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Eden, Maine, in the 1820 Census (now Bar Harbor, Maine)

Eden, Maine, in Hancock County, in the 1820 Census - as of 1918 the Town of Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Note: The 1820 Census lists names of heads of households only; refer to the original document for a tally by age range and gender of the people in each household.

Enumerated on Sheets 607-611 - use the arrow near the top left to arrow forward.

Heads of Household
James Beverly
Mary Blunt
James Brown
John Brown
James Campbell
Elisha Cousens
John Cousens
John Cousens Jr
Joseph Cousens
Reuben Cousens
Jona Doane
Joel Emery
William Emery
Abel Hadley
Josiah Hadley
Simeon Hadley
Daniel Hamor
David Hamor
David Hamor, Jr.
John Hamor
William Hamor
Abijah Higgins
Amos Higgins
David Higgins
David Higgins
David Higgins Jr
Dean Higgins
Eleazer Higgins
Elisha Higgins
Ephraim Higgins
Henry Higgins
Israel Higgins
Jesse Higgins
John Higgins
Joseph Higgins
Josiah Higgins
Levi Higgins
Moses Higgins
Oliver Higgins
Oliver Higgins
Oliver Higgins, 3rd
Reuben Higgins
Richard Higgins
Samuel Higgins
Shaw Higgins
Sparrow Higgins
Stephen Higgins
William Higgins
Zacheus Higgins
Joseph Hodgdon
Giles Hopkins
Joseph Hopkins
Seth Hopkins
Smith Hopkins
Enoch Hunting
Daniel Keafe
Henry Knowles
Amariah Leland
David Leland
Ebenezer Leland
Ezra Leland
William Leland
Gideon Lithcomb
Willm Lynum
Timothy Mason
Gideon Mayo
Isaac Mayo
Israel Mayo
James Mayo
Joseph Mayo
Josiah Mayo
Nathaniel Mayo
Prince Mayo
Thomas Mayo
Thomas Mayo, Jr.
Nathaniel Mercer
Nathaniel Mercer Jr
Hannah Monarch
Thomas Paine
Ebenezer Peachy
Daniel Radicks
David Radicks
John Radicks
Elkanah Remick
William Richards
Abraham Richardson
Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson, Jr.
Rufus Robbins
Ebenezer Salisbury
Temperance Sargent
Josiah Smelledge
John Somerby
Benjamin Stanwood
Benjamin Stanwood, Jr.
Humphrey Stanwood
Peleg Stanwood
Solomon Stanwood
Jeremiah Stevens
Abraham Thomas
Benjamin Thomas
Comfort Thomas
Jacob Thomas
John Thomas
John Thomas, Jr.
Nicholas Thomas
Oliver Thomas
Amos Thompson
Cornelius Thompson
Cornelius Thompson, Jr.
William Thompson
Robert Tyson
Thomas Wasgat
William Wasgat
James Watts
John Woodbury
Abner Young
Bathsheba Young

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