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Brooksville, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Brooksville, Maine, in Hancock County, in the 1820 Census.

An overview of Maine in the 1820 Census, with links to the 9 counties then existing and from there to the towns then existing, appears here.

Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document, linked below, for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Brooksville consists of parts or all of Sheets 585-590; use the arrows at the top left of each page to arrow forward or back.

If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
William Aiken
George Allen
Peter Allen
Jacob Ames
Jacob Ames, Jr.
Gowen Armour
Francis Bakeman
Henry Bakeman
John Bakeman
John Bancroft
Timothy W. Barns
Joseph Bates
Isaac Billings
Jesse Billings
Solomon Billings
Daniel Blake
Daniel Blake, Jr.
Edward Blake
Elisha Blake
Ephraim Blake
Henry Blake
Israel Blake
John Blake
Oliver Blake
Richard Blake
John Blodget
John K. Blodget
William Blodget
Aaron Bolton
Benjamin Bolton
William Bolton
John Bray
Edward Carter
Daniel Causten
Thomas Colson
Richard Condon
Richard Condon, Jr.
Timothy Condon
John O. Conner
Benjamin Courtney
Samuel Couzens
John Darby
Daniel Davis
William Davis
Polly Dodge
James Douglas
John Douglas
Eunice Dunfee
David Dyer
John Dyer
Jonathan Foster
David Goodale
Abijah Gray
Cristopher Gray
James Gray
Jesse Gray
Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray, Jr.
Jeremiah Green
Josiah Green
Ichabod Grindell
Joshua Grindell
Reuben Grindell
Archibald Haney
John Hawes
Benjamin Howard
Edward Howard
George Howard
Samuel Howard
James Irish
Jeremiah Jones, Jr.
David Jones
Jeremiah Jones
John Jones
Samuel Jones
John Jordon
Henry Keler
Thomas Kentch
Rogers Lawrence
Christopher Lee
John Lord
Richard Lord
Benjamin Lunt
Joseph Lunt
Cunningham Lymsburner
Thomas Lymsburner
Ebenezer Marks
Stephen Marks
Joseph Mayo
Reuben Mayo
Neal McGee
Dominicus Milliken
David Moore
Samuel Nichols
David Norton
Lemuel Norton
Noah Norton
Noah Norton, Jr.
Phineas Norton
Thomas Norton
Jacob Orcutt
Malachi Orcutt
Thomas Orcutt
Joseph Parker
William Parker
Amos Perkins
Otis Pickard
Benjamin Radman
Francis Radman
Israel Radman
Israel Radman, Jr.
John R. Radman
John Radman
Benjamin Rea
Benjamin Ross
Nathaniel Russel
Elias Shepherdson
Joseph Smith
Isaac Snow
John Snow
Nicholas Snow
Thomas Snow
Thomas Stevens
Ambrose Stover
Jonathan Stover
Willam Stover
William Stover, Jr.
Peletiah Tapley
Robert Tapley
Thomas Tapley
William Tapley
John Tebbetts
John Tebbetts, Jr.
John Tebbetts, 3rd
David Varnum
Gershom Varnum
Matthew Varnum
Thomas Veazie
David Walker
John Walker
Robert Walker
David Wasson
John Wasson
Samuel Wasson
Thomas Wasson
Daniel Webber
John Webber
Joseph Webber
Andrew Webster
John Whitaker
Walter Willins
Mehitable Woodbridge
Hannah Woodward

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