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Graduation Photo of Madelyn Flora Hooper, Johnson, Vermont

I'm assuming this is a graduation photograph, as there is a little card with the name of Madelyn F. Hooper tucked inside.  The photograph was taken by the Spaulding studio of Hardwick, Vermont.

From online research into her genealogy, hopefully correct:

Madelyn Flora Hooper was born 6 February 1910 in Johnson, Vermont, the daughter of Arthur Jacob and Mary Elizabeth (Fletcher) Hooper.   Her paternal grandparents were Jacob T. and Flora E. (Beecher) Hooper of Vermont.  Her maternal grandparents were Frank A. and Mary (Lovering, I think) Fletcher.

Madelyn married Ronald Owens Davis, who was born 29 December 1905 in Johnson, Vermont, the son of Walter Adelbert Davis and his wife Kitty Cleora (Fletcher) Davis, both born in Johnson, Vermont.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the above information, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cabinet Photo of Willard Jencks; Providence, Rhode Island studio

Cabinet photograph of a man identified on reverse as Willard Jencks; the photo was taken by the P. H. Rose studio of Providence, Rhode Island.

Willard Jencks was born in August of 1824 in Rhode Island, the son of, I think, Pardon Jencks and his wife Lydia (Bolster) Jencks.  He married twice.  His first wife was Louisa Whipple, the daughter of George and Lydia (Arnold) Whipple; Louisa died in 1885.  On 1 Jun 1886 in Rhode Island, Willard married Rosamond; as yet I haven't found her maiden name or parents.

Note: [In March 2013 a reader forwarded information that Rosamond's maiden name was Smith, as found in the 1952 "Jenks Family History" by William B Browne. (p.267)]

I believe Willard and Louisa had a son George W. Jencks, born December 1859 in Rhode Island.

I've seen Willard Jencks shown also as Willard Jenckes.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

Photograph of Handsome Young Man F. M. Lamb; Saratoga, New York studio

Cabinet photograph of a young man identified on reverse, in what I assume is his own handwriting, as F. M. Lamb.  The photograph was taken by Baker & Record, Photographers, Ground Floor Gallery, 448 Saratoga Springs, New York.

I'm wondering if this is a photograph of Francis Mortimer Lamb, the well known painter of Stoughton, Massachusetts, who was born 5 May 1861 in Middleborough, Massachusetts, the son of Amasa Augustus and Ardelia (Monk) Lamb.  His paternal grandparents were Amasa and Susan Lamb.   I haven't yet determined his mother's parents, though I found her in the 1850 Census of Stoughton, living with what appear to be three siblings in the household of Philip and Sally Wood.  Interestingly, an obituary I read said that she had a Troy, New York connection, which would put her in the neighborhood of Saratoga Springs.

Does this fellow resemble the youth in the photograph above?

It's odd that I also found a famous Stoughton painter by the name of Frederick Mortimer Lamb with the same birth and death dates.

Francis Mortimer Lamb married Rosanna Farrell in 1906.  She was born in July of 1866 in Stoughton, Massachusetts, the daughter of Irish natives John and Rosanna (Sheridan) Farrell.  I believe Francis and Rosanna had two children who died in infancy.

All that said, this could be a completely different F. M. Lamb.  I found a couple instances of a Franklin Lamb, one with parents of Lorenzo and Margaret in Westerlo, New York; the other with parents of Leonard and Susan in Fowler, New York.  There could be many more.

If you recognize this young man from a biography of artist Francis Mortimer Lamb, or from your family albums or research into the Lamb family, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Menu from the Wishing Well Tea Room, Waterville, Maine

Vintage menu from the Wishing Well Tea Room, One Silver Terrace, Waterville, Maine, operated by Mrs. A. D. Blake.

There's an illustration of a Cape style house on the inside, but I don't know if the illustration is of the actual house containing the Wishing Well Tea Room, or just a decoration.

 Open Daily.  From 12 Noon Until 7:30 P.M.  Except Sundays and Holidays


Lobster Salad     Plain Lobster
                          (drawn butter)
             Lobster Ramekin
Chicken Salad    Chicken A La King

            Choice of
Fruit Cup          Soup            Tomato Juice
     Vegetable           Potato Chips        Hot Roll
Dessert                    Tea                      Coffee
Fruit Salad                           Cheese Balls
                         Hot Rolls           Potato Chips
Dessert              Tea                   Coffee

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c. 1900 Photograph of Elementary School Children; by Pollard studio, Dover, Maine

Late 19th or early 20th century photograph of schoolchildren taken by the Pollard studio of Dover, Maine.  Sadly, no one in the photograph is identified.

