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Dresden, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Dresden, Maine, in Lincoln County, in the 1820 Census.

Boundary changes since 1820: part of Alna annexed in 1841; Swan Island set off to form Perkins (now Perkins Township) in 1847

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Dresden appears on Sheets 106-115; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Enumerated population of Dresden, Maine, in 1820 - 1339

Note: the enumerator submitted a list of names of heads of households in alphabetical order. There's a bit of a glitch, however, in the M-P range. Sheet 110 ends with Mayer, and Sheet 111 starts with Parker.  The missing names in the M-P range were picked up on Sheet 112. This accounts for some Sheet numbers appearing out of order.

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spelling may have affected alphabetization of the list below.  If you have errors to report or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

John Alexander106
Amos Allen106
George Allen106
Jesse Allen106
Lemuel Allen106
Peter Allen106
Ephraim Alley, Jr.106
Samuel Alley106
Thomas Austin106
Caleb Barker107
Carr Barker107
Turner Barker107
Henry Barrett107
Oliver Barrett107
Abigail Benson106
Aaron Bickford106
George Bickford106
Paul Bickford106
Robert Bickford106
Samuel Bishop106
Alexander Blair106
Samuel Blair107
Thomas Blair106
William Blair106
Jabez Blanchard107
Solomon Blanchard107
David Blen107
Gilmore Blen106
Harrison Blen106
James Blen106
Sarah Blen107
Abigail Bosswood107
Catherine Bourk106
William Bourk106
William Bowman107
Edmund Bridge106
Samuel Bridge106
James Bugnon106
Charles Call107
David Call107
Hannah Call 107
James Call107
Jonathan Call107
Moses Call107
Nancy Call107
Nathan Call107
Nathaniel Call107
Obadiah Call, Jr.107
Stephen Call107
William Call 107
John Carlisle108
Benaiah Cate108
Daniel Cate108
Thomas Chapman108
John Chism108
David Clancy107
William Colburn108
Henry Colby108
James Corney108
William Costolo108
Asa Dinsmore108
Thomas Doughty108
James Dumeresque108
Ann Goodwin108
Benjamin Goodwin108
David Goodwin108
Edward Goodwin108
George Goodwin108
Jeremiah Goodwin108
Samuel Goodwin108
Samuel T. Goodwin - middle initial might be F.108
George Goud108
James Goud109
James Goud 3rd109
John Goud108
William Goud108
Benjamin Gray108
Joseph Groves108
Ebenezer Hatch109
Paul Hatch109
Reuben Hatch109
Simeon Hatch109
John Hathorn109
John Hathorn, Jr.109
Nathanial Hathorn109
Ruth Hathorn109
Obed Haynes109
William Hinkley109
Charles Houdlette109
Francis Houdlette109
George Houdlette109
James Houdlette109
Lewis Houdlette, Jr.109
Philip Houdlette109
George Howard109
Absalom Howes - not sure of surname109
Joseph Johnson109
Samuel G. Johnson109
Thomas Johnson109
Sibbyl Kendall110
Benjamin Kidder110
Edward Kidder110
John Kidder110
Richard Kidder109
Elisabeth Kyles110
John Leman110
William Lewis110
Converse Lillie110
George Lillie110
Isaac Lillie110
Robert Lillie110
Samuel Lillie110
Thomas Lines110
Robert Lint110
Alfred Lithgow110
Simon Lovett110
Samuel Lowell110
Stephen Mason112
Stephen Mason, Jr.112
Susanna Mason112
Charles Mayer110
Charles Mayer, Jr.112
George Mayer110
George Mayer, Jr.110
James Mayer110
John Mayer110
Stephen Mayer112
William Mayer112
Rebecca McFarland112
John McGown112
Joseph McGown112
Sarah Meagher112
Daniel Meservey112
David Meservey112
Reuben Meservey112
George K. Morrison110
James Morton112
Nancy Murphy112
William O'Brien112
William O'Brien, Jr.112
Daniel Palmer111
Ebenezer Parker111
Freeman Parker111
Elisha Parkhurst111
George Parris111
John Parris111
David Patterson111
James H. Patterson111
James Patterson111
Samuel Patterson111
William Patterson111
John Perkins111
Zebediah Perkins111
Jeremiah Pickard111
John Polereczky111
John Polereczky, Jr.111
Joshua Pray112
Benjamin Prescott111
Abraham Pushard112
Charles Pushard112
Christopher Pushard112
George Pushard112
J? Pushard - faint but could be James or Jonas or ?112
Peter Pushard112
Amos Reed113
Amos Reed, Jr.111
Converse Reed113
Daniel Reed111
David Reed111
Jacob Reed111
James Reed113
Joel Reed111
Stephen Reed111
Nathaniel D. Richardson113
Smith Richardson113
Elisabeth Rittal113
James Rittal, Jr.113
John Rittal113
Benjamin Robbins113
Daniel Robbins113
Daniel Ryan113
Susanna Saunders113
James Sears113
Ebenezer Segars113
John Segars113
John Segars, Jr.113
Reuel Smith113
Daniel Spring113
Amos Stearns113
Cornelius Stilphin113
Francis Stilphin113
George Stilphin113
James T. Stilphin113
Mary Stilphin113
James Stone114
Holder Tallman114
Jonathan S. Tallman114
Charles Thayer114
Charles Theobald114
Sally Theobald114
Asa Thompson114
Harding Tubbs114
Samuel Tubbs114
Deborah Tupper114
Mary Ann Tupper114
Clarkson Turner114
John Turner114
John Turner, Jr.114
Mary Turner114
Stephen Twyeross114
James Wakefield114
Elias Waterhouse115
Benjamin Webb115
John Webb114
Oliver Whitcomb115
Francis White114
James White114
John White114
Philip White115
Samuel White114
Samuel Woodward115

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