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1930/40s Photo Album Presumably Owned by Family of George Rex Young and wife Virginia H. (White) Young of Washburn, Maine

1930s/1940s photograph album that apparently belonged to the family of George Rex Young (1920-2000) and his wife Virginia H. (White) Young (1920-2008) of Washburn, Maine.

George was born at Eastport, Maine, on the coast, but grew up at Houlton, Maine. Houlton is in a potato growing area, and this might be what attracted George's father, John Robinson Young, a cooper by trade.

Virginia was born at Wade, Maine. The couple married in 1940 and spent their married lives at Washburn, Maine.

The album contains 16 snapshots and the obituary of Faustina Maria (Bubar) Young London. Some of the identifying information is written on the plastic sleeves, to poor effect, and it's possible someone has, at some point, replaced photos into the wrong sleeves.

Because of copyright issues and the fact that some people may still be living, I'm not posting the photographs but will be glad to share with a family member.

I'll take a chance on posting the photograph below, however.  It shows Virginia among her classmates of 1937 [or 1939], perhaps at Wade, Maine, or neighboring Washburn. With any luck, someone might recognize the building, especially if it's still standing.

The photographs:
  • 3 men, dated 1939
  • A photograph of a group of students, with "Virginia" and "1937" written on it. This may have been Virginia H. White's graduating class, at Wade, Maine, or Washburn, Maine.
  • Phil in uniform - presumably Virginia's brother Philip Alton White (1918-2014). He served in the U.S. Army for four years, until 1945.
  • 1942 photo of Ken, a young boy, and Dave, a baby able to sit on his own. They were presumably Kenneth L. Young (1935-1970) and his nephew David Young, son of Kenneth's older brother George Rex Young and Virginia H. (White) Young.
  • Photograph of a child and a woman, presumably his mother. Written on the plastic sleeve: "___ & Virginia, 1941". The child looks able to walk or on the verge of walking, so may not David Young, Virginia H. (White) Young's son, who was born in 1941, I believe.
  • 1938 photo of five young adults: George, Virginia, Floyd or Lloyd, Dell and M? Presumably George and Virginia were George Rex Young and Virginia H. White before their marriage. Dell may have been Virginia's sister Delma Mae White.
  • baby at 8 months
  • "Loren & Dave".  Loren Arthur White (1923-1989) and his nephew David Young, son of Loren's sister Virginia H. (White) Young and George Rex Young.
  • Three young women - 1938 written on the sleeve
  • Young woman
  • "George, Floyd or Lloyd, & friend, 1939" - perched on the hood of an automobile. George was presumably George Rex Young, future husband of Virginia H. White.
  • "Dave at Gram's house". Young Dave was standing with the help of what appears to be a gorgeous homemade bentwood love seat. He was the son of George Rex Young and Virginia H. (White) Young. Dave's maternal grandmother was Laura (Baker) White of Wade, Maine; his paternal grandmother was Georgia Margaret (Leighton) Young of Houlton, Maine.
  • "Dave and Mom". Dave was presumably the baby of George Rex Young and Virginia H. (White) Young, but "Mom" could have been Virginia or perhaps the mother of the person who took the photograph.
  • "George & Dave". Presumably George Rex Young and his young son David Young
  • Young man in front of an automobile
  • Poignant photograph of a woman and a man holding a child. Written on the reverse: "Killed in action. Good bye on way to war 1942.  Lev & Virg". Presumably Virginia H. (White) Young and her brother-in-law Leverett Leroy Young (1921-1945), who is holding Virginia's young son David Young. Leverett is buried in Margraten, Netherlands.
  • In the same sleeve as the photograph of Virginia, Leverett and Dave is the obituary of Faustina M. London, who died at age 27 at Presque Isle, Maine, the wife of Eugene R. London. Not mentioned in the obituary is the fact that Faustina Marie (Bubar) Young London was first married to Leverett Leroy Young. I believe Leverett and Faustine had a son Frederick, who died at birth or in infancy.  

 The last sleeve in the album contains more than its share of grief.

If you have insights into any of the photographs described, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  I'd especially like to know if the name I can't tease out is Floyd or Lloyd and if the school shown was in Wade or Washburn.


  1. I am researching Faustina Bubar Young London for a radio show. Her scrapbook of her husband's KIA death has been donated to the Aroostook Historical Museum in Houlton.

    1. Interesting! That is such a poignant image. BTW, did you notice any errors or things that need clarification? If so, please let me know so I can correct them.

    2. Hi, Is it possible to listen to the show? Thank you!

    3. Hi, Is it possible to listen to the show? Thank you!

    4. Hi, Is it possible to listen to the show? Thank you!

    5. Hi, Is it possible to listen to the show? Thank you!

  2. Georgia, I don't know if the original commenter ever did the radio show or how to get in touch, sorry. I searched online but didn't find anything, except the link to this blog post.