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Lincolnville, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Lincolnville, Maine, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1827 in Waldo County.

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumerated population of Lincolnville, Maine, in the the 1820 Census was 1294; see the names of heads of households below.

The enumeration of Lincolnville consists of all or parts of Sheets 542-551; use the arrows at the top left of each page to arrow forward or back.

If you have corrections and/or information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
? Philip ? Perhaps Philip M or W Gran or initial is part of surname
A Jacob S. Adams
Samuel Angier or Augier
B Philip Bagley
Joseph Berry
Jeremiah Boynton
Samuel Brackett
Bartlett Briggs
David Brooks
Martin Brooks
Solomon Brooks
Sally Brown
David Bussey
Samuel Bussey
C George Calurnwood - presumably Calderwood
Jonathan Calurnwood - presumably Calderwood
Richard Clay
Simon Cocke
Joseph Collamore
Jesse Coombs
Tranter Crooker
David Cross
D Amon Daley
Andrew Daley
Christopher Daley
Daniel Davies ?
Isaac Deacrow - variant of Decrow
John Deacrow - variant of Decrow
Peleg Deacrow - variant of Decrow
John Dean
Samuel Dean
Shahabrah Dean
William Dickey
Bernard Dillingham
Richard Dunbar
Abner Dunton
Timothy Dunton
E William Eckley
F Jeremiah Farnham
Winchester Farnham
Ephraim Fletcher
Francis Fletcher
J? Fletcher - possibly John or Jesse
Nathan Fletcher
Timothy Fletcher
Thomas Flin or Tlin - perhaps variant of Flinn or Flynn
Hezekiah French
Nathaniel Furnald
Nathaniel Furnald
G Isaac George
Joseph Gould
Ebenezer Gray
John Gray
Jonathan Green
Thaddeus Green
H Abner Heal
Abner Heal
Chesley Heal
Chesley Heal
Daniel Heal
David Heal
Isaac Heal
John Heal
John Heal, Jr.
Peter Heal
Susan Heal
Daniel Heard
Jesse Higgins
Reuben Higgins
Joshua Howard
John Howe
J Ebenezer Jamieson
Samuel Jamison
Benjamin Jones
K Samuel Kanar ?
William Kidder
Enoch Knight
John Knight
Nathan Knight
Nathan Knight
Abner Knights
Jonas Knights
Raney Knights ?
L Benjamin Lamb
John Lamb
Joshua Lamb
Joseph Lear or Lean
Robert Leavitt
M John Mahony
Phineas Manning
Jonathan Mariner
Joseph Mariner
Richard Martin
James Mathews
Charles Matthews
Charles Matthews
Levi Matthews
Jeremiah McIntire
Jonathan McKenney
Thomas McKenney
Thomas McKenney
Robinson Mckinn or McKim or ?
Daniel Melvin
James Metcalf
Ephraim Miller
Grace Miller
Israel Miller
James Miller
Abner Millikin
Abner Millikin, Jr.
Nathaniel Millikin
Phineas Millikin
Royal Monroe
Robert Moody
Samuel Moody
William Moody
Esdras Morse
Isaac Morse
Job Morse
Simeon Morse
N John Norton
P Samuel Paine
James Palmer
Joseph Palmer
John Parsons
Peleg Pendleton
Samuel Plummer
Daniel Pottle
Ebenezer Pottle
Jeremy Prescott
Jonathan Prescott
Joseph Prescott
William Prescott
R Sally Ramsdell
Nathan Rankins
Robert Rankins
William Rankins
David Rearden
Jonathan Richards
Joseph Richards
Joseph Richards
Nehemiah Richards
Samuel Richards
William Richardson
Lewis Robbins
Adam Rogers
Samuel Rogers
S Ephraim Sheldon
James Shibles
Abner Smith
Asa Smith
Elisha Smith
John A. Smith
Daniel Snow
Ezekiel Spaulding
John Spencer
Jesse Sprague
John Sprague
Daniel Stetson
Josiah Stetson
Paul Stevens - middle initial possibly H or K
John Studley
John Studley
Gustavus Swan
William Swan
Benjamin Sylvester
James Sylvester
Philip Sylvester
T Charles Thomas
Cornelius Thomas
Hushai Thomas
James Thomas
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas
Philip Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Mary Turner
U George Ulmer
Philip Ulmer
Abijah Upham
W John Wade
John Wade, Jr.
Abiah Wadsworth
Heman Wadsworth
Sedate Wadsworth
Sedate Wadsworth
Alex White
Samuel A. Whitney
Daniel Whittier
Jonathan Wilson
Joseph Wood
Belsey Wright - perhaps t uncrossed - Betsey ?
Y Sedate Young
John Young
Stephen Young
Gideon Young
Moses Young
Joseph Young


  1. Both interesting and helpful. My Grandfather (Howard Dunton) came down to Portsmouth, NH from the Dunton farm in Lincolnville circa late 1870s-early 1880s. (Interesting story behind his leaving the family farm in Lincolnville.) My wife has done extensive research intro my genealogy but gets stumped when trying to determine Howard's mother *(that family folklore has always mentioned was a full-blooded Indian). Penobscot, I assume. Records of that era, I understand, were not good at recognizing female Indians as wives - but often as family help or whatever term was used at that time. I have reached 80 and hope to pass more info off to my following generations.

    If you could direct me to additional sources or know someone who could, I'd be most appreciative.

    Thanking you, in advance. Don Dunton (Charles Donald Dunton)

    1. If you haven't done so, perhaps try taking one or more of the DNA tests offered. And maybe family members as well, as your particular DNA might not show the native ancestry, even though you might have it, and a relative's DNA might show it. Also, visit this website - the owner is very knowledgeable on Wabanaki ancestry and gives occasional lectures and workshops.