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Phippsburg, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Lincoln County)

Phippsburg, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Lincoln County; as of 1854 in Sagadahoc County.

Boundary changes since 1820: Ragged Island set off to Harpswell in 1891; several islands annexed in 1903 but returned in 1905; several islands annexed in 1917: Bear, Bushy, Black Snake, Burnt Coat, Coat, Gooseberry, Hen, Little Wood, Malaga

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Phippsburg appears on Sheets 144-153; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Enumerator: Luke Lambard

Enumerated population of Phippsburg, Maine, in 1820 - 1119

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spelling may have affected alphabetization of the list below.  If you have errors to report or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Number
Davis Baker or David Baker144
John D. Bartin144
Ballard Bartlett145
Mathew Barton145
Emerson Batcheldor145
Josiah Batcheldor144
Samuel Batcheldor145
Theophilus Batcheldor145
Timothy Batcheldor144
Joseph Berry144
John Blair144
Christopher Blasdell144
Daniel Blasdell144
Daniel Blasdell145
Daniel Blasdell, Jr.145
Sylvester Blasdell144
Levi Bliffin144
Elizabeth Bowker144
James Bowker144
Lazarus Bowker144
Sergeant Brown144
Seth Burgess144
Francis Burnham144
George Butler144
James Butler144
John Butler144
Thomas Butler144
Daniel Campbell145
William Campbell145
George Carpenter145
Peter Cary145
Thomas D. Childs145
Benjamin Clifford145
Jeremiah Clifford145
Thomas Clifford145
Mary Coffee145
William Coffee145
Ezekiel Cushing145
James Cushing145
Loring Cushing145
Thomas Cushing145
Henry Cutting145
Benjamin Darling146
William Davis146
Abraham Day146
Alexander Drummond146
Patrick Drummond146
Charles Duley146
Michael Duley146
Patrick Duley146
John Elwell146
Jacob Emmons146
Reuben Fletcher146
John Foot146
Benjamin Foster146
Simeon Frisbee146
Elizabeth Gaghan146
Richard Gardner146
Edward Green146
Daniel Greenlo146
Nathaniel Griffin146
John L. Hill147
Mark L. Hill147
Nicolas Hogan147
Enoch Hutchins147
John Hutchins147
William Hutchins147
Samuel Jackson147
Frances Kelly - could be Francis with undotted i147
John Kelly147
Robert Larrabee147
Holmes Larry147
John Lawrence147
Levi Leathers148
James Lee147
John Lee147
William Lee147
Abner Lowell147
Annbill Lowell - not sure of given name148
Stephen Lowell147
Joseph Malcom148
Samuel Mareen - presumably Samuel Mereen149
John M? - surname smeared but likely John Mereen
Parker McCobb148
Henry McIntire148
Joseph McIntire148
William McIntire148
James McKenny148
Mathew McKenny148
William Means148
Arthur Morrison148
Moses Morrison149
Pearson Morrison149
Daniel Morse148
Francis Morse148
Francis Morse, 2d148
Jonathan Morse148
Jonathan Morse, Jr.148
Joseph Morse148
Nathaniel Morse148
Richard Morse148
William Morse148
Joseph Nichols149
John Nicolas149
Nicholas Nicols149
Charles Oliver149
Ferrington Oliver - presumably Farrington Oliver (1773-1837)149
Jacob Oliver149
John Oliver149
Thomas Oliver149
Thomas Oliver, Jr.149
William Oliver149
William Owen or William Orven149
Elizabeth Parker150
Jordan Parker150
John Parsons149
Nancy Payne149
David Pearcy150
Ellis Pearcy150
Francis Pearcy150
James Pearcy150
John Pearcy150
Thomas Pearcy150
Thomas Pearcy, Jr.150
Bartholomew Perkins150
Mark Perry150
Charles Power150
Robert Power149
Andrew Reed150
George Rogers150
James Rogers151
John Rogers150
Samuel H. Rogers150
Samuel L. Rogers150
Thomas Rogers150
William Rogers150
John Rush150
Samuel Sewall151
Samuel Small151
Samuel Small, Jr.151
John Spaulding151
Jeremiah Spinney151
Jethro Sprague151
Nathaniel Sprague151
Nelson Sprague151
William Sprague151
Turner Sylvester151
Benjamin Thompson151
Elias Totman151
William Totman151
Absalom Wallis152
Isaac Wallis152
James Wallis151
Jesse Wallis152
John Wallis152
John Wallis, 2d152
John Wallis, 3d152
Joseph Wallis151
Josiah Wallis152
McIntire Wallis152
Samuel Wallis152
Uriah Wallis152
William Wallis152
William Wallis, 3d153
John Waury - not sure of surname - in the W surnames - perhaps enumerator misread his writing, and it's Maury153
Mary Whalin152
Jacob Wheeler151
Ephraim Wildes152
John Wildes, Jr.152
Samuel Wildes152
Samuel Wildes, 2nd152
Thomas Williams151
Francis Wyman152
Isaiah Wyman152
John Wyman152
Seth Wyman152
William Wyman152

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