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May Entries in the 1900 Diary of John Foss & Isabelle (Huff) Foss of West Hollis, Maine

May entries in the 1900 diary of John Foss (1860-1934) and Isabelle (Huff) Foss (1869-1929), "Belle", who farmed at West Hollis, Maine.  From the entries, it's plain to see that they were a hard working couple.

The couple made use of a blank diary for 1894 to record their 1900 entries.  Fortunately, the days match up.

John and Belle, who married in 1890 at Hollis, Maine, had two daughters:
  1. Myra Helene Foss (1892-1976), who would marry George Woodbury McKenney 
  2. Annie Evelyn Foss (1900-1988), who would marry Lewis Isaac Woodman
From a collection of five of their diaries covering 1899, 1900, 1902-1904 and John's 1913 account book.  See an overview post that features:
  • family history of the Foss family
  • links to entries for the rest of January 1899 and other diaries from 1900, 1902, 1903 and 1904
  • an alphabetical list of surnames in the diary and an approximation of how many different people of that surname were mentioned in the diaries
  • an alphabetical list of individual people mentioned in the diaries, some countless times

1894 diary used for 1900 entries

The person making the entry is identified in brackets.  Throughout the diaries, John made occasional entries, but Belle made the majority of them. 

People mentioned in the entries below are identified or tentatively identified the first time they appear. If you have corrections, alternate identities or additional information on anyone mentioned,  please leave a comment or contact me directly.

 April 28, 1900 - [John]  Went over to James Benson with wood.
  • James Benson - James Benson worked occasionally for and with John; married Maud Nelson
April 29, 1900 - [John]  Settled with Had this morning. Went up and payed Mrs. Manson for the lading.
  • Mrs. Manson - either a Mrs. Manson as spelled, or perhaps Mrs. Mason, owner of the Mason place
April 30, 1900 - [John]  Hauled manure and went up to Elmer's.
  • Elmer - possibly one of the following: postmaster Elmer E. Abbott; Lewis Elmer Burnham, if he went by his middle name; Elmer Haley; Elmer E. Tufts of Waterboro; Charles Elmer Warren
May 1, 1900 - [John]  Plowed in the morning; went up to the Mason place.

May 2, 1900 - [John]  Went to center today, got some grain.  Planted peas. Settled with Ceas 
  • Ceas - presumably Cecil Leighton Haley
May 3, 1900 - [John]  Rained hard all day. I piled wood in the shed.

May 4, 1900 - [John]  I went over to Will Deering and got 20 dollars of what he owed me.
  • Will Deering - presumably William Brooks Deering
May 5, 1900 - [John]  It rained in the morning. I went up to C. W. Smith; went up to the Mason place in the afternoon; Planted potatoes. It snowed some.
  • C. W. Smith - possibly Charles W. Smith
  • Mason place - the farm and woodlot that John either leased or worked 
May 6, 1900 - [John]  The ground froze last night. It was very cold for the time of year.

May 7, 1900 - [John]  Planted potatoes. It was cold. Painted the sleds. My trees come in the afternoon.

May 8, 1900 - [John]  Set out apple trees and spread manure up on the Mason place.

May 9, 1900 - [John]  It has rained this morning. I set my peach trees.

May 10, 1900 - [John]  Went to West Buxton; got Dot shod. Went to the Ctr in the afternoon. Got my springs.
  • Dot - John's draft horse
May 11, 1900 - [John]  Plowed for James B. all day 
  • James B. - presumably James Benson
May 12, 1900 - [John]  Laid down the orchard up to the Mason place. Uncle George came today.
  • Uncle George - presumably John's paternal or maternal uncle or by marriage
May 13, 1900 - [John]  It was warm today. We went to ride.

May 14, 1900 - [John]  I carried Uncle George to the Center.

May 15, 1900 - [John]  Hauled manure and harrowed.

May 16, 1900 - [John]  plowed for Huff all day.
  • Huff - presumably referring to the place of George P. Huff and Sarah E. (Bean) Huff, parents of John's wife Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle"
May 17, 1900 - [John]  Laying down ground to home today. We had a thunder shower tonight.

May 18, 1900 - [John]  It rained last night and this forenoon. I went up to the Mason place and hauled rocks. We had a thunder shower.

May 19, 1900 - [John]  It has rained hard all day. There has been the most rain fell today that we have had for some time.

May 20, 1900 - [John]  It was pleasant today. I went up to the Mason place.

May 21, 1900 - [John]  There was a thunder shower today. I planted sweet corn.

May 22, 1900 - [John]  Went to West Buxton and harrowed for James.
  • James - presumably James Benson
May 23, 1900 - [John]  Got James Benson's woman and picked rocks
  • James Benson's woman - presumably Maud (Nelson) Benson
May 24, 1900 - [John]  Picked rocks all day. B. Gilpatric and Jed.
  • B. Gilpatric
  • Jed - presumably John's draft horse
May 25, 1900 - [John]  Harrowed all day.

May 26, 1900 - [John]  Been to the Ctr and got Jed shod today.  There is a meeting up here today.

May 27, 1900 - [John]  It was warm today. Quarterly meeting up to the meeting house.

 May 28, 1900 - [John]  I worked for Ed Tarbox today.
  • Ed Tarboxpresumably Edward A. Tarbox, husband of Jennie B. (Hooper) Tarbox
  • Mrs. Hillpresumably Hannah (Seaver) Hill, daughter of James and Mary (Bean) Seaver and widow of Jeremiah Hill. Mrs. Hill would die on November 7, 1903, as noted in the 1903 diary.
May 29, 1900 - [John]  Planted up in the Mrs Hill field.

May 30, 1900 - [John]  Planted up on the Mason place.

May 31, 1900 - [John]  Planted up on the Mason place.

June 1, 1900 - [John]  Went to Clarks' in the morning. Built fence in the afternoon.
  • Clark - presumably the establishment of lumber dealer Charles Franklin Clark (1844-1917)
June 2, 1900 - [John]  I have been harrowing and hauling rocks. Bought a Cow of Ed Tarbox $25.

Again, if you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, including the Foss family itself, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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