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1877 ByLaws of the Masonic Mutual Relief Association of Dexter, Maine

ByLaws of the Masonic Mutual Relief Association of Dexter, Maine; organized July 9, 1877.  

Small booklet, approximately 5" by 3-1/2", with eight numbered pages; printed by R. O. Robbins, Printer, of Dexter, Maine.


If you have information to share on any of these men, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

For more information, read One Hundred Years of Masonry, History of Penobscot Lodge No. 39, Dexter, Maine, made available online by the University of Maine.

Centennial Celebration Program for St. Albans, Maine, 1813-1913

Centennial Celebration Program for St. Albans, Maine, 1813-1913.  Booklet, approximately 7-3/4" by nearly 5". with four interior pages.  Printed by Mathews Printing of Pittsfield, Maine.

The booklet contains:
  • Program of the Day - 2 pages
  • Program of the Evening
  • Town Officers in 1913
  • Members on the Centennial Committees

Many St. Albans residents, and people from other towns, most of whom presumably had a connection to St. Albans, are mentioned. Maine governor William T. Haines gave an address in the morning.

If you recognize a name and have information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

1865 Report of the Superintending School Committee of Pittston, Maine

Report of the Superintending School Committee of the Town of Pittston, for the year ending March 6, 1865, Pittston, Maine.  

The back cover served as the address side; this copy was originally mailed to Mr. George Cox, Jr., of New Castle, Maine.  Perhaps George Cox, Jr. (1845-1917), son of Capt. George Cox (1812-1896)

The report contains the reports of the agents of eighteen districts in Pittston, as well as commentary on the teachers, sometimes complimentary, sometimes devastating, and outcomes for each district.  

The report mentions conflict between teachers and students, conflicts between teachers and parents and conflicts between residents that spill over onto the operation of the school. It's an interesting read.

Committee members were:

If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

District No. 1 - Thomas Coss, Agent - perhaps Thomas Coss (1814-1908)
  • Miss Bickford of Dresden; first part of Summer term
  • Mary E. Glidden of Pittston; conclusion of Summer term - perhaps Mary E. Glidden (1832-unk) or Mary Ellen Glidden (1848-1922), who was shown on the 1870 Census of Pittston as a Schoolteacher
  • Lizzie Fuller of Pittston; Winter term - possibly the Elizabeth L. Fuller (1845-1917), who was shown on the 1870 Census of Pittston as a School Teacher; she married George Ferdinand Jewett

District North No. 1 - Isaac Bickford, Agent - perhaps Isaac Bickford (1822-1886)

District No. 2 - William Blanchard, Agent - perhaps William Blanchard (1822-1880)

District No. 3 - James Foy, Agent - perhaps James Foye (1823-1894)

District No. 4 - Caleb Stevens, Agent - perhaps Gen. Caleb Stevens (abt 1815-1869)

District North No. 4 - F. G. Sherman, Agent - perhaps Fuller Gove Sherman (1823-1917)
  • Amanda H. Marson; Summer Grammar School - possibly Amanda Harriet Marson (abt 1839-1901); married Augustine Upton
  • A. M. Thompson of Brunswick; Summer and Winter Primary School
  • Miss Bright of Bath; first two weeks of Winter Grammar School
  • Miss Octavia Hunt of Chelsea; rest of Winter Grammar School - possibly Octavia A. Hunt (1836-1922); married Henry Edwin Merriam

District No. 5 - Robert Barber, Agent - perhaps Robert Barber (1833-1922)
  • Celia C. Gould of Pittston; Summer term - possibly Celia C. Gould (1842-1911), who was shown on the 1870 Census of Pittston as a School Teacher
  • Miss King of Whitefield; Winter term

District No. 7 [no 6 apparently] - Hiram Ware, Agent - perhaps Hiram Ware (abt 1825-1892)
No Summer Term
  • Dora Gray of Pittston; Winter term - perhaps Dora Carlton Gray (1845-unk); married David Stone

District No. 9 [no 8 apparently] - Jonathan Reed, Agent - perhaps Jonathan Reed (1816-1887)
  • Louisa E. Boynton of Augusta; Summer term - perhaps Louisa E. Boynton (1845-unk)
  • Clara Knight of Pittston; Winter term - perhaps Clara Knight (1842-1869); married George K. Hewitt

District No. 10 - Daniel A. Thompson, Agent - perhaps Daniel A. Thompson (1840-1925)

District West No. 10 - Henry Thompson, Agent - perhaps Henry A. Thompson (1842-1911)

District No. 11 - Alfred Stilphin, Agent - perhaps Alfred Stilphin (abt 1803-1888)

District No. 12 - William Chaney, Agent - perhaps William N. Chaney (1811-1879)

District North No. 12 - Moses Hunt, Agent - perhaps Moses Hunt (abt 1805-1874)

District No. 13 - Samuel S. Rairdan, Agent - perhaps Samuel S. Rairden (1828-1878)
  • Lizzie M. Thompson of Pittston; Summer and Winter terms - possibly Elizabeth M. Thompson (1844-1912); married George Edward Goodwin

District No. 14 - S. G. Bailey, Agent - perhaps Samuel G. Bailey (1797-1876)

District No. 15 - George W. Rollins, Agent - perhaps George W. Rollins (1805-1868)

District No. 16 - Ambrose Williams, Agent - perhaps Ambrose Williams (1835-1907)

Again, if you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Early 1900s Postcard of Dexter, Maine; showing the home of Grace Dunham

Early 1900s postcard from Grace Dunham at Dexter, Maine, to Miss Edna Brackett at Newport, Maine.  The postcard depicts the "Long Bridge" at Dexter,  with Grace's home, a handsome farmstead, marked with an X.

