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Knox, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Knox, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1827 in Waldo County).  Knox gained land from parts of Thorndike and Montville in the early 1830s.

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document, linked below, for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The total population of Knox enumerated in 1820 was 560; see the names of heads of households below.

The enumeration of Knox consists of all or parts of Sheets 571-574; use the arrow at top left to arrow forward and back.

Note: Some of the handwriting is smeared or difficult to interpret.  If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
George Trundy ?
Jacob Ligce or Sigce ?
Samuel Tilton or Felton or ?
James Aborn
Scolley Baker
Jonathan Bangs
Joseph B. Banton
Samuel Banton
Eben Barnum
Joseph Barnum
Ephraim Blake
William Bowen
Elias Brown
Joshua Brown
Seth Brown
James C. Bryant
John Bucklins
Edmund Clements
Hale Clements
James Clements
Jeremiah Clements
Jeremiah Clements, Jr.
Moses Cross
Paul Doty
Jacob Dutton
Hugh Elkins
Seth Elliot
Samuel Felton or Tilton or ?
Hugh Gilchrist
Philip Greeley
Joseph Green
Aaron C. Hadley
Isaac Hall
William Hall
Ebenezer Hamlin
John Haskel
Nathaniel Haskell
Samuel Haskell
Harvey Hatch
Henry Hutchings
Benjamin Johnson
Lemuel Jones
Isaiah Keith
Jonathan Kelsey
Moses Kelsey
Moses Kenney
James Lamson
Justin Lee
William Leonard
Israel McKenney
Jonathan Pain
Daniel Patch
David Patch
Merriam Penny
Robert Perry
Thomas G. Philbrook
Jonathan Pitcher
Isaac Reed
Timothy Richardson
Peter Sanborn
John Sawyer
Jonathan Sawyer
John Sears
Jacob Severance
Elisha Sherman
David Shibles
John Smith
Joseph Smith
Nathan Smith
Peter Smith
? Spaulding - perhaps Samuel or Lemuel Spaulding
Susan Spaulding
Pelham Sturtevant
George Sweet
William Sweet
William Thompson
Samuel Tilton or Felton or ?
George Trundy ?
Daniel Walker
Daniel Weed
James Weed
Betsey Whitaker
Thomas Whittier
Stephen Wiggins
Elias Wilkins

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