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1870s Autograph Album of Emma L. Hintz of Boston, Massachusetts

1870s autograph album of Emma L. Hintz of Boston, Massachusetts.  The album was presented to Emma by Eddie Scott Bennett at South Boston, Massachusetts, on June 23, 1873.

The album is approximately 8-1/2" x 7" and contains the sentiments of 28 of Emma's friends, some of whom might have been classmates or fellow teachers.  One person drew a full page sketch of a sailboat.  An alphabetical list of the signers appears at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Emma L. Hintz was born in Prussia about 1852, the daughter of Frederick and Maria E. (Strange) Hintz.   The Hintz family papers, including a circa 1880 carte de visite of Emma, are held by the Pennsylvania Historical Society.  The description of the papers mentions that Emma's father, a native of Poland and a carpenter, came to the United States from Konigsberg, Germany, in 1853, in advance of his wife and three daughters, who joined him in 1856.  Before his family joined him, Frederick had lived at East Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Roxbury, Massachusetts, but the family settled at New Ulm, Minnesota.  Apparently, though, they later moved to Boston, Massacshusetts.

Emma's sisters were Jennie Hintz and W. Bertha Hintz.  Jennie was living with Emma's family at Yonkers, New York, at the time of the 1900 and 1910 Censuses.

On 23 January 1884 at Boston, Massachusetts, Emma L. Hintz married Henry W. Nye, son of Ebenezer and  Mehitable (Dearth) Nye.  Henry was born at North Brookfield, Massachusetts, on 3 March 1848.   Emma and Henry had at least one child, Berthold Hintz Nye, born 27 October 1886 at Boston, Massachusetts.  He graduated from Columbia University in 1909 and married Dorothy Catherine Draper.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Two of the signers were related to Emma's future husband Henry W. Nye.  They were Henry's paternal uncle, Bonum Nye, and Bonum's daughter Mattie B. N. Bishop of North Brookfield, Massachusetts, who signed their pages in July 1878.

One signer, C. H. Dunton, wrote a year that looks like 1887, but that would be later than any other page, so I'm thinking that he actually wrote 1881.  There's a full page sketch on the right facing page that's dated 1881.  Additionally, another person named L. Dunton of Boston, Massachusetts, signed a page in 1881.

Surnames in the album

?    [3]
Clark    [2]
de Senancour
Dunton    [2]
Paddock    [4]

Signers in the album     [Note: Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Unsigned
  • S. E. R.
  • L. M. C, signed in 1874; not sure of initials
  • Eddie Scott Bennett; he presented the album to Emma L. Hintz on June 23, 1873
  • Mattie B. N. Bishop of North Brookfield, Massachusetts, signed on July 26, 1878; daughter of signer Bonum Nye
  • Wilma E. Clark
  • C. Goodwin Clark, signed at the Lincoln School in June 1873. He was the Master of the Lincoln School, located on Broadway.
  • Robert Cotter, or Robert Cotler
  • May Crosby, signed at City Point, on June 23, 1873
  • Mary Cutler, signed on June 23, 1873
  • Edward E. Day, signed on August 27, 1878
  • Philippe de Senancour, signed 8 August 1879 at M.I.S. Institute, Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute. He was born at Paris, France about 1836 and emigrated to the United States. He married Elizabeth Durrell Bunker on 19 August 1886 at Boston, Massachusetts.  Read more about the Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute here.
  • C. H. Dunton, signed on 30 July 1887, or possibly 1881, as there is a sketch on the facing page of a sailing vessel "The Pignig", dated July 1881
  • L. Dunton of Boston, Massachusetts, signed on July 31, 1881
  • Lizzie Easton, signed at City Point, on June 24, 1873
  • Jennie L. Gibbs
  • Emma L. Hintz of Boston, Massachusetts; album owner; presented to her by Eddie Scott Bennett on June 23, 1873
  • George T. Knott, signed on December 27, 1876; student at Yale University, Class of 1878
  • Bonum Nye of North Brookfield, Massachusetts, signed on July 27, 1878; father of signer Mattie B. N. Bishop.  He was a paternal uncle to Henry W. Nye, Emma L. Hintz' future husband
  • Mary H. Paddock
  • Henry C. Paddock, signed at North Craftsbury, Vermont, on September 2, 1874.  He was Henry Crafts Paddock who shared the page with his wife Marion Wallace (Merrill) Paddock
  • Marion M. Paddock, signed at North Craftsbury, Vermont, on September 2, 1874.  She was Marion Wallace (Merrill) Paddock, who shared the page with her husband Henry Crafts Paddock.
  • A. M. Paddock of Yonkers, New York
  • Matilda Stephens, signed on June 23, 1873
  • Harry N. Stevens of Craftsbury Common, Vermont, signed on September 3, 1874
  • Bel Thacher, signed on July 1, 1973
  • William H. Titcombe, signed on July 15, 1873. Sketched a pond or stream scene.
  • Leland A. Whitney, signed at North Craftsbury, Vermont, on September 3, 1874
  • Erwin G. Woodbury of North Craftsbury, Vermont, signed on September 3, 1874

