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Industry, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Somerset County)

Industry, Maine, in the 1820 Census; then in Somerset County; as of 1838 in Franklin County.

Boundary changes subsequent to 1820: annexation of land in New Vineyard in 1844; annexations from Starks and Anson in the early 1820s; portions set off to Farmington and New Sharon in the early 1850s.

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only, with a tally of everyone in the household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Industry appears on Sheets 288-295; use the arrow at top left of the image to page forward.

The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings, which may have affected the alphabetized list below.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
Bartlet Allen
Trueman Allen
William Allen
Zebulon Allen
Jonathan Ambrose
Eliza Atkins
James Bailey
Matthew Benson
Leonard Boardman
John Bradbury
Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury, Jr.
Josiah Butler
Simeon Butler
Joseph Chesley
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins, Jr.
James Collins
Joseph Collins
Lemuel Collins
Lemuel Collins, Jr.
William Conforth
Benjamin Cottle
Samuel Crumpton
Nathan Cutler
Henry Daggett
Peter Daggett
Tristram Daggett
Cornelius Davis
David Davis
James Davis
Atkins Ellis
William Ellis
Ira Emery
James Eveleth
Joseph Eveleth
Jane Fish
Samuel Fogg
Sherburn Fogg
Lydia Follet
Daniel Folsom
Ebenezer Foster
Jonathan Goodridge
John Gott
James Gower
John Gower
James Grayham
Levi Greenleaf
David H. Hanes
Jacob Hayes
Peter Hayes
Gilman Hilton
Charles Hinkley
Ezekiel Hinkley
George Hobbs
Joseph Hobbs
James Holbrook
Alvin Howes
Lemuel Howes, Jr.
Nehemiah Howes
James Hutchins
Henry Johnson
Ichabod Johnson, 2nd
William Johnson
Joel Judkins
Elisha Lambert
Levi Lambert
Valentine Look
Thomas Lovejoy
Daniel Luce
David Luce
David Luce
Elisha Luce, Jr.
Elisha Luce, Jr.
Rowland Luce
Trueman Luce
Zephaniah Luce
Francis Meader
Samuel Morse
Josiah Norcross
Cornelis Norton
Jabez Norton
Nancy Norton
Obed Norton
Obed Norton, 2nd
Samuel Norton
David Oliver
James B. Oliver
John Oliver
Abraham Page
Samuel Patterson
Joshua Pike
James Pinkham
Samuel Pinkham
Winborn Pinkham
Jonathan Pollard
Moses Pressey
John Ramsdell
Francis Remick
John Remick
William Remick
William Roach
Amiel Robbins
Amiel Robbins, Jr.
Thomas Rogers
Daniel Shaw
Alvin Smith
Ebenezer Smith
James Snell
James Stanley
Ebenezer Swift
Moses Tallman
Dudley L. Thing
Samuel Thing
John Thompson
John Trafton
Jonathan Trask
Stewart Trask
Moses True
Rufus Viles
Peter West
Peter West, 2nd
Isaac Wilson
James Winslow
Robert Withee
Zoe Withee or Loe Withee
Amos Woodman
Amos Woodman, Jr.

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