The postcard dates to before 1919, when Edna married William Howard Smith, assuming Edna was Edna Sybil Brackett (1892-1920).

The body of water is Lake Wassookeag, with Route 23 crossing a particularly narrow portion.
Grace was presumably Grace Mae Dunham (1893-1923), daughter of William F. Dunham and Mabel (Peavey) Dunham and older sister of Anna Dunham (1902-unk), who would marry Herman George Thiel and become an pharmacist in Florida. 

Coincidentally, several years ago I found Grace's obituary in a scrapbook of Skowhegan and Dexter area items and posted it then in this blog, excerpted below.

Miss Grace Dunham
The remains of the late Grace Dunham arrived Tuesday evening from Hialeah, Fla, where she passed away Nov. 17, 1923, after a brief illness.  The remains were accompanied by Miss Anna Dunham, a sister of the deceased.  Miss Dunham was the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dunham of this town.

The remains were taken to Mount Pleasant cemetery, where Rev. William Garner, pastor of the Universalist church and Miss Mildred Thomas spoke words of comfort to the relatives and friends. There was a profusion of beautiful floral tributes, showing the high esteem in which the deceased was held by her many friends who extend their sympathy to the family.

The bearers were Walter Dudley, Duane Mower, Linwood Mower, Ralph Mitchell, Fred Dore and Dennis Weeks.

Edna Brackett of Newport, Maine, was likely Edna Sybil Brackett (1892-1920), daughter of Charleston Gilman Brackett and Elizabeth (Patten) Brackett and wife of William Howard Smith, with whom Edna had a son, Elmer Vincent Smith.

Sadly, both Grace and Edna died young, Edna presumably as a result of childbirth.  If you have information on the Dunham, Peavey, Brackett, Patten and Smith families of Maine, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

1826 School or Church School Document from Thomaston, Maine - Names of 37 Scholars

1826 school or church school document from Thomaston, Maine, with the names of 37 scholars.

[Thanks to Maine Genealogical Society members for helping me tease out the meaning of this document.]
If you have information to share on any of the scholars listed, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers. I'll amend the post to show your contribution.

Some of the scholars were apparently siblings or cousins.  I've included some information on possible identities, but many of the surnames are common to the area, with given names repeating many times.

 If you have information on any of these scholars, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.  

Alphabetical list of Scholars - sorry about the white background in spots

Mary Brantonpossibly Mary Jane Branton (1812-1839); married John Wallace Haskell
Margaret Butlerpossibly Margaret B. Butler (1815-1892); would marry Capt. Mark Perry
Maria Butlerpossibly Alberta Maria Butler (1809-1881); married Capt. Job Perry and Jesse K. Dean
Melly Butlerpossibly Amelia Butler (1811-1899); married Capt. Henry H. Fales and Elkanah S. Smith
Sophia Butlerpossibly Sophia Butler (1819-1902); married Capt. Hiram Worcester
William Butlerpossibly William Butler II (1817-1900); married Eliza P. Butler
Hannah Harden
Sarah Holmespossibly Sarah A. Holmes (1814/5-1892); married Francis Harrington
Katharine Holmes
Hannah Holmespossibly Hannah S. Holmes (1818-1877); married William C. Ramsey
Eliza Holmespossibly Eliza Croner Holmes (1820-1908); married Cyrenius Crockett
Amelia Holmespossibly Amelia Doyle Holmes (1819-1894); married Sylvester H. Fuller and Henry True Luce
Achsah Ingrahampossibly Achsah Ingraham (1820-1909); married Joseph Kalloch
Ann L. Ingrahampossibly Ann Lindsey Ingraham (1819-1836), daughter of Deacon Henry Ingraham; 
Betsey Ingraham
Elizabeth Ingrahampossibly Elilzabeth Ingraham (1813-1861)
Margaret Ingraham
Mary Ann Ingrahampossibly Mary Ann Ingraham (1817-1892); married Orris Robbins Butler
Mary Jane Ingraham
Orinda Ingrahampresumably Orinda F. Ingraham (1815-1881); married Harrison Farrand
Susan Ingraham
Sally Miller
Eliza Partridgepossibly Eliza Partridge (1815-1850); married Dr. William Stevens Wiley
James Partridge, Jr.presumably James Partridge (1816-1903); married Adeline Glidden Harrington; 
Mary Partridgepossibly Mary Jane Partridge (1822-1908); married Nathaniel Adams Burpee; 
Sevey W. PartridgeRev. Seavey William Partridge (1812-1860); married Hester Ann Chapone Hinkley; 
Lucinda Penney
Hannah Robbins
Lucy Simontonpossibly Lucy Simonton (1818-1853); would marry Samuel B. Partridge and Elijah Mayhew Averell
Rebekah Spearpossibly Rebekah Spear (1820-1906); married Andrew Grant Luce
William Spearpossibly William Henry Spear (1816-unk)
Hannah Spoffordpossibly Hannah Simonton Spofford (1815-1842)
Lucinda Spoffordpossibly Lucinda Spofford (1816-1887); married Hezekiah Prince Coombs
Maria Spoffordpossibly Maria Spofford (1813-1879); married Elkanah Spear
Sophia Spoffordpossibly Sophia Spofford (1819-1899)
Katharine Ulmerpossibly Catherine B. Ulmer (1815-1880); married Adriel Cox Fales
Mary Ulmerpossibly Mary B. Ulmer (1813-1829), daughter of Martin Ulmer and Susan (Stodder) Ulmer

