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Class of 1906 Photograph of Leona Mildred Small of Lowell, Massachusetts

Class of 1906 graduation photograph of Leona M. Small; taken by a studio at Lowell, Massachusetts.  I found a Leona Mildred Small living at Lowell, Massachusetts, so the young woman pictured was most likely a graduate of Lowell High School.

From online research, hopefully correct - corrections requested:

Leona Mildred Small was born 6 March 1889 at Lowell, Massachusetts, daughter of Frederick Small, a Civil War veteran, and second wife Elizabeth M. (Athearn) Small, born in Richmond, Maine, and Hope, Maine, respectively.

Frederick Small's family moved to Lowell, Massachusetts while he was still young.  His first wife, whom he married in 1861, was Nancy Jackson of Lowell, Massachusetts.  They had at least three children.  Nancy died in 1876.  

In 1879 Frederick married Elizabeth M. Athearn of Hope, Maine.  I don't know if he knew Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Athearn from Maine or if she had moved to the Lowell area for work, as many Maine women did.  They had 4 children between 1880 and 1896, three boys and Leona.

Leona Mildred Small can be found in Lowell, Massachusetts up to the time of the 1930 Census.  I haven't checked the 1940 Census.  She worked as a teacher in the public schools.  Her widowed mother was living with her at the time of the 1920 Census, but died about a year later.  Leona's father died in 1910.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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Photograph of Elmira Sprowl of Appleton, Maine as elderly Mrs. Marcus Vose

Photograph of an elderly woman identified on reverse as Elmira Sprowl Vose.  The photograph was taken by the Howe studio of Pittsfield, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Elmira Sprowl was born 7 January 1823 at Appleton, Maine, daughter of John and Abigail (Thompson) Sprowl, who were each born in Bristol, Maine.  Her paternal grandparents were John and Mercy Mary (Goudy) Sprowl.  Her maternal grandparents were Miles and Miriam (Foster) Thompson.

On 30 September 1853, Elmira became the second wife of Marcus Vose.  He was born 11 November 1803 at Thomaston, Maine, son of Ebenezer and Nancy (Lermond) Vose, who were born in Cushing, Maine, and Warren, Maine, respectively.

Marcus' first wife was Hannah Rowell, born about 1806 at Montville, Maine, daughter of Jacob and Lucia (Vining) Rowell.  Marcus and Hannah married 12 May 1827 at Montville and had at least eight children before Hannah died in 1849.

Marcus and Elmira had at least one child, a daughter May Abbie Vose or Abbie Mae Vose, born 1 October 1858 at Montville, Maine.  She married Charles Howard and had at least one child, son Loren Howard, born in 1883.

The 1900 Census of Montville, Maine shows the Howard family, with Elmira living with them.  By the time of the 1910 Census, I think she was still living with the Howard family, but she was indexed incorrectly.  Elmira died not long after, on 16 October 1911.

If you have any corrections or insights regarding any of the information provided here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Appleton, Maine: [Zoom out once to bring Montville into the frame.]

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c1925 Group Photo at New Hartford, Connecticut Congregation Church; Frank L. & Minnie L. Whitney IDed

8-1/2" x 6-1/2" damaged group photograph taken at the North Congregational Sunday School Rally Day, at New Hartford, Connecticut.  The date, which shows Oct. 3, probably also showed the year, but that section is damaged.

Two people in the photograph are identified by means of a dot above their heads: Frank L. Whitney and his wife Minnie Louise Whitney.  

If you click on the photograph to enlarge it, you'll see the dots.  The couple is not standing together.  Frank is in the back row, a bit to the left, and Minnie is at the center back with a man standing behind her in the right doorway.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Frank L. Whitney was born at Sanford, New York, in July 1861, the son of Francis Samuel Whitney.  I found a conflict regarding the identity of his mother.   The 1880 Census gives her place of birth as New York.  The 1900-1930 Censuses in which Frank was enumerated after his marriage give his mother's place of birth as Canada. 

Several online trees identify her as Lucina A. (Smith) Whitney, who was born in New York.

In a closed online listing for a photograph of Frank L. Whitney's house in New Hartford, his mother was named as Abbie (Crofts) Whitney, "according to family genealogy papers".  It's possible these were the same two women.  

Here's a link to that closed listing, which has some information about Frank, Minnie Louise and their son Guy.  The seller acquired a collection of photographs taken by the Whitney family of houses and scenes around New Hartford, Connecticut.  There's a beautiful house shown, but I don't know if it was the Whitney home.