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1870 Highway Surveyor's Book of Gilman Raitt of Eliot, Maine

1870 Highway Surveyor's Book for District #5 at Eliot, Maine, that belonged to Gilman Raitt, who spelled Eliot as Elliot.

The booklet measures approximately 6" x 3-3/4" and contains 14 interior sheets, with a few pages of printed text, a few pages of handwriting and a larger number of blank lined pages.  It names various landowners in Eliot and their assessments.

Gilman Raitt was born 28 July 1818, the son of John B. Raitt and Anna (Marsh) Raitt.  On 2 November 1843, Gilman married Mary Nason, daughter of William Nason and Sarah Whitehouse (Wilkinson) Nason.  The couple had, I believe, three children.  Gilman died in 1882.  He and Mary are both buried at Eliot, Maine.

The page at left, above, is signed by Assessors Andrew P. Fernald and Moses Goodwin.  The portion of roadway under Gilman Raitt's supervision is shown as from the center of Sturgeon Creek Bridge to his own property.

Names listed on the page above:
William H. Tucker
Edward Boyce
Thomas W. Noyes
Gilman Raitt
Henry M. Raitt
Robert Nason
William Nason
Widow Sarah Nason [presumably Gilman's mother-in-law]
Eliot Brick Yard Company
Heirs of George Stacy and son Daniel
William Tucker
Olive Stacy
Heirs of Jonathan Stacy
Augustus Stacy
Samuel Treadwell
Albert Ham
E. W. Rowe
Samuel Nason
John W. Raitt [Gilman's son]
James Kimball
Oliver Stacy

The names on the page above - "Persons who have not worked out their tax"
William H. Tucker
Daniel Stacy
William Tucker

Names on the page above
John L. Jenks
Rufus Emery
Sam ?
Moses Goodwin

If you have information on the family of Gilman Raitt or any of the other people mentioned in this booklet, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

Eliot, Maine

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1803 Freeport, Maine handwritten document; Ralph Cross; Ezra Ames; M. A. Cross

October 21, 1803 Freeport, Maine, handwritten document, with names of Ralph Cross, Ezra Ames and M. A. Cross.

See another document concerning Ralph Cross.


Freeport, October 21, 1803
For Value Received of Ralph Cross, I promise to pay him or his order the Sum of nineteen dollars and fifty seven cents on demand with interest.      
Witness: M. A. Cross                                          Ezra Ames

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Ralph Cross was likely the Ralph Cross born about 1764 and a merchant at Portland, Maine, who started a store at Freeport, Maine, about 1800. He died 15 October 1815 at Portland, Maine.

There was an Ezra Ames born 22 April 1769 at Lewiston, Maine, son of James and Elizabeth (Hall) Ames.  He married Lucy Garcelon, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Annis) Garcelon.   I'm not sure that Ezra was the person who made out the document, however.