The photograph may have been taken at a Dover school or another school in nearby town in Piscataquis or Penobscot counties.  The school appears to be situated on a knoll with a large barn or other building in the background.

In 1922, Dover, on the south side of the Piscataquis River, merged with Foxcroft, a village on the north side, to create the town of Dover-Foxcroft.

If you happen to recognize the teacher, standing near the doorway, or anyone else, from your family albums, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

Dover, Maine, is the part of Dover Foxcroft, formed in 1922, that is located south of the Piscataquis River.

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1923 Wedding Announcement of Fern Gisela Houston & Ira Mellen Hart, Holden, Maine

Mr. and Mrs. Alton J. Houston
announce the marriage of their daughter
Fern Gisela
Mr. Ira Mellen Hart
on Tuesday, the twenty-fifth of December
nineteen hundred and twenty-three
Holden, Maine

From online research, hopefully correct:

Alton J. Houston was born 1 December 1881 in Bucksport, Maine, the son of John M. and Lenora Houston.  
In 1904 he married Ida L. Cowing of Dedham, Maine.  She was born 26 January 1884 in Maine, the daughter of John Frost Cowing and his wife Lucy Ann (Saunders) Cowing.   They had three daughters in all.

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Basketball Champions of Bucks County 1908/1909, likely Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Real Photo Postcard of the basketball champions of Bucks County for the school year 1908/1909.   They aren't individually identified on the reverse but their manager is - Paul Haney.

Because the ball appears to read "Q.H.S.", and I found a Paul Haney living in Bucks County in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, I believe that this is the champion basketball team of Quakertown High School, Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

From online research, hopefully correct:

The Paul Haney in the photograph may be the Paul S. Haney, born December 1891 or 1892 in Pennsylvania, the son of David Ziegler Haney and his wife Sarah Elizabeth (Sigafoos) Haney, both born in Pennsylvania.

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The L. E. Clark Farm, Princeton, Massachusetts

Update of February 2, 2016:  I've heard from a Clark descendant who tells me that this farm, located on Old Colony Road, at the foot of Mt. Wachusett, is protected as a historic place.

Amazingly, I have found another photograph of a house I discussed back on October 12, 2010, the farmhouse of L. E. Clark of Princeton, Massachusetts.  Here is the link to that earlier post: Old Photograph of the L. E. Clark House, Princeton, Massachusetts.

That photograph was a closeup of the house and ell.  This photograph, taken from a field or pasture, shows the house, a wonderful stone fence and outbuildings of what must have been, and hopefully still is, a very picturesque New England farm.

The identification on the reverse is written in pencil against a gray background so you may not be able to decipher it from this scan.  It reads: Old house where we first lived in Princeton, Massachusetts. Leslie Clark & Family.  I'm not sure what is meant by the last part -whether the ID was written by a member of the Leslie Clark family or by a later occupant family.

Here is the genealogy research on Leslie Everett Clark and family that was in the earlier post:

Researching online, I found a Leslie Everett Clark living in Princeton, Massachusetts in the Censuses of 1910 through 1930. 

Assuming this is the correct L. E. Clark and that the information I found is correct:

Leslie Everett Clark was born about 1868 in Massachusetts, the son of Everett Osborn Clark and his wife Mary (Osborn) Clark.   Leslie's paternal grandparents were Isaac and Almira (Osborn) Clark.  I haven't yet determined the parents of Leslie's mother Mary (Osborn) Clark.

Leslie Everett Clark married Mary Ada Pendleton, who was born about 1866 in Meddybemps, Maine, the daughter of Andrew and May (Pierce) Pendleton.  The family had moved to Wayland, Massachusetts by the 1880 Census.   Mary Ada Pendleton's paternal grandparents were Andrew and, possibly, Mary (?) Pendleton.  I don't yet have information on the parents of May (Pierce) Pendleton, who was born in New Brunswick, Canada or Maine.

Leslie and Ada had a son, George Everett Clark, born in 1893 and several others in the following years.  Leslie Everett Clark, according to a reference online, died in 1936.