Adding to the confusion, I found conflicting online trees for Frank's paternal grandparents.  Some trees have them as Benajah and Rosene (David) Whitney.  Another had them as Elijah and Polly (Boomhour) Whitney.

I believe Frank's maternal grandparents were Samuel Scott Smith and Sally (Vibber) Smith.

About 1886, Frank married Minnie Louise.  A marriage record for their son Guy Francis Whitney gives her surname as Towslee, but I don't know if that was her maiden name or a previous married name.  

The 1900 Federal Census finds the couple living at New Hartford, Connecticut, with son Guy F.  Frank was working as a Railroad Station Agent.  Frank was still working for the railroad at the time of the 1910 and 1920 Censuses of New Hartford.  By the time of the 1930 Census of New Hartford, he had retired.

I believe Minnie died in Florida in 1939; Frank died about 1940.  

If you have insight into the families of Frank L. Whitney and his wife Minnie Louise, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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1889-90 Annual Report & School Report of Hampden, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and the Report of the Supervisor of Schools of the Town of Hampden, Maine, for the Year 1889-90.  

Printed in Bangor, Maine by Mooney & Hurley, Printers, 1890.

It seems there was no privacy afforded back then to people needing Town help.   The section on schools is very interesting, with names of Agents, Teachers and the School Supervisor.  The latter wrote a scathing opinion of the Agents.

There are no names on the page above.

Names on the page above:

Wells Simpson
George Morse
T. C. Sparrow
E. R. Packard
James McGrath
M. B. Greeley
Lewis Robinson
Nelson Wheeler
Horace Wheeler
James McKenney
George McKenney
John Hennessey
Nathan Delano
William Holt
Allen Carter
Daniel Rowell
John Glynn
Isaac Fogg
B. F. Lennen
George Phillips
B. W. Hardy
Heman Smith
John Low
Daniel Bussey

Names on the page above:

Horace Dunton
William Littlefield
Roscoe Harding
Charles Lambert
Allen Thompson
W. M. Mayo
H. A. Robinson
M. B. Greeley
J. W. Green & Son
Mrs. Price
William Frost
S. S. Rowe
E. W. Murch
Tyler & Conant
F. P. Reed
S. D. Greeley
George Deane
Mrs. Hennessey
Joseph Deane
Mrs. Barnes
C. G. Sterns Company
Horace Mayo
S. K. Emerson
George Swett
J. R. Manning
Hodgkins & Hall
Mooney & Hurley
I. N. Mayo
F. G. Flagg Post
Timothy Sparrow
George G. Reed
O. F. Knowles
H. W. Mayo
George Stetson
Daniel Smith
C. W. Miller
Warren Barrows
D. Bugbee & Co.
H. Pickard
James M. Aiken, an honorably discharged Soldier, his burial expenses
H. Pickard
James H. Butler
Horace Pickard
C. T. Pickard
F. G. Rogers

Names on the page above:

C. T. Pickard
W. H. Nason
C. F. Cowan
H. W. Mayo
William E. Wales
Charles S. Wales
J. H. Butler
James H. Butler
C. S. Wales
Charles E. Pickard

There are no names on the page above.

Names on the page above:

Joseph Clements and wife
E. W. Murch

Names on the page above:

Joanna Page
Esther Jackson
Sarah Partridge
Allen Cottle
O. H. Hinkley
John Cadigan (alien)
Emma Doane, died April 3, 1889
Samuel Baker, died April 15, 1889
Reuben Pomroy, died December 24, 1889
Lorenzo Knowles
William Baker
Susan Young
George Starbird
B. F. Stanley
Annie J. Cook
Stillman Smith and family
Charles L. Page and family
Benjamin Cowan and family at Monson
Charles Knowles and family
Reuben Pomroy, before going to farm
Amos Partridge
Lucilla Mallery and children
John Flaherty of Columbia Falls
Nelson Nedau and family
William H. Miller and family at Bangor

Names on the page above:

J. H. Butler
James M. Aiken
Susan Young
Selectmen: Horace Pickard; C. T. Pickard; F. G. Rogers

Names on the page above:

James Battles, Agent, District 1
Miss Katie M. Ryan of Hampden, Teacher
Miss Helen Chaplin of Orono, Teacher
R. Robinson of Hermon, Teacher
I. Dudley, Agent, District 2
Miss Alice Couillard of Hampden, Teacher