And I'm not sure who M. A. Cross was, but perhaps a Cross relative hired to run the store at Freeport.

If you have more information on the three people mentioned in the document above: Ralph Cross; Ezra Ames or M. A. Cross, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

Freeport, Maine [A] and Portland, Maine [B]

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1804 Windham, Maine, document: William Hanson; Joseph [possibly Scribner or Sanborn, Jr. or Sr. or ?]

Handwritten document of November 20, 1804, Windham, Maine, with names, I believe, of William Hanson and a Joseph, whose surname might be Scribner or Sanborn, Jr. or Sr., or a longer surname, where the latter indicated that he owed William Hanson the sum of $3.41.

Joseph's handwriting isn't all that clear, but I did find a William Hanson at Windham, Maine, born 18 January 1762, who died at Windham, Maine, on 29 October 1814.  He and his wife Matilda (Elder) had, I think, eleven children.  See another document with the name of William Hanson of Windham, Maine, here.

As mentioned above, I'm not sure of the name of the person making the document.  If you know of a Joseph Scribner or Joseph Sanborn, either Jr. or Sr., living in the Windham, Maine, area around 1804, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

Windham, Maine

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Handwritten Document, dated 1794 and 1797 re: Benjamin Crohen & Thomas Allibone, presumably Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Title search of a 1794 mortgage of Benjamin Crohen to Thomas Allibone, involving a property on Chestnut Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets, presumably Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The search was done back to 1790, apparently at the behest of Mathew Irwin at the State House by someone whose name I can't decipher, perhaps Hunt, and was certified on 26 May 1797.

What made me think of Philadelphia is that I found a Benjamin Crohen in an 1895 Philadelphia directory and, written as Crowen, in the 1800 Census of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Interestingly, the document itself shows his name as Crowen on the reverse.  As Benj. Crowen, he's listed as a member of the Second Battalion of the Fourth Regiment of the Militia of the City of Pennsylvania in 1795.

The 1790 Census of Philadelphia, shows a Thomas Allibone at Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in South Mulberry Ward, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1800 Census.  He may have been the Thomas Allibone whose death certificate lists his birth as 1757 and his death as 10 November 1817 at Philadelphia.

The mention of Chestnut Street and Fifth and Sixth Streets would further point to Philadelphia.  If you have clarifications to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, in area near Fifth and Sixth Streets [assuming street names haven't changed in the 200 years hence]

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1834 bill from Cyrus Jones to Captain George Gerrish for wood and repairs - likely Lebanon, Maine

January 20, 1834 handwritten document with the names of Captain George Gerrish and Cyrus Jones.  The document may have been written at Lebanon, Maine, where a Captain George Gerrish and a Cyrus Jones lived during that era.


Capt. George Gerrish bill for wood and repairs in Dist. No. 4. is $12.25 dated January 20th 1834.
Cyrus Jones for tuition in No. 5 is $7.50.

I'm trying to figure out the purpose of this document and could use your input.
  • Was it a document made by an unnamed teacher who was asking to be reimbursed by Captain George Gerrish for wood and repairs the teacher had made, and also asking for the tuition owed by Cyrus Jones?
  • Was it a document where Cyrus was billing for the cost of wood and repairs that Captain George Gerrish owed him, perhaps in his capacity as school agent, and also noting the $7.50 that was to be deducted to cover the tuition of Cyrus' own children?
  • Was it a document written by the town treasurer noting amounts owed and to be collected from Capt. George Gerrish and Cyrus Jones?
  • ?
From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

There was a Captain George Gerrish who was born at Dover, New Hampshire, on October 19, 1775, the son of George and Mary (James) Gerrish.  The year after young George's birth, the family moved to Lebanon, Maine.  The "Captain" designation came from the younger George's service in the York County, Maine, Militia.  He died at Chelsea, Massachusetts, on January 26, 1850.