Coincidentally, I commented back on May 22, 2010 about three unidentified photographs found with some papers of the Pendleton family of downeast Maine and coastal New Brunswick.  I don't know if the men in these photographs are Pendleton family members, but if they are, it's possible they're related to Leslie Everett Clark's wife, since her birth town, Meddybemps, Maine, is in this area.  Here is a link to that earlier post: 
     3 Photos 

There's a Pendleton's Island in Passamaquoddy Bay near St. Andrews, New Brunswick, settled back in the 18th century by the Pendleton brothers, Gideon, Stephen and Thomas Pendleton.  It's now a protected area, given by the Nature Conservancy of Canada to Canadians as a birthday gift on Canada Day 2003.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Cabinet Photo of Elderly Man Identified as Mr. Langworthy

Cabinet photograph of an elderly man identified on reverse on Mr. Langworthy.  The photograph was taken by Allen & Rowell, Boston, Massachusetts.

I found an I. P. Langworthy in the 1880 Census of Chelsea, Massachusetts, who indicated he was born about 1806 in Connecticut, living with his wife, born about 1819, also in Connecticut.  They were living with their servant, Martha Gates, born in North Carolina about 1826.   He is likely Reverend Isaac Pendleton Langworthy.  Whether or not he is the Mr. Langworthy in the photograph, I don't know; perhaps a  reader will solve the mystery.

If so, from online research, hopefully correct:

Isaac Pendleton Langworthy was born 19 January 1806 in North Stonington, Connecticut, the son of John and Sarah (Pendleton) Langworthy.  His paternal grandparents were John and Altana (Babcock) Langworthy.  His maternal grandparents were Nathan and Amelia (Babcock) Pendleton.

On 8 August 1842, Isaac Pendleton Langworthy married Sarah Williams, who was born 31 July 1818 in Connecticut, the daughter of Cyrus and Martha (Wheeler) Williams.  I wasn't able to find any children for Isaac and Sarah, but they may have had some.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights to the information presented above, especially if you have a different prospect for the Mr. Langworthy in the photograph, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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c. 1900 Grammar School Photograph of Students & Mr. Kane, Thomaston, Maine

Circa 1900 photograph of female students and teacher Mr. Kane at a grammar school in the Rockland, Maine area. The photograph was taken by G. K. Merrill of Rockland.  

After researching the names of some of the students, I believe this school was located in Thomaston, Maine. There must have been a companion photograph of the male students.

If you note names I've transcribed incorrectly or incompletely, please leave a comment or contact me directly. 

  • Mr. Kane
  • Anne Jameson [Annie K. Jameson, later to be Class of 1905 VP at Thomaston HS]
  • Anabel W.
  • Sampson twins [I think Edith and Ella]
  • Marie
  • Julia
  • Nellie S.
  • Elisabeth Washburn
  • Emma Young
  • Addie Dickey
  • Margaret Helens [F.Margaret Hellen, later to be Secretary of Class of 1905 at Thomaston HS]
  • Margaret Ryder [Margaret O'Brien Rider, later to be president of Class of 1905 at Thomaston HS]
  • Cassie Donohue
  • Alice Hahn
  • Ida Kaler
  • Christine
  • Helen Copeland
  • Kate Allen
  • Alta McCoy
  • Evie Donohue
  • Agnes Brown
  • Fannie Grute
  • Hazel Merrill
  • Eva Hatch
If you have corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

c. 1900 Photograph of New Brunswick Canada native Spafford Way at Mountain, Wisconsin

Circa 1900 photograph of a man identified on reverse as Spafford Way of Mountain, Wisconsin.

From online genealogy research, hopefully correct:

Spafford Wayman Way was born 5 February 1865 in Charlie Lake, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of
Samuel Cronkhite Way and his wife Bethania "Fanny" Feero, both born in New Brunswick.  His paternal grandparents were Amos and Maria (Cronkhite) Way.  His maternal grandparents were Peter and Sarah (Ketch) Feero.

At some point, Spafford Wayman Way moved to Wisconsin where he spent the remainder of his life.  On 6 November 1887 in Larrabee, Wisconsin, he married Dora Mary Shaw, who was born in 1873 in Clintonville, Wiconsin, the daughter of William and Achsah (Ayers) Shaw.  I believe Spafford and Dora had four children before she died in 1895.  Her last child, Cecil Calvin Way, died in infancy; perhaps they died together during or as a result of his birth.

