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Belfast, Maine, in the 1820 Census; then in Hancock County

Belfast, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; in Waldo County as of 1827).

An overview of Maine in the 1820 Census, with links to the 9 counties then existing and from there to the towns then existing, appears here.

Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumerated population of Belfast, Maine, in 1820 was 2026; see names of heads of households below.

The enumeration of Belfast consists of parts or all of eleven sheets 507-521, not all of which have names on them; use the arrows at the top left of each page to arrow forward or back.

If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
Simon ? - surname smeared but might end in "ton"; research hints at Simon Watson
Otho Abbot
George Adams
Joel Adams
Priscilla Alden
Josiah Ames
John Angier
William Avery

Daniel Bachelder
John Bangs
Joseph Barnes
Thomas Bartlett
Jonathan Basford
Joseph Bean
Josiah Bean
Lewis Bean
Lewis Bean
John Beckett
John Bell
Watson Berry
Sally Bird
John Bither - middle initial either J or I
Joseph Bither
Nehemiah Blake
William Blake
Shepherd Blanchard
Mary Bootman
Samuel Bootman
Patrick Borah or Bonah or ?
William Boswell
Joshua Brackett
Daniel Bradbury
Moses Brier
Robert Brier
Cornelius Brimhall
Benjamin Brown
Charles Brown
John Brown
John G Brown
Samuel Brown
George W. Bruce
James Bryan; middle initial O or P or ?
Henry Buck
John Burgess
John Burk
Samuel Burkmar

Annas Campbell
Chauncey C. Chandler
Alexander Clark
Elisha Clark
Hannah Clark
Thomas Clark
Jacob Cobbet
John Cochran
Robert B. Cochran
Nicholas Coffin
Ebenezer Colburn
Ephraim Colson
John H. Connor
Polly Covel
Ebenezer Cox
Joseph Cram
John Crea
Leonard Crosby
William Crosby
Benjamin Cunningham
Jacob Cunningham
James Cunningham
Samuel Cunningham
Samuel Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham

Benjamin Davis
William Davis or Davie
George P. Day
Samuel Dillaway
James Douglass
Isaac Durham
James Durham
John B. Durham
John Durham
Jonathan Durham
Tolfard Durham
William Durham

A. B. Eastman
Joseph Eayres
Alvan Edmands
Asa Edmands
Benjamin Eells
Harry B Eells or Harvy B. Eells
Lydia Eells
Nathaniel Eells
Robert Eells
Robert Emery
James Enright
John Ewers - middle initial T or F - if F, possibly John Fox Ewers (1772-1846)

Jane Ferguson
Bohan P. Field
Sally Fletcher
Nathan B. Foster
William Frederick
Abraham French
Eliphalet French
Samuel French
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost, Jr.
William Furber

Samuel Gilbrith
Paul Giles
John Gilmore
John Gilmore
Nathaniel Gilmore
Ezekiel Glidden
David Goddard
Henry Goddard
Joseph Gordon
Samuel Gordon
John Greely
William Greely
William Grinnell

Josiah Hale
John Hall
Lois Hall
Ziba Hall
John Haraden
Benja Hartshorn
Walter Hatch
Josiah D. Hinds
Nathaniel L. Holden
Ephraim Holmes
Peter Holmes
Richard Holt
George Hopkins
Joseph Houston
Robert Houston
Samuel Houston
Thomas Houston
Thaddeus Hubbard
Caleb Huse
John Huse

Samuel Jackson
Moses Jacobs
Alfred Johnson
Alfred Johnson, Jr.
Daniel Johnson

Michael Keaton
Phineas Kellam
Robert Kelsey
John S. Kimball
Solomon Kimball
Sarah Knowlton

Joseph P. Ladd
Daniel Lane
William Learby or Leasby or Learley or Leasley or ?
Abraham Libbey
Stephen Longfellow
Job Lord

Joseph McClure
James McCrillis
Nathan McDonald
Roderick McDonald
Simon D. McDonald
Ephraim McFarland
John McHanah
Ephraim McKeen
Isaac McKeen
John McKeen
John McKinley
Mary McLaughlin
John Merriam
James Miller
John Miller
Joseph Miller
Robert Miller
Samuel Miller
Benjamin Monroe
William Moody
John Moore
Philip Morill
Zebulon Murch

Salathiel Nickerson, Jr.

John S. Osborn

John Palmer
Mary N. Palmer
Andrew Patterson
James Patterson
John M. Patterson
John Patterson
Nathaniel Patterson
Nathaniel Patterson, Jr.
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson, 2nd.
Robert Patterson, 3rd
Robert Patterson, 4th [not sure of digit]
Robert Patterson, Jr.
William Patterson
William Patterson
Samuel Peck
John Penney
John Perkins
Peleg Perry
Nicholas Phillips
David Pierce
Ebenezer Pierce
Calvin Pitcher
Fisher Pitcher
William Pitcher
Benjamin Poor
Eben Poor
James Poor
Jonathan T. Poor
William Poor
Susan Porter
Zacheus Porter
Robert P. Pote
Mary Prince

Jonathan Quimby
William Quimby

Nathan Read
Thomas Read
David Rider
George Robinson
Hugh Ross
Ephraim Rowe
Peter Rowe
John Russ
Ezra Ryan
William Ryan

William Salmond - he was likely the enumerator as his name appears on the second sheet as "Assistant to the Marshall of Maine"
John Sargent
Robert Sargent
Aaron Sawyer
Barnabas Sherman
James Shirley
John Shute
Josiah Simpson
Manasseh Sleeper
Elisha Small
Abiathar Smith
Betsey Smith
Caleb Smith
Jonathan Smith
Peter H. Smith
Harry Soddergreen
Samuel Spring
Nathaniel Stanley
William Staples
Margaret Steel
Francis Stephenson
Zenas Stephenson
Jonathan Stevens
Caleb Stevenson
Jerome Stevenson
Thomas Stevenson
John Stewart
Thomas Stewart
Earl Sturtevant
Susanna Sturtevant
Jeremiah Swan
Nathan Swan

John Thomas
Jonathan Thurston
Charles Tilden
Alexander Todd
Elijah Torrey
James Towerd - possibly James Toward (1771-1846)
Henry True
Martha True
Samuel True
David Trueworthy
Pamela Tufts
Josiah Twitchel
Samuel Tyler

James Wagg
John Wagg
John Wagg, Jr.
Jeremiah Walker
Samuel Walton
Andrew Ward
George Watson
Simon ? - surname smeared but might end in "ton"; research hints at Simon Watson
David Webster
George W. Webster
John Wentworth
Paul Wentworth
Sarah Werding - presumably Sarah (True) Wording
Sarah Werr or Weir
Peter West
William West
Jonathan White
Robert White
Samuel White
William White
Benjamin Whittein - presumably Whitten or variant
Daniel Whitten
Eleazer Williams
John Williams
Alexander Wilson
John Wilson
Jonathan Wilson
Levi Wiman ? not sure of surname, might not start with W
Noah Wing
Peter Winslow

Archibald York
Benjamin Young

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