There was a Cyrus Jones born at Lebanon, Maine, on May 18, 1812, the son of Stephen and Eunice Jones.  At the time of the 1850 Census, he was living at Somersworth, New Hampshire with his mother Eunice and wife Sarah W.  Cyrus and Sarah later moved back to Lebanon, Maine, and were enumerated there up through the 1880 Census.  Cyrus died on 27 August 1895 at Lebanon, Maine.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the above information, or if you feel that this document was written somewhere other than Lebanon, Maine, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Just in case, here is a map of Lebanon, Maine

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c 1861 Ad Sheet for George S. Winslow Co of Boston, Massachusetts; note of E. P. Merrill on reverse

Circa 1861 ad sheet for George S. Winslow & Company, Jobbers of Dry Goods, at 31 and 33 Water and 53 and 57 Congress Streets, Boston, Massachusetts.

The sheet is approximately 9-3/4" x 7-3/4".  There's a note on the reverse by salesman E. P. Merrill, addressed to Friend Sawyer, that Merrill is now working for this firm and is able to offer lower prices than previously.

George Scott Winslow, Sr., was born about 1819 in Massachusetts, the son of Charles and Maria Miller (Wallis) Winslow.  On 10 April 1860 at Boston, Massachusetts, George married Sarah Andrews Train, daughter of Samuel H. and Eliza (Rice) Train.  Sarah was born 23 September 1838 at Hopkinton, New Hampshire.  They had four children:
  1. George Scott Winslow, Jr., born 8 March 1862; married Mary Warren Glidden
  2. Eleanor Winslow, born about 1864
  3. Annabel Winslow, born about 1870; read about her 1895 wedding to J. J. Cairns of Stanneer, Drogheda, Ireland
  4. Charles Gibson Winslow, born 4 February 1871
George Scott Winslow, Sr., died on 9 October 1880 at Somerville, Massachusetts.  His estate wasn't finally settled until 1953.

If you have a theory as to the identity of E. P. Merrill, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The area where George S. Winslow & Company was located:

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1901/1908 Letters & Document of the Charles Frank Conner family of Hancock County, Maine

Two letters and a 1908 tax bill receipt for the Charles Frank Conner family of the Penobscot, Maine, area.  This family lived at Blue Hill, Maine; Penobscot, Maine; and Sedgwick, Maine.  Charles Frank Conner may have been at Stonington, Maine, for his then occupation as a quarryman.

The envelope above contained a letter from Charles' wife Clara Angelia (Fogg) Conner to him, mailed at Penobscot, Maine, on August 8, 1906 and routed through Sedgwick, Maine, to Stonington, Maine.  The reverse:

Earlier, In 1901, Nora Connor, daughter of Charles Frank Conner and Clara Angelia (Fogg) Conner wrote a letter to her father while she was a servant in a Bar Harbor home.  The envelope containing that letter has no postal markings, so presumably it was hand carried.

The last item is a 1908 tax bill receipt from Penobscot, Maine, for $3.  This might have been for home or for a second home or for blueberry land, or whatever.  The receipt was signed by J. H. Littlefield, Collector of Taxes.  He was John Horace Littlefield, born 29 April 1842 at Penobscot, Maine, son of Newman and Mary (Snowman) Littlefield and husband of Annette (Littlefield) Littlefield.

Page 1 of Clara's letter; it goes on to describe money woes and mentions Mrs. Grindle's burial.