Several years later Spafford married Dora's sister Mary, who was born 25 November 1879 in Clintonville, Wisconsin, the daughter of William and Achsah (Ayers) Shaw.  Spafford and Mary had, I believe, eight children.

Spafford Wayman Way died in 1945; his widow Mary died in 1964.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

CDVs of Sisters Eunice & Samantha Kincaid, born in 1860s in Minnesota

Cartes de Visite of two sisters, Eunice Verena and Samantha Mattie Kincaid, who were born in Minnesota and died in California.

Above is Eunice Kincaid, who, according to information on the reverse of the CDV, was born 10 Jun 1864.  The photograph was taken in 1868.

Here is the CDV of Samantha Mattie Kincaid, also taken in 1868:

Samantha Mattie Kincaid was born 1 December 1866.

Eunice Verena Kincaid and Samantha Mattie Kincaid were the daughters of James Andrew Kincaid and his wife Mary Amanda (Bibbins) Kincaid.  To see a tintype of the brother of Mary Amanda (Bibbins) Kincaid, check an earlier post: Julius Bibbins.

Their paternal grandparents were Eucephius and Samantha (Pasco) Kincaid.  Their maternal grandparents were Eliphay and Laura W. (Hawley) Bibbins.

Eunice Verena Kincaid married Lemuel Lane Hotchkiss in California and raised a family of three children.  Lemuel was born 7 April 1861 in California, the son of Burr Mallory Hotchkiss and his wife Anna Maria (Blowers) Hotchkiss.

Samantha Mattie Kincaid married Edward Clark Clement and raised a family of five children in California.  Edward Clark Clement was born 10 June 1861 in Michigan, the son of Isaac Roswell Clement and his wife Savilla (Clark) Clement. [The spelling of the latter's name was updated with information provided in a comment below.]

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Vintage Program of Presbyterian Church, Tenafly, New Jersey

Vintage program of the Presbyterian Church of Tenafly, New Jersey.

George R. Lockwood, Pastor Emeritus
Director of Christian Education
Rev. W. W. Parkinson
Monument 2-7100
99 Claremont Ave., N.Y.C.

Names above include:

Coach Kechal
Kenneth Maren
Miss Carol Ann Fuller
Donald Jenkins
Betty Mayhew
Mrs. Warren Riker
F. W. Eason
Mr. Parkinson
Starr Waters
Paul Day, Jr.
Miss Helen Wendover
Mrs. Charles Wendover
Mrs. E. Eng
Mrs. R. N. Boynton
Mrs. Joseph Leach
Mrs. Thomas Duffy
Mrs. H. M. Wurdemann
Mrs. William Mayhew
Miss Elizabeth Dunn
Mrs. J. Elmer Westervelt
Mrs. H. W. Mowerson
Mrs. Paul Day
Mrs. Murray Chism
Mrs. Harry Bauer
Mrs. Lawrence Davee
Mrs. Z. G. Marsten
Mrs. Homer Deakman
Mrs. P. Purinton
Mrs. Edith Dunn
Mrs. Ida Parcels
Mr. W. W. Parkinson

Names above:

George R. Lockwood
F. W. Eason
L. G. Pierce
H. W. Grahn
R. A. Evans,
B. Alan Mayhew
A. B. Margileth
F. M. Fuller
Trygge Holmgren
L. W. Davee
H. J. Bauer
R. R. Heiges
L. J. Brink

Warren N. Riker
D. B. Penick
Herbert Birch
J. B. Wilson
William Suydam
S. H. Waters
Donald Brink
L. J. Marshall
Paul Day, Jr.
H. E. Diefenbch
A. H. Marden
R. M. Boynton
Dr. Hugh Wolfe
Donald Swift
A. J. Hensen
Mrs. L. W. Davee
Mrs. D. C. Richards
Mrs. Paul ay
Mrs Leroy Ferry
Mrs. Warren Swift
Mrs. Cleveland Cady
Mrs. Hugh Wolfe
Mrs. and Mrs. Wal
ter R. Huck
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Dieffenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hasse
Mr. and Mrs. Norval S. Ewing
Starling H. Waters
William W. Parkinson
Robert Saydah
Betty Roome
Mr. Parkinson
A. B. Margileth
J. S. Woodman
Mrs. J. H. Williams

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CDV of baby Agnes Smart, taken by Stitham studio

Carte de Visite of a baby identified on reverse as Agnes Smart.  The CDV was made by the Stitham studio, no locale given.  The photograph was purchased in Maine, but that fact may or may not be a clue.

