Sunday, September 8, 2019

Calling Card of R. W. Fasken, County S. S. Missionary, 332 East St, Newton, presumably Iowa

Calling card of R. W. Fasken, S. S. Missionary, of 332 East St., Newton, presumably Newton, Iowa.

He may have been Robert William Fasken (1880 or 1881-1974), a native of Paris, Ontario, who settled in Iowa and married Evangeline Lydia Pierce (1875-1931) in 1904. They're buried in the Big Grove Cemetery in Benton County, Iowa.

If you have more information on Robert William Fasken or if you feel that the calling belonged to another R. W. Fasken, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

In case it applies, below is a map of Newton, Iowa.  I'm not sure 332 East Street in Kellogg, Iowa is correct, but perhaps a reader in Iowa can clarify.

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