Nora's letter:

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Charles Frank Conner was born 31 August 1849 at Brooksville, Maine, the son of George Wardwell Conner and Lucy (Jones) Conner.  About 1871, Charles married Clara Angelia Fogg, daughter of Abel and Abigail Mary (Chatto) Fogg.  Clara was born about February 1854 at Blue Hill, Maine.  The couple had, I think, five children:
  1. Irving Maurice Conner, born 3 January 1873 at Long Island, Blue Hill, Maine; married Maud L. Green
  2. Nora May Conner, born 24 July 1876; married Calvin Curtis Young
  3. Inez Etta Conner, born 29 May 1833; married Harold K. Dow
  4. Geneva Maud Conner, born 13 April 1886; died of TB on 2 March 1912
  5. Gladys Anna Conner, born 14 March 1893; died 17 July 1910
Nora Conner, who wrote the letter above, married Calvin Curtis Young, son of Charles O. Young and Amanda (Treworgy) Young, on 26 December 1901 at Blue Hill, Maine.  Calvin was born 15 November 1861.  Nora and Calvin had, I believe, two children before Calvin died in 1917.  I believe Nora married again, to a Mr. Appleby, as she's listed with that surname in the 1930 Census of Rockland, where she was living with her daughter Hazel and husband.  Mr. Appleby was perhaps James G. Applebee of Bangor, who married a Norah Young on June 28, 1920; although Nora indicated she was married, James was not listed in the household.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Penobscot, Maine [A]; Blue Hill, Maine [B]; [Sedgwick, Maine [C]; Stonington, Maine, Maine [D]; and Bar Harbor, Maine [E]

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1804 Portland, Maine document: Benjamin Rand of Gorham; John Deane; Daniel Thompson

October 8, 1804 document written at Portland, Maine, where Benjamin Rand, "A Gorham Yeoman", promised to pay John Deane $24.30 on or before the first Day of January next.  The transaction was witnessed by Daniel Thompson.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

I found a Benjamin Rand, or perhaps more than one, in Gorham or the surrounding area.   Perhaps he was the Benjamin Rand who married Anne Moody at Standish, Maine, on October 14, 1804.  Both were residents of Standish, Maine, which abuts Gorham.  Perhaps this Benjamin was already farming at Gorham; and perhaps he was needing a loan for his upcoming wedding?

There were several possibilities for a John Dean(e) in Portland, but I was intrigued upon "re-discovering" a John Deane in Standish, Maine, whose name I'd run across earlier when researching an 1801 Standish, Maine, document made by Simeon Sanborn, who promised to pay John Deane $11.60.

That John Deane was born 11 June 1743 at Dedham, Massachusetts, son of Samuel and Rachel (Dwight) Deane.  On 16 September 1766, at Norton, Massachusetts, John married Miriam Hodges, daughter of Joseph and Miriam Hodges.

By 1786, John Deane had moved to Standish, Maine, where he was elected moderator at the first election there after the town's incorporation in 1785, and where he performed the first marriage at Standish, between Sargent Shaw and Annie Tompson, on 14 September 1786.

John and Miriam Dean had at least one child, a daughter Miriam, born 6 January 1878.  She married Enoch Freeman Higgins.  John's wife Miriam died in 1791, so it's possible that he was the John Deane of Standish, Maine, who married Mary Jewett at Newburyport, Massachusetts on 20 June 1793.

John Deane served as Justice of the Peace for Cumberland County, Maine.  He died at Standish, Maine on 6 May 1826.

As for Daniel Thompson, it just so happens that there was a Daniel Thompson living at Standish, Maine.   I found where a Daniel S. Thompson married the widow Charlotte Thompson on 8 September 1799.

If these Standish men are the men named in the document, they may have had business at Portland, and made the document while there.  Perhaps the Standish John Deane was at Portland because of his work as a Justice of the Peace.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or an alternate theory as to the identity of one or more of these men, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Portland, Maine [A]; Gorham, Maine [B] and, just in case, Standish, Maine [C]

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1865 and 1866 Springfield, Maine documents: Eastern Express Company; Alvin Leavitt Jr.; Almon Leavitt

July 11, 1865 document written at Springfield, Maine, showing where Eastern Express Company delivered a package containing $100.75 from N. G. Hichborn to Alvin Leavitt at Drew Plantation, signed as received by Almon Leavitt.

