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Deer Isle, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then included Stonington, Maine)

Deer Isle, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Deer Isle consists of parts or all of Sheets 596-606; use the arrows at the top left of each page to arrow forward or back.

Heads of Households
Reuben Rhode Island - perhaps did not know surname; only where Reuben came from
A George Adams
Ezekiel Alexander
Samuel Allen
David Angel
B John Babbage
Levi Babbage
Stephen Babbage
Stephen Babbage, Jr.
John Barber
Parmelia Barber
Solomon Barber
Henry Barter
Peletiah Barter
Robert Barter
William Barter
Daniel Billings
Timothy Billings
Samuel Blastier
Isaac Bray
John Bray
John N. Bray
Jonathan Bray
Nathaniel Bray
Nathaniel Bray, Jr.
Robert Bray
Willard Bray
William Bray
Willoughby Bray
Richard Brown
Thomas Buckminster
C John Campbell
Robert Campbell
Jacob Carleton
Jonathan Carleton
John Carlo
Betsey Carman
Dominicus Carman
George Choate
Joseph Clifton
Isaac Closson
John Closson
John F. Closson
Nehemiah Closson
Ambrose Colby
Hezekiah Colby
Joseph Colby
Polly Colby
Thomas Colby
Benjamin Cole
Benjamin Cole, Jr.
Joseph Cole
Joseph Cole, Jr. or Joseph L. Cole
Willard Cole
Asa Collins
David Collins
Thomas Conra
Thomas Conra, Jr.
Daniel G. Copp
Judah Covell
Ephraim Crockett
Ephraim Crockett, Jr.
Isaac Crockett
Nathan Crockett
Richard Crockett
Robinson Crockett
Samuel Crockett
D William Dexter
William Doar
Robert Douglas
David Dow
Ephraim Dow
John Dow
Judith Dow
Nathan Dow, Jr. or Nathan ? Dow
Nathan Now
Stephen Dow
Thomas Dow
James Duncan
Elijah Dunham
Joseph Dunham
E Asa Eaton
Edward B. Eaton
Jeremiah Eaton
Jonathan Eaton
Mary Eaton
Nathan Eaton
Solomon Eaton
Willia Eaton
William Eaton, Jr.
Hannah Emerson
Seth Emerson
F John Foster
Samuel Foster
William Foster
William Foster, Jr.
Avery Fyfield
G Samuel Getchell
Isabella Gibson
Daniel Gilbert
Amos Gordon
Andrew Gray
Isaac Gray
Jeremiah Gray
Josiah Gray
Asa Green
James Greenlaw
John Greenlaw
Richard Greenlaw
Richard Greenlaw, Jr.
Walter Greenlaw
William Greenlaw
David Groce
George Groce
Jane Groce
Moses Groce
Swansey Groce
George Grover
William Grover
H Abner Hallett
Elizabeth Hamilton
Jonathan Hardy
Peter Hardy
Peter Hardy, 3rd
Peter Hardy, Jr.
Joseph Harris
Ignatius Haskel - presumably Haskell
Aaron Haskell
Abijah Haskell
Abijah Haskell, Jr.
Benjamin S. Haskell
Davis Haskell or David Haskell [smear]
Edward Haskell
Edward Haskell, Jr.
Francis Haskell, Jr.
Ignatius Haskell Jr
Jonathan Haskell
Jonathan Haskell, 3rd
Jonathan Haskell, Jr.
Joshua Haskell
Joshua Haskell, Jr.
Mark Haskell
Nathan Haskell
Peter Haskell
Solomon Haskell
Thomas Haskell
Thomas S. Haskell
Tristam Haskell
Tristam Haskell, Jr.
William B. Hatch
Seth Hatch
John Hervey
Elisha Holbrook
Amasa Holden
Stephen Holt
Chauncey Homes
John Howard
Joshua Howard
Mary Howard
Michael Howard
Michael Howard, Jr.
Samuel Howard
Thomas Howard
J Daniel Johnson
Joanna Johnson
Ebenezer Jordon
Leonard Judkins
K Charles Kempton
Mary Kidder
George Kimball
Benjamin Knowlton
Joseph Knowlton
Robert Knowlton
L Benjamin Lane
John Lane
Oliver Lane
Oliver Lane, Jr.
Susanna Lane
Ebenezer Leeland
Huldah Linsey
Sophia Littlefield
Nathan Low
Daniel Lufkin
Henry Lufkin
Henry Lufkin, Jr.
Micajah Lunt
M Ephraim Marshall
Francis Marshall
Levi Marshall
Nathaniel Merchant
Aaron Merethew
Benjamin Merethew
John Merrill
Elias Morey
Elias Morey, Jr.
Ezekiel Morey
William Mowry
N Willoughby Nasan - perhaps meant Nason
Jesse Niles
Joseph Noyes
P Nathaniel Perry
James Pherson
Samuel Pickering
Moody Powers
Peter Powers
Chase Pressy
Ezra Pressy
Jeremiah Pressy
Jonathan Pressy
Joshua Pressy
Paul Pressy
Thomas Pressy
R Edward Raines
John Raines
Johnson Raines
Joseph Raines
Merriam Raines
William Raines
Reuben Rhode Island - perhaps did not know surname only where Reuben came from?
John Rich
Asa Richardson
Edward Richardson
Ebenezer Robbins
James Robbins
Nathaniel Robbins
Samuel Robbins
Thomas Robbins
Tristam Robbins
William Robbins
Samuel Robinson
Hezekiah Rowell
S Isaac Sagus ?
Anna Saunders
Asa Saunders
James Saunders
John Saunders
Samuel Saunders
Thomas Saunders
David Sawyer
Ebenezer Sawyer
Nathaniel Sawyer
John Scott
Nathaniel Scott
Charles Sellers
Joseph Sellers
William Sellers
Andrew Small
Benjamin Small
Ebenezer Small
Ebenezer Small, Jr.
Edward Small
Edward Small, Jr.
Joseph Small
Michael Small
Nailer Small
Samuell Small
Thomas Small
George Smith
James Smith
Simeon Smith
Mary Spofford
Pearl Spofford
Samuel Staples
William Staplles - presumably meant Staples ?
Aaron Stinson
James Stinson
Jesse Stinson
John Stinson
Joseph C. Stinson
Samuel Stinson
Samuel Stinson, Jr.
Thomas Stinson
Thomas Stinson
William Stinson
Benjamin Stockbridge
John Stockbridge
Samuel Swain
William Swain
Crowell Sylvester
Edmund Sylvester
Joseph Sylvester
T Thomas Thomson
David Thurlo
Amos Thurston
Nathaniel Thurston
Solomon Thurston
Adam Tompson
Daniel Torrey
David Torrey
Ebenezer Torrey
James Torrey
Jonathan Torrey
Mercy Torrey
John Torry
John Trundy
Samuel Trundy
Asa Turner
John Turner
Samuel Turner
Andrew Tyler
Belcher Tyler
Joseph Tyler
Pepperell Tyler
Thomas Tyler
W Richard Warren
Samuel Webb
William Webb
Jeremiah Weed
John Weed
Joseph Weed
Sarah Weed
William Weed
Otis Wentworth
Joseph Whittemore
Samuel Whittemore
Susannah Whittemore
William Whittemore
Peter Williams
Abijah Windes
Elizabeth Worster
Y William Yeaton
Benjamin York
Mary York
Rufus York
Susannah York

Note: the map of Deer Isle shown below does not include the town of Stonington, but Stonington and the islands now part of Stonington were a part of Deer Isle until 1897

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