Sunday, September 8, 2019

Two Photographs of George Bergstrom by New Haven, Connecticut Studios; One in Uniform and one at Age 12

Two photographs of George Bergstrom, by different New Haven, Connecticut, photography studios:
  • as a young man in a uniform, by Chipman's Studio
  • as a 12 year old, by the Bundy-Filley studio.

Hopefully a reader will recognize the initials on George's hat. They look like POS?A, with the question mark representing what might be an "m" or "w".

 George appears remarkably at ease.

George may have been Charles George Bergstrom (1886-1995), son of Swedish immigrants Carl E. Bergstrom and Edna Amalia (Svensson) Bergstrom of New Haven, Connecticut.  George worked as a telephone repairman.

Reverse of the photograph of George in uniform

If you recognize George from your family photographs as either the Charles George Bergstrom mentioned above or another George Bergstrom, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Reverse of the photograph of George at age 12

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