May 17, 1866 document written at Springfield, Maine, showing where Eastern Express Company delivered a package containing $207.62 from N. G. Hitchborn to Alvin Leavitt, Jr. of Drew Plantation, signed as received by Almon Leavitt.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Almon Leavitt was born 12 April 1837 at Turner, Maine, the son of Alvin and Susannah Leavitt.  My research shows that Alvin Leavitt was the son of Isaiah Leavitt and Lydia (Ludden) Leavitt.  I'm not sure where the use of Jr. came in.

Sometime between the enumeration of the 1850 and 1860 Census, Alvin, Susannah and their children moved north to Penobscot County in the area of the town of Springfield.  In the 1860 Census, Alvin was farming, and two of his sons, one of them Almon, were teaching school.  Alvin died in 1868 and is buried at Turner, Maine.

By 1870, son Almon was living at Independence Plantation, now Kingman Township.  Drew Plantation is adjacent to Kingman Township.

On 8 January 1870, Almon married Elsie Kyle Gordon, daughter on Alford and Elsie (Kyle) Gordon.  Elsie was born about November 1848 at Winn, Maine.  Almon and Elsie would have, I believe, three children:
  • Harold Gordon Leavitt, born 25 December 1875; married Grace M. Delaite
  • Eva Leavitt, born about February 1878; married Frederick E. Kimball at Kingman, Maine, on 25 December 1904
  • Grace Leavitt, born about 1880; I believe she died in infancy
Almon operated a tannery, a shingle mill and a steam mill and served as a town clerk at Kingman Township; it's likely that his father was also involved in these ventures.

As for N. G. Hitchborn, I'm not sure who he was, but there was a Nathan G. Hichborn who ran a store and shipyard at Stockton, Mainer.  Just before the year of this document, he was elected Treasurer of the State of Maine, but I assume his business interests carried on.  It's possible that this was a transaction with the State of Maine or perhaps it reflected an order for the store or shipyard.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.   Thanks for stopping by!

Kingman Township, Maine [A] and Drew Plantation [B]

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1849 handwritten document, Sanford, Maine: Dr. George Weld; Stephen Wilkinson; James Hubbard; J. H. Kimball

November 15, 1849 handwritten document written at Sanford, Maine, and bearing the names of Dr. George Weld, James Hubbard, Stephen Wilkinson and J. H. Kimball.

Another post features five documents/letters from Saco, Maine, Sanford, Maine, and Portland, Maine, that are all addressed to a Mr. Hubbard, presumably the same Mr. Hubbard as above.


Sanford, Maine Nov 15, 1849
Doct George Weld
Please pay to James Hubbard or his order Eleven Dollars & forty nine cents and charge the same amount to me.  I will account to you for the same amount and ?
Witness, J. H. Kimball                                                 Stephen Wilkinson

From online research, hopefully correct:   [corrections and additions welcome!]

Dr. George Weld was born 8 September 1796 in Vermont, the son of Samuel and Sally (Hayden) Weld. On 15 June 1828 at Lebanon, Maine, he married Theodosia Wentworth.  They had at least two children, at least one of whom, Sally W. Weld, died young at Lebanon, Maine, on 8 November 1834.  Dr. Weld died at Sanford, Maine, on 17 July 1854.

There were a father and son named Stephen Wilkinson in the Sanford, Maine, area, during the relevant time frame.  The father was born about 1808, the son of James and Sally (Thompson) Wilkinson.  His son Stephen was the firstborn of, perhaps, eight children with wife Susan (Lord) Wilkinson.

Though there were several James Hubbards in the area, a James Hubbard, born about 1812, son of William Hubbard, was living in Sanford, Maine, at the time of the 1850 Census.  That James Hubbard married Hannah Adams of Gilmanton, New Hampshire, on 16 May 1834.  About 1854, they joined a colony of settlers who went to Grinnell, Iowa.  Read more about them here.

