Maine
  • Rosa F. Drake of Palermo, Maine
  • Bertha C. Farris of China, Maine
  • Mattie J. Fisher of Augusta, Maine
  • Daniel Foster of Palermo, Maine
  • George L. French of Bangor, Maine
  • O. S. French of Bangor, Maine
  • Charles H. Furbish of Bangor, Maine
  • Minnie S. Gardner of Palermo, Maine
  • Grace M. Goddard of China, Maine
  • Hattie B. Goddard
  • Olive A. Gould of Albion, Maine
  • Fred E. Handy of China, Maine
  • C. G. Hayes of Augusta, Maine
  • George E. Hewitt of Somerset, Kentucky
  • Eld Jere Hill of Goodwins Mills, Maine
  • Mary Hyland of Augusta, Maine
  • Illegible
  • Iva of Branch Mills, Maine
  • Fred A. Johnson of China, Maine
  • Mrs. F. A. Johnson of China, Maine
  • Dora A. Jones of South China, Maine
  • Gulielma Jones of South China, Maine
  • J. A. Jones of South China, Maine
  • Lincoln Jones of South China, Maine
  • Mary Kelly of Augusta, Maine
  • Alex Kersting of Brooklyn, New York
  • Mrs. George Lackome of Waterville, Maine
  • Lena
  • Mary, illegible
  • Alice M. McConnell of Monticello, Maine
  • Lillian A. McCurdy
  • Maria F. Mitchell of Branch Mills, Maine
  • Ida M. Moore of Augusta, Maine
  • May Morse of Waterville, Maine
  • Charity Mosher, penned at Lakeside Campground
  • Georgia E. Norris of Hallowell, Maine
  • C. F. Osgood of Palermo, Maine
  • George E. Osgood of Palermo, Maine
  • Carrie Parmenter of China, Maine
  • Joseph Shepard Parmenter of China, Maine
  • Mattie E. Parmenter of China, Maine
  • Mildred Parmenter of Branch Mills, Maine
  • Nettie A. Parmenter of China, Maine
  • Shepherd G. Parmenter of Branch Mills, Maine
  • Amanda J. Pinkham of Branch Mills, Maine
  • W. E. Pinkham of China, Maine
  • Albion S. Prescott of Auburn, Maine
  • Cressie H. Prescott of Auburn, Maine
  • Myra D. Shorey of Augusta, Maine
  • Josie S. Small of Palermo, Maine
  • W. W. Small, Esq.
  • Clyde O. Spaulding of China, Maine
  • Frank P. Spaulding of China, Maine
  • Henry M. Sprague of Auburn, Maine
  • Annie Stone of Augusta, Maine
  • Charles L. Sweetland of Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Lilla Roberts Tenney of Strafford Corner, New Hampshire
  • Nelson E. Terry of London, England
  • Arthur C. Titcomb of Augusta, Maine
  • Mrs. Frank P. Tobey of Palermo, Maine
  • Virgil E. Tronant of Windsor, Maine
  • Charles M. Turner of Palermo, Maine
  • Delia A. Turner of Somerville, Maine
  • J. L. Turner of China, Maine
  • Lilla A. Turner of Somerville, Maine
  • Minnie A. Whitten of Montville, Maine
  • Hattie A. Willey of Cornville, Maine
  • Bertell F. Worthing of Palermo, Maine
  • Carrie P. Worthing of Palermo, Maine
  • Edson L. Worthing of Palermo, Maine
  • Lucia A. Worthing of Palermo, Maine
  • Mabel J. Worthing of Palermo, Maine
  • Merton F. Worthing of Palermo, Maine
  • Nellie E. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

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