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Georgetown, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Lincoln County)

Georgetown, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Lincoln County; as of 1854 in Sagadahoc County.

Boundary changes since 1820: land set off to form Arrowsic in 1841

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Georgetown appears on Sheets 88-96; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

The enumerator listed heads of household alphabetically, but when after he reached the W surnames, he started over again with a new set.  The first set of alpha names appears on Sheets 88 and runs to half of Sheet 90; the second alpha set continues on to Sheet 96.  Perhaps the first set of names lived in one section and the second set in another, or perhaps another person helped with the enumeration.

The two sets are blended in the alphabetized list below.  The enumerator's use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the lists below.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
BJames Beal90
Jeremiah Beal90
John Beal88
Samuel H. Beal90
Samuel Berry90
Aaron Brown88
Sarah Butler88
William Butler88
CAlexander Campbell90
Elijah Campbell90
Nancy Campbell90
Michael Chase90
Robert Chase90
Allen Clary90
Allen Clary, Jr.90
Robert Clary88
Joseph Couilliard88
Joseph Couilliard, Jr.88
Nathan Crossman90
DThomas Delano90
Joseph Douglas90
Jonah Dow90
Alexander Drummond88
Ezekiel Drummond88
EHawley Emerson88
Benjamin Emmons90
Benjamin Emmons, Jr.91
Thomas Emmons91
FJames Fisher91
Jeremiah Fisher88
Michael Fisher88
William Flitner91
Joseph Fogg91
GWilliam Gahan - not sure of surname91
William Gammage88
William Gott91
William Gott, Jr.91
Joseph Green91
Ebenezer Grover91
HJohn Hale, Jr. or John Hall, Jr.91
Samuel Hale88
William Hale or William Hall91
Charles Hallett92
Lewis Harford 92
William Harford 92
Catherine Heagan91
Richard Heagan91
Gilbert Heal91
John Heal91
William Heal91
Simeon Higgins88
Edmund Hinkley91
John Hinkley91
Samuel Hinkley91
William Hinkley91
Michael Hogan88
David Hunt91
John Hunt88
Joseph O. Hunt92
Mary Hunt92
Thomas Hunt92
William Hunt, Jr.91
JJohn Jewell92
LJohn Lancaster88
William Larry ?92
David Linnon92
John Linnon92
Thomas Linnon92
Samuel Look92
MDaniel M? - possibly Daniel Maltus93
John McCummins ?93
Charles Mahoney93
Thomas Mahoney93
Sargent Mains93
Robert P. Manson93
Samuel Manson93
Alexander Mars92
Dennis Mars92
Isaiah Mars92
James Mars92
Richard Mars92
Thomas Mars92
William Mars92
Andrew McFadden93
James McFadden93
John McFadden88
John McFadden, Jr.88
Samuel McFadden93
Andrew McKinney92
Brooks McKinney92
Ebenezer McKinney92
Matthew McKinney92
Matthew McKinney, Jr.88
Robert McKinney92
Daniel McMahan93
Timothy McMahan93
David Morse88
OBenjamin Oliver93
Benjamin S. Oliver93
David Oliver93
David Oliver, 3rd93
David Oliver, 4th93
David Oliver, Jr.93
Ebenezer Oliver94
Edward Oliver94
Elisabeth Oliver94
Ephraim Oliver93
Ephraim Oliver, Jr.93
Eusibius Oliver94
Henry Oliver93
Jacob Oliver94
John Oliver94
Nicholas Oliver94
Parker Oliver93
Richard Oliver93
Thomas Oliver94
Wadsworth Oliver93
William Oliver93
William Y. Oliver93
Wyman Oliver89
PCollins Pattee89
John Pattee89
Samuel Pattee89
Ebenezer Perkins94
Nathaniel Perkins94
David Poor94
Jacob Poor94
James Poor94
Robert Poor, Jr.94
Charles Potter89
David Potter89
William Potter89
John Preble89
Mary Preble89
James Preston89
RBenjamin Rackliff95
Henry Rackliff95
Samuel Rackliff95
James Rairdon89
James Remick94
Benjamin Riggs94
James Riggs - not sure of given name as it's very faint94
Alexander Rogers94
Francis Rogers94
George Rogers94
Nathaniel Rogers94
Ebenezer Rowe94
Ebenezer Rowe, Jr.94
Joseph Rowe94
SJohn Saddler95
John Saddler, Jr.95
William Saddler95
James Salley90
Thomas Seavey - middle initial possibly B95
James Sewall89
John Sewall89
John Sewall, Jr.89
William Sewall89
Michael Shea95
Nicholas Shea95
Philip Shea95
Gordon Snipe89
John Snipe89
Gideon Snowman95
William Snowman95
Caleb Spinney95
David Spinney95
Jeremiah Spinney95
John Spinney95
Moses Spinney95
Nicholas Spinney95
Richard Spinney95
Charles Stevens95
Thomas Stevens95
James Stinson89
James Stinson, Jr.90
John Stinson, Jr.89
Samuel Stinson89
William Stinson89
William Stinson, Jr.89
Benjamn Swett89
John Swett89
TAaron Tarr96
Benjamin Tarr95
Benjamin Tarr, 3rd95
Benjamin Tarr, Jr.95
Daniel Tarr95
James Tarr96
Jordan Tarr95
Joseph Tarr - not sure of surname90
Nathaniel S. Todd96
Jotham Trafton96
Thomas Trafton96
Zaccheus Trafton96
WSusanna Wallace96
James Webber96
John Webber96
Noah Webber96
Mary Welsh96
James White90
John White90
Richard White96
William White90
James Williams96
Andrew Whitmore90
James C. Whitmore90
William Whitmore90
Elijah Williams96
Samuel Woodsum96

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