If you recognize Agnes Smart from your family albums and the clue of the Stitham studio, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Memorial Card of William Webber, who died 3 Oct 1898 at age 1 yr 2 mo 25 days

Memorial Card

Note: be sure to scroll down to the comments for the input of a reader with information on the likely child, with birth and death information and the names of his parents. 

In Loving Memory of
William [I can't decipher his middle initial] Webber, [presumably William J. Webber?]
Oct. 3, 1898,
Age 1 yr 2 months 25 days

The little crib is empty now
The little clothes laid by,
A mother's hope, a father's joy,
In Death's cold arm doth lie.
Go, little darling, to thy home,
On yonder blissful shore;
We miss thee here, but soon will come,
Where thou hast gone before.

If you have any insight into the family of William Webber, or a thought as to his middle initial, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Photograph of Edith Witham Doe; Lynn, Massachusetts Studio

UPDATE:  Please see the comment below for a further identification of Edith Witham Doe.

Photograph of a woman identified on reverse as Edith Witham Doe, Charlie's sister.  The photograph was taken by Sweetser studio, 57 Market Street, Lynn, Massachusetts.  The original identification of Edith Witham Doe in pencil was amplified by handwriting in pen noting that she was Charlie's sister.

I came across this photograph by accident, and I'm fairly sure that this Edith is the mother of the boy in a photograph I researched back on September 16, 2010: Ralph Doe.  The handwriting in pen is the same as the handwriting on Ralph's photo.

From online research, I had found that the mother of Ralph Doe was Edith Whitman.  This photograph appears to have the same handwriting, yet Edith is identified as Edith Witham Doe.  I believe, however, they are the same person.  Perhaps the person identifying Edith was remembering incorrectly or had heard her maiden name incorrectly.  Or perhaps her maiden name was Witham, and my earlier research was in error.

I found an Edith Whitman, born about 1871 in Maine, living with her parents Thomas and Emily Whitman in Boston, Massachusetts.  This Edith had an older brother Charles.

I also found an Edith Witham, born about 1865 in Massachusetts, living with her parents Henry and Maria Witham in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  This Edith had a younger brother Charles.

I believe the Edith in this photograph died in 1900; sadly, her three sons died in infancy or boyhood.

If you have any information on the Edith Witham Doe [or Edith Whitman Doe] in the photograph, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Tiny photograph of Tom Wiley, husband of Mabel W. Waldron, Thomaston, Maine

Small photograph of a man identified on reverse as Tom Wiley, husband of Mabel W.  I believe this is Thomas E. Wiley, the husband of Mabel W. (Waldron) Wiley, of Thomaston and Rockland, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Thomas E. Wiley indicated on the 1900 Census of that he was born in November of 1864 in Maine; this could be off by a year, as is frequently the case.   I don't have a death date for him, but I can't find him in the 1930 Census.  He was a merchant.

I haven't found anything about his parents.  I found a Thomas Wiley in the 1880 Census of Searsmont, Maine, but his birth year was given as 1871.  This Thomas was the son of Ephraim W. Wiley.

In 1887 Thomas E. Wiley married Mabel W. Waldron, who was born 3 May 1868 in Maine, the daughter of George Waldron and his wife Caroline P. (Hall) Waldron.  George Waldron was a stonecutter.  I haven't yet determined his parents, though I found a possible George Waldron living in Frankfort, Maine, in the 1850 and 1860 Censuses, the son of Daniel and Mehitable.

The George Washington Waldron in the 1850 Census of Calais, Maine, was not Mabel's father, as he died in 1858, before she was born.

Mabel's mother Caroline P. (Hall) Waldron was a bit easier to trace.  She was born 24 August 1833 in Maine, the daughter of Ambrose and Caroline P. (Clark) Hall.  Her paternal grandparents were Isaac and Ann (Anderson) Hall.  I don't have the parents of Caroline P. (Clark) Hall or if Clark was indeed her maiden name.

