Sunday, September 8, 2019

Photograph of Two Children IDed as Guilbert and Russell Stanard

Photograph of two young children identified in ink on the reverse as Guilbert and Russell Stanard. 

No studio mark to give an idea of locale.  Different writing in pencil, that appears to have been from the photographer, indicates that the child at left was a girl. 

The children may have been Russell Ely Stannard (1897-1980) of Ivoryton, Essex, Connecticut, and a sister or cousin.  The "girl" may also have been a boy dressed in the attire of that period.

Interestingly, a list of veterans from Essex, Connecticut shows a Russell Stannard and a Gilbert Stannard, but they may not have been contemporaries, as the lists covers wars from WWI to Vietnam. 

Hopefully a reader can shed more light on the children's identities.

In case it applies, below is a map of Ivoryton, Essex, Connecticut.

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