Names on the page above:

Miss Nellie Mayhew of Hampden, Teacher
Samuel Redman of Hampden, Teacher
S. S. Garland, Agent, District 3
Miss Isetta R. Shaw of Hampden, Teacher
Timothy Sparrow, Agent, District 4
L. Stella Taylor of Hampden, Teacher
Miss Zara . Whitney of Hampden, Teacher
Miss Mabel Irish of Waterville, Teacher
C. S. Wales of Hampden, Teacher

Names on the page above:

George Higgins, Agent, District 5
Miss W. Stanniford of Hampden, Teacher
Miss Effie C. Pickard of Hampden, Teacher
Joseph Clements, Agent, District 6
Miss Lillie A. Pomroy of Hampden, Teacher; became ill and could not complete the term
Miss Edna A. Sawyer of Hampden, replacement Teacher
Miss Lillie A. Pomroy of Hampden, Teacher
Howard Ware of Hampden, Teacher
F. Cowan, Agent, District 7
Grace M. Reed of Hampden, Teacher
Effie C. Pickard of Hampden, Teacher

Names on the page above:

J. H. Whitney of Hampden, Teacher
Ernest Patten, Agent, District 8
Miss Angie M. Wing of Hampden, Teacher
Maud E. Goodell of Hampden, Teacher
Roscoe Arey, Agent, District 9
Miss E. A. Vinal of Winterport, Teacher
Miss Edna A. Sawyer of Hampden, Teacher
S. D. Greenley of Hampden, Teacher
Charles Thompson, Agent, District 10
Miss Tina M. Farrar of Hermon, Teacher

Names on the page above:

Miss Ora L. Dunton of Hampden, Teacher
A. C. Nealey, Agent, District 11
Miss Grace A. Knowles, Teacher
Ernest L. Bartlett of Newburgh, Teacher
E. Wing, Agent, District 12
Miss Emma L. Hardy of Winterport, Teacher
Miss Maud Reed of Hampden, Teacher
Clarence Chapman of Newburgh, Teacher

Names on the page above:

Robert Patterson, Agent, District 13
Miss Grace Fuller of Hampden, Teacher
Miss M. Lizzie Shaw of Hampden, Teacher
Albra Whitmore of Hampden, Teacher
Enoch Pomroy, Agent, District 14
Miss Elva L. Fisher, Teacher
Miss Mary Cole of Hampden, Teacher
Arthur M. Baker of Hampden, Teacher
George Miller, Agent, District 15
Miss Eva S. Porter of Hampden, Teacher

Names on the page above:

Enoch Leathers of Hermon, teacher
George Phillips, Agent, District 17
Miss Zara M. Whitney of Hampden, Teacher
Allen Carter, Agent, District 18
Miss Mabel Holland of Hampden, Teacher
Leslie Whitmore of Hampden, Teacher
Richard Emerson, Agent, District 19
Miss Gertrude E. Emerson of Carmel, Teacher
Mr. W. Rogers of Carmel, Teacher

Name on the page above:

C. T. Pickard, Supervisor of Schools

If you have any insights into any of the people mentioned here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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1879-80 Annual Report of Hampden, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Hampden, for the Year 1879-80.  Printed by Burr & Robinson, Printers, Bangor, 1880.  Hampden, Maine is located in Penobscot County along the Penobscot River.

No names are included on the page above.

Names on the page above:

R. Colson
John Miller
William Cowan
John Cates
E. G. Wing, Jr.
A. H. Robinson
B. Barns
P. Hamlin
L. R. Gilmore
N. B. Emerson
H. Smith

Names on the page above:

Mrs. B. Snow
B. D. Emerson
George H. Taylor
Fred Sawyer
George Phillips
A. Smith
David J. Tribou
Mrs. Mary Flagg
Daniel Emerson
William S. Deane
Hodgkins, Hall & Foster
C. G. Stearns
R. Colson
Silas Barrows
C. W. Miller
A. S. Tarr
James Lewis Miller
George W. Goodwell
Burr & Robinson
E. J. Pomroy
S. Phipps
P. P. Holden
L. Robinson
George G. Swett
H. E. Grant
L. Robinson
D. Bugbee & Co.
A. S. Tarr
G. A. Partridge
B. B. Thomas
H. Silsby

Names on the page above

Samuel Rogers
Lewis Robinson
E. G. Wing
Samuel Rogers
Lewis Robinson
B. B Thomas
R. W. Murch
L. C. Smith
M. E. Walker
H. W. Mayo
E. W. Temple
E. G. Wing
Samuel Rogers
George A. Baker
Charles Brown
Lewis Robinson
E. Norton