I find Thomas and Mabel in the 1900 and 1910 Censuses of South Thomaston, Maine, and in the 1920 Census of Rockland, Maine.  As noted above, I didn't find Thomas in the 1930 Census.    It's possible the Mabel W. Wiley living as a boarder with the Roberts family in Reading, Massachusetts in the 1930 Census is our Mabel (Waldron) Wiley, but she gave her birth state as Massachusetts, though this could be an error.  I found a reference online that Mabel died in 1941, just days after Pearl Harbor.

I found that Thomas and Mabel (Waldron) Wiley had a son Clifford, who was born in 1888 and died in 1895.  In the 1910 Census, there is a Dorothy Leach, age 3, indexed as a daughter of Thomas and Mabel.  Thomas, Mabel, Mabel's mother Caroline Waldron and Angeline Lawry, age 7, who is surprisingly listed as a servant, are the last entries on one page, and Dorothy Leach is the first entry on the next page.   Perhaps the Wileys took in Angeline and Dorothy?  I hope the girls had a happy childhood.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Brochure from Thorp & Martin of Boston, Massachusetts on Eclipse of January 1925

Neat folded cardstock piece printed on the occasion of the January 1925 eclipse.  It originally contained a pair of colored glasses, but those are not present, probably having been used during the eclipse.

Once in your lifetime.  Eclipse of the Sun, Boston, Mass., January 24, 1925

The right pane has slits which were meant to hold the glasses in place.

This is About How the Sun
Should Look from Boston
At the Height of the Eclipse

A Primer on the Eclipse
Starts: 8:04 A.M.                January 24
Height: 9:17 A.M.        Eastern standard time
Ends: 10:36 A.M.

Facts Furnished by Harvard Observatory
At its height one-one hundredth of the Sun's diameter will remain uncovered and shining.
How dark will Boston be?  Not even the astronomers know.
When was the last such eclipse darkening Boston?
1806 (Bowditch records.)
When will the next visit us?  In 1932.
The shadow seen January 24 will move slowly from the upper right to the lower left of the Sun's disc.

Even when darkest remember we are Boston's leading stationers.


JAN. 24, 1925
With Greater Comfort Because of Using These
Furnished with the compliments of
Stationers, Wholesale and Retail
66 Franklin Street, Boston, Mass.

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c. 1919 brochure advertising Giacomo Rimini, Italian Baritone

Circa 1919 or 1920 brochure on Giacomo Rimini, Famous Italian Baritone.  Available for Concerts, Recitals, Festivals, etc..  Jules Daiber, Exclusive Management.  Concert Bureau Aeolian Hall, New York City, Mason & Hamlin Piano Used, Vocation Records.

The Italian Baritone, GIACOMO RIMINI, was born in Verona and is twenty-nine years old.  He came with the recommendation of Toscanini, who chose him for the role of Falstaff in Verdi's masterpiece of the same name for the benefit of the Italian War Fund, which Toscanini conducted at Milan, several years ago.

Before coming to the Chicago Opera Association, he was a member of the Dal Verme Company in Milan, where he distinguished himself in a revival of Verdi's Falstaff.  After making his debut in his native city, he sang in the opera houses of Padua, Roviga, and other cities of Italy, thereby obtaining a large repertoire  His success led to engagements in Venice, Palermo, Naples and Rome.

In several seasons past he has appeared at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires and scored in the title roles of "Rigoletto", "Il Barbiere di Siviglia", "Falstaff", "Pagliacci", and other roles of the Italian school.

During the summer season of 1917, at Mexico City, this young Italian baritone was immensely successful in all the parts he undertook to portray.

Critics have declared him one of the best interpreters of "Falstaff" ever seen on the operatic stage, and his Figaro last season with Galli-Curci was a real triumph.  He also scored tremendously in "Francesca da Rimini".  His versatility is enhanced by his ability to portray comedy and character parts as well as the heavier dramatic roles.

Rimini's tremendous successes in Buenos Aires during the summer of 1918, where he appeared as "Falstaff" in "Aida" and "Ballo in Maschera" have brought this young artist greater artistic fame than one would have ever dreamed.

His joint recital tour with Rosa Raisa is entirely booked and will take these two artists to the Coast next spring.