Note:  In 1826, Thomaston contained what is now most of Rockland, Maine, and South Thomaston, Maine.

Monday, January 2, 2023

4 Tintypes by Studios in Bangor, Maine: Sea Capt. Arey; Mother & Kate Ba?ley; Elisa Rackliff; Jennie Bestrell

Capt. Arey

Four tintypes taken by studios in Bangor, Maine, which was a service center for a wide area of Maine, especially back in the Age of Sail.

  • Captain Arey, by the A. B. Farrar Studio of Bangor, Maine
  • Jennie Bestrell or Bertrell or ?; taken by the A. B. Farrar Studio of Bangor, Maine
  • Elisa Rackliff, by the A. B. Farrar Studio of Bangor, Maine
  • Mother and Kate Barley [?]; by the Trask studio of Bangor, Maine

If you have a theory as to correct identities of these people and can tie them all together, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

1853 Deed from Harvey H. Cleaveland to Harriet Thorndike, for a Pew in the West Camden Union Society's Meeting House

1853 deed for a pew in the West Camden Union Society's Meeting House, at Camden, Maine [now presumably Rockport, Maine], for $25 paid to Harvey H. Cleaveland by Harriet Thorndike. Witnessed by Samuel T. Cleaveland.

Harriet Thorndike - presumably Harriet (Watts) Thorndike (1813-1888), widow of Emery Thorndike

If you have information to share on the Cleaveland brothers or Harriet (Watts) Thorndike, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

West Camden is presumably the part of Camden that became Rockport in 1891.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

1938 Snapshot, Rockland, Maine: the Fish Man; F. M. K. and little Dorothy Christofferson

1938 snapshot from Rockland, Maine, showing "the fish man; elderly F. M. K. and little Dorothy Christofferson.
Dorothy was presumably Dorothy Christofferson (1932-2016), daughter of Carl Alvin Christofferson and Dorothy Rae (Mank) Christofferson.  Dorothy married 1) Henry Augustus Conary; 2) Walter Benjamin Whittier; 3) George Arthur Hoxsie.

I searched for a grandfather or great grandfather of Dorothy with a surname beginning with K and didn't find one.

F. M. K. was perhaps Fred Murray Kittredge (1872-1951).

If you can further identify F. M. K. or the "fish man", please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

Calling Card of Eugene M. Clark of Camden, Maine

Calling card of Eugene M. Clark of Camden, Maine.

Presumably stationer Eugene Malvern Clark (1857-1920), son of William D. Clark and Lucretia (Storey) Clark and husband of Cassie Gilman (Osgood), with whom he had several children.

If you have information to share on Eugene M. Clark of Camden, Maine, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

1932 Snapshot of Children at Camden ME: Mary Weymouth of Orono ME; Patricia Moxon of Bethlehem PA; Robert MacWilliams of Rockland ME

1932 snapshot of three children in front of a building at Camden, Maine.  The children are identified on the reverse as:
  • Mary Weymouth of Orono, Maine
  • Patricia Moxon of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Robert MacWilliams of Rockland, Maine

They are, presumably:
  • Mary Weymouth, Orono, Maine; possibly Mary Darilyn Weymouth, daughter of Merl Porter Weymouth and Vera Elizabeth (Jordan) Weymouth and future wife of Daniel John Stevens
  • Patricia Moxon, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - possibly Patricia Claire Moxon, daughter of Percival Robert Moxon and Claire (Heller) Moxon and future wife of Henry J. Gardner
  • Robert MacWilliams, Rockland, Maine - possibly Robert Earle MacWilliams, son of Earl Douglas MacWilliams and Pauline Catherine (Laufer) MacWilliams
Robert's mother was born in Pennsylvania, which might account for the connection between him and Patricia.  If you have a theory of how the children were connected, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.