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Palmyra, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Palmyra, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

Boundary changes since 1820: Land was set off to Warsaw (now Pittsfield) in 1824 and 1828

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Palmyra consists of all or parts of Sheets 143-146; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

Note: Sheet 146 shows half a page of heads of households for Palmyra, as well as the aggregate tallies, and then goes on to another town, Athens, although the enumerator neglected to write the town's name in the margin.   The Athens names on Sheet 146 may be indexed as Palmyra residents in some online databases.

The enumerator's use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the list below.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment. 

Heads of Households; sheet numbers
Benjamin Ausborn - presumably a variant of Osborn 143
Joseph Blasdel, Elder 143
Thomas Burrill 143
Benjamin Daggett 143
Richmond Daggett 144
George H. Davis 144
John Davis 143
Samuel Davis 143
Nchemiah Deavereux 144
Roberson Dexter 144
John Dunham 143
Parker Eaton 144
David Elkins 144
James Elkins 144
Peter S. Elkins 144
Samuel Elkins 144
William Fairbrother 144
Benjamin Fields 144
Joseph Folsom 144
Joseph G. Folsom 144
John Fowl 144
Daniel Gale 144
Titus Gehonnet - presumably a variant of Johonnet 144
David Gillman 144
Samuel Gitchel 144
Nathaniel Higgins 144
Thomas Higgins 144
David Jewett 144
Ebenezer H. Judkins 144
Enoch Judkins - middle initital P or T 145
Peter Judkins 145
Michael Kinney 145
George Lancey 145
Samuel Lancey 145
Samuel Lancey, Esq. 145
William Lancey 145
Asa Longley 145
Samul Marsh 145
Jeremiah Mastin or Martin 145
Andrew Mclure 145
John Mclure 145
Samuel Mclure 145
Thomas Mclure 145
Abagail Miles 145
Abraham Miles 145
Joseph Miles 145
Ebenezer Nay 146
John Noble 145
Gideon Parkman 145
John Parkman 146
Joseph Parkman 146
Jonathan Powers 145
Joseph Prescot 145
Jeremiah Robinson 146
Stephen Robinson 146
Joshua Runlet 146
Rachel Seco, Widow 146
Asa Smith 146
Isaac Smith 146
John H. Smith 146
John Stacy 146
Joseph Warren 146
John White 146
Nathaniel Wilson 146

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