Sunday, September 1, 2019

Plantation 4, Mount Abraham, in the 1820 Census (then in Somerset County)

Plantation 4, Mount Abraham, Bingham Purchase adjoining the town of Freeman, in the 1820 Census; then in Somerset County; as of 1838 in Franklin County.

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Plantation 4, Mount Abraham appears on part of Sheet 320.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings, which may have affected alphabetization.  If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; All on part of Sheet 320
Zadock Austin
Samuel Hammond
Albert Hefford
Paul Robinson
Daniel Tower

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