Owing to the unprecedented success and phenomenal triumph of Giacomo Rimini's appearances in joint-recital with Rosa Raisa,the world's greatest dramatic soprano (three concerts in one week in New York to capacity audiences, 15,000) these two artists are being booked jointly for recitals, etc., making a specialty of duet-singing, which today is a novelty on the concert and recital stage.

The page above contains many favorable comments from critics, such as Felix Borowski of the Chicago Herald; Herman Devries of the Chicago Evening American; Edward C. Moore of the Chicago Daily Journal.

The Distinguished Young Baritone of the Chicago Opera Association will make

The fame of Giacomo Rimini extends to many European music-centers in addition to the prestige he has attained in this country.

For the past two years Rimini has been one of the leading baritones of the Chicago Opera Association, where he has achieved phenomenal success in Falstaff, Tosca, Aida, Il Barbiere di Silviglia, Isabeau and the Jewels of the Madonna.

This gifted artist's repertoire includes seventy operas and an extensive selection of concert songs.

Rimini's voice - of rich, sonorous quality - is reproduced with amazing naturalness on the new Vocalion records.

Ask to hear Rimini's superb Vocalion record of the famous baritone aria from the Masked Ball.  ERI TU (Is It Thou?)
No. 54008 12-in. $2.00

See a similar advertising piece for Soprano Rosa Raisa.

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Photograph of a child in the family of Cora Maude Remick, born 1868 in Maine

Note:  Be sure to read the comments section, which has much more information on the Remick/Conroy family and a guess as to the identity of the child. 

Enlarged photograph of a beautiful young child, not identified but in the family of Cora Maude Remick, who married Eugene F. Conroy, according to a page of genealogy that came with the photograph.  Unfortunately I have only the last page.


Cora Maude Remick, April 30, 1868, married July 30, 1886 to
Eugene Francis Conroy, born March 17, 1884 [sic - 1864]
Madeline Agnes Conroy, born May 2, 1890.  Single
Eugene Francis Conroy, Jr., born February 28, 1892,
  married Marie E. McIntyre, October 8, 1919
Lloyd Elwood Conroy, born July 17, 1902,
  married Catharine Veronica Wallace, April 30, 1924,
   Patricia Conroy, born to Catharine and Lloyd, July 29, 1925.

Celia's husband - George Wellington Downing, born Calais, Maine, 
   October 1869, died November 21, 1894.

Walter Boyd Remick married to Hazel Porter, June 20, 1901.
                                                   Hazel Porter died May 25, 1910

Walter married 2nd time to Caroline Elizabeth Link, July 31, 1923.
      Caroline Elizabeth born, Chicago, Illinois

Lloyd Thomas Remick married Mary Elizabeth Cook, July 20, 1907
    Mary Elizabeth born Milford, Massachusetts 1883

From online research, hopefully correct:

Cora Maude Remick was born 30 April 1868 in Maine, the daughter of John G. Remick, born in Otis, Maine, and his wife Sarah E. (Dexter) Remick, born in Dedham, Maine.  Her paternal grandparents were Elkanah and Nancy Jane (Bunker, I think) Remick of Mount Desert Island and Otis, Maine.  Her maternal , grandparents were Thomas Burrill Dexter, born in China, Maine, and his wife Mary Rideout (Blood) Dexter, born in New Hamphire; they had moved to Dedham, Maine.

I don't have any information on the parents of Eugene Francis Conroy, and I'm not sure of his birthdate.  The transcript has an obvious typo, but even 1864 is at odds with an entry for his birth month and year in the 1900 Census of March 1861.  I'm accustomed to the 1900 Census being off by a year either way, but this would be 3 years.

Eugene Francis Conroy and Cora Maude (Remick Conroy had three children: Madeline Agnes, Eugene Francis, Jr., and Lloyd Elwood.  It's possible that the young girl in the photo is one of their children.  The handwritten sheet mentions a daughter born to Lloyd Elwood Conroy in 1924.

Another possibility is that the little girl isn't a direct descendant of Cora Maude Remick at all, but rather a descendant of one of her siblings, perhaps even identified on one of the preceding missing sheets of family genealogy.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, particularly if you recognize the young girl from family albums, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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1911 Photograph of young Mildred Pratt, Bath, Maine

1911 photograph of Mildred Pratt of Bath, Maine, taken by Holmes Studio, Bath, Maine.  The photograph was used as a Christmas card by Willard Oliver to his sister Nellie.

