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Starks, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Starks, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

Boundary changes since 1820: the part of Starks known as Lowell Strip was set off to Industry in 1882; land set off to Mercer in 1835 and 1865; land set off to Norridgewock in 1907

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Starks consists of Sheets 227-237; use the arrow at top left to page forward.   Note that the very top of Sheet 227 contains the total town tally for Fairfield.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings, which may have affected alphabetization. If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
William Albee
James Atkinson
Holmes Bearce
Henry Bickford
Henry Bickford, Jr.
Moses Bickford
Joshua Boyinton
Josiah Bradbury
Samuel Brawn
Asa Brown
John Brown
Joseph Burr
James Chapman
John Chapman
Samuel Chapman
Widow Mary Chapman
Benjamin Church
Francis Cole
John Collins
David Crosby
Asa Cumings
John B. Curtis
John Day
James Dickerson
Samuel Dickerson
Samuel Dickerson, Jr.
Benjamin Didson - variant of Ditson ?
James Duley - enumerator indicated there might be more letters in the surname.
Guy Dunlap
Elijah Dutton
Elijah Dutton, Jr.
Josiah Dutton
Isaac Elliot
Valentine Felker
Elisha K. Fish
Samuel Fish
Widow Thankful Fletcher
Benjamin Folsom
James Folsom
Nathaniel Folsom
William Folsom
John Frederick
Joseph Frederick
Joseph Frederick, Jr.
Peter Frederick
John Frizle
John Frizle, Jr.
Jonathan Gilmore
Ebenezer Gray
George Gray
John Gray
Reuben Gray
Leonard Greaton
Josiah Green
Anthony Greenleaf
Ebenezer Greenleaf
John Greenleaf
John Greenleaf, Jr.
Joseph Greenleaf
Levi Greenleaf
Stephen Greenleaf
Thomas Greenleaf
Widow Greenleaf
William Greenleaf
Amos Heald
Sylvanus Heath
Jonathan Hebbard
Aaron Higgins
Josiah Higgins
Edgar Hilton
Benjamin Holbrook
John Holbrook
Joseph Holbrook
Peter Holbrook
Eliza Hughs
William Huston
Nathaniel Ingolls
William Ingolls
Jesse Jewell
William Johnston
Isaac Jones
Abijah Joy
David Kimball
Hartley Kimball
Nicholas Kimball
Abner Kirby
David Kirby
Samuel Ladd
William Ladd
Widow Betsy Lander
Alexander Leeman
Jacob Leeman
Jacob Leeman, Jr.
Samuel Libby
Cornelius Lombard, Jr.
Jonathan Lovell
Zelotus Lovell
Daniel Marshall
Gersham Marshall
James Mason
Charles McCoy
Thomas McFaden, Jr.
John McLaughlin
Widow Susanna McLaughlin
William Meader
Martin Moore
Abel Morse
George Nicholds
Joel Nicholds
John Nicholds
James Oliver
Lemuel Pease
James Pinkham
Benjamin Pomroy
Jeremiah Pomroy
John Pomroy
Richard Pomroy
William Quint
True Remick
John Sawyer
Luke Sawyer
Luke Sawyer, Jr.
Otis Sawyer
John Seavy
Richard Sheaf
John Skillings
Eleazer Snell
William Southerin
John P. Spencer
Simeon Spencer
Edward L. Sterry
Samuel Sterry
Benjamin Stevens
John Stevens
William Sylvester, Jr.
James Taylor
Joseph Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Richard Taylor
Robert Taylor
Samuel Taylor
James Thompson
Elijah Tobey
David Trask
James Trask
Joshua Walton
Daniel Waugh
Elijah Waugh
James Waugh
John Waugh
Robert Waugh
Thomas Waugh
Thomas Waugh, Jr.
Washington Waugh
William Waugh
Moses Williams
Simeon Williams
Ebenezer Williamson
George Williamson
Isaac Williamson
Jonathan Williamson
Jonathan Williamson, 2nd
Joseph Williamson
Matthew Williamson
Stephen Williamson
Stephen Williamson, Jr.
Thomas Williamson
Warren Williamson
Jesse Witham
John Witham
Widow Witham
James Wood
Nathan Wood
Daniel Young
David Young
James Young
James Young, 2nd
Joshua Young
Joshua Young, Jr.
Robert Young
William Young

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