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Ellsworth, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Ellsworth, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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See the original enumeration on Sheets 611-615 - use the arrow near the top to page forward.

Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; to see the tally of people in the household by age range and gender, see the original document linked above.

Heads of Households
Daniel Adams
Elisha Austin
Edward Beal
William Bickford
John Black
Charles Bonzey
Samuel Bonzey
Henry Bowers
George Brimmer
Ephraim Brown
Joseph Burke
Joseph Card
James Carter
John Chamberlain
Daniel Chapman
Ephraim Chapman
Judah Chase
Eli Colby
Amos Davis
David Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Ezra Davis
James Davis
John Dean, Jr. or John ? Dean
William Dollard
Jesse Dutton
Samuel Dutton
Emma Epps
James C. Fisk
Abraham Freaze
George Freaze
Sally Fullerton
Benjamin Garland
Edward Garland
Eli Garland
John Garland
Josiah Garland
Thomas Garland
James Grant
William Heal
Charlotte Herbert
Shimuel Hodgkins
John Hopkins
Hutchinson Ingals
Theodore Ingalls
Charles Jarvis
John Jellison
John P. Jellison
Nathaniel Jellison
Benjamin Jordon
Benjamin Jordon, Jr.
Ezekiel Jordon
Isaac Jordon
John Jordon, Jr. or John ? Jordan
Joseph Jordon
Loring Jordon
Meletiah Jordon
Nathaniel Jordon
Rachel Jordon
Samuel Jordon
Solomon Jordon
Stephen Jordon
Sylvanus Jordon
Walter Jordon
Alfred Joy
Benjamin Joy
Ivory Joy
Levi Joy
Nathan Joy
Samuel Joy
Samuel Joy Jr
Temple Joy
Ebenezer Kingman
Alfred Langdon
Elias Lord
George Lord
Temple Lord
John Martin
Robert Mason
Robert Mather
Benjamin Mattocks
Caleb Mattocks
Jonathan Mattocks
Nathaniel Mattocks
Oliver Mattocks
Oliver Mattocks Jr
Samuel Mattocks
William Mattocks
Joseph McFarland
Abraham Meader
Caleb R. Miller
Allen Milliken
Benjamin Milliken Jr
Betsey Milliken
Joseph Milliken
Robert Milliken
Abner Moore
Benjamin Moore
Edward Moore
John Moore
John Moore, Jr.
Joseph Moore
Wyatt Moore
Wyatt Moore
Wyatt Moore, Jr.
Joseph Morrison
James Mosely
Joseph Murch
William Murch
Peter Nurse
Calvin Peck
Andrew Peters
John Pierce
Asa A. Pond
Jasper Pond
Thomas Ring
Elizabeth Sawyer
Peter Sawyer
Mark Shepherd
William Smith
James Stevens
David Stratton
Hannah Teworgy
James Teworgy
John Tinker
John Tinker, Jr.
Joseph Tinker
Garey Townsend
Hannah Townsend
Abraham Turtelott
Eliphalet Turtelott
William Watts
John Wentworth
Moses Wentworth
John Whitaker
Thomas J Whiting or Thomas I. Whiting
Stephen Woodward
Asa Wormwood

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