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Vinalhaven, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1860 in Knox County)

Vinalhaven, Maine, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1860 in Knox County)

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Vinalhaven consists of Sheets 657-664; use the arrows at the top left of each image to page forward.

If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
A Eliza Adams
Henry Alexander
Charles Allen
Justus Ames
Oliver Amesbury
Simon Annis
Crosby Arey
Ebenezer Arey
Isaac Arey
James Arey
John Arey
Joseph Arey
Thomas Arey
B Benjamin Beverage
Courtney Babbage
James Babbage
William Banks
James Barrett
John Beverage
Nathaniel Beverage
Thomas Beverage
Sally Bowen
Joshua Bramhall
Abiezer Bridges
John Brooks
Cyral Brown
James Brown
Lydia Brown
Mary Brown
Paul Brown
Richard Brown
Samuel Brown
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown, Jr.
Philip Bunker
Jonathan Burgess
C James Calderwood
Jesse Calderwood
Jonathan Calderwood
Mark Calderwood
Samuel Calderwood
Abigail Carver
Caleb Carver
Elisha Carver
Israel Carver
Israel Carver, Jr.
John Carver
Joseph Carver
Thaddeus Carver
Wills Carver
Henry Colson
James Condon
Anthony Coombs
Anthony Coombs
Anthony Coombs, Jr.
Benjamin Coombs
Francis Coombs
Sylvanus Coombs
William Coombs
Elisha Cooper
James Cooper
Lemuel Cooper
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper, Jr.
Benjamin Crabtree
Eleazer Crabtree
Stephen Crabtree
John Creed
Mary Creed
James Crockett
Abner Crosby
Benjamin Crosby
D Stephen Delano
Abner Dyer
Ebenezer Dyer
Ezekiel Dyer
George Dyer
Joshua Dyer
Nathaniel Dyer
Peggy Dyer
William Dyer
E Doyle Eames
Ebenezer Eames
Hezekiah Eames
John Eames
Joseph Eames
Justus Eames
Mark Eames
Mark Eames, Jr.
F James L. Frye
G Freeman Garrett
Francis Gilley
Sally Ginn
Thomas Ginn
Elijah Glover
John Glover
David Grant
Lydia Grant
Solomon Grant
Daniel Green
John Green
Joseph Grenn - perhaps enumerator meant Green?
H Richard Heath
Richard Heath, Jr.
Robert Henry
Theophilus Hopkins
Theophilus Hopkins, Jr.
Abraham Hunt
I Josiah Ingalson
K Benjamin Kent
Ezekiel Kent
Nathaniel Kent
John Knight
L Benjamin Lane
John Lane
Joseph Lane
John Larry
William Larry
John Leedbeter
Luther Leedbeter
Reuben Leedbeter
Samuel Lewis
Samuel Lewis, Jr.
Athelbert Lindsey
John Lindsey
Thomas Loveis
Abijah Luce
Abijah Luce
Pelstiah Luce
Uriah Luce
M Ezekiel Marshal
Joseph Mattocks
John Merchant
Roger Merethew
Benjamin Mills
Benjamin Mills, Jr.
Deborah Mills
John Mills
Moses Mills
Silas Mills
Archibald Mullen
David Mullen
Paul Myrick
N Daniel Newbury
Barnabas Norton
Samuel Norton
O Daniel Oat
P Havila Pease
Joseph Pease
Seba Pease
John Perry
Wilder Perry
Barnabas Philbrook
Daniel Philbrook
Ezekiel Philbrook
Josiah Philbrook
Phineas Philbrook
Josiah Pierce
Thomas Pierce
R Joseph Rider
Benjamin Robbins
Joseph Robbins
James Roberts
Thaddeus Roberts
William Roberts
S Melzer Sampson
Paul Sawyer
Otis Shaw
Aaron Smith
David Smith
Fracis Smith - presumably enumerator meant Francis
John Smith
John Smith, Jr.
Jonathan Smith
William Smith
Benjamin Stanley
Zebulon Stanley
Charles Stewart
Ephraim Stinson
Benjamin Stone
Josiah Stover
T Daniel Thayer
Lemuel Thayer
Cushing Thomas
George Thomas
Josiah Thomas
Lucy Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Seth Thomas
Thomas Tobin
V Samuel Verrill
Thomas Verrill
John Vinal
William Vinal
W Thomas Waterman
Joseph Webster
Matthew Whaling
George White
John Whittemore
David Worster
Y Samuel Young

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