Names on the page above:

Lewis Robinson
B. B. Thomas
Samuel Rogers
B. B. Thomas
L. Barker
C. Brown
S. Rogers
E. G. Wing
William Carey
B. B. Thomas

Names on the page above:

William Carey
E. Dyer
David E. Jewell
E. Doane
H. E. Grant
A. S. Tarr
Woodstock, Smith
S. Hurd and daughter
H. Robinson
Eben Clough

Names on the page above

B. R. Buker
Mrs. L. Crosby
E. Baker
L. Pomroy
Boy named Stanley
Mr. Manley and Gregory
B. B. Thomas
B. R. Buker
Chester H. Smith
G. A. Partridge
George A. Partridge
L. Robinson

Names on the page above

D. S. Jewell
Smith Brothers
G. W. Baker
William H. Thayer
R. Colson
G. W. Sawyer
H. L. Stubbs
L. C. Smith
E. & G. Stubbs
B. F. Smith
I. C. York
J. C. Rines
J. D. Sparrow
A. M. Taylor
T. Cary & Son
George A. Delano
George Joss
J. R. Manning
Frank G. Rogers

Names on the page above

D. S. Jewell
Mrs. Luther Crosby of Orland
Benson Higgins of Albion
Charles L. Page
Samuel Baker
Winslow Webber
Mrs. Whalen
Eben Clough
Mrs. Glynn
Nelson Neddo
Laura Webber
Chester H. Smith of Hiram
Chester . Smith's family of Woodstock
Mrs. Ida Coburn
Sullivan Hurd and Emma Hurd of Veazie
Ebenezer H. Barrett
Samuel V. Hartford
Frank Nickerson, Winterport
Reuben Pomroy
George A. Delano
Mrs. Lucy Marr
Clara E. Marr, at Industrial School
Edwin Baker
S. J. Bragdon
George W. Cookson of Plymouth
Andrew Perry of Calais
Mrs. Phebe Partridge
George A. Partridge at Dixmont
Aaron White, his first wife
Loira Pomroy at Swanville

Names on the page above

Joseph Wiley
Allen Cottle
James Fry
Sarah Partridge
Ann Pomroy
Emma Doan
Abbie G. Stanley
John Pomroy
Mrs. Chester Weld
Author Perkins
Elbridge Walker
Augustus Cowan
Reuben Pomroy
Osman Cottle
Cora Johnson
Frank Stanley
R. N. Pomroy
Amos Doan
Joanna Page
Loira Pomroy
Rosina Smith
Eunice Smith
Georgie Smith
Ira Smith
Hillman Marcys
Eva Stanley

Names on the page above

Samuel Rogers
A. Mansel
L. Robinson
A. Perry
William Carey
Crosby Guards

Names on the page above

B. B. Thomas
R. W. Murch
L. C. Smith
Selectmen of Hampden

Map of Hampden, Maine

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c1910 Photograph of Katherine E. Tasker, as a baby

Photograph of a baby identified on reverse as Katherine E. Tasker at four months old.

There's a very faint photographer's imprint at the bottom front of the photograph, for a studio in Los Angeles, California

Because of the Los Angeles imprint and the fact that the photograph was purchased in Maine, I believe the baby in the photograph is Katherine E. Tasker (1907-2003), daughter of 
Wallace Lincoln Tasker (1871-1957) and his second wife Ethel Virginia Johnston (1883-1975) of Maine, who had moved to Los Angeles by the time of Katherine's birth on 2 February 1907.  

Wallace's first wife, 
Vesta May Kearney (1868-1895)
, whom he married in 1894, died not long after their marriage.

Katherine graduated in 1928 from the Stanford School of Nursing and worked in the health field for over forty years.  After her retirement, she moved back to midcoast Maine, in Camden and Rockland.  I don't believe she married.  Access her 2003 obituary here.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.  

Photograph of John Dalton Clark, age 3 yrs, 10 mos.

Photograph of a boy identified on reverse as John Dalton Clark at age 3 years, 10 months.  Sadly, there's no photographer's imprint to give a clue to locale, but the photograph was purchased in Maine.

Right away I found two possibilities: John Dalton Clark, born in Winterport, Maine, in 1908, and John Dalton Clark born in Massachusetts in 1890.  