J. H. Kimball may have been John Horne Kimball, born 20 May 1811 at Shapleigh, Maine, son of Nathaniel and Mary (Horne) Kimball.  He married Sarah Rollins Philpot in April 1842.  J. H. Kimball was a postmaster and eventually went to work for the Post Office Department at Washington, D.C.  He was living with his son Edward and family at Washington, D.C., at the time of the 1900 Census; his wife Sarah had died by then.

If you have corrections to the information above or feel that one or more of the people described is not the person mentioned in the document, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Sanford, Maine

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2 1850 Invoices of Confectioner Clement Parker, Jr., of Sanford, Maine; George H. Day and J. Hubbard

Two 1850 invoices from the confectionery shop of Clement Parker, Jr. of Sanford, Maine.  The invoice above is dated November 20, 1850 for the purchases made by George H. Day, who purchased "goos" [?], stick candy and a box of rose buds.  Parker's employee T. Quint, or J. Quint, received payment from Day.

The other invoice, dated February 18, 1850 [not sure of last digit] was directed to J. Hubbard and lists purchases of candy, drops, "goos" and what might be an abbreviation for lozenges.

This invoice doesn't have a receipt signature.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Clement E. Parker, Jr. was born 12 August 1809 at Reading, Vermont, son of Rev. Clement E. Parker and Rachel (Taylor) Parker.  On August 17, 1830, son Clement married Maria Hemingway Hubbard, daughter of Jonathan and Frances (Parsons) Hubbard.  Maria was born December 11, 1799.  They had, I believe, five children.  By 1860 the family had moved to Berwick, Maine.  Maria died in 1863.  Clement then moved to Boston, where the 1870 Census finds him married to Rebecca.  He died at Denver, Colorado in July of 1879.

George H. Day may have been the George born 10 August 1819 at Kennebunk, Maine, son of Robert and Mary (Wood) Day, and husband of Ann S. (Adams) Day.  They eventually moved to Massachusetts, where George died at Boxford, Massachusetts, on 8 May 1901.

Hubbard was a common name in the area, so there are several possibilities for a J. Hubbard.  Interestingly, Clement Parker's wife, Maria Hemingway (Hubbard) Parker, had a brother Jonathan, born about 1804.

I didn't find a T. Quint in the area, but if the initial is J., there are several possibilities: John, Joseph, Joshua, James, Joanna, etc.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information about Clement E. Parker, Jr., George H. Day or J. Hubbard, or a theory about ? Quint, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

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1804 I.O.U. Document signed at Gorham, Maine; Joseph Nason; Samuel Estes; George Murch

Handwritten Gorham, Maine, document dated November 3, 1804 where Samuel Estes promised to pay Joseph Nason fifteen dollars within six months with interest.  The transaction was witnessed by George Murch.  The document mentions Gorham and Windham at the bottom.


Gorham, November 3, 1804
For value Received I promise to pay Joseph Nason or order fifteen Dollars Within Six months from the above Date with interest till paid.
As Witness my hand, Samuel Estes
Attest, George Murch

Joseph Nason was presumably the Joseph Nason who was born January 30, 1783, son of Uriah  and Abigail (Knight) Nason.  Joseph married Elizabeth Waterhouse; they had four daughters: Almira, Mehitable, Abigail and Dorcas.  Joseph died April 8, 1860.

I'm not sure which Samuel Estes it was who signed this document.  There was a Samuel Estes who died at Windham, Maine, on May 22, 1817, according to a transcription of cemetery records at the Windham, Maine, Historical Society, though most online trees note that he died in 1818, so I'm not sure if one or the other was a transcription error.  This Samuel Estes was born 8 December 1751 at Berwick, Maine, son of Henry and Mary (Varney) Estes.  He married Eunice Cobb; they had a large family.

George Murch may have been the George Albert Murch who was born 8 February 1767 at Gorham,  Maine, son of John and Anna (Dean) Murch.  That George married Hannah Roberts on January 1, 1791 at Gorham, Maine.

If you have information on any of these men, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

Gorham,  Maine

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