Written on the back of the photograph: Bath, Dec. 1911.  A Christmas Card from Brother Willard to Sister Nellie.  Little Mildred Pratt, one and one half years old.  Our Darling little Niece.  Clinton and Kittie's darling Child.  May the coming year being Peace and Prosperity to you all.  Brother Willard.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Mildred Pratt was born about 1910 in Maine, the daughter of Clinton Fielding Pratt and his wife Kittie B. (Larrabee) Pratt.   I don't have the names of Clinton's parents, but I believe his mother was Ida M. Oliver, the younger sister of Willard and Nellie (Oliver) Erskine, judging from the clues on the reverse of the photograph.  Willard and Nellie had an older sister, Lena, but she married Louis Genthner and raised her family in Massachusetts.

Kittie (Larrabee) Pratt was born about April 1886 in Minnesota, the daughter of Walter and Minnie (?) Larrabee.

By the time of the 1900 Census, Clinton Fielding Pratt was living with his grandmother Philena (?) Oliver and uncle Willard in Bath, Maine.  I don't know what had happened to his parents.

Clinton Fielding Pratt and Kittie B. Larrabee married 17 July 1909.   I don't know if they had other children, in addition to Mildred.  In the 1910 Census, Clinton and Kittie were living with daughter Ruth M. in Bath, Maine.  I'm assuming that the initial M. stood for Mildred, but I can't be sure.   She could have been Ruth Mildred Pratt or Mildred Ruth Pratt, or neither.

By the 1920 Census, Kittie had apparently divorced Clinton F. Pratt and was living with husband Gordon F. Preble and her daughter Mildred Pratt in Woolwich, Maine.  In 1920 Clinton Pratt married Bertha M. Crosman and had at least two more children with her.

As for Mildred Pratt, I lost track of her with the 1920 Census.   Interestingly, I found an entry in the Maine Marriages online database for the marriage of Mildred F. Preble of Bath, Maine, and James F. Cameron of Ohio, in 1928; and another for Mildred F. Preble of Bath and John H. Stuart of Bath in 1935.   However, if our Mildred is Mildred Ruth or Ruth Mildred, she wouldn't have the initial F.  Never say never, though.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

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Photograph of Geneva M. Branch at 11 months; Waterville, Maine studio

Photograph of Geneva M. Branch at the age of 11 months; photo by S. L. Preble, Waterville, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Geneva M. Branch was born about 1911 in Waterville, Maine, the daughter of Chester Arthur Branch and his wife Lena (Richards, I think) Branch of Waterville, Maine.  Her paternal grandparents were Winthrop M. and Emma (Hodges) Branch.  I haven't yet learned the names of the parents of Geneva's mother Lena, or if indeed Richards was her maiden name.  Geneva had a sister, Barbara, who was born in 1912.  She married William A. Chase in 1964.

Geneva M. Branch married Erroll P. Libby or Saint Albans, Maine, on 2 July 1932.  He was born 27 April 1909, the son of Chester Ellery Libby and his wife Susie E. (Emery) Libby.

Sadly, Geneva died in 1938; I'm not sure if she and Erroll had any children.  Erroll P. Libby married a second time in 1939, to Leona Sitnik.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact me directly.

Map of Waterville, Maine:

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2 Photos Leroy Lewis Greely, Portland, Maine, age 1 and age 3

Photograph of Leroy Lewis Greely (1899-1949), Portland, Maine, at age 1, photo by Hanson studio of Portland.

Photograph of Leroy Lewis Greely at age 3 or 4; photo by a Portland, Maine studio.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Leroy Lewis Greely was born at Portland, Maine, on 10 April 1899, the son of Burnard L. and Harriet (?) Lewis.  His paternal grandparents were, I believe, Eliphalet and Abbie (Abbott) Greely.  I don't have information on the maiden name of Leroy's mother Harriet, or the names of her parents, but she indicated on the Census forms that she was born in Canada.

Leroy Lewis Greely married Hope Gertrude Davis (1900-1970), who was born in Providence, Rhode Island, the daughter of Joseph Carlton Davis and his wife Clara Louise (Peckham) Davis.  Leroy and Hope had at least one child, a son.

A reader forwarded a photograph of Clara Louise (Peckham) Davis when she was small. The identification on the reverse notes that Clara was the daughter of Thomas Peckham and Mary (DeBaun) Peckham.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.