Hopefully a family member of either John Dalton Clark, or another one, will happen upon this post and recognize the family characteristics in the boy's face or the handwriting on the reverse.

From online research, hopefully correct:

John Dalton Clark was born 10 August 1908 at Winterport, Maine, son of Fred and Charlotte T. "Lottie" (Brackett) Clark, born in Winterport, Maine, and Frankfort, Maine, respectively.

His paternal grandparents were Edward and Rebecca (Colson) Clark.  His maternal grandparents were John and Mary (Page) Brackett.

John Dalton Clark died at Winterport, Maine in 1974.

The Massachusetts John Dalton Clark was born 15 November 1890 at Gardner, Massachusetts, son of William and Marana A. (Morse) Clark.  I believe he married Mary Sundler, daughter of Gustaf and Amanda Sundler, Finnish immigrants to Gardner, Massachusetts.

If you have any corrections and/or insights regarding the information above or an alternative identification for the boy in the photograph, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Winterport, Maine

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Gardner, Massachusetts

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1909 Postcard of Hay Stacks at Robert B. Fisher Farm, Cambridge, New York

Postcard mailed in February 1909 showing the beneficial effects of Hubbard's Fertilizers of Middletown, Connecticut, on the grass crop at the Robert B. Fisher farm at Cambridge, New York.

I found a Robert Blair Fischer living at White Creek, New York, near Cambridge, in the 1900 Census.  He was born about December 1872 in New Jersey, son of David Wesley Fisher and wife Eliza.

Robert Blair Fisher married Ethel Louisa Fisher on 12 December 1894 at Bristol, New York.  She was born 12 December 1873 at Bristol, New York, daughter of Harlan Morton Fisher and Helen Louise (Phillips) Fisher.  It's possible Robert and Ethel were related, but not as close as first cousins, which is as far as I checked.

Robert and Ethel operated a farm at White Creek and raised at least four children, three of whom were sons.
  1. Robert W. Fisher, born about March 1896 in New York
  2. Dorothy L. Fisher, born about 1899 in New York
  3. Philip Blair Fisher, born about 1904 in New York
  4. John H. Fisher, born about 1910 in New York
For the boy shown on the postcard to be a son of Robert Blair Fisher, the only plausible prospect was Robert W. Fisher, born about March 1896.  Alternatively, the boy could have been a farm hand or farm hand's son.

The postcard was addressed to a Charles H. Walker at Wiscasset, Maine.  I believe he would have been Charles Harrison Walker, born about October 1839 at Woolwich, Maine, son of John and Jane (Potter) Walker.  He died 13 May 1917, about 8 years after receipt of the postcard.

If you have any corrections or insights regarding the Fisher or Walker families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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c1907 Photograph of Ralph Lysander Sukeforth, native of Appleton, Maine

Photograph of Ralph L. Sukeforth; no photographer's imprint.  

From online research, hopefully correct:

I believe this is Ralph Lysander Sukeforth, born 17 August 1877 at Appleton, Maine, son of Benjamin and Leantha (Stover) Sukeforth, both Appleton, Maine natives.  Ralph appears to be about 20 years of age in the photograph, so perhaps it was taken about 1907, or maybe earlier when he graduated from high school.

His paternal grandparents were Bartholomew and Rhoda Ann (Luce) Sukeforth.  His maternal grandparents were Jacob and Nancy J. (Fuller) Stover.

Ralph apparently moved to Massachusetts as a young man, where he married Genevieve E. McDermott on 29 June 1909 at Brockton, Massachusetts.  She was born about 1890 at Sandwich, Massachusetts, the daughter of William and Mary (McHugh) McDermott.

I found the couple, with a son, living in Brockton in the 1920 Census and in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts in the 1930 Census.  Ralph worked in a shoe shop in the area.  Ralph died in 1965.

Map of Appleton, Maine

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Brockton and East Bridgewater, Massachusetts:

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Photograph of Mary Belknap Willson of Albany, New York

Photograph of a woman identified on reverse as Mary Belknap Willson, mother of Luthera, Lura, Manilla and Albert.  The person making the identification guessed that Mary was about 90 in this photograph.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Mary Belknap was born about June 1837 in New York, daughter of Zebina and Fannie (Osgood) Belknap, who were from Randolph, Vermont.

Her paternal grandparents were Moses, Jr. and Margaret (Richardson) Belknap.  Her maternal grandparents were Abijah and Elizabeth (Sprague) Osgood.

She was married at least twice.  First, to a Mr. Wright, with whom she had at least two children:
  • Fannie Wright, born about 1857 in New York
  • Susan P. Wright, born about  1863 in New York
Second, to Leonard Willson, with whom she had at least four children, the aforementioned:
  •  Luthera, born about 1861, at possibly Albany, New York
  •  Lura, born about 1864 in New York
  •  Manilla, born about 1866 in New York; married John F. Collins
  •  Albert, born about 1868 in New York
Mary was living with Luthena and Lura at the time of the 1920 Census of Albany, New York and was shown as age 82.  Luthera and Lura were working as dressmakers in their home.

Mary perhaps had died by the time of the 1930 Census or she was living with people other than Luthera, Lura or Manilla.  The latter, a widow by then, was living by herself at Fonda, New York.

The 1930 Census of Albany, New York shows Luthera and Lura still living together and still enumerated with the surname of Willson.   So it appears neither had married by the time of their late 50s.

Interestingly, there is one year old named Anthony DiBella living with them, enumerated as Lura's son; she would have had him in her late 50s, if so.  The family enumerated before Luthera and Lura is named DiBella, so it's possible Anthony was in the Willson home at the time of enumeration and was mistakenly listed with Luthera and Lura.  Or perhaps Lura had adopted him, officially or unofficially.

If you have any information on the Belknap, Osgood, Wright or Wilson families of Vermont and New York, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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Vintage Campaign Card of John H. Howes of Charleston, Maine

Business card sized memento from the campaign of John H. Howes of Charleston, Maine, for Representative.  Since the Political Graveyard notes that a John H. Howes served in the Maine State Legislature in 1945, I would assume this card came from that era.

The reverse of the card has the name of Wilber F. Harris of 861 Sutter Street of San Francisco, California.

John Herbert Howes was born December 5, 1880 at South Woodbury, Vermont, where his Maine-born father was ministering at the time.  He was the son of Rev. Herbert Roswell Howes and wife Charlotte Ellen (Higgins) Howes.  

On May 11, 1907, John Herbert Howes married Edith E. Hatt, daughter of James Alfred Hatt and Leona (Hayward) Hatt of Wesley, Maine.  She was born December 10, 1879 at Wesley.

The couple settled at Charleston, Maine, where they operated a dairy farm and were active in politics.

If you have any corrections or insights regarding the Howes, Higgins, Hatt or Hayward families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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1889 Photos of young siblings Helen Murchie and Harold Murchie of Calais, Maine

Set of two photographs of children identified on reverse as Helen and Harold; the photographs were taken by the McKay studio of Calais, Maine.  One of the photographs is dated Christmas, 1889.

Using Census records and the names of the uncles to whom the photographs were inscribed, I'm guessing that the siblings are Helen and Harold Murchie of Calais.  

The photograph above was inscribed to Uncle Alex, who might have been Alexander MacTavish, husband of the siblings' paternal aunt, Mary Adeline (Murchie) McTavish.

The photograph below, dated Christmas 1889, was inscribed to Uncle Kemp, assuming I'm deciphering the faint handwriting correctly.

Uncle Kemp was likely David Kemp Harmon of Milltown, St. Stephen, New Brunswick; he was a brother of the siblings' mother Cora Hale (Harmon) Murchie.

Helen W. Murchie was born 1 March 1885 at Calais, Maine, the daughter of George Albert Murchie and Cora Hale (Harmon) Murchie, both Milltown, New Brunswick natives.  Milltown merged with the town of St. Stephen in the 1970s to become the municipality of St. Stephen.

Sadly, Helen died of diabetes on 2 July 1901.  [Ironically, Dr. Charles Best, co-discoverer of insulin in the 1920s, was born in West Pembroke, Maine, not far from Calais.]

Harold Hale Murchie was born 8 March 1888 at Calais, Maine, son of George Albert Murchie and Cora Hale (Harmon) Murchie.  He graduated from Dartmouth College and received a law degree from Harvard University.

He set up a law practice at Calais and later served in both houses of the Maine State Legislature and as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Maine.

On 15 October 1913, at Calais, he married Edith Jessie Ross, daughter of Henry Butler Ross and Lelia Miranda (Bridges) Ross.  She was born 23 March 1888 at St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  Her mother was a native of the aforementioned Pembroke, Maine.

Harold Hale Murchie in later life

If you have any corrections or insights regarding the Murchie or Harmon families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Map